Food Trends in 2021

By Shane R

(C) Pexels

2020 has been a year, hasn’t it? As 2021 is soon upon us, it is important to investigate the trends for the future. Functional nutrition is the best place to start to boost your immune system.


The pandemic has made a lot of people rethink their nutrition. Immunity boosters, especially during the year of COVID-19, is priority for a lot of people. By adding supplements to a natural diet, people across the world will look to improve this area of their lives. For example, in 2020, 50% of people who bought supplements did so to improve their immune system. Some of the supplements for the future include elderberry, vitamin D, astragalus, turmeric, echinacea, and ginger. Vitamin C is also a great option.

Improving Mental Health

(C) Pexels

With much of the world being shut-in or quarantined, mental health has been at an all-time low. By adding rich antioxidants to nutrition, people can feel better than ever before. Think fiber, minerals, and vitamins, along with probiotics.

Buying Local

These days, more people want to be informed about where therir food is from.With the pandemic turning the world upside down, people are concerned with big market shops, where they cannot trust where the food is coming from. Buying local is the next big thing because people can literally find where there food is coming from nearby. Also, the environmental impact will be limited when buying local.

If you still want to buy from a little bigger corporation, try brands like Kroger and Infarm, Gotham Greens, and the Hudson Milk Company. They are family, localized companies that care about their customers and the environment.