Four Common Struggles Couples Are Facing Since COVID

By Jessy A

The outbreak of COVID-19 changed the world and kept us all indoors for months! For many couples, this was the dream; to share space and spend more time with their significant others. However, contrary to what many people thought would be a honeymoon period, the pandemic and its lockdowns surfaced new challenges for many couples. If you are reading this, you may relate, so know that you’re not alone.
Thousands of other couples are going through similar journeys, and we’ve made a list of some of the struggles couples are dealing with since the pandemic.

Photo Credit: Studio Romantic/ Shutterstock

1 Heightened Levels of Anxiety:

During the period of the lockdowns, many couples experienced increased anxiety levels; in fact, according to the World Health Organization, there was a massive 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. With anxiety comes feelings of irritability and anger, consequently causing more disagreements and fights. Thankfully, there are many resources like couples therapy that help couples navigate these emotions and how they affect their relationship. Ritual, to name one of them, has even gone beyond offering 1-on-1 expert support and offers several innovative tools and techniques that can be accessed online to give you relationship support at the convenience of your fingertips.

2 Deepening Dissatisfaction:

The pandemic gave people time for introspection. Having spent time analyzing their lives and choices, many people feel dissatisfied with their choices and find themselves comparing with others around them. The intensity that the lockdown brought with it exacerbated points of friction between partners. Taking a break for some alone time is a good way to regroup and reground.

3 Feelings of Disconnection:

Many couples are feeling disconnected from their partners since the pandemic, and this is evident in how much affection they show. Making a conscious effort to bring back the spark to your romantic life may help get you back on track. Finding new and meaningful ways of reconnecting with your partner is essential and will help infuse new life into your relationship by simply including small but significant practices.

4 Increased Cravings for Me-time:

Since more people are spending more time at home, thanks to the pandemic and remote work, they are beginning to crave more alone time. Sharing space all day, every day can be exhausting and lead to social fatigue. Staying in separate rooms and getting new hobbies that do not involve your partner can be helpful but make sure your new interests don’t result in neglecting your partner.

Final Notes:
Navigating a relationship after a major shift in the world is not a walk in the park. However, adjusting to the new demands of life is also not impossible. With the right kind of help and strategies, you can breathe new life and love into your relationship.