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40 Times Couples Regretted Meeting Their Partner’s Parents

Dating is all fun and games until one of you suggests that it’s time to meet the parents. You both share nervous looks, and your insides churn with anxiety because you realize you and your partner are getting serious about your relationship. A moment later, your mind kicks into overdrive as you imagine how the meal or outing will go. A lot of the time, it’s a lovely experience and you go home realizing you worried about nothing. Heck, some families are so welcoming they’ll treat their kid’s ex as their own child!

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and it’s pretty common for the first meeting not to go as planned. Some people have shared the creepiest incidents about their partners’ families. And these bizarre tales will either leave you dumbfounded, laughing, or maybe have you saying, “Wow, I know how they feel!”

The Creepy Mom

Let’s start with the very honorable and dearest relationship of them all: a mother and her son’s bond. Well, we all know how mothers love their sons to death and will do anything for them no matter what. It’s all motherly love, right?

Image Source: Fam.lodowicaaa / Instagram

If we were the girlfriend in this case, and our partner told us about his “close” relationship with his mother, we’d be dumbfounded too. However, we weren’t expecting the mother to admit to having a crush on her son! The poor girlfriend probably ran for the hills!

Creep Alert

Okay, those who have has watched Friends would tell you that this girlfriend’s story reminds them of the episode, “The One with the Inappropriate Sister,” where Rachel’s boyfriend has the same “close” relationship with his sister. Spoiler alert, it is creepy.

Image Source: Liya Cohen

This girl is the real-life Rachel! She suspected her boyfriend of having a creepy close relationship with his sister but decided to oversee it for a while. But when she witnessed him crossing the limit by kissing his sister all over her face, well, she said, “See ya, ex-boyfriend!”

Donut Time

It’s the family being stupid for us in this next situation. We all love a wintery snowstorm. Sure, whenever it snows, families go out into their front lawns to build snowmen, make snow angels, and throw snowballs at each other. These are not only harmless, but it’s a time to create beautiful memories.

Image Source: Monadare53 / instagram

What we don’t get is why would a father, a grown man, try to make donuts with his massive truck in the snow on icy roads. And when his son’s girlfriend tried to warn him that it was weird, the boyfriend defended his father! Well, he got what was coming for him.

Trophy wife

Imagine having lunch with your boyfriend’s (now ex, thankfully) father and listening to him nag about his ex-wife for half the lunch, and then about his current trophy-girlfriend for the remaining half! And not to mention, his ex-wife is also the mother of your boyfriend.

Image Source: Jcrentreteinmentworld / Instagram

Yes, this girlfriend had to go through all of that. She had to listen to the father talk crap about how his ex-wife wasn’t trophy-wife material. He also added that he couldn’t keep his hands off of his new girlfriend, who is a housekeeper. The poor kid must’ve had the worst lunch date ever.

Dogs Allowed

Who doesn’t love dogs or keep them as pets? We all do! They become our family, our emotional support system, and our babies in a very short amount of time. But there is a limit to how many dogs one should keep in a single house.

Image Source: Urbancaninewpg / Instagram

However, it is simply a mess when you decide to get more than twenty dogs in a mini house just like this family. This girlfriend ran out of her partner’s dog-filled home because it got a little too suffocating and weird in there! We don’t blame her!

How About Next Week

It is a huge deal when it comes to meeting your partner’s parents and impressing them by being your best self in their presence. As much as it is anxiety-provoking, couples also feel as much excitement as they do anxiety about the whole formality.

Image Source: Lynnobrien / Instagram

This young girlfriend met her partner’s mother after a couple of weeks of dating him. She must’ve been on her best behavior that day because the mother liked her so much that she started asking them when they were getting married! We can just imagine the pressure on that poor girl!

Meeting The Dad

There is no fixed time when to meet the parents of your partner. Most of us probably wait for a few months of dating and understand our partners enough to ask them if they’re ready to meet the family.

Image Source: Ovate / Instagram

Well, this girl probably forgot to mention that her dad lives with her in her attic to her boyfriend before inviting him over. He had the creepiest scare of his life when he found a “strange man” peeing in her girlfriend’s bathroom in the middle of the night!

Sitting On His Lap

This would sound very romantic and sweet if it was the girlfriend sitting in her partner’s lap instead of the mother sitting in her son’s lap, while the girlfriend has to sit on the couch alone and watch them straddle each other.

Image Source: Adventures_of_pippa_and_clark / Instagram

Yes, this is one of the creepiest tales yet. Imagine going over to your partner’s house and seeing their mother sit in their lap on a loveseat across the room. And above all, when the mother calls her ex-husband, her son, and her dog “her lover,” it gets even creepier.

A Helping Hand

We believe that everyone has gone through that phase at least once in their dating lives, where they tried to impress their partner’s family and offered a helping hand after lunch or dinner at their house. Well, this girl is officially one of us now.

Image Source: Jonathan Adato

Her kind gesture backfired when she ended up doing the dishes of a six-person meal alone! And not even her partner stood up for her or even helped her. She probably learned her lesson as we did: don’t offer to do anything because you are the guest.

Awful Birthday Bash

Aren’t birthdays supposed to be joyful when you tell the birthday person that you are proud of them and how far they’ve come, and all the appreciation and wishes you have for them? The last thing a birthday should involve is degrading them.

Image Source: Velmade / Instagram_

But, oh well, this weird family had this exact tradition. No wonder the partner of that family member was shocked to the core when she witnessed that mad experience. Well, at least she got the best Christmas gift that year when her bizarre partner broke up with her!

Unbelievable Dad

We have a genuine question: How is it acceptable for a father to spend thousands on strangers while neglecting the fundamental rights of his children? And how can his family members think that it’s okay for this father not to provide his other children with clothes?

Image Source: Francescaaaaa_99_ / Instagram

This is messed up in so many ways that we feel the need to call social services. We can imagine the horrifying look on the girlfriend’s face when she found out that her partner was in on this and did not think of his father’s actions as blatantly wrong! 

The Hoarder Family

There is nothing wrong with collecting old stuff, but it’s the collection is a hobby. But if you’re hoarding junk stuff that you never needed or have any interest in, and it’s just there because you think you’d get money out of selling it, that’s creepy.

Image Source: Rapzines / Instagram

This person got weirded out when she saw her partner’s parents hoarding decade-old magazines and other junk in their house. It got worse when she saw them move to a new place and did not leave a single piece of junk behind!

Photoshop To The Rescue

It’s the rudest and most inhumane thing to judge people by their looks and outfits. And if nothing can top that kind of rudeness, one thing always will: photoshopping their faces because you don’t like what you see, and you feel the need to “fix them.”

Image Source: Avishag Cohen

And no matter how stone-cold your heart is and how tough you are, if you see your partner’s parents telling you to your face that they “fixed your facial features” in all the pictures by photo-shopping them, then you need to walk away and never look back.

Pizza Time

Remember when Taylor Swift wrote “the moment I knew” when her bf didn’t show up on her 21st birthday. It’s a given that the least your partner is expecting from you is to show up and celebrate with them no matter how you feel.

Image Source: Liya Cohen

But this boyfriend probably had some secret code with his mother behind the word “pizza” to get him out of this situation. Delivering a pizza to his mother was simply an excuse. If he really wanted to be there, he would’ve at least come back to the party.

Rude Sisters

The relationship of a girlfriend and her partner’s sister is one precious bond, and no one can tell us otherwise. It’s heartbreaking when your partner’s sisters are so rude and mean that they didn’t even wait to meet you and decided to hate you for no reason.

Image Source: Avishag Cohen

Because in our experience, your life’s a whole lot of fun when your partner’s siblings get along with you so well that they ultimately feel like your own family. But this poor girl wasn’t that lucky. Her partner’s sisters hung up on her right away.

The Loud Mom

We know that table etiquette is important and is considered good manners. And it’s okay to tell someone to be a little bit quieter with their silverware, eat with their mouth shut, stop blowing over their food, or take their elbows off the table.

Image Source: Jonathan Adato

What’s not okay is to literally yell at someone, especially a stranger who happens to be your kid’s partner, to follow table manners. Asking them politely is the way to handle the situation. Oh well, this person probably never put their elbows on the table ever again.

His Awkward Mom

Compliments coming from your partner’s family are a great sign, right? We all look forward to getting compliments and nice gestures from our partner’s parents when we first meet them. But there is a line between wholesome and eerie compliments.

Image Source: Qyniece91 / Instagram

You don’t expect your partner’s mother to comment about your hips and bearing grandkids when you first enter the house. We can’t tell if her intentions behind her words were pure or if she said that to embarrass the girl. But it surely got awkward after that.

Back To Nature

Everyone loves to spend their summers sunbathing on tropical beaches and going on trips to enjoy the warmth of the sun on an exotic beach after the cold wintery months. The best memories always include running on the sand and swimming in the cool waters with your loved ones.

Image Source: Helene_vr / Instagram

But this person’s partner and his family had an unusual preference for the type of beach resort they frequent. The partner’s family spent their summer in a nudist colony for the entire summer vacation! They didn’t wear a single piece of clothing the entire time. Talk about an awkward meeting the parents experience!

The Angry Dad

Well, we all know how dads can be when it comes to sports or game nights with the family. One moment they are all charming and making jokes, and the next, they are flipping tables, throwing and breaking things, and yelling at everyone.

Image Source: Uticajuniorcomets / Instagram

This is getting way too normalized for our liking, though. Just like this, dad started acting aggressively out of the blue in front of everyone, for which he got kicked out of the hockey stadium where his son was playing. The son’s GF had to witness his sudden outbursts.

The Bathroom Ritual

We are starting to believe that there is a curse on bathrooms because a lot of stories involve having an accidental and awkward meeting with your partner’s dad for the first time when you’re doing your business! What’s going on?

Image Source: Jorge_reyoliveros / Instagram

We don’t think that any other situation is more awkward than having your partner’s dad walk in on you while you pee. We feel the awkwardness of this guy when he couldn’t come up with anything to say to the dad who walked in the bathroom while he was sitting on the toilet.

Korean Dad

It’s such a sad thing when your parents are racist, and they force you to date those that are the exact same race as you. This girl was loving on her boyfriend when she ran into his dad one day, and boy did things take a turn!

Image Source: Coreanovlogs / Instagram

The girl’s race bothered her boyfriend’s father so much that he didn’t bother to wait for the poor girl to leave, or considered his manners of first meeting his son’s partner, and just suddenly started yelling at him on the sidewalk in a different language! Pathetic.

My Boss’s Son

It’s such a horrible feeling when your parents show up at your place uninvited and don’t even bother to call first! Sure, surprises are cool, but showing up at an adult’s house unsolicited is not a very nice surprise.

Image Source: Berlinburgess / instagram

It’s an invasion of their privacy by coming over unannounced! This girl had to go through the awkwardness personally, and we feel for her. Poor thing had to wear her boss’s son’s huge shirt before she went to greet her.

Surprise Visit

When we said bathrooms are cursed for new couples, we were right. This young couple got walked in on by the parents in the washroom while they were having a lovely time showering together. It couldn’t have gotten any more awkward.

Image Source: Rolling_sess/ Instagram

This girl’s parents didn’t even know she was dating someone! The young couple had started seeing each other when her parents had already gone on vacation. They decided to come back a day earlier than expected; that’s when the whole thing went wrong.

“Fewer Clothes” Policy

We have no idea why this boyfriend didn’t feel the need to mention this information about his parents before he took his girlfriend to meet them. Or, maybe a better time to bring this topic up would be before they started dating!

Image Source: Crgmc/ Instagram

He invited his girlfriend over to meet his nudist parents without any heads-up, and the poor soul had to see her partner’s dad with no clothes on. She ran out of the house within five seconds of getting there! She probably still has nightmares.

The Religious Type

Everyone has religious beliefs and how to live a faithful life, even if they follow the same religion. The differences are there, and it’s better not to bring it up as a topic of discussion because it is a highly sensitive issue that can end in a catastrophe.

Image Source: Rstmhcyv/ Instagram

This poor person thought so, too. Well, until he got there, the first question that came out of his partner’s dad’s mouth was about Jesus. Sure, learning more about your kid’s partner over lunch is a good thing, but let’s keep religion out of it, please.

The Creepy Grandpa

When we think of creepy grandparents, we tend to think of something paranormal (maybe it’s because of all the horror movies that involve the older souls being the creepy villains). But here, this next scene is quite the opposite.

Image Source: Rockafellas.aus/ Instagram

This poor person had to encounter the creepy grandpa before the party even started! She went to her partner’s pool party and had his grandpa creep up on her and ogle her like meat. His comments were so offensive that she broke off with the guy right there.

That Annoying Sibling

Your partner’s parents are one thing to handle, and siblings are another. No matter their age, they are either going to be your best friend, or they are going to make your life miserable to the point you have to break up with the guy.

Image Source: Jonathan adato

This girl did just that. It was her very first relationship that ended badly because of her partner’s younger brother. When she went to meet his parents, the brother kept accusing her of lying and making their son lie to them. And the guy didn’t even defend her!

The Religious Type: Part Two

There’s nothing wrong with being religious. The problem occurs when you force your beliefs on others or when you put on a religious façade and keep doing utterly immoral things. Some people think it’s a game that can make them socially accepted.

Image Source: Fraygato/ Instagram

However, this guy found out the reality of his partner’s parents the hard way when they hacked into their daughter’s Facebook account to read her chats with the boyfriend. And no, they’re not break-the-firewalls kind of hackers; they sat there and guessed combinations of possible passwords!

The Fighting Parents

Who else had this awkward yet embarrassing encounter with a friend or partner’s parents where both parents started arguing and ultimately began yelling at each other in front of you? And you had to sit there like you aren’t listening to them?

Image Source: Mrdillybar / Instagram

Well, we do. And we don’t wish this upon anyone. Like this person who got invited over for dinner by their partner’s parents, but the lunch was soon forgotten because the parents started fighting over nothing in front of the guest. They apologized later, but still.

The Sweet Weird Guy

Most of the time, it’s not the partners; it’s their families that make you want to break it off with them for good. But we believe that it’s the partner’s fault, too, in this whole situation of weird families. They could at least give the person a heads-up!

Image Source: Stac.2me / Instagram

Also, another thing they can do is not leave out important details about themselves and their families before they bring their partner over. Like, how did this guy totally fail to mention that he was a 24-year-old virgin who still lived with his mother!

The Witch Girlfriend

Remember how novelty voodoo dolls became a thing for good luck a while back? Well, this girl’s well-intentioned gesture of getting a good luck voodoo doll for her partner’s upcoming exams slapped back in her face when her guy’s family decided to label her “a witch.”

Image Source: Khitbymarynik / Instagram

Well, to “get rid of the witch girlfriend,” they burned and stashed chicken bones outside and in all the corners of his dorm room as some kind of whacky holy ritual. Well, we are glad that they performed those rituals because apparently, it worked! And the girlfriend was free of their madness!

The Fifties Family

In this modern, educated era, it is very unusual for women to do all the housework while the men sit around doing nothing. This could be seen as acceptable in the middle of the last century, though. But now, we live in a different world where sexism isn’t tolerated.

Image Source: Sailingblueinfinity / Instagram

This guy was probably brought up in a household where fathers and brothers did the house chores too. But when he entered his girlfriend’s house, no man got up to help with the dishes or cleaning. The poor guy got weird stares from the “men” of the house.

The Overprotective Dad

Dads often get overprotective of their daughters because they feel they’re their little babies always. For the daughters, though, it may feel a bit suffocating. Even when they grow up, they feel the need to invade their private life without even asking them first.

Image Source: Jpdelahaye / Instagram

This dad is one of those dads who called his daughter’s boyfriend without informing her first. He straight up asked the kid to give him his parents’ number after he got mad at what the guy was “doing to his daughter” when all he was doing was being intimate with her.

Splashing Holy Water

Let’s think about the times when we had to worry about our high school partner’s parents. And we believe that we didn’t have any worse experience than this person right here. The worst possible situation we could think of was that they would not like us.

Image Source: Darysvgory / Instagram

But this girl had to experience another whole other kind of creepiness. Imagine her expression when she walked into that house, and her partner’s mother threw holy water on her telling her that she had “the devils’ fingerprints” all over her. 

The Topless Mom

It’s definitely not an issue if you walk around half-naked or fully bare if it’s your house and you’re home alone. It’s not even an issue if you are living with your partner and they are comfortable with you walking around topless. 

Image Source: Steffiandtheboys / Instagram

But the trouble comes when you have visitors over, like your daughter’s partners. We can just see the shocking and fearful expression in her partner’s eyes when he came over to “meet the parents.” This happened not once but twice! A heads-up would’ve been nice!

Vocab Lord Dad

Getting into arguments with your partner or their parents is quite common – it happens more often than most people think actually. People get angry and argumentative over the smallest things, although thankfully, most of the time, these scraps get resolved, at least we like to hope that they do

Image Source: Umbertosmiraglia / Instagram

But what’s not typical is the parents of your partner cursing at you! Like this person’s ex’s dad, who cursed her out so discreetly that she didn’t even realize it was an insult till later. She had to google the meaning of the word only to be horrified by its meaning.

Grow Up Big Boy

We can’t pick what’s worse in this story: a 25-year-old guy sleeping in the same bed with his mother or the fact that they cooked someone’s dead pet rabbit (which got hit by a truck and died). Let’s not mention how this guy still hasn’t moved out.

Image Source: Jonathan Adato

This girl probably got the shock of her life when she was suddenly aware of the reality of her partner. Luckily it hadn’t been that long since they started seeing each other. But unluckily, they lived on the same block, and it’s quite hard to avoid creepy neighbors.

Who Let the Dog Out

We are on the guy’s side for this one. It’s really hard to process the whole situation when multiple things start happening at the same time. And it’s even harder when the situation is entirely unknown to you. Your reflexes lag while you try to make sense of it.

Image Source: Lola__thedog_ / Instagram

The parents had no right to blame the poor kid who was just about to enter his girlfriend’s house to “meet the parents” for the very first time. And unexpectedly, the first encounter included the parents yelling, the dog jumping out of nowhere, and the blame game. Jeez.

Sweet Sister

What’s with people obsessing over their physical features and looks these days? It’s such a bizarre thing to focus on when you first meet your kid’s partner! Like, aren’t parents supposed to look at how happy their kid is with them instead of telling them to get a nose job?

Image Source: Dr.ajhasibi / instagram

And what’s the point of threatening the poor guy to like them? How is someone supposed to like you if the first thing you say to them when they come to meet you for the very first time is that they’d break your neck if you don’t like their sibling? How creepy is this lot?

Over Concerned Mom

Every parent gets a little concerned when their children become teenagers. And when they start dating, well, it’s only safe to say that our overprotectiveness pushes them away even further. Even though we respect their concerns, parents are advised not to make it awkward or invade their kid’s privacy too much.

Image Source: Jonathan Adato

Like in this case, this mom made things so uncomfortable when the girlfriend of her 14-year-old son visited them for the first time. She discreetly advised buying protection. Later, the girl figured out she said this out of concern because the mother got pregnant when she was thirteen.