45 Images Of Illogical Kid Logic

By Ruby M

Kids might light up our lives with love and fulfillment – but let’s be real, they get up to some very strange activities that we as adults simply cannot comprehend. And that is the beauty of kid logic. Kid logic seems to evade most of us by the time we reach puberty, but until then, we suggest that parents hop along and enjoy the ride – because every kid is bound to get up to some sort of illogical mischief that seems to only make sense to them. Buckle up, moms and dads, and get ready for our list of some hilariously epic kid logic that you’re guaranteed not to understand. But these kooky kids will, at the very least, make you laugh.

Kids Apparently Feel Comfort Differently

Have you ever noticed the strange positions kiddos tend to twist themselves into that make us oldies wonder, “how is that even comfortable?” Well, apparently, they feel comfort differently than we do. Maybe the logic here is that this little girl is trying to watch his cartoons without having to hold up the tablet?

Image Courtesy of: _BHB_/Twitter

But, we do have to give big kudos to this little girl and her apparent strength. We don’t know that many adults, aside from the gym junkies, who could hold a position like this one for very long! Kids are true yogis.

Cats or Kids?

Most of us who have seen cats on television or in memes, or have one of our own, know that cats tend to prefer cardboard boxes over any bed or cat tree that came in the box. But kids also do this!

Image Courtesy of: Alexander AP/ Reddit

Perhaps these little ones have a pet cat and are trying to see into the mind of the cat, and work out why they like boxes so much. Or perhaps this is just another kid logic puzzle for parents to solve.

Smaller Tides

Much like the cardboard box, kids really seem to take a liking to creating their own version of what already exists right in front of them. For example, this little boy has decided that instead of taking a swim in the already existing pool, he’d create his own mini version.

Image Courtesy of: vyropamavoi/ Twitter

On a serious note, he might actually be afraid of the bigger pool or deeper water, and we hope his parents address that fear if this is the case. But, whatever his reasoning, it sure makes for a funny picture.

Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone

This is what happens when you’re at the park with your kid, and you look away to check your phone or admire nature for even a moment. This kid thought it would be such a good idea to climb inside this traffic cone.

Image Courtesy of: looseleaflover/ Reddit

Why is it that kids always seem to find the strangest places to put their heads? We wonder how long it took for this kiddo’s parents to get them out of this pickle – and how many other people enjoyed the show!

Just Being a Kid?

Okay, so the first thing we are concerned about is maybe this kid is showing real signs of becoming an adventurer. Many little kids, little girls especially, usually don’t take a liking to “icky” things such as squirrels, which are often aggressive.

Image Courtesy of: dawndollygolden/ Reddit

But, we also want to look at another positive and innocent reason for her excitement. Perhaps she thought that this would be the perfect edition to her stuffed animal collection – that is, until it tries to escape. We like her spunk.

Nap Time

Okay, so either this little girl’s bathroom break took a little longer than expected, and she fell asleep in the middle, or it was a hot summer’s day, and she thought the bathroom toilet would be the perfect place for a nice cool nap.

Image Courtesy of: AcriDice/ Reddit

Once again showing off how kids apparently feel comfort differently – and how much more flexible they are. We can’t help but think about how, if an adult were to sleep like that, they’d be paying weekly visits at the chiropractor for a while!

Because Monsters Hate Gloves

Apparently this child truly believes that the closet handle looks less creepy when there is a glove covering the handle. But there has to be some logic behind it – and it sure is not that it looks normal, or comforting

Image Courtesy of: bunnycat77/ Reddit

So maybe this kid thought that by using the glove to cover the closet handle, the monsters hiding inside wouldn’t be able to get out? Maybe this kiddie’s monsters are allergic to wool? Does that sound kid-logical enough to you?

Daddy’s Bones

This 3-year-old must really love their daddy for making a card so special all by themselves (well, partially). And look, this kid has even started learning anatomy – they really do start teaching them from a young age these days!

Image Courtesy of: thatlukeperson/ Twitter

Well, we guess that without Daddy’s bones, Daddy wouldn’t be able to run or jump or play with his kids – perhaps this dad broke a bone once, and now his child wants to show all his bones love so that they never break again!

I Am a Ball

This toddler clearly insisted on stuffing her entire onesie with balls. We aren’t sure if it’s because it made the kid feel at “one” with them or if she just wanted to take the ball pit with her wherever she went.

Image Courtesy of: mokeOG/ Reddit

We wonder if this little one realizes what will happen when she tries to lie down. Maybe she believes she will bounce from point A to point B. There is only so much room in that onesie, but she can probably fit a few more in there.

Big Rona Got You

Apparently, this little girl has been watching too much bad news about the Coronavirus, because she decided that whilst playing “You’ve Got Big Rona,” her little brother was going to need a coffin. This is creative, if a little morbid.

Image Courtesy of: alxrite/ Reddit

As humorous as this logic might be, we must say that the impact of the pandemic on kids will, sadly, only be something we really see the result of as they grow older. Perhaps this is this little girl’s way of dealing with what is happening around her.


This little girl clearly has no problems with the dead or the underworld. In fact, it looks like she really enjoyed watching Disney’s Coco, a film that featured some really friendly skeletons, and wanted a skeleton friend of her very own.

Image Courtesy of: dancinfandydaisies/ Reddit

This sure is different to the usual Barbie doll or teddy bear that little girls this age are usually attached to. We can’t help but wonder if she used her boney friend as part of her Halloween decorations. We also wonder if she dresses it up.

Pants Only

Children never really change, even as society changes rapidly. Apparently, even the youth of older generations – who are parents or grandparents now – had some really strange logic. Like, for example, wearing a pair of pants as a whole outfit.

Image Courtesy of: gronkaflomarous/ Reddit

We wonder how many pairs of overstretched pants these parents had to replace because they were simply unwearable. What does the kid do if they need to use their arms or hands? Do they take them out of the pants, or pretend they don’t have any?

Fashion Emergency

We would not want to be this parent being humiliated in front of a store. There was probably far more than one person asking the father what was wrong, phone at the ready to call an ambulance or the cops.

Image Courtesy of: ruffincosplay/ Twitter

As it turns out, the screams were due to a fashion emergency – we all know kids love to wear tons and tons of mismatched colors – and this little boy was robbed of that when he was dressed in gloves that matched his jacket.


If we were his parents, we’d actually be grateful for this one. No need to spend lots of cash on a Batman or Paw Patrol outfit when all we need is some face paint. Way to go, little boy, you’re doing your parents a solid.

Image Courtesy of: oimky/ Reddit

We have to wonder though, how did he come up with this brilliant idea? Does he just really like anything to do with cars, including road rules – or is he just a minimalist at heart? And why can’t other kids be this simple?

You Don’t Sit ON the Couch – You Sit IN the Couch

Imagine being this kid’s mom, walking back into the living room with some snacks, and then almost dropping everything when you momentarily think that your beloved kid has been sawed in half! Our hearts would pound right through our chests!

Image Courtesy of: mc_dad/ Reddit

Once again, a display of kid-comfort. We have no idea where his legs and feet can even fit. Are they scrunched up inside the couch? Is he sitting so that his legs are straight under the couch cushions? We don’t know how he did it. We don’t even know if he knows!

We Take it You Don’t Like Weddings

When this little boy was told he could go on a grown-up outing, a room filled with fancily dressed people dancing with each other and drinking things that he wasn’t allowed to have was not what came to mind. Not for this kid.

Image Courtesy of: caityfaced/ Reddit

Lucky for him, he brought his serial-killer mask to the wedding to protect his cheeks from being pinched by every aunt and uncle that attended – and at least there was cake. But something tells us he didn’t really have a good time.

The Maternal Instinct

These parents decided to raise their children without conforming to gender stereotypes. Not only boys can have cars and not only girls can have dolls – and well done to them for doing that. But this little girl seems to have maternal instinct running through her blood.

Image Courtesy of: ju2in/ Reddit

She decided that it was bedtime for all of her toys – including the cars. Perhaps someone should tell her that cars live in the garage and don’t actually need sleep, just a charged battery and they’re good to go?

This Kid Has Super Powers

No matter how old you are, the agony of stepping on just one Lego is usually enough to send you into a crying fit, clutching your foot in pain and making plans to toss every Lego in sight. It’s probably a funny sight for a kid.

Image Courtesy of: Backpacks_Got_Jets/ Reddit

But this toddler clearly feels nothing because he is very comfortably taking a nap in an entire collection of Legos. He’s very clearly sporting some pretty neat superpowers of indestructibility. Or his exhaustion must have outweighed his pain.

Concrete Pillow

This kid’s logic must have come straight out of a cartoon. You know the ones where the character draws something in the air, and out of nothing, the object appears! This toddler clearly decided to do the same, and it worked!

Image Courtesy of: mpbishop/ Reddit

She’s either got a really wild imagination, or nap time was calling her name and it didn’t matter where she laid her head, as long as she could sleep. Hey, maybe the pavement was really warm and that’s all that mattered.

Sack of Potatoes

What we really want to know is how this strange game started. Was it little brother Seth or his big brother who decided it would be a great idea to swing around in a pillowcase like a sack of potatoes?

Image Courtesy of: GoodishIntent/ Twitter

We can’t think of anything more terrifying than playing this game. But hey, that’s kids for you. And we also have to say the big brother is awesome for doing this, even though he probably enjoyed it just as much as Seth.

My New Mommy Doesn’t Talk As Much

We’ve heard of kids being adopted, but what about kids adopting their parents? This kid clearly decided that it was time for a change, and what better parent to have than a mannequin who doesn’t tell you when it’s bath time, nap time, or bed time? 

Image Courtesy of: cassper1/ Reddit

We sure hope that this kid realizes what he’s missing when his real parents buy his siblings ice cream and he then asks his mannequin-mommy for one, too – and she ignores him and continues to stare into an abyss of nothingness.

My Werewolf Sister

Either this little girl is protecting herself from the diseases of her newborn baby brother, or she is being a good big sister and teaching him early about the monsters hiding under the bed, in the closet, and up in the attic. 

Image Courtesy of: thisismyfupa/ Reddit

Maybe she just really likes her Halloween costume from this year and uses every excuse in the book to wear it. Our favorite theory is that she thinks by wearing the mask, she is protecting her baby brother from any and all danger.

A Great Imagination

Usually, parents want their kids to choose to play games that involve their imaginations over mindlessly staring at a TV screen. But in this case, this parent is definitely wishing that they’d gotten their kids that new Minecraft video game for Christmas.

Image Courtesy of: Texas_Tusks/ Reddit

These two kids decided to play house, and lost their imaginary dog because it ran out of the imaginary door – and then fought over who did it! Why not just imagine up a dog-catcher to find the lost little rascal?

The Walls Have Ears

According to horror movies, kids tend to have the ability to communicate with the dead – just like animals. So, either this little girl is enjoying the sound of her echo as she speaks through the vent – or there is something living in the basement. 

Image Courtesy of: XplodingUnicorn/ Twitter

If, in the unlikely case it’s not just her imagination, or her liking the sound of her echo, we sure do hope that for this homeowner’s sake that the supernatural visitor is a friendly one, like in Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Secret Recipes

This child must be a cocktail connoisseur at heart, because she apparently loves to carry around a copy of Mr. Boston: Official Bartender’s and Party Guide everywhere she goes. She probably writes all her crazy kiddie cocktail recipes in there.

Image Courtesy of: Dwingp/ Reddit

Recipes like the drink made out of the pickle juice that’s left in the jar or the combination of every soda she could find in the house – but she’s smart. She writes it in kid-code – as in scribbles – so that the grown ups can’t understand it and steal her ideas

Box Boy

Although, the smiley face on it does seem to give it a slightly more menacing quality than one without the creepy face, this little boy just made his parent’s whole October by choosing to dress up as an Amazon box. 

Image Courtesy of: hashtagf***you12/ Reddit

This costume meant no shopping for an outfit that will probably only be worn once a year – and it’s recycling ,too! So that’s another one for the win when it comes to cheap and easy Halloween costumes. And it’s pretty creative.

How to Go Shopping with Kids – You Don’t

We really hope that this kid wasn’t exposed to something like the horror The Face in the Wall, because this toddler really resembles the face that appears behind the wallpaper in the film. Then again, they don’t know that because they probably can’t see themselves.

Image Courtesy of: nikkicolerose/ Reddit

Although, if you’re a parent whose child hasn’t gone under your skirt in the change room or in public, you sure are lucky. And if you have experienced it, we hope it was in private so that no one saw your undies when the toddler decided it was time to come out.


Apparently, to a toddler, this is exactly how a ninja looks. She really thought out of the box with this one. What other item could a ninja possibly use other than a diaper? She obviously knows a lot more than we do about the subject.

Image Courtesy of: zimu273/ Reddit

We must say that if this is her logic now, her dress up skills as she grows older will probably shoot all of the other kids’ outfits out of the park! She gets an A for creativity, that’s for sure.

Cartoon Style

This child fell asleep looking like they just fell over in a badly animated cartoon. We want to know how he can even manage to stay asleep with his arms and legs sprawled out like that. Is this a common occurrence?

Image Courtesy of: AirmanAJK/ Reddit

On the plus side though, this kid must be a heavy sleeper if he is able to sleep in such an odd position. Perhaps he was one of those babies who slept through the night from an early age – every parent’s dream.

Sweet Tooth

This little one was evidently on quite the sugar binge, and passed out almost halfway through munching on an entire dozen of mini chocolate cupcakes. We can’t really blame her though – the cupcakes do look absolutely delicious and binge-worthy!

Image Courtesy of: spanishcastle12/ Reddit

She was even thoughtful enough to put on gloves so she wouldn’t get chocolate all over the iPad she’s using as a pillow. Either that or she was pretending to be a baker – with kid’s never-ending imaginations, who knows?

Under the Door

This toddler decided that because they couldn’t reach the handle of the door, they would try a more innovative way of getting inside – and that meant to fit under the door. But alas, only their hand could fit through.

Image Courtesy of: kaitykat19/ Reddit

We can’t help but wonder if this Addams Family Thing-like hand gave this kid’s parents a good scare for leaving him alone during his nap and locking him out of the out of the kitchen. Perhaps they had put their toddler in a time out?

Plunger Face

Here is some more evidence that it’s not only Generation Alpha kids who seem to do strange and illogical things to us grown ups. This old photo shows a kid who has definitely become a grown up by now, sticking a plunger to her face.

Image Courtesy of: couldn’t_help_myself/ Reddit

Now, if you’ve tried this – firstly, why? But second, you’ll know that the plunger is quite likely to get stuck from the air pressure – And having a toilet plunger stuck to your face is not a great way to spend the day.

Monkeying Around

There’s nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning, heading over to the kitchen to make your morning coffee, and hearing the sound of cartoons coming from your living room – it means your kids entertained themselves and let you sleep in!

Image Courtesy of: heyheyhey_12/ Reddit

What isn’t the greatest is making your way to the living room to greet them good morning to find that your child has decided to play dress up today, wearing last year’s Halloween costume. We just know it means there’s a mess in the bedroom where all the rejected dress up outfits are lying on the floor.

Upside Down at Dinner?

Isn’t it just so embarrassing when you go out for dinner as a family, and your goofy kids start doing absolutely everything you try your best to stop them from doing at home (but at least at home no one can see it)?

Image Courtesy of: thegreatbarcia/ Reddit

This little one thought it would be a good idea to play “upside down” at the dinner table. We are sitting here wondering if her face is flat against the seat, or hanging just over the seat – we also want to know how long she stayed in that position before finally deciding to sit normally and eat.

Remember, Remember – You’re Supposed to be Learning!

Oh, kids and the mischief they make during online learning should be a list of its own, but this one sure does take the cake! This little girl decided to put on her V for Vendetta mask and lead the revolution!

Image Courtesy of: VinTheButcher/ Reddit

She’s taken her role as leader of the revolution so seriously, that she even has a bat ready for her to swing at anyone opposing her. We bet the parents received a very concerned email from her teacher after this escapade!

Dreaming Big

First of all, can we just appreciate how Bo’s younger self looks like he’s laughing at his older self’s dream to become a football when he grows up. Yes, you read correctly. Bo wants to become a football. Not a player, just the ball.

Image Courtesy of: Sip_the_bleach/ Reddit

Usually sport-loving kids want to become players of the game – not objects. But not Bo. We think someone should probably tell him that he’s going to be kicked around a lot – he might not be so keen on becoming a football then.

Spider Nap

So, either this Spiderboy was playing on a sugar-induced high and then crashed, falling asleep literally as he was playing with his toys. Or he thought that he and his colony of spider-friends should lie down on the nice warm carpet.

Image Courtesy of: LivKristen/ Twitter

Maybe the carpet was warm from underfloor heating and maybe it felt soft, and he fell asleep because he was so comfortable. We’re going to go with the first option though – this was definitely the result of a sugar crash!

Disney is Dead

Either this kid watches way too many horror movies and decided that Mickey Mouse was going to be the victim in this story, or the doll was thrown so hard that he believed it to be dead. We’re more impressed than we’d like to admit!

Image Courtesy of: Lucy_seana/ Twitter

Whatever the reason, this kid preparing Mickey for a funeral clearly wants to send the mouse off in style. The Lego coffin that he’s built even matches Mickey’s pants! Maybe this is the beginning of a career as coffin designer or this little Lego man.

Gloopy Face mask

We think this kid has watched his mom use a face mask one too many times, and decided it was time that he take care of his skin. We hope this goo was at least fresh out of the tub and that it hadn’t been lying on the carpet before he put it on his face!

Image Courtesy of: paqmanbiker/ Reddit

We’re really happy he didn’t cover his nose, but how did he fall asleep that way? The more we see, the more we admire the creativity of the younger generation. Kids really can make our days a little brighter with their shenanigans.

Best Christmas Ever!

This little girl just wanted to draw all the time. She wanted to draw so much that she kept stealing her mother’s expensive paper from her office – paper that was meant to be used for important documents and work-related printing!

Image Courtesy of: imod3/ Reddit

So, she got a pack of 500 sheets of A4 paper for Christmas, and it was the best present ever! Look how excited she is, running with it on her head, no doubt to take to her room to draw! She forgot her new markers, though!

A Whole New Barbie!

This little girl really got creative with her Barbie and created a whole new doll! Meet Centaur Barbie: half horse, half Barbie. With all the fantastic features you love about Barbie – mixed together with one of our favorite mythological creatures!

Image Courtesy of: pooper1978/ Reddit

Centaur Barbie comes with a Magic Axe for chopping wood and fighting off her enemies, and a brush to keep her hair and tail nice and soft. We already had a mermaid Barbie. This was a long time coming. if you ask us!

Air/Bubble Boy

Let’s face it – every kid just getting into swimming has done this with their swimsuit. They discover that the materail traps air and – that’s it, they’re becoming a bubble-person! This little boy really seems to have mastered the skill of air-trapping.

Image Courtesy of: ordinaryRedditor2/ Reddit

We suspect it was a nightmare for his parents to get him out of the swimming pool where he can’t hone in on his superpower of becoming larger and rounder – or at least, making his swimsuit larger and rounder!

The Protective Armour

This kid has used her (plastic) armor to protect her brain from digesting any of the scary things that she is seeing on the tablet. The armor will allow her to watch everything safely, without being scared in the middle of the night.

Image Courtesy of: Russell0812/ Reddit

We bet her parents really hope this kid’s method works, and that they don’t wake to hear her screaming in the middle of the night because she had a nightmare involving the evil witch or ghost from the cartoon she’s been watching.


These kids all have their own rooms and beds, but insist on sleeping together like a pack – or like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have to admit – It’s actually pretty cute. That’s a lot of love!

Image Courtesy of: killercherry99/ Reddit

That is, it’s cute until midnight chaos erupts when little Tommy kicks Nadine in the stomach and little Bianca tumbles to the floor, no doubt crying as she hits the ground, waking up the rest of the family and probably the dog.

The Most Admired Skill Among Kids

Okay, so this kid decided that learning how to fart on demand would be the best way to gain the respect of the other kids – and it worked! All the other kids wanted to learn how to do it, too – and this kid became the sensei of the Fartcial Arts.

Image Courtesy of: jrobbio/ Reddit

We wonder how the teacher who caught the 16 kids practicing “gas training” must have reacted – did they find it hilarious, or think the kids were all having seizures? We also want to know how long they were able to hold in their laughter, if they were even able to.