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First Aid Tips To Help With Car Accidents

Many road accidents become fatal because first aid treatments and safety measures were not administered to the victims of such accidents. Next time you witness an accident scene, here are some first aid tips that could help you buy time for the victims, and possibly save lives.

Photo by Kevin Paes/Unsplash
  • Ensure that you alert oncoming traffic about the accident. This ensures your safety even as you try to help the victims. It also prevents further casualties.
  • You should also ensure that you switch off the vehicle ignition because there is usually spillage of fuel and other things that could cause a fire.
  • Make sure to always pack a first-aid kit in your car just to be safe. You may also need to use it on someone else.
  • When you come by an accident victim, the first thing to note is to confirm likely physical injuries, and perhaps internal injuries. Therefore, in moving the victims to a safer place off the road, you must be careful not to aggravate the injuries. Ensure that the victims are moved away from glasses, spillages, and other harmful materials.
Photo by Matt Chesin /Unsplash
  • Make a call to the nearest hospital or police station. If you have an unconscious person, then your priority should be the closest hospital while you may try to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  • Pay special attention to the neck, head, and back of the victims. You should not jerk them.
  • For bikers, except where unconscious, do not attempt to remove the helmet until you get to the hospital
  • Stop bleeding wounds by continuously applying pressure to the open wound with a clean cloth or pad.
  • Ensure that in all you do, you keep victims warm. They tend to feel excessive cold due to shock.