40 Times Googly Eyes Transformed Everyday Objects Into Comedic Works Of Art

By Aakash M

Have you heard about the funny trend where people go around and stick googly eyes on random objects? Well, end result: it makes things look funny, and it looks like the objects have come to life. This isn’t a new fad. The “Eyebombing” movement has been around since the early 2000s. Do Benracassa, a French artist has claimed to be the inspiration behind this idea. Although many people say that sticking googly eyes on images of people isn’t a part of the trend, we can still count it because that adds a lot of life and character to the photos of people. So, many Redditors took it to a community that’s specifically dedicated to this movement. As of now, the group has more than 64,000 members, and it is almost 11 years old. Well, here are a few hilarious googly-eyed posts from that community! 

A lot of excitement

Here is an image of a family in which the daughter has googly eyes. We have a pretty clever googly bandit here. This image was taken at Costco. Well, truth be told, it looks like she is really excited about whatever’s happening.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Vast_Statement5699

Although it looks really hilarious, don’t things feel a bit off-beat here? We believe things would have been better if the entire family had googly eyes. That’s probably the face everybody has when they’re showing a meme to their friends.

Googly-eyed house

Wow. Someone took the effort to add eyes to their house. The good part about that is that it didn’t go wrong. It’s a hit. It looks as if those eyes are checking something out or simply giving somebody a sarcastic look.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Brkiri

Do you know what makes the whole thing even funnier? It’s an easy guess. Look around. It’s the flamingos! Maybe those are the house pets. Well, now we can say that no house is complete without googly eyes and some goth-themed flamingos.


It doesn’t even look like someone went on to attach googly eyes to the bull’s statue — it seems so natural. Also, the bull looks really focused, and also, a bit ferocious, and of course, very intense. Now we can’t imagine how it’d look without the eyes.

Image Credits: Reddit/ soonerjohn06

Let us give you a different perspective now. Can you see the red tail light of the car behind the bull’s nose? Now, doesn’t that make it look like this bull has a Rudolph nose? How cool is that! First, the googly eyes, and now, the Rudolph nose. Not so scary anymore.

That grin

And that, kids, is how you smile, without your eyes. Or, technically, with googly eyes. Oh, wait. This thing doesn’t even have teeth. So, there you go. That’s how you smile without teeth and with googly eyes. Have a look.

Image Credits: Reddit/ TinyTrafficCones

This thing looks like the face of a happy whale — if you have a front view of the whale. But, getting a close-up of a whale that has its mouth open that wide would be a horrifying experience. There’s no need for that because this image replicates that scene.

Where’s my bread?

It’s fascinating to see a portrait of a man holding a loaf of bread, out of all things. Firstly, the googly eyes are doing an excellent job here. Those eyes make him look as if he’s determined to get the bread. Well, he already has it.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Chabotnick

Maybe he’s determined to eat the bread. Or perhaps he was tired of standing and holding the bread in his hand till the portrait was finished. Maybe he’s judging everybody and telling us that his loaf of bread is the best. 


We are just starting to see how innovative the Eyebombing community gets. Somebody actually went and eye bombed the plants wrapped up for winter. How cool is that! — That’s a rhetorical question. What do you think of this image?

Image Credits: Reddit/ batterscraps

We have many situations in mind after seeing this image. Firstly, it looks as if the tree ate a lemon. There. That’s one of the funniest things that came to our minds. Anyways, the hair game of this tree is on point.


Take a good look at this image. Now, answer this question. Do you ever get that weird feeling that you’re being watched? This McPicks image feels more like “McImWatchingYou.” And the burger looks as if it’s sticking its tongue out.

Image Credits: Reddit/ RyanHans

If we’d be more precise, McTongue! Well, we are highly impressed by how creative the Eyebombing community is. But, no matter what, this image is creepy. Or, let us just say, this image is a McCreepy! That was the last one. Sorry.

A trail of these things

The lady who posted this image on Reddit captioned it by saying that her husband leaves these googly eyes everywhere he goes. Well, that’s apparent; as you can see, the cat and the actress on the magazine cover are now sporting googly eyes.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Brkiri

The poor kitten just looks as if she has been through a lot. A lot of emotional damage, to be precise. Or, it looks like the cat just had some catnip. Meanwhile, the actress looks as if she’s having the time of her life. 

I see you

That’s how you stay camouflaged, and that’s how you also maintain your cover while you’re on a secret mission. This photo gives out such a vigilant vibe as if this thing is always watching out for something sinister. The chills!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Groundbreakingsun176

We can’t really figure out what this thing actually is, although it looks completely different with the googly eyes. Do you know what it is? Well, it’s cladding that protects the grounding wire from being damaged by contact or by being unhooked.

First thoughts?

What are your first thoughts after seeing this image? We’ll tell you what came first to our minds. It looks like an emoticon, especially like the one you’ll send to somebody when you’re shocked to hear something. Pretty accurate, right?

Image Credits: Reddit/ Blo0dbath

If you’re on the train and you’re sitting next to this googly-eyed thing, then it probably has this expression on because it saw what you did. The thing has seen a lot, and it knows about all the sins New Yorkers have committed. Wow. That’s creepy.


The person who posted this image captioned it by saying that his vet’s office got googly-ed by somebody. To whoever did that, let us congratulate you for being a highly creative person. Those dogs look really horrified and terrorized; certainly not full of cheer, as the poster says.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Ratchetcat_

Just like the one that we saw above, this cat and dog have seen some pretty terrible things, and now they can’t seem to let go of it. After seeing these images, many people might have already decided to take googly eyes with them wherever they go.

Out in the wild

Imagine you’re out for a walk or a morning jog, and suddenly, you come across this plant. You look at it and pass by. But then it suddenly hits you. We believe most of us will come back and have a second look at this thing.

Image Credits: Reddit/ TheLetterSeven

It looks like it’s secretly out there, trying to look at you. By the way, the thing has a great hairstyle. It also looks like it’s really wild, and it will become more aggressive if it is guarding somebody’s garden.

Over here!

It is pretty annoying when an unknown person is ringing your doorbell but refuses to show their face, even after you ask them for some proof of who they are. Well, behold the googly-eyed invention that will surely make every unknown person look into it.

Image Credits: Reddit/ live_wire_

And, when they look into it, you’ll be able to see their faces! Wow, not only is the Eyebombing community creative, but they’re pretty great problem solvers! Just look at that thing. It’s in shock, and you’ll be in shock as well when you look at it.

Finger-lickin’ good!

We think that’s how the colonel would look if he had some KFC as well because it’s just so good! Those googly eyes do make things even better. That could also be the colonel’s expression when you mistakenly call KFC “Kansas Fried Chicken.”

Image Credits: Reddit/ whoapato

That’d be a pretty horrible mistake. For some reason, the googly eyes look stuck since one eye is up and the other eye is down. Or is that just us? This photo was taken in Adelaide, Australia. It must have taken enormous effort to put those huge googly eyes.

Giant eyes

Ladies and gents, we present to you a unique sight with googly eyes. You are now looking at a giant pair of googly eyes and a windsock on a heater. We bet we’ve seen this thing earlier. Oh right! We saw it on Sesame Street!

Image Credits: Reddit/ spuddy_spud_spud

Or wait. Was it Sesame Street, or was it Teletubbies? Whichever character it is, it looks really interesting, that’s for sure. If the whole “your nose grows when you lie” thing was true, you would see a lot more of these things.

Is it a wombat?

Wombats are cute animals. We don’t know how cuddly they’d be up close, but on the TV, they look adorable. All in all, we love watching wombats do their thing. But we hadn’t seen a wombat with such big eyes…until now.

Image Credits: Reddit/ ravioliholycannoli

Wombats are cute, but this one looks like it has had a lot of caffeine. Here’s a fact. That’s not a wombat. It’s confusing, but this animal is a rock hyrax. These are found in Africa and the Middle East, unlike wombats, which are found in Australia.

Stay safe

The person who posted this image captioned it by saying that they found this sign in a lift at work. You know, ever since the pandemic, face masks have been made a must. So, you would see these signs every now and then.

Image Credits: Reddit/ tommykw

These are actually needed because they keep on reminding people that they still need to wear face masks. As we said, you’d find these signs almost everywhere. But, we do not think you’ll find these things with googly eyes as frequently!

Trypophobic cake

Look at this image. Isn’t it a sight for sore eyes? The person who posted this image captioned it by saying that they demanded an “Eye Bombed” cake for their birthday. The cake in the image is the result. That’s great!

Image Credits: Reddit/ GottaLoveCornSnakes

That image is simply an eyesore. Okay, we’ll stop with the puns because we don’t want you to say, “Eye’ve had enough of these puns.” That was the last one! Also, how many wiggle eyes are too many wiggle eyes?

At it again

Earlier, we saw a magazine cover image with a googly-eyed cat and a googly-eyed actress. Well, that person is back in action with another shenanigan that is, in fact, more creative. At least in our opinion. You’ll see when you look at this image.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Brkiri

This mattress is boring, but, as you can see, creativity makes everything better. Thanks to the googly eyes, this mattress looks like a gentleman wearing a plaid bow tie. So sophisticated! As much as we love the googly eyes, we can’t get over the bow tie.

Crock Pot googly eyes

Before beginning, we’d just like to put out the fact that this thing needs to be a part of the Banjo-Kazooie video game as soon as possible! Also, do you know that these pairs of eyes are widely available, and people use them a lot, just like this image?

Image Credits: Reddit/ RenaKunisaki

Now that we have seen this image, we can’t wait to get one of those, and we indeed believe that most of you would be thinking the same thing. Those eyes look so cute! How often do we get the opportunity to see googly eyes with eyebrows?

Feeling sad

The t-shirt in this image reads, “DR. DOG TOURING BAND.” We can see a bus, and somebody, or some animal, on the driving seat. Honestly, we can’t figure out what’s sitting on the driver’s seat. But, we’ll go with a dog for this one.

Image Credits: Reddit/ cupicake

Now, usually, googly eyes make things look happy, shocked, freaked out, creepy, funny, and even as if they’re in a different dimension. But, we don’t think we have seen googly eyes making something look sad. Well, that was true, until now.

Eyes put to good use

Here is an image of a sewing machine with googly eyes. Yes. That’s a sewing machine. You know what? That’s actually a pretty great idea. We are no seamstresses, but we know what’s gonna happen if somebody sews at the wrong speed.

Image Credits: Reddit/ GroundbreakingSun176

It feels as if this whole image is reversed for some twisted reason. Don’t you think so as well? Those googly eyes should have been above, and the screw should have been below. Now that would look like a really shocked face.


The person who posted this image captioned it by saying, “They’ve Breached The Baskin-Robbins I Work At, Send Help!” Looking at this image, there has indeed been a situation. Look at those googly eyes. Someone stuck them on all their equipment.

Image Credits: Reddit/ mywindoh

When we saw the image for the first time, we could only see one pair of eyes — the two on the credit card machine. When we looked around for a while, we could see two more of those on either side, placed on the napkin holders.

Right in the middle 

This image is of a lab — for everybody who didn’t get the context just by seeing the image (Don’t worry, we didn’t get it either). The uploader of this image said that somebody put these googly eyes on different things in their lab.

Image Credits: Reddit/ QueenZ13

It seems like the googly eye bandits are causing a lot of trouble. Well, we’d consider that to be good trouble if something like that even exists. Although this googly eyes image looks cute, we’d say that it lacks some expression — still, great job.


After looking at this picture, we can confidently say this statement: “We have proof. The people of the Eyebombing community can go anywhere and stick those googly eyes to random things. No matter where they do it, it’ll be funny.”

Image Credits: Reddit/ Scoundie

This one is so random. Imagine: you’re walking past a wall, and you see this weird elephant’s face-like thing on a wall, out of nowhere. That’d freak you out for the first few seconds, but it’ll surely make you laugh after that.

Awareness done right

As you can see, this picture taken at the post office is about a flyer that’s about Dog Bite Awareness Week. That’s quite a sensible post since they have also talked about the point of being alert because the dogs are on guard.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Past-Ad-8435

Just for this one time, the googly eyes aren’t only making it look funnier. They do that, but in this post, the eyes also make it more accurate because that’s probably the face anybody would make when they’re in the territory of an angry dog guarding its house.

One from the cartoons

Have you seen those cartoon shows where puppets speak with working jaws? It looks like this thing is one of those as well, and it’s about to open its mouth wide and crack a joke. But it’s not. Can you guess what it is?

Image Credits: Reddit/ SpookyScarySteph

That thing right there isn’t some sort of a carnivorous plant or Sesame Street reject. It’s a mushroom. Well, to be precise, it’s a mushroom with googly eyes. Thanks to the googly eyes, the mushroom looks tired. Give the poor thing some rest.

And he’s back again

By now, we saw two photos from this user who goes on to stick googly eyes on random things. First, we saw the cat and the actress in the magazine. Next, we saw a mattress with googly eyes and a bow tie. Now, see this image.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Brkiri

Apparently, this person’s wife had been complaining about this box in the image because it had been left there for months. The guy then found a way to put a stop to the complaining. Usually, people would just move it. This person stuck googly eyes on the thing instead.

You know when it’s real

That’s their tagline. Also, Wendy’s is the best — no questions asked. Most of you know the Wendy’s logo, right? If you haven’t seen it (not really possible), you don’t need to check it out because we have it here for you.

Image Credits: Reddit/ lilhazzie

Well, truth be told, this is a slightly altered version of their logo. It’s a googly-eyed version. This photo was clicked at Wendy’s drive-thru, and that has to freak you out! Also, the shadow under the eyes makes Wendy look tired.


Polypore is a fungus that forms large-sized fruiting bodies with pores. Most of these aren’t toxic. In fact, they are usually edible. Well, that was the scientific part. We don’t know how many people knew about polypores, so there you go.

Image Credits: Reddit/ SpookyScarySteph

Now, let’s make it non-scientific by giving the polypore a pair of googly eyes. Wow. That worked really well. The polypore now looks like a Smurf that’s screaming. If you look at the image closely, you can also see the tape attached to make the eyes stick.

Always sanitize your hands

This photo was taken at an airport in Houston. That’s a sanitizer that is bleach-free, and it also has aloe, Vitamin E, and, wait for it, googly eyes! That thing will make you laugh whenever you go to use it. 

Image Credits: Reddit/ Enmyriala

All thanks go to the Eyebombing community because they’re actually making so many people stop and laugh for a bit! Isn’t that great? That sanitizer looks really happy. Take a break and laugh at the little things in life, like a happy hand sanitizer at the airport.

A trash bag

We saw so many things with googly eyes attached to them. Now let’s take a look at a trash bag with eyes on it. How does it look? Well, to put it in one sentence, it obviously looks hilarious to us, but the trash bag looks grumpy.

Image Credits: Reddit/ GroundbreakingSun176

It looks as if the trash bag is mad at you for sticking those googly eyes on it. It wants you to remove those eyes right now! If you don’t do that, maybe it won’t let you dump trash into itself. What will you do?

The one we were all waiting for

If we could name an animal that looks great with googly eyes, we think it’s the frog. Come on. It almost feels as if frogs have googly eyes naturally. Don’t you believe us? Take a look at this image. Doesn’t it look real?

Image Credits: Reddit/ LonePaladin

We bet you’d have to check twice to see if that thing actually has googly eyes on it. It does, though. Whoever owns that book doesn’t need to write their name on it. After all, how many other students do you think put eyes on their frog?

Looking beast!

That thing might have been looking really plain until someone came and stuck googly eyes on it. Now, it looks like a thing that needs to be fed immediately. Look how wide its mouth is open! It needs food right now!

Image Credits: Reddit/ GroundbreakingSun176

Also, did you notice the shadow from the person standing over it? Doesn’t that shadow give it a look as if it has a wild hairstyle which is also pretty cool? These people are really innovative, even if the shadow wasn’t included on purpose.


What happened to Elsa? Why are her eyes looking so different? You know what? It’s alright, we like the change. She looks more puzzled now, but it sort of suits her. We have some advice for whoever put those eyes there: next time, choose eyes that are the same size.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Lets-B-Lets-B-Jolly

One eye is small, while the other eye is enormous. But you know what? Even that’s fine. That mismatch makes her look even more puzzled. We seem to like it even more, somehow. It’s a bit disturbing, but it’s okay. 

At Starbucks

After seeing Eyebombed McDonald’s, KFC, and Wendy’s, we now have a Starbucks. This person did an excellent job decorating the drive-thru menu like that. The ‘Banana Nut Loaf’ is on the lookout, and so are the ‘Birthday or Chocolate Cake Pops.’

Image Credits: Reddit/ LongbowTurncoat

Although that’s a great job, we think that they missed out on Eyebombing that muffin. That would’ve been a really good one had that happened. Fortunately, there are some blueberries that look like tiny eyes. On second thought, the cake pops just look weird. But the nut loaf looks fantastic!

That moment when…

Go on. You can fill in the blank for this image. This picture is literally a meme template that goes with it. That’s a fantastic expression. This face is when you’re genuinely smiling, but you learn something shocking out of nowhere, and now you’re doomed.

Image Credits: Reddit/ sdg_eph1

The message on the board about signing and providing 5 million meals is a pretty amazing one. But it looks like this guy is somehow shocked about that. It’s as if he’s stopping you from scanning the code because he has seen things.

They’re watching you

The person who posted this image captioned it by saying that he and his girlfriend went on to Eyebomb their friend’s car, and the result of it is right in front of you. Good job, guys! Whoever sits behind that seat is about to get freaked out!

Image Credits: Reddit/ KaTtocs

This image reminds us of a joey that sits in its mother kangaroo’s pouch. We wonder if this seat is the only Eyebombed seat in the car, or are there more? Well, there should be, because that’d be so fun!


We’ll give you some time to guess where this photo was clicked. Hint: It’s famous, it’s a museum, and it’s in the UK. That’s a lot of clues. It’s the Worth Valley Railway Museum! Could you imagine googly eyes in a museum?

Image Credits: Reddit/ TinquinQuarantino

Well, there you have it — googly eyes in a museum. Great choice. That clock on the right looks better than the other one that doesn’t have googly eyes. But it also looks odd. So, to whoever did it, we’d ask you to come back and do the same for the second clock.

A piece of art

For the final one, we have a piece of art for you. In fact, it’s a piece of art that’s on a piece of art. The googly eyes are a piece of art, and so is this graffiti. When they both come together, the results are improved multifold!

Image Credits: Reddit/ radrax

By the way, that’s some really lovely graffiti. Technically we can say that somebody literally “graffitied the graffiti” by sticking googly eyes on it. But, it’s so complementing that the eyes look like a part of it. And that’s a wrap!