40+ Absurd Airplane Moments Captured While People Were Miles Above Ground

By Jana I

Funny things happen all the time in all kinds of places. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have enough time and wit to take a quick photo you can later show to your friends and family. Sometimes, the surroundings do not match with what’s going on or are not suitable for a certain type of behavior, and that’s what makes it even funnier, odder, and more extreme. For example, a man shaving on an airplane, two people doing yoga poses on the conveyor belt, or a cardboard paper replacing an airplane window. In this article, we’ve gathered 45 hilarious yet intriguing photos from airports and airplanes that will for sure make you either laugh or be purely bewildered. Keep on scrolling for a good time of uncontrollable giggles!

Congratulations On Being Completely Adequate!

When the plane is landing or preparing to do so, it goes without saying that passengers should stay put. However, what annoys a lot of airline staff is when passengers start getting up as soon as the plane has landed, creating a small or not-so-small scene.

Image Courtesy of Insider

The standards are so low for airline staff that this man won an award for not standing up when the plane landed. He’s got a crown, long white gloves, and sash! They even got him a drink and a tiny trophy that reads: Adequate! Congratulations for being adequate, our man!

Legend Has It She Never Lost Her Luggage

It’s great to be cautious! Pay attention to your valuables all the time, and always keep them in the same place to avoid losing them or forgetting them somewhere. Check it regularly! Especially if you’re walking through a crowded airport with people from all around the globe.

Image Courtesy of xViZzip/Reddit

Now, if you’re this woman, you’re an absolute queen. She plastered her face all over her suitcase, so in case anyone steals it, they’d look silly strolling it around. You either have to be insanely paranoid or in love with yourself.

Path To Nowhere

Some things are just absurd. People tend to do things automatically without giving them too much thought, and that’s no surprise. However, on rare occasions, you are lucky enough to be in the right place at just the right time. That’s what happened here.

Image Courtesy of Kaufmann Repetto/artandseek.org

Why are these passengers standing on the staircase leading to no plane? Who knows! For some reason, folks are waiting for the plane, ready to board, and we think we might see a plane there, prepared to land and load the passengers. If they were waiting at the bus stop, this might make more sense.

Zoned Out

It’s difficult to find a perfect position to snooze while traveling, especially when strangers are next to you. When you fall asleep, and your head rests on their shoulder, it’s awkward, to say the least. However, some people have a set of skills that allow them to zone out wherever and whenever.

Image Courtesy of choose22/Reddit

If you look at this picture, you’ll notice that this is not just a regular passenger – oh no. This is the ultimate passenger, the one ready to be in a deep sleep for the entire flight. He was so determined that he even got a turbulence-proof pillow to be comfortable at all times.


During a long journey, it’s always nice to have good company to talk to, share common interests, and exchange stories with. You can even become friends, find out if you have common interests, and maybe even exchange social media contacts.

Image Courtesy of Megan Peabody/CNN

When we saw this photo, we immediately felt happy and cheerful. This pig looks so friendly, nice, and willing to communicate and listen to all your struggles and problems! We’re fully confident that whoever sat next to it had a wonderful flight.

Under The Sea, Under The Sea

The good thing about traveling by plane is efficiency, no traffic, and comfortability. Also, did you know that it’s far safer to travel by plane than it is on the road? Believe it or not, it’s the truth! So next time you’re anxious about flying, try to keep this fact in mind!

Image Courtesy of Yeah Motor

If you are generally a panicky, anxious person, do not take this image seriously. “Life vest located under sea” – It’s highly impossible. So do not fret! Someone thought it was a great idea to omit the letter ‘t’ from the sentence. If you’re a fan of dark humor, you’ll enjoy this one!

Target Aquired

One of the major chains in the United States is Target. It carries all kinds of different products, clothing, appliances, home decor, and more. Anything you might think of, you can probably find it in Target. That’s why most Americans are regulars there.

Image Courtesy of domesticatedcompanion.com

The owners of this dog love Target so much they even painted a Target symbol on their dog’s head. We are unsure whether this is real or photoshopped. We can’t tell where the poor boy’s eye is, but someone was sly enough to take a snapshot.

Two Peas In A Pod

They say there is a one in a trillion chance of encountering your doppelganger. Doppelgangers are people that look exactly like ourselves, so much so that the difference is uncanny. How would you feel if you randomly found a person looking exactly like you?

Image Courtesy of @NJornee/Twitter

Well, that scenario happened to these two fellow gentlemen. They sat next to each other on a plane, and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing! If you look at this picture, you’ll quickly notice they look entirely identical -the smile, the beard, eyes, hair, even the color of their clothes!

Face Swap Gone Wrong

At one point, face swap was super popular all because of Snapchat! Everyone and their mother played around with it, replacing their faces with friends, family members, and sometimes, even objects. Yes, because objects, for some reason, look like faces.

Image Courtesy of Pukkadurbz/Reddit

This lovely lady was probably casually snap chatting with her friends when she noticed that her face was replaced with the AC system above her head while using the face swap effect. We don’t know if it looks terrifying or hilarious.

BoJack Horseman Became A Pilot?!

BoJack Horseman is an American comedy-drama following a snarky yet authentic character through his life adventures. He is relatable, unlikable, crazy, and therefore adored by many. Now, according to the following picture, we found out BoJack is a pilot!

Image Courtesy of heraldweekly.com

Okay, okay, we know it’s not REALLY him, but the similarity is uncanny! Horsehead, human-like body, nothing is missing. Well, the only thing that’s missing is context. How and why did this picture come to be? It’s not a comforting thing seeing your pilot in a horse mask, is it?

Hi Spidey!

Spiders can make one feel uneasy. Let’s all agree on that fact. There are enthusiasts out there who enjoy capturing them, investigating their little hairy legs, and, all in all, learning more about them. If you’re not a huge fan of spiders, feel free to skip this one.

Image Courtesy of passengershaming/Instagram

This passenger found a giant spider chilling near their window. What a comfortable ride, huh?! We hope they managed to catch it, although we’re unsure how they got it out of the plane. Was it just waiting for the plane to land, or did they throw it out? Whatever the case might be, it makes us feel uneasy.

Sleep Deprived

If you’re overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated by your employer, sleeping is like your hobby. It’s an escape from the world and a way to shut down, rest, and recuperate your energy. If you’re witty or brave enough, sleeping can be a sport.

Image Courtesy of Imgur

This man takes sleeping as a challenge. First of all, we have to applaud his form, idea, and execution. We are confident it was all a part of a detailed plan. He must’ve calculated his body mass, the angle of his bottom, and legs. He did it perfectly! Kudos!

Let Me Take A Selfie

Selfies are the easiest form of documenting your new hairstyle, makeup, or smile. It’s all about capturing your beauty and emotion in one shot. Selfies are great for creating memories with friends and family as well – easy yet effective.

Image Courtesy of daily-choices.com

Now, this is an iconic selfie. These three dudes were too serious or trying too hard, and the flight attendant was not having any of it! She decided to photobomb them with a hilarious expression that screamed, half terrified, half overjoyed. The guy on the right is not having it…

Give Me A V!

We’ve all at least watched movies with cheerleaders. Maybe you were a cheerleader, or you were dating one – bottom line is, you know exactly who we’re talking about. They are cheerful, a little cliquey, yet very athletic. They often have cheers like, “Give me an A, give me an O, give me an L….”

Image Courtesy of splitpics.uk

This person looks precisely like a cheerleader when asked, “Give me a V!” We thought about this one long and hard. However, there is no logical explanation for why the passenger would do this. Is this position comfortable? We highly doubt that.

Dad 101

Being a parent is not easy. You must always be alert and take care of your youngsters. They are usually up to no good, looking for trouble and adventure that often end with dire consequences. Take a look at this poor father, flying on an airplane with two young children.

Image Courtesy of Jam Press

He looks tired but also highly focused on the book he’s reading. Although he has a toddler sitting on his neck and a baby by his side, he seems to be keeping it all together! They are calm, both in their worlds of childhood wonder. We’ll need some tips, sir!

Find You A Girl That Can Do Both!

It’s appealing and attractive to see someone who has multiple skills and talents up their sleeve and is not afraid to show them off. For example, seeing that a man is great with children, caring, and nurturing is always a plus for women.

Image Courtesy of @FlyGirlLindz/Twitter

This flight attendant is extremely good-looking and has a wild side. She is showing her colleagues an alternative way of closing the plane’s overhead lockers. She must have some fantastic upper body strength to be able to do this! Women Power!

Planes & Rec.

There are instances in which celebrities and successful people fly economy class. It’s a rare sight, but not an impossible one. This lucky passenger discovered that he was seated next to Nick Offerman from Parks & Recreation. What a time to be alive!

Image Courtesy of @WanderSeat/Twitter

Unfortunately for this passenger, Nick is as groggy and unapproachable as his character Ron Swanson. He doesn’t look too happy about sitting in the middle of two strangers, especially if one of them is pointing a camera directly at his face. Rude!

Yoga Time!

It’s a great feeling to stretch after a long flight after sitting for hours on end anxiously waiting to arrive! Spread your arms, twist your shoulders, crack your neck, etc. Now, these two took it a step further. They did yoga while waiting for their luggage.

Image Courtesy of moderntarzan/Instagram

Chilling like this on the conveyor belt must be an experience on its own. They seem happy with themselves, and their yoga pose is impeccable. They are stable, confident, and self-assured. You can tell this is not their first rodeo. We’re not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, though.

No One Suspects A Thing

The next thing we’re about to show you is one of the most inexplicable scenes we’ve ever seen. When something is so absurd, it becomes intriguing and, at times, extremely funny. Until we say more, take a look at the picture, and you try to decide what’s happening there.

Image Courtesy of thedelite.com

Let’s quickly assess what we all see: there is a pair of legs sticking out of a plastic box. This image in itself raises several questions, and we have exactly zero answers. Who’s gonna tell him that this is not how they check passengers at security?

Imagine This

We get it. Sometimes crowded spaces can be overbearing, especially if you suffer from anxiety or severe panic attacks. If you’re introverted or intimidated by a large number of people, it can also pose a problem. The following scenario is perfect for those of you that feel that way.

Image Courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

This guy over here seems pretty satisfied with the outcome of his flight reservation! He was the only passenger with all the snacks and airplane food just for him. We wonder where he’s headed since no one is traveling in the same direction.

What Are You Looking At?!

We’ve seen a dog on an airplane, even a pig and a spider. How would you react if a legit wild animal was sitting next to you for a few hours, none other than a kangaroo? They are known for being extraordinarily muscular and aggressive at times!

Image Courtesy of Interesticle

This kangaroo seems to have gotten itself in an altercation with a passenger, and its owner is carrying it away from the situation. The kangaroo’s face is almost saying, “What, what are you looking at? Do you want a piece of this paw? That’s what I thought!” We certainly giggled.

Well, This Was Unexpected

It’s one thing flying in an aircraft thousands of feet in the air and then sitting next to an inconsiderate passenger. Of course, it’s a nuisance. You have to spend multiple hours with them breathing down your neck. It can be uncomfortable.

Image Courtesy of @Alancumming/Twitter

Now, it’s a different thing flying with an animal at your feet! Is this a couple traveling with their pony, or is it just a man bringing his buddy on vacation? We believe the woman is not so pleased, whatever the case may be. What a fun bunch!

You Sweep Me Off My Feet

We could say that a person sweeps us off our feet when they treat us right, trusts us, and let us open up to them and essentially be ourselves. We might have been so impressed by that person we fell for them, feet in the air and heart in the sky.

Image Courtesy of 9gag

Take a look at this photo. We have no explanation for what happened there and the reason behind it. Maybe this person has really low blood pressure, and they need blood to pump faster to their brain. Who knows? All we know is it must have given everyone around a good laugh.

Tiny Unexpected Friend

Travel transportation can sometimes be mundane and boring. The book you’ve brought with you is bland, your phone is at 5% battery, and you forgot your iPad on the dining room table. Sometimes, a tiny little person can make your experience a bit better.

Image Courtesy of thetravel.com

This passenger has caught two pairs of baby hands holding a rubber fish with bulging eyes. This child was probably equally bored as the person behind it, and the little one decided to entertain and brighten up a few hours of airline travel. What a friendly kid.

I’m Not Hyper, You’re Hyper!

Dogs are the epitome of happiness and joy. Without them, we are sure people would be far less happy and carefree. Coming home and petting one of those fluffy little ears or cuddling with a bear-like canine will always provide a dopamine rush.

Image Courtesy of Suncor Aviation Crew And Charted Companies and Services

Look at this distinguished gentleman and how he’s sitting, smiling, and enjoying every moment spent on this airplane. If you look closely at its eyes, you’ll notice that there isn’t a thought behind them and not a brain cell in sight, yet, it’s the most adorable thing we’ve seen so far.

Mesmerizing Beauty

We were all struck by someone’s beauty at one point or the other. People are visual creatures. We love symmetry, and we can objectively appreciate when someone has perfect facial features. The picture we have for you now will leave you speechless.

Image Courtesy of awwmemes.com

This airplane seems to be filled with beautiful women. It’s no secret that celebrities regularly travel, economic class from time to time. Every inch of this woman’s face screams beauty and Victoria’s Secret model, and we hope she is one.

DIY Window

Sometimes, it’s best to make things by yourself! You can achieve higher quality, make it cheap, and have a more positive experience overall. However, not all DIY projects are unique, and not all of them are destined to succeed. Take a look at this one…

Image Courtesy of quora.com

Now, we are not confident in this invention. Someone thought it was a perfect idea to put a cardboard cutout as a window replacement, or is it just a drapery for privacy purposes? We are not sure. Nonetheless, it looks funny. Maybe calling an engineer might help.

Passed Out

Sleep sometimes creeps up on you when you least expect it. It can happen anywhere like the bus, the line at the post office, time-out during an exciting game, commercial break, you name it. Once adulthood hits you, it’s over. All-nighters become a thing of the past.

Image Courtesy of Yeah Motor

This woman looks like she belongs to the staff of this airline agency, but, for some reason, she is fully passed out – sleeping, snoozing, or napping. Either way, she is not waking up any time soon. Leave her to be. She looks like she needs it.

The Ring: Airplane Edition

If you’ve never watched The Ring movies, you are seriously missing out on so much. First of all, you’re missing out on nightmares, vivid imagery, and terrifying feelings. In all seriousness, The Ring is a must if you’re a horror movie lover.

Image Courtesy of thetravel.com

This picture is more of a parody. A passenger took a snapshot of this person’s hair covering their screen, adding a funny and witty caption to follow. However, what concerns us more, is the condition of this person’s hair. It seems dry and damaged. Try out some conditioner, sweetie!

Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda

Pandas are super cute. They are chubby, fluffy, and seem incredibly cuddly. All these endangered bears do is eat, sleep and do silly things. They say that it’s no surprise pandas are endangered due to their clumsiness and innate thrill for trouble.

Image Courtesy of readseadiamond.com

Looking at this picture, the question lingers: Is it a real panda or just a stuffed animal? Perhaps it’s even a kid in a panda costume. Who knows? All we know for sure is this is the most misplaced panda we’ve ever seen. It just seems wrong. Give this bear a field of bamboo trees!

Do the Splits!

Flexible people are genuinely lucky! You can’t convince us otherwise. They have skills not all of us do, and we’re incredibly jealous. In the following picture, you’ll see a flight attendant doing the absolute most to capture our attention.

Image Courtesy of Yeah Motor!

She looks so graceful and seamless. We believe she might have been a dancer before or maybe a ballerina. Her posture reveals that she either competed in dance competitions or that she was born to do it. Look at her bun, her elegance, and her toes. Wow, girl!

Leg Rest

It’s amazing having a partner sometimes! Sure, you butt heads, you argue, quarrel, and miscommunicate from time to time, but hear us out: traveling with a partner can be such a comfort. Take a look at what this person did to feel comfortable.

Image Courtesy of adventurecrunch.com

We are not sure whether this is funny or disrespectful. These two probably banter like this all the time. How is this position even remotely cozy is something that remains a mystery. To us, it looks like a form of revenge! Hang in there, dude.

It’s Just A Piglet!

You know how some people get defensive of their children, like ignoring inappropriate behavior, condoning bad habits and manners? A similar set of people defend their pets with their lives as if trying to convince you everything is all fine and dandy.

Image Courtesy of vancouverisawesome.com

This woman seems like the type of person to convince you her pet is ‘just a piglet, thank you very much!’ And, ‘He is not overweight. He just has big bones. He is a big boy.’ For some reason, that hypothetical story cracks us up even more than the photo.

Group Leader

We’ve seen a woman plastering her face on her suitcase earlier in the article. We giggled (hopefully, you did too) and proceeded. However, for this following shenanigans, we were not even remotely ready. This man has taken it to the next level.

Image Courtesy of 9gag.com

He is not just making sure his luggage is safe from random thieves, but also his friends’ or family’s luggage. This is either a case of a practical joke or a serious measure against robbery. We are not sure which to condone more. Decide for yourself!

Kiss For The Camera!

Some people love their job, so much so, they include it into their everyday life, share it on their social media, and overall seem pretty happy with their profession. They talk about it non-stop and want to include their closest people in all the inside jokes.

Image Courtesy of Mentertained

This flight attendant seems to really like her job! She probably enjoys flying, traveling, communicating with people, being at their disposal, and so on. She loves it so much so, that she took this picture. Some might read it all wrong, but we know she is just passionate about her job, right?!

Happy Birthday, King!

Birthdays are usually special days. People love to celebrate it, or at least honor it in some way they find fit. What makes birthdays even more special is if you can go traveling and visit some unusual, new, and exotic place you’ve never seen before.

Image Courtesy of TylerF12/Reddit

Sometimes, on your way there, people might find out and decide to throw a little surprise. We found this photo on Reddit. This guy got a crown made out of little peanut bags with swords in between. He is a true king of this airplane now. Happy birthday!

Hello Friend!

All we need sometimes is a nice hello from a stranger or an unexpected ‘how are you?’ posed genuinely. Life goes by so fast, we are all always in a hurry, rushing here and there, catching this and that, missing deadlines, chasing opportunities, and so on…

Image Courtesy of gosocial.com

This moment is worth remembering. It’s what life is all about. This dog has one of the sweetest, most caring expressions ever. You just wish you could pet it. Is it a rottweiler? It doesn’t matter! We just want to give it a hug.


Okay, there are many nice people out there who are considerate and easy-going, but there are also those that make you want to punch a wall. These people do not know boundaries, are mean or inconsiderate, and don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/joshua_silver

This is an accurate depiction of selfish behavior, but she doesn’t seem to care. Of course, the photo is just a goof. But imagine, you’re reading a book or watching something, and all of a sudden, someone’s hair is blocking your view. Ugh!

Squishy Furry Fluff-ball

Pets are often better company than people. First of all, they are usually smaller than you, so you can easily cuddle them and press their soft fluffy fur against your cheek. Most importantly, they can’t speak. Therefore, they can’t nag you, just show affection.

Image Courtesy of cheezburger.com

If a cute puppy approaches you and wants to play, you pet that puppy right away, sir! You take that puppy, cuddle it, and tell it how it’s the best girl or boy you’ve ever met or held! I mean, those eyes. We are melting!

Somebody’s Watching Me!

There is this weird feeling of uneasiness that we all feel from time to time, as if we are being watched. However, we can’t see where this watchful eye is hiding. Who is observing, is anyone looking at us at all, or are we just being paranoid?

Image Courtesy of RedHeadWithAnAttitude/Imgur

We stumbled upon this funny photo, so let’s dissect it now. These sunglasses are obviously backward, that’s clear. However, why he did this, we don’t know. Also, the dude’s haircut is just something else. Overall, the picture has both weird and silly vibes, making us feel uneasy.

Get A Room!

Some couples just don’t know boundaries. They are too touchy-feely in public, and not everyone wants to see that. We guarantee that the majority of people don’t want to know how you kiss and what you do behind closed doors. Keep that to yourselves.

Image Courtesy of farandwide.com

These two at least covered themselves, although we are unsure if it makes the situation better or worse. There is nothing so urgent you need to do with your partner that can’t wait. Maybe we are mistaken, and this is just another two-headed monster traveling via Earth airlines.

Your Government ID Please!

We think we’ve found the best picture ever to be taken on an airplane before. The thing you’re about to see is equally sweet, intimidating, endearing, and confusing. What are two little penguins doing on a plane by themselves? Let’s see.

Image Courtesy of heraldweekly.com

To us, they look like police officers or security coming in to check out every passenger by asking for their government ID and airplane ticket. At the same time, they look like they’re trying really hard to stay focused and act natural. What funny little guys.

Self Care Flight

Michael Schneider is a man that likes to poke fun at people in airplanes and stage different, mundane, and usual life activities and puts them on a plane, where they seem out of place, absurd, and kind of goofy. Remember the first picture in this article? That was him! Now, look at this one!

Image Courtesy of Michael Schneider/Insider

Here, Schneider made a skit where he pretended to be showering, shaving, and scrubbing his back, clearly bewildered that someone caught him off guard. Imagining these scenarios in his head helped him overcome his flight anxiety. Thank you, Mr. Schneider. Now, we, too, have something else to think about when flying!