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Sometimes Following A Recipe Isn’t As Simple As It Seems

The internet is a great resource when one needs inspiration from Interior design ideas to choosing an outfit of the day and even a recipe to cook for the dinner you planned to impress your friends with. You can find everything and more than that online. But as good as the internet inspiration stream is, it can be a really dangerous place too. Well, maybe dangerous is a bit too exaggerated, but all the professional pictures of outfits and rooms, houses, and plates make you think that you can pull off exactly the same effortlessly. When in fact, it’s a real mission, that 4 layer cake you saw on Pinterest requires some mad baking and decorating skills. Here are some people who tried their best to recreate the pictures they saw on the internet but failed miserably (to our delight).

Birthday cake

A little girl went to her mommy and asked her for a Snow White birthday cake, like the one her best friend Sarah had for her birthday. Mommy did not delay for a second, rushed to the kitchen and put her favorite apron on.

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But it seems to us that mommy forgot to bring along her artistic talent. We are sure it tasted delish but the drawing she made on her little girl’s cake… let’s say it’s going to turn the birthday girl’s fairy tale into more of a nightmare.

Beware of Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic platform to get inspiration from but beware! Pinterest can give you the illusion that you can cook or bake everything even though you might lack some skills in this department. The picture below is a good example.

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Looking at the picture above, all we can say about it is that we are confused. We do not know exactly what happened there, but that turkey looks like he needs some cheering up. Although those crackers are yummy all on their own, they seem randomly scattered on the dish and not at all like the Pinterest inspiration turkey.

Find the differences

We have a game for you! We dare you to find at least 3 differences in the two pictures below. You can’t find them, can you? Well, it’s fair to say that whoever did this drawing is a real talent.

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All jokes and sarcasm aside, we have to agree that it could have been way worse than this. It may be the person’s drawing talent, but the choice of frosting that the baker used might have had something to do with how the final result turned out. Yes, let’s be nice and blame the icing and not the cook!.

Improvisation is key

Some people who will look at the pictures below will be quick to judge the work the person behind this masterpiece did. On the other hand, we are giving a round of applause because this right here is what we call improvisation.

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The person saw the picture online and loved the idea. She started baking, making the frosting, and only when she started decorating she understood that it was practically impossible for her to do it. So she did not give up but started freestyling instead. The result looks good if you ask us.

Panda cupcake

This panda cupcake is a pretty good idea if you want to put some unique cupcakes out for your next tea party. They look really adorable and seem pretty simple to pull off, and we don’t think that it would be too hard to get them just so. What are we saying?!

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We almost fell into the trap too. As cute as the perfect panda cupcake looks, we are sure that most of those who made these cupcakes managed to make them more like the ones pictured on the right. Don’t get us wrong, the pandas need some retouching here and there, but they still look cute.

Try again!

One thing about Pinterest recipes: they don’t always come out good on the first attempt, so you will have to try making them over and over again. That is until you get bored of chucking the failed results into the trash, and you just give up.

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But in our kitchen, we never give up, no matter how bad the result looks, ok?! At the end of the day, we are sure that no failed cooking result can look worse than this one pictured above. Yes, it may look bad, but we can smell that sweet smell of freshly baked bread just by looking at this picture. So, not a total failure, in our opinion. Yum!

Floral cake

Floral cakes are trending everywhere nowadays. We know it, the internet knows it, and unfortunately, the bakers know it too. No wonder they have been putting such high price tags on their cakes that are decorated with flowers. The more flowers, the higher the price.

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No wonder people out there started to try to do the job themselves. And all this just to save some money. Sure some of them made masterpieces, while many more others manage to fail terribly, like this one above. But hey, at least it made us all laugh, right?!

Who’s going to tell her?

First of all, we must mention that this attempt to recreate the swan is the best out of all the other attempts we’ve seen so far. However, there is one thing that we cannot wrap our heads around… and we mean that literally: the head.

Photo courtesy of

Who will tell her that the head is not pointing in the right direction, and this is one swan that needs an exorcist? Or maybe the artist behind this piece wanted to add her personal touch to this culinary arty piece. That is something we will never know.

There is no way!

When we saw the first picture, the expectation was real, and the first thought that crossed our minds was that we needed the recipe ASAP. The puff pastry and spinach and cheese (we assume) filling looks like the best combo. We have to try it!

Photo courtesy of

But then we saw the second picture, and there is no way on earth we would attempt it. Now that we saw how they could turn out if not prepared correctly in a picture (that we, unfortunately, can’t un-see), we will never be able to look at this puff pastry – spinach combo in the same way ever again.

A for effort

There is nothing worse and more disappointing than over-estimating your skills. And yet, most of us, people, we do this more often than we admit. There is no question that this is how the cake in the second picture came to be.

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Listen, it doesn’t look the same, and it doesn’t look all that cute either. But we have to say that it is clear that the baker put in a lot of effort into making this cake. So from all of us: A+ for the effort and the long hours spent making this “masterpiece”!

Before we proceed

Okay, we have to say it! Before we proceed, can we please ask who was the person that woke up one day and thought it was a good idea to make these witch fingers breadsticks (or whatever this is called) recipe?

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They look so realistic that it’s just a NO-NO from us. And this applies to the picture on the right as well. Those things look like some chubby worms who have eaten too much. And if we would have to choose between the two, we would go for the fat worms.

We need her number!

Ok, so it may not look exactly the same as the inspo picture, but the person who baked this cake did a pretty decent job. Sure there are some details that the baker should have given more attention too but all in all, she nailed it!

Photo courtesy of

She started from an online pic and managed to put her own spin on her creation, and we love it! A little girl was probably really thrilled to get her very own unicorn cake that day, which just warms our hearts.

Honey, we’re out of olives!

Said the voice from the kitchen. It was the wife’s voice who was getting all stressed out trying to prepare the food for the big family Christmas lunch that was going to take place the very next day. “Honey,” said the husband, “I got this.”

Photo courtesy of

But he did not get it at all. You know how men are. They always say they will do something women ask them to do, but they never do it, or they never do it exactly as requested. We won’t say anything about the right picture because we know it was the husband’s fault for picking up the wrong kind of olives from the market.


We first looked at the picture on the left, then we looked at the picture on the right, and we came to the following conclusion: the person behind this likes their sweets crispy. Too crispy for our personal taste, if we can say that.

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But one should never judge other people’s taste. Although we do feel like this level of crisp comes with a lot of smoke that will leave the kitchen smelling like there was a fire in it for at least a week.

Who is your favorite?

We know that the Kinder egg on the left is perfectly and professionally made, but our favorite is the one on the right if you want our honest opinion. It is far from being expert, but somehow he looks really friendly and a bit of a character to boot.

Photo courtesy of

The one on the left looks jovial too, but for some reason, we would want to be friends with the Kinder egg on the right. We don’t know why exactly; it could be because he looks more approachable and less intimidating, or maybe it is just because he looks like a melting snowman, which makes us feel bad.

What happened?

We will never understand how in the world can someone pull of the messy drawing style on their cakes and muffins. It takes a lot of skill and is literally almost impossible to make this cake style look cute, artsy, and messy all at the same time.

Photo courtesy of

Yet some people have mastered it, and the result comes out looking like their cakes are straight out of a baking magazine. Not this person on the right, though. This person is part of our group, the ” failed this messy trend miserably” group.

Chicken in a bush

This chicken in a bush recipe is pretty easy to make but not as easy to decorate. That is, if you were not blessed with a bit of imagination and creativity. If you were, then expect your artwork to come out looking like in the first picture.

Photo courtesy of

If you are not, then we beg you, please don’t leave your chickens looking like they are in the process of becoming McNuggets. Don’t forget the recipe is called chicken in a bush, not hen in a bush! Chickens are too small to have to deal with this kind of trauma.

Oh lord!

We do not want to make anybody feel bad about this but… we hope that nobody had to pay actual money for that reality of a cake. We will only excuse the second cake if an actual child made it- otherwise, the adult should have hired a pro to pull of this idea properly.

Photo courtesy

In that case, we would understand, and not only that, but we would give praise to the child that struggled to make it. But if an adult actually created this, we and the person who paid for this cake want our money back!

Frost it like it’s hot

Frosting your cupcakes can be a real mission if you don’t have the patience or the talent to do it. Not to mention sometimes even those who have these two key qualities fail miserably. It is like this sometimes.

Photo courtesy of

Usually, when the planets and the stars of the “frosting cupcakes” energies are not aligned. And by looking at the second picture, we can tell that the stars, the comets, the planets, and the galaxies were far from being aligned that day.

Frosty the snowman

Someone posted these pictures with the caption, “we tried to be creative this Christmas.” First of all, a big Thank you to the person who posted this. We laughed out loud. Second of all, for the love of love, please stop trying!

Photo courtesy of

Or if you keep on trying to be creative, at least please stop posting your artwork online. We are mature adults here, but children out there can bump into this while surfing the net, and they can be scarred for life after seeing this mutant snowman.

The British excellence

Someone decided to make this cool trifle cake for their birthday, and honestly, it does not look like it should be a really hard mission to get right. The result looks nothing like the inspiration photo on the left. And this for a reason.

Photo courtesy of

It turns out that the person who made this for her birthday was so excited about her celebration that she had a few drinks. So let’s say she got a little bit distracted and did not follow the inspiration picture as she should. Fair to say the result could have been worse, right?!

Disappointment island

For those who do not know out there, there is an island called Disappointment Island on this beautiful Earth of ours. Currently, it is uninhabited, but every now and then, disappointed people are sent there (at least that’s what the expression says).

Photo courtesy of

One thing is for sure, the person who bought this toaster was sent straight to disappointment island. And this was the same exact moment he saw that the machine he paid so much money for did not perform the job as they said it would.

Not bad

Looking at the two pictures below, we have to agree that the “remake” could have been way worse than how it turned out. Sure there are some things that the artist behind it may have changed but all it all, they did a pretty decent job.

Photo courtesy of

But then again, and lucky for the artist behind this masterpiece, we are not expert bakers, so what do we know?! Nonetheless, we are sure that despite the funny outcome of the cake, the effort was appreciated and that the taste was to die for.

Oh no, Peppa!

Somewhere out there in the United Kingdom, on a green hill right next to her house, Peppa Pig is crying out loud while looking at this atrocity of a cake. Why did they have to do Peppa like this?

Photo courtesy of

That cake was just a heartless move, and it left Peppa sad, and us very tormented. So tormented to the point that, as grown adults, we will need to watch some TellyTubbies before bed to make sure we will not have nightmares. All we can say is: Thank you!

Franky cupcakes

Someone saw this inspiration picture (on the left) on Pinterest and thought it would be a good and (easy) idea to bake and decorate them for her Halloween get-together. At this point we don’t even know what to say about this.

Photo courtesy of

Were they meant to be this scary, or did the person actually make a few mistakes in the instructions and unintentionally landed up creating a plate of little monsters. Well, the story sounds very familiar, right? So thinks Victor Frankenstein and the monster he created.

Point of view

Here we have two pictures of two wedding cakes. We must say the idea is pretty cool, and they both look delish too. Sure the remake looks a bit (okay, more than just a bit) like it was not really a remake but that it went in an entirely different direction.

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know if this is what the baker wanted or not, but the result can differ depending on the point of view. For some, it might look like a failed attempt, while for some others (us included), it might look like a very cool parody.

What are those?

There are times when certain sounds, certain smells, and even certain images bring back memories or even make you think about people long forgotten. This is exactly what the second picture did to us. The moment we saw it, we could not stop thinking of Cardi B (the rapper).

Photo courtesy of

She is famous for her “What are those?” line, the line that we kept saying over and over again while looking at the picture of these… we have no idea what those are. Nonetheless, we are sure that if you eat them with your eyes closed, they might be alright.


Oh, Lord! We are still in shock after looking at the second picture. We can not help but wonder why someone would make this for their own child. Poor little fellow might have had some serious nightmares that night.

Photo courtesy of

Even though the character created looks like it is straight out of a horror movie, we have to give a round of applause for this mom who wanted to impress her kid and make mealtime more playful- even though this “playfulness” reminds us of the Saw.

We need an explanation!

How is it even possible to start recreating the banana penguins you saw on Pinterest and end up having banana Koi fish? What kind of magic spell is that? We are asking because it seems like something very useful to have in your kitchen.

Photo courtesy of

Just imagine you run out of meat and only have veggies in your fridge. You start to chant the magic incantation and make the carrots miraculously transform into chicken and the potatoes into beef. It would make life easier, so can we please have the spell?

Public announcement

Parents all over the world, this one is for you. We have to announce this for the benefit of all the children: If you know that your kid will invite other kids to his or her birthday party, make sure there is nothing that could be traumatizing for the guests and the birthday child.

Photo courtesy of

Well, it looks like someone did not get the memo. Yes, dear baker of the cake on the right, we are looking at you. While it may have tasted good, we are sure that kids were not really convinced if they should eat the cake or if the cake would eat them.

Lesson learnt

The two pictures below just speak for themselves. The person who made these homemade fried smiley faces surely learned their lesson that day: these smiley faces need a lot of meticulous work and without it, will come out looking like…

Photo courtesy of

Anything else but the smiley faces. This adventurous lady (culinary-wise) gets an A for the effort and a public request to never to never make these for the members of her household again, for the sake of everybody’s well-being.


First of all, we need to know who the person behind this is? Who thought making gums/lips and teeth out of an apple, peanut butter, and marshmallows was a good idea? Don’t get us wrong; the combination is yum, but the visual- now that’s a different story.

Photo courtesy of

But this weird-looking culinary invention just looks nasty. So cringy that we, personally, would not dare to get anywhere near them, even though the ingredients together do make for a delightful combo- maybe just delivered in a different form next time?


One thing about this very French delight is that you don’t only need some skills to make them but also need all the planets and stars to be aligned to your benefit. They are on the hardest level of baking out of all the French pastry yummies.

Photo courtesy of

And if you don’t believe us check the picture above, on the right, and all the other 99 thousand pictures of failed macarons that you can find on the internet. They might look really awful, but they still tasted good, according to the person who took the picture.

Elmo’s cousin

A little boy was delighted when his mommy told him he could choose whatever design he wanted for his next birthday cake. He settled on a medium-difficulty cake that required the baker to have some baking and artistic skills.

Photo courtesy of

Imagine the terrified look on the mom’s face when she heard what her son wanted. We would have paid money just to see it. The poor woman did not do a great job, but she did the impossible so her son would not be disappointed. And this is all that matters!

The Smurfs cupcake

All we can say while looking at the two pictures below is that: the person really tried. Sure the cupcake is not green, the face is really deformed, and the frosting looks like it’s going to melt at any minute, but it looks like it may still taste good.

Photo courtesy of

That is only if you eat it with your eyes closed. We can only hope that the cupcake designer stopped at this single Smurf and did not create the whole colony. We would not be able to take a village of Smurfs looking like this on the right.

Another cupcake masterpiece

First of all, in case you were wondering what that creature or object on the right is, we have to inform you that here you have nothing but a chocolate cupcake that was not as fortunate as the cupcake on the left.

Photo courtesy of

Unfortunately, the cupcake on the right was left at the hands of a new “baker” who lacked patience, basic designing skills and, on top of that, seemed a bit passive-aggressive too. You can tell that the moment he/she realized it was hard to replicate the cupcake on the left, the person lost patience and started to take out her frustration on the poor cake in front of her.

In case you were wondering

If like us, you have no idea what that burning object pictured in the second image actually is, well it turns out it is actually a potato. Yes, we know, we first thought it was a piece of molten lave from a far-flung volcano, and we were as shocked as you to find out the shocking truth.

Photo courtesy of

Now, the person who posted this mentioned that she is not a cook and does not have much experience. And that is okay, but there is one question that bugs us: how long did that potato stay in the oven?

Plating and other activities

It must be sure nice to be able to eat a rice bear covered with an omelet blanket in the morning. But who in the world has the time to create this plated art first thing in the morning, when one should be getting the kids ready, getting themselves ready, taking the kids to school, and then going to work?

Photo courtesy of

When we thought that the first plating was a real piece of art, and even when we then glanced at the second picture of a bear, and all the face details that we are sure took at least an extra half an hour to do. Seriously now, how do people have time to do this? Maybe the chef behind the second bear was running super late. This is the only reason that could explain this bear “phenomena.”

Human, are you serious?

At a first look, we have to say that we are impressed and we appreciate that this person made a chubby cat cake that looks exactly like their cat. Most of the people would have made it a little less chubs to make the cat feel better about itself.

Photo courtesy of

But not this human! Maybe this is why the cat has such a sad face, maybe it was a reality check for it, and he realized that he might have to start a diet next Monday. If it’s not this, then we don’t know how to explain that sad face.

Best for last

As you are probably used to by now, we always save the best for last, or in this case, the most terrifying, scary, and shocking for last. Before you scroll down to see the picture, we have to tell you that we are sure that the omelet starred in The Conjuring movie.

Photo courtesy of

Or if it was not the omelet, the person who made it surely loves watching horror movies, because we can not find another explanation for this. All we can hope is that the omelet was not served to any kids.