45 Seemingly Fake Hacks That Take Advantage Of Our Biology And Technology To Solve Simple Problems

By Jana I

With internet access all around the globe, fake news and information travel faster than ever. The more outlandish the claim, the faster it spreads, and the more people are intrigued by it. More often than not, that information proves to be false — that’s why people don’t trust the internet when it comes to finding a viable solution to a problem. It’s difficult to find trustworthy websites and fact-check every single thing you come across when in need of help. However, sometimes those weird and silly hacks can simply work surprisingly well. We are here to blow you away with 45 of those unbelievable hacks that function! If you are interested in learning something new, yet easy and useful, keep scrolling.

What Was Your Name Again?

Meeting new people is great and all, but it can be awkward at times — especially when you are naturally not good at remembering names. There is a simple yet effective hack you can use next time you’ve had a brain fart.

Image Courtesy of Kolroz / Instagram

Everything is explained in the picture! The next time you forget someone’s name mid-conversation — simply ask them. But play it off as if you were asking about their last name, not their first name. So when they repeat it, you make sure to remember. The trick only works once per person.

Ginger to the Rescue

Ginger is very healthy, and the science backs up those old-school claims of its benefits. If you feel yourself coming down with the flu or a cold, add some ginger to your tea. Its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties work wonders when you’re feeling down. And, it turns out that it’s a fantastic cure for nausea, too.

Image Courtesy of Pastiglieleone / Instagram

Whether you feel hungover or you’ve eaten something that didn’t sit well with you, grab some ginger and mix it with a nice beverage. Lemonade, tea, or hot lemon water work nicely with fresh or powdered ginger. Candied ginger is a great option if you’re on the go, and it tastes delicious, too!

Helmet is the Safest Option

We know that working in high places can be a challenge. Once you’re up there, not everything is sunshine and rainbows, as you might have been expecting. If you are working on your roof or climbing a tall ladder, our advice is to wear a bike helmet.

Image Courtesy of Kplushelmet / Instagram

Wearing a helmet will provide necessary protection if you fall or something falls on you. You may feel silly, but better safe than sorry. Also, an idea for further thought: try wearing a bike helmet when you ride a bike as well. We heard it works like a charm!

Roach Be Gone!

Every once in a while, we have to deal with a roach issue in our household. For many of us, it’s a seasonal occurrence, but there are the rare, lucky few who only have to deal with it once. Unfortunately, every year we’re stuck with a cabinet full of insecticides that just don’t work.

Image Courtesy of Spongebob.fandom.com

The most affordable and effective way is to simply mix water with a bit of liquid dish soap, and voila! Shake the bottle to get the mixture ready and foamy, and spray away. Bugs will run around like crazy, but not for long as they will soon suffocate under the soapy film.

Doing the Bare Minimum

If you were beating yourself up over not trying your best or giving 100% at work, don’t feel sorry. Hey, we’ve all been there. At the end of the day, you are there to simply earn your buck and afford yourself a living you like.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

There’s nothing wrong with not pouring your heart and soul into something that doesn’t bring you joy or happiness. Overworked people are stressed, anxious, fatigued, and they shouldn’t feel undeserving alongside that. We’re talking to those self-proclaimed life gurus that sell the same message to every individual out there. Leave people to do the bare minimum and enjoy it!

This Feels Illegal

How annoying have YouTube ads become?! It’s outrageous. Sometimes they go as far as to show you three ads in a row before playing a three-minute song. Well, in case you haven’t paid for YouTube Premium, we have a hack for you!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

All you need to do to avoid ad breaks is scroll to the end of the video and restart it if you want to skip ads that interrupt your dance session in front of your bedroom mirror or your vocal solo while showering.

Engine Overheating is a Thing of the Past

If you own a car, you’re sure to experience this at least once. Your car engine starts overheating, and you enter panic mode. However, we have a nice idea for you. Next time this happens, all you need to do is turn the heat on full blast! Confused? Let us explain.

Image Courtesy of Jewing_w / Instagram

Once you turn on the heat in a car, it will pull the heat from the engine into the cab itself therefore the engine will start to cool off. Cool right? No pun intended. This one will save you a lot of headaches and worry.

Polyglot 101

If you are passionate about traveling, exploring, and learning about new cultures, traditions, and languages, this one is for you! Of course, this works for everyone, but this trick is essential for frequent travelers. Whenever you find yourself in a country whose language you don’t know — use this hack.

Image Courtesy of Goodguyandtheworld / Instagram

If you don’t know where to start, learn the words for please and thank you. These two will take you a long way, especially if you are naturally charismatic or extroverted. The key is to get people to notice you and want to help you; then, you can learn the language as you go.

For Fluff Lovers

You certainly have gone to the zoo at one point in your life and left disappointed since all the animals downright ignored you and pretended you didn’t exist. This is such a sad and sinking feeling; however, that could change forever!

Image Courtesy of Kohh_nattapong/Instagram

If you want the fluffs to come straight to you when they notice the visitors, wear the same colors as the zookeepers. This will make the animals think they will get the food, water, or entertainment they crave. It’s a sly trick, but hey, it works!

Squeegeeing Does the Trick!

One of the worst feelings ever is leaving a hot, fuming shower or bath. The feeling you have when you open the shower door or emerge from the comfy, hot water is terrible. The cold air outside meets your warm skin and you start shivering immediately!

Image Courtesy of Mariandenis_ / Instagram

Before you exit the warmth of your shower/bath, try wiping yourself of excess water using your hands. This is quite simple and unbelievably easy, but believe us when we say, it saves you a lot of shivers and jumping around the bathroom to reach a towel.

No More Tears

Cooking can be fun; however, chopping onions is not! Crying ourselves to sleep after a difficult day at work is enough, but onions are out there seeking victims. They wait for their perfect moment, the perfect opportunity, and then BAM! Tears! They are like the evilest vegetable ever.

Image Courtesy of Rede.or.knot / Instagram

Although it’s a challenge, there is no such challenge that we can not conquer together, friends! Next time you’re preparing some onions for lunch, every once in a while, rinse the knife you’re cutting with water. Try it. You can thank us later.

Mosquito Bite is a Thing of the Past

Mosquitos are one of the most annoying insects to ever fly on this Earth — we’re sure of this fact. We don’t know if it’s worse hearing them fly around your head when you try to fall asleep or scratching the itchy mosquito bite.

Image Courtesy of Saymon_outdoor / Instagram

We can help you with the itching situation. All you need to do is heat the back of a spoon with hot water and then simply apply it to the mosquito bite. Make sure the spoon is hot enough, but not too hot because you don’t want it to burn your skin off.

Curiosity Won’t Kill This Cat

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling severely depressed or anxious, make sure to seek help or communicate with a close one before you do anything. Next, forget about the good old ‘never lose hope’ cliche. What you should do instead is stay curious about something. It could be anything at all.

Image Courtesy of Shakibanajafii / Instagram

Curiosity is a divine, amazing thing that you should use to your advantage. The thing about curiosity is that it can never be fully satisfied, so it will drive you to learn more, try out more and keep you on your toes for longer than hope ever could. Stay strong, beautiful people. And stay curious.

Now Put Your Hands Up!

Coughing loudly or for a long time can be uncomfortable, not only for yourself but for others around you, if these past few years have taught us anything. If you are on public transport, waiting in line at the grocery store, or work, you’ll get disapproving stares.

Image Courtesy of Erin Goldsman

We have a fantastic hack on how to avoid these uncomfortable situations. If you start coughing all of a sudden from eating or drinking, immediately lift both your arms in the air and keep them there for a few moments. This should stop the cough altogether.

A Hack for the Sleep Deprived

Our generation is seriously overworked and underpaid. Due to this, we often feel sleepy, drowsy, or lack focus. Our attention span is, thanks to Vine and Tik Tok, limited to a few seconds. If you want to stay up and alert, try out this hack.

Image Courtesy of Mummyslittlebb / Instagram

All you need to do to stay awake in class or a meeting is to lift one foot slightly off the ground and see for how long you can keep it in the same position. This stimulates both your mind and your body, preventing you from snoozing in front of your boss.

Self-Help On a Whole New Level

Have you ever eaten something so fast you almost choked on it? This happens fairly often; however, not too often are we in a situation where we must react immediately if we don’t want to kick the bucket too early, if you know what we mean.

Image Courtesy of Howcast / YouTube

Heimlich maneuver is a great first aid trick. However, there is not always someone there to help you. If you ever find yourself alone and in need of assistance, you can do it yourself using a chair or a countertop. Make sure to press right under the rib cage. You’re welcome; we just saved your life.

Old Becoming New Again

If you’re tired of your old and rusty faucet, sink, or another kitchen/bathroom appliance, think about this hack for a moment. If you tie a plastic bag filled with vinegar around your faucet and let the vinegar work its magic without the need for some elbow grease.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This isn’t just for day-old rust. Give it a try on well-used appliances, too. Next time you think about turning down an old apartment or house for rent because it’s just too damaged and dirty, remember this useful little trick and think again. Nothing is unsolvable with a little bit of love and know-how.

Candles for Children?

Picture this: you want to make a romantic dinner for your partner, meat is steaming in the oven, salad is ready and gleaming, the table cloth never looked better, you never looked more attractive, and then it hits you — you forgot to buy candles.

Image Courtesy of Crayonescolorpiel / Instagram

Do not fret, young one! If you are an artistic type or simply have a kid, you’ll have these lying around your house. Grab a few crayons and light them up! Crayons can provide up to one hour of burn, and they behave just like candles would!

Bite This, You Little Woofer!

Dogs are usually amazing, friendly, and adorable animals that just want human interaction and approval. Unfortunately, sometimes the cute doggo gets angry and attacks. This usually happens when they sense danger; even if you’re not a threat, you’re there, nonetheless.

Image Courtesy of Bitesable / Instagram

If a dog ever bites you, offer your forearm and push as far back as possible, and then grab them by the scruff of their neck with your other hand, to hold it in place. Now, the dog won’t be able to move its head, and you’ll be in control. Think smart, not hard!

If You Love Drinking a Few With Friends, Listen Up!

Drinking on the weekend? We’re all guilty of it. Don’t pretend like you’re not. Get off your high horse, and let us clue you in a little secret. If you drink alcohol, follow it up with a glass of water. This will make sure the next morning you wake up, the hangover will be almost nonexistent.

Image Courtesy of Crazymamatraci / Instagram

Trust us when we say water is a lifesaver. Not only is it necessary for survival, but it’s also necessary for drinking alcohol, too. If you want to wake up alive the next day, make sure your water intake is equal to your alcohol intake.

For All the Naughty Children and Desparate University Students

If you have a kid or you are a student surviving on too many coffees and instant noodles, this hack is for you. Sometimes we get carried away, and we write on whiteboards with permanent markers instead of erasable ones.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

All you need to do in this situation is to go over your permanent marker with a dry erase marker, and the writing below will come off when you erase it. It’s almost like magic! We suppose the chemicals in the top layer count as magic. Nonetheless, a great hack to bookmark, folks!

Oil Them Up, Baby!

Do you know that feeling after you’ve been cutting jalapenos or other hot, chili peppers? Your hands are left with that pepper residue, so for the rest of the day, you have to watch out not to touch your eyes or other sensitive areas.

Image Courtesy of Sidney_backyard_veggies / Instagram

We have a solution for you. Rub your hands with vegetable oil or any other cooking oil — this will get rid of that awful sensation you’ll have after cutting up hot peppers. It’s amazing how well this simple trick works.

Salt Bae

Coffee is fuel. When in doubt, just brew a coffee, and everything will seem more doable than before. Of course, it doesn’t float everyone’s boat, so we speak for ourselves when we say it’s a favorite part of our morning routine.

Image Courtesy of CAFE_BERRY_PARIS / Instagram

However, if you find the coffee you get at a cafe or a restaurant to be too bitter, don’t add sugar. No, no, no honey. Add a pinch of salt and stir. This sounds ridiculous, but it’s effective. Think of it as similar to adding salt to your desserts or cookies.

Prevent Lids From Sticking

House renovations are a stressful process. Repainting the walls, redecorating, or remodeling your house is both extremely exhausting, but also rewarding. Now, what comes after is a story in itself. Cleaning up, throwing out used supplies, etc., can be a pain.

Image Courtesy of Color.tg / instagram

Here is a hack on how to keep the paint from sticking up the lid until your next repainting adventure. Before closing the lid on the bucket of paint, place saran wrap on the top. Make sure that the paint on the lid has dried, and you’re good to go.

Bathroom Hack

Constipation is one of the worst feelings in the world. You feel heavy, bloated, and irritated. You can try different medicines, herbal teas, and probiotics to help your digestion, but these rarely provide instant relief. If medicines aren’t working, give this hack a try.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Next time you find yourself on the toilet, unable to push out the menace inside of your body, try rocking back and forth. This should make your number two quick and effortless. Once you try it out, we are certain you’ll never go back to your old ways.

Lifesaving Hack

If you have a pet, then you’ll know the love people feel towards their fluffy companions. However, there are a few instances in which they can be in danger. For example, if there is a fire in the house, it’s difficult to retrieve your pet; no one taught them to stop, drop and roll.

Image Courtesy of Electricians2 / Instagram

Next time you accidentally activate your smoke alarm, give your pets a treat — due to classical conditioning, they’ll learn that, in situations like that, they should go to you. This way, you can safely exit the building in case of emergency.

Get That Ring Off

We love love, and in case you say you don’t, you are a liar. Liar, liar pants on fire! To crown love, couples usually exchange promise rings or wedding rings during the wedding ceremony. It’s beautiful and tender and an overall heartwarming experience.

Image Courtesy of Ringrescueinc / Instagram

As precious as that ring is, sometimes we need to take it off, especially if we don’t want to damage or lose it. But it doesn’t always slip off as easily as it went on. In that case, just use Windex and it should slide right off of your finger. Although beautiful, love can be painful, too.

Our Hero — Banana

Splinters are the worst; we remember getting them quite often as children. Kids will be kids, climbing on trees, jumping on logs, falling headfirst into the grass — splinter heaven. Although getting splinters was traumatic in the past, it doesn’t have to be anymore!

Image Courtesy of My.lesswastejourny / Instagram

Now, all you need to do is add a banana peel to the surface of the skin affected by a splinter. Wrap the wet side against your skin and watch the fruit work its magic and draw the splinter right out. Who knew it was so easy?!

Dawn Dish Soap

Let’s be honest, doing chores around the house can be a tiring process. We are here to make it a tad easier for you, in case you don’t have a maid that does all the cleaning for you. If that’s the case, then kudos to you!

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Dawn dish soap is a chemical that’s one of the best solutions for cleaning tubs. Although other bathroom cleaners are effective, none of them is as good as Dawn dish soap. It will successfully get rid of body oils, dirt, and skin on the tub.

Women Know

Although women got their rights only in the past one hundred years, they are not falling back when it comes to recognizing patterns and human behavior. The patriarchy often lets us believe that men are more capable or stronger, but as of late, women are getting their voices out there and are finally being heard.

Image Courtesy of Shakibanajafii / Instagram

The cliche that men don’t ask for directions, while females do, is not only funny, but it’s apparently good life advice. Gavin DeBecker shares a piece of advice for women in his book The Gift of Fear, that women who ask for help are safer than those who wait for help to arrive.

Another Tearless Hack

So one thing we talked about when chopping an onion is rinsing your knife with water from time to time. It should prevent you from tearing up. Now, here is another useful hack to consider if you don’t want to cry making lunch or dinner.

Image Courtesy of Vkosinskaya / Instagram

Put onions in the freezer for ten minutes or so. This will freeze the juices in the onion which will, in turn, make cutting the onion a tearless experience. Life has never been so easy. Now you can enjoy cooking and be motivated to do it more often.

Be Nice!

People that are nice to waiters and waitresses, or any other service workers, are the people you want in your life. Pay close attention as to how the people you surround yourself with behave towards those they don’t know. How you interact with others says a lot about a person.

Image Courtesy of Damien_chicot / Instagram

Being nice to strangers at all times will help you much more than being stand-offish or indifferent. A nice smile, a few kind words, and good facial expressions can take you a long way. It takes only a little bit of energy from you, but it makes a world of difference to those around you.

10% For the Win

Remember to always pay yourself first! What we mean by that is to take 10% of your monthly income each and put it aside or onto a different bank account. This will provide you with a nice amount and savings you could use for those just in case moments.

Image Courtesy of Floydmayweather / Instagram

This can not only be useful for those unexpected emergencies, but also as a perfect opportunity to save for something big. Buying a house, an apartment, a car, a brand new computer, or iPhone 13 pro max. Whatever your heart desires!

For the Insomniacs

If you’ve been experiencing insomnia, trust us when we say you are not the only one. The struggle to fall asleep is common nowadays due to stress, ultraviolet lights from devices we use daily, workload, etc. The list is endless.

Image Courtesy of Jade__modele / Instagram

Try to count to 150 slowly; it should make you fall asleep. If you have some intrusive thoughts during this experiment, let them play out and continue counting once you’re done. If you make any major moves during this period, start counting again. Try to keep your body still.

Baking Idea

Baking can be so much fun! Experimenting with flavors and textures, doing research online, and finding a perfect recipe for your friend’s birthday cupcakes — wow! Sundays are for baking, don’t you agree? Sunday just smells of melted butter and vanilla powder.

Image Courtesy of Megancollinswriter / Instagram

If you’re eager to start baking but forgot to take your butter out of the fridge, try using a cheese grater. It might be hard, but it is certainly easier than chopping a cold stick of butter. We can’t wait to bake some cookies so we have an excuse to try this hack.

Use Your Turn Signal

This hack seems like something everyone with a driving license should know and do. If you are a driver and you don’t use your turn signals, your license should be revoked immediately. Sure, it’s fine if there are no cars around, but it’s irresponsible nonetheless!

Image Courtesy of drive-smart.com/

Call it a hack or just good advice, but you should use your turn signal to indicate to other motorists where you’re going. Those behind you, or even in oncoming traffic, will know where you’re turning and won’t be surprised when you enter or exit the road. Blinkers are there for a reason, after all.

Math Has Never Been Easier

This one blew our minds! We’ve struggled our fair bit with math in school, and we still do to this day, especially when there are sales and discounts. How do we calculate the percentage? What is 13% of 30, for example? It’s 3.9, but we’ll admit that we cheated with a calculator.

Image Courtesy of Papelzinho.co

Percentages are reversible! Can you believe it? So, essentially 30% of 13 is the same as 13% of 30! If you don’t believe us, you can suit yourself and calculate; we’ll wait. You’re done? Excellent! See, we never lied to you. This is amazing!

Little Cyclers

Riding a bicycle was such a staple when we were kids, oh the good ol’ times! Nowadays, it’s much easier gradually guide kids to learning how to ride a two wheeler. What you can do is first introduce the child to a small balance bike without pedals.

Image Courtesy of Brianna.m.cooper / Instagram

This should be done when a child is between the ages of 2 and 3. They will usually know what to do and how to maneuver their little vehicle. When they overcome this, they’ll be fully ready for the real bike with pedals.

Toe Magic

Anxiety and panic attacks are frequent among millennials and Gen Z equally. We are a damaged generation. However, there is a solution for those of you that feel this way often. Besides relaxing your shoulders and unclenching your jaw, wiggle your toes.

Image Courtesy of Chaos_feet / Instagram

While we may be great at multitasking, our brains have a limit — our brain can’t focus on stress when it’s focused on wiggling our toes. Besides it being effective, this is quite hilarious, you’ll agree. Imagine sitting on a job interview and wiggling your toes.

Overheating Hack 101

Summer days have their pros and cons — daylight lasts longer, the vibes are brighter, energy is light and wonderful — however, the heat is what makes it so unbearable at times. If you’re someone that overheats easily, this hack is for you.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

This one is pretty simple but easy to overlook; cold water or ice cubes applied to the inside of your wrists will cool you down in no time. By cooling down the areas near pulse points, you hijack your biology to work for you when you’re overheating.

Sleep it Off

Your brain works best in the morning — it’s a fact. So when you feel like making a big decision late at night, reconsider and revisit it in the morning. This will save you a lot of bad decisions and remorse in the future.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Adato

Before you decide to dump your partner, send that risky message or apply for that job, wait until you’ve had a full night’s sleep and decide in the morning after you had a tall glass of water and a warm cup of coffee.

Nail Polish Hack

Here is another hack for when you’ve done something with a permanent marker, and now you can’t take it off. Use nail polish. Yes, nail polish. If you have marker on your skin, go over the permanent marker with some nail polish and it will come right off.

Image Courtesy of Nailglint / Instagram

Next time someone draws an inappropriate doodle on your face while you’re snoozing, do not fret! You can solve it like this, and the culprit will soon realize their trick didn’t work. It’s a perfect opportunity to mess around with someone, and when they get furious about that thing on their face, pull out nail polish and run.

Makeup Remover But Not for Makeup

Makeup remover is an amazing product — it gets rid of oils and colors you’ve worn throughout the day. It disinfects your face and clears out the dirt that hides in the pores. However, makeup remover can be used for more than just your face.

Image Courtesy of u/romanz202 / Reddit

Next time you notice deodorant stains on your shirts, you have a solution. Take your makeup remover to remove the stains right off. Surprisingly enough, this works, and it works well! Share this with your friends, partner, and family. Who knows how many clothes they threw away because of this.

Mental Magic

Who doesn’t like sleep?! It’s one of the most glorious, rewarding things life has to offer: multiple hours of total relaxation and mental rest. Wonderful. However, it appears that it is not necessary to sleep to get the appropriate amount of rest.

Image Courtesy of Alexnofilter / Instagram

Eight hours is the supposed magic number for a full night’s sleep. Well, if we had a bed like that, we would feel equally rested as this guy. He is on cloud nine as we speak. Next time you feel bad for staying in bed for hours, remember, it’s for your mental health.

Keep it Fresh!

As tasty as fresh food is, most of us don’t have the luxury of eating food fresh off the stove each meal. Next time you’re dreading eating leftovers, try this hack with your microwave. All you need is a microwave-safe glass.

Image Courtesy of Tiktoknikkimum

Put your food on a plate, but this time, put a cup of water on the tray, too. While your food is heating, the humidity of the water makes the food taste not only warmer but fresher and, overall, better. It’s a lifesaver. No wasting food in this house, friends!