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40+ Photos That Prove That Grandparents Make Life Much Funnier

Mom won’t give you more money to buy that new comic? Ask grandma and grandpa; they will be more than happy to contribute. Need someone to back you up? Run to gram and gramps. Grandparents are known to spoil their grandchildren, and they will be happy to do anything and everything to make sure that their grandchildren are happy. As loving as they can be, we all know grandparents come from a different generation, and we sometimes find them hilarious when they are dealing with current situations. They might be surprised when we suddenly laugh at their actions, but they don’t know any shame or embarrassment. They know better, after all. In this list, we’re going to explore all the funny ways our nana and pops improve our lives for the better. Get ready to giggle.

No better security than grandma

Have you heard of people getting robbed while or right after withdrawing money from the ATM? This grandma must have, and that’s the reason why she’s on the lookout for unscrupulous characters who might have crime on their mind. 

Image courtesy of mitoyonting/Reddit

You better not come anywhere near my granddaughter; she seems to be warning everyone. We know that grandma is frail, but we still love the thought that she’s ready to defend her beloved grandchild. Look at her stance. We won’t be surprised if she’s got pepper spray in her bag.

Grandma is the real “Rose”

If you think that you’re the only one who’s got the hots for Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic made it to cinemas, think again! Here’s grandma letting everyone know about her love for the heartthrob. She doesn’t have any apologies about it either.

Image courtesy of JoshPatson/Imgur

Look at her portrait with “Jack.” She replaced her late and not-as-handsome husband’s face with a cutout of Leonardo’s face from a magazine. We say that her ancient version of Photoshop is quite nice! We couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t real.

Grandma enjoys a prank or two

Watch videos on Youtube and TikTok, and you’ll realize that the world today is inundated by pranks. Perhaps it’s because people are so bored being in quarantine for a long time, so pranks have become a source of entertainment.

Image courtesy of The_Red_Spectre/Reddit

Grandma may be older, but she’s not to be left out. Look at her pranking Grandpa! We have to say she got us convinced. Here we are watching intently and waiting for a magic trick or two but only to be pranked. Naughty grandma!

Left your clothes at home? Don’t worry

Grandparents can be hilarious at times, although they are well-meaning and don’t intend to be so. Andrew here was sleeping over at grandma’s but told her that he forgot to bring clothes to wear. Naturally, Grandma said it’s not gonna be a problem.

Image courtesy of Andrew Lowe/Twitter

Grandparents know just how to fix minor issues such as this one. Grandma was more than happy to loan Andrew something to wear, although it wasn’t something he had in mind. We have to say that grandma has an excellent fashion choice.

Hair nests anyone?

Grandparents are some of the most thoughtful creatures on Earth. Thank God for them! This grandma happens to have a cat, so what does she do with the massive amount of cat hair lying around the house? She collects it.

Image courtesy of catfly.com

But she doesn’t throw any of it away. She collects them and pins them to trees to make the most luxurious nests for birds. Just look at those cat hair clumps hanging on the tree waiting to be made into warm homes for birds. Makes us cry.

Grandma patched up distressed jeans

One of the more questionable trends to have come out of the fashion industry is distressed jeans. They have this old, worn-out look and are usually fraying everywhere. We may not understand why people would deliberately want to buy something that looks worn-out, but hey, that’s fashion for you.

Image courtesy of tymumt_082124/Twitter

Well, this person had distressed jeans, and when grandma got her hands on them, she did what any sensible grandma would; she patched them up, thinking that they were falling apart. Her granddaughter couldn’t stop laughing when she got home and saw her “new” pants.

Now this is a butter dish you can’t buy anywhere

Butter is an important food item that must always be in one’s fridge. Have some freshly baked bread? Slather butter on it, and it will be even yummier. Want to bake some cakes or pastries? You need butter. Making some chicken pasta? Butter is a necessity.

Image courtesy of esteigs99/Reddit

This grandma knows the importance of butter, and she makes sure that she always has some in her fridge, ready to use. Just look at her butter dish. You wouldn’t see this anywhere else. Now all that’s missing is the phone. Perhaps it’s in the fridge too.

Grandma is having fun with her new camera phone

One of the things our grandparents didn’t have when they were younger is the mobile phone. Most of them didn’t even have a telephone. If you wanted to talk to someone back then, you actually needed to put pen to paper and write letters, and it would take weeks, even months, to reach the recipients.

Image courtesy of Ska_Jones/Reddit

Imagine waiting for months to get a reply from someone. Fortunately, today we now have high-tech phones that also come with cameras. This guy’s grandma was having so much fun with her new phone. However, the house cat wasn’t so pleased.

We can’t help but laugh at these grandparents

Grandparents do the most hilarious things at times, and the best thing about it is that they do it unintentionally. They’re never short of things that send us into peals of laughter like this guy’s grandparents. His grandma and grandpa were waiting for each other at the mall.

Image courtesy ofbigred1987/Reddit

Little did they know that they’re just a few feet from each other with only a huge tree trunk between them. We’re just wondering what the grandchild did. Did they call them out and let them know, or did they just laugh at them for a few minutes before doing so?

Fixing a speeding problem in the neighborhood

If you know grandparents or older people in general, you’ll realize that they want peace, order, and calm. They dislike it when people don’t follow the rules, and most of the time, they want to do something about rules not being followed.

Image courtesy of namraka/Reddit

Just look at this grandma who took it upon herself to fix the speeding problem in her neighborhood. She stood in her yard and pointed her hairdryer at passing cars. That ought to slow them down. They won’t know the difference between a speed gun and a hairdryer when inside the car. You Go, Grandma!

Grandmas want to make sure you’re not starving

If there’s one thing grandmas all over the world want to make sure of, it’s that their family, especially their grandchildren, are eating well. They can’t stand it when people are starving. They will gladly go into the kitchen and whip up something good for you.

Image courtesy of 20dollarchill/Reddit

This guy’s Italian grandmother was visiting from Italy, and when he opened her suitcase, it was full of Italian goodies such as sausages, pepperoni, hams, and all other delightful things you would miss when away from Italy. He’s gonna be protein loading for the next two months.

Grandma likes her hair

Grandparents like nothing better than to babysit their grandchildren. Tell them you’re busy or have something urgent to attend to, and they’ll be more than happy to volunteer their services. They won’t pass on the chance of spending time with their grandkids.

Image courtesy of xxJOHNNYUTAHxx/Reddit

This grandma likes dressing up her grandkid in wigs every time he’s around. She’s got a variety of wigs lying around the house because she had medical treatments in the past. Look at that little kid having fun and getting confused at the same time. Priceless.

Happy holidays everyone!

Is it also a yearly thing in your family to send a Christmas card to friends and family? Many, many families have this tradition, so they take Christmas photos every year with the whole family. This guy’s grandpa wanted to jump on the bandwagon too.

Image courtesy of GallowBoob/Reddit

So, he also had pictures taken to use them for his Christmas cards and look at the results. If the card didn’t say “Happy Holidays,” we wouldn’t even know that it’s for the festive season at all. Look at Grandpa’s poker face right there. He looks like he wasn’t pleased in the least. Smile next year, grandpa!

No, grandma, that’s not a cross

Grandmas and all the funny things they’re up to never fail to put a smile on our faces. We have to understand that our grandparents are from a different generation. Many of the modern conveniences we have around us and take for granted were not even invented yet when they were young.

Image courtesy of The_Man_Named______/Reddit

So, we have to be patient with them when they fumble at times. This grandma thought she saw something that resembles a cross, so she just had to hang it on the wall. Would you look at that? This grandma’s grandchild didn’t have the heart to correct her, so he just let it hang.

Grandpa is not enjoying his art therapy class

Painting does wonderful things for your mind and body. It helps you relax, inspires appreciation for the arts, improves emotional health, as well as strengthens fine motor skills. It sounds like something grandparents would be excited to want to do, right?

Image courtesy of stephenlloyd_dot_net/Reddit

Think again. Not everyone enjoys painting, especially this grandpa. He wasn’t having any of it in his painting class. Instead of painting a flower like the rest of the class, he painted a big NO on his canvass. We have a feeling he won’t be attending the class next week.

Grandma scolding a bird

Don’t mess with grandmas because they won’t take any nonsense. They may look frail, but they will scold you if you’re in the wrong, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re a person or not. This pelican found that out the hard way.

Image courtesy of Schnarf_Shnarf/Reddit

It tried to bite grandma while she was standing on the pier. Grandma got so angry. Who wouldn’t if somebody or something tried to bite you? She lost her cool and began scolding the pelican. You messed with the wrong person, buddy.

Medieval-themed wedding, you say?

Themed weddings are popular nowadays. It is the perfect chance to make your special day a unique reflection of you and your partner’s style. Who the heck are we kidding? It’s mostly the bride’s decision which theme to go with.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This couple decided to go with a medieval-themed wedding, and grandpa was more than game for it. He pulled out all the stops and was right on the money. He even had a horse to help him get to the wedding on time.

The best photo ever!

Now, this is a photo that’s not only hilarious; it also reminds us of the painting called American Gothic. It’s an artwork by Grant Wood and is presently in the Art Institute of Chicago collection. If you’re ever in the state, you should go and take a look at it.

Image courtesy of I_like_meth/Reddit

Now back to the photo. Although we technically can’t see grandma, it’s our favorite picture of grandma and grandpa. Leave it to grandpa to cover grandma’s entire face with a shovel. We’re thinking they argued that day, and this is grandpa’s not-so-subtle way of getting back at grandma.

The last supper?

Grandparents have the weirdest ideas at times, and this is a very good example of that. This grandmother thought it would be her last Christmas dinner, so she had the clever idea of taking a picture with the entire family.

Image courtesy of devanteswiing/Reddit

Although they aren’t a really religious family, grandma got everyone to pose as if they were in the Last Supper. Of course, everyone cooperated and got all the poses correctly, and the result is a hilarious yet unique photo.

Moving and planning

Moving from one house to another can be a challenge and can also become overwhelming when not planned correctly. This grandma wanted to make sure that she wasn’t going to have any problems when moving, so she carefully planned and thought about every last detail.

Image courtesy of er750/Reddit

She diligently made a scale version of her room and furniture, which she spent 30 plus hours on.  The actual move, however, only took a tenth of that time. But hey, at least she was well prepared and didn’t leave anything to chance.

Bye, bye phone

Have you ever spilled something on your phone? There are many myths when it comes to drying your phone, and one of the most popular is putting it in rice. We’re not sure if this works as we haven’t tried it, but it turns out a lot of people believe it.

Image courtesy of EthiopianChica/Reddit

This guy spilled something on his phone, so he asked his grandpa to put it in rice to dry it out. Can’t blame grandpa if he misunderstood because your hearing is not as reliable when you get older. What grandpa did was to put the phone in the rice cooker and the result was, obviously, disastrous. The phone was dried alright.

Best Halloween costume ever

Halloween, you say? The perfect time to pretend to be somebody else. You can be a unicorn, an astronaut, a taco, or Marilyn Monroe. Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose a single costume. There’s also a lot of competition that you need to consider.

Image courtesy of moonicourt/Reddit

Well, this grandpa knew exactly what he wanted to be, and he wanted to get in on Princess Leia of Star Wars fame, and nobody was going to stop him. To complete, the look he also brought in R2D2. If this doesn’t win the best Halloween costume, we’re going to be very upset.

Grandma’s decorative rock

Most grandmas have unique bric-a-bracs that they display around the house. Some of them may be travel souvenirs, while others may be kitschy gifts from friends or things they found. This grandma has a favorite decoration, and that is her “decorative rock.”

Image courtesy of vocivus/Reddit

It’s not a rock but a giant and old jawbreaker candy. However, this grandma’s grandchild doesn’t have the heart to tell her. We say she should just go along with it if that’s something that makes her grandma happy. Let grandma enjoy her rock.

Knitting grandma

If there’s one thing most grandmas generally enjoy doing during their free time, it’s knitting and other needlework. Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create fabric or textiles. Grandmas knit anything and everything, from sweaters to mittens.

Image courtesy of Purple_PickleCat/Reddit

This grandma is no different. But instead of knitting something for her many grandchildren, she chose to knit a little sombrero for her grandchild’s hamster. Aww, that’s so sweet of grandma to do so. We’re quite sure that grandma did this quickly with her skills, but it’s the thought that counts.

Don’t disturb the grandparents

Don’t you just hate it when salespeople knock on your door ring on your doorbell? If you wanted to buy something, you would have bought it already and not waited for salespeople to sell it to you. These grandparents weren’t having any of that.

Image courtesy of DustinCSmith/Reddit

So, they ensured that they had two separate doorbells, one for important visits and another for trivial visits. Salespeople? Press trivial, please. Grandchildren visiting? Press important visits, please. Just make sure that you know which category your visits fall into.

Those glasses look good on you grandpa

Ah, Batman. He is also known as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, and the Defender of Gotham. He is one of the most recognizable characters in the world today, and he is a character that numerous actors have portrayed in movies and television shows.

Image courtesy of AfrikaPanther/Reddit

One of the most popular costumes for Halloween is the Batman costume. Just go to any costume store, and you’ll see what we mean. This guy found Batman glasses and left them in his car. His grandpa found them and sent him this photo.

Yes, you must exercise regularly

Heed grandma’s advice and exercise regularly. A session of daily exercise has numerous health benefits for the body and mind. It helps control weight, reduces the risk of heart disease, helps you quit smoking, and improves your mood by releasing endorphins.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/TAamazingcrew

Grandma doesn’t believe in buying all those preposterous Peloton bikes. She’s more of the old-school type and relies on a wooden block to do her exercise. How does she exercise? By putting the wooden block on the floor and walking around it. Simple yet effective.

You’re recording the show wrong, grandma

Thanks to smartphones, we can now easily take pictures and record videos with a single, small device. No need for huge cameras that are not only bulky but also heavy. This grandma was having such a fun time at the halftime show that she decided to record it.

Image courtesy of natsdorf/Reddit

Perhaps she wanted to watch the show again when she gets home. The only problem was that she wasn’t recording it the right way. Pity that half of the video has her face and fingers on it. Fortunately, somebody corrected her.

Cool grandparents

What would you like to be when you’re old? Would you like to be the cool grandparents? Or would you like to be the grandparents that kept spoiling their grandchildren? We surely would still want to have some fun even when we’re old.

Image courtesy of totallynotdoogie/Reddit

Just look at these grandparents; they are still cruising on the motorcycle even in old age. Grandma at the back seems to be enjoying it more than grandpa, who’s driving. More middle-aged people need to see this. This could be them in a few years.

Tweety’s grandma on the bus

If you grew up watching the Looney Tunes like us, then you’re surely familiar with Tweety Bird. The yellow canary continues to be a very popular character, even now. If you remember Tweety, then you must also not forget his grandma.

Image courtesy of cameragirlsp/Reddit

Granny, as she is better known, was a good-natured widow who was very protective of her beloved canary. Who would have thought that she would be seen on the bus without her beloved bird? Yup, that’s Granny right there on her daily commute.

Grandma discovering Facebook

Before Facebook, there was another social media platform where people could connect, and it was called Friendster. When Facebook was launched in February of 2004, it quickly decimated the competition. Today, it is one of the most popular social media platforms.

Image courtesy of Goldierenee/Reddit

Facebook has millions of users all over the world, and one of them is this person’s grandmother’s best friend. She seems to be having a fun time on the platform, and she wanted everyone to know that by uploading an equally funny profile picture.

Elves suffering from diarrhea

Santa has plenty of things to do, especially when Christmas time comes around. Plenty of letters to read, millions of gifts to prepare and deliver to children all over the world who are on the nice list and are waiting for their just rewards.

Image courtesy of FrogusTheDogus/Reddit

Of course, elves need nourishment to perform their tasks too, but sometimes you can get an upset stomach if you eat too much. That’s something that this elf discovered the hard way, and grandma was more than happy to let everyone on Facebook know about it.

Grandma the controversial baker

Baking, or bread baking, in particular, started around 600BC in ancient Greece. This led to the invention of enclosed ovens where all the good stuff can be made. Today, we have come a long way, and aside from loaves of bread, we also bake pastries and cakes.

Image courtesy of MorDeCaza/Reddit

This baking grandma wanted to whip up something special for her 69th birthday, and her grandchild was more than happy to share her masterpiece with the world. Grandma, it seems, loves felines judging from the cats on her cake and, um, other things. Grandma’s got mad baking skills, though.

Grandma’s got her card

A lot of people say that grandmas, regardless of where they are from in the world, somehow still manage to resemble each other. We’re not sure that’s entirely true as grandmas the world over have come from many different backgrounds and nationalities.

Image courtesy of MissAshley214/Reddit

However, one grandma resembles a very famous grandma who’s always seen on greeting cards. Everyone, we are happy to introduce you to that grandma—the pose, the stance, the face, the body, the clothes, and accessories. You can’t deny the resemblance.

Be your own cheerleader

Don’t let the world get you down, and don’t wait for other people to lift you up. You have no one to trust but yourself, so you need to be your own cheerleader. If you’re going through a difficult time, don’t worry, the situation will improve soon.

Image courtesy of CarlNicklin/Reddit

Be more like this grandma replying to one of her family members on social media. She‘s having a hard time waking up early in the morning, so what does she do? She talks to herself, but she does that on Facebook so everyone can see just how well she’s hyping herself up.

Grandpa’s car servicing diary

Most grandparents like to keep journals or notes, especially when they start becoming forgetful. They want to remember exactly what they bought, what they did, and where they have been. This grandpa kept a record of all the maintenance done on his car.

Image courtesy of Young_Guy_Old_Soul/Reddit

We have to admit that the last entry is very funny. How can a car commit suicide? Perhaps he’s been driven for so long that all he wanted was to retire and be replaced with another newer and younger vehicle. The sad thing is that there wasn’t any memorial service for him.

Seems like grandma had a naughty and nice time

Before the pandemic reared its ugly head, cruises were some of the most popular ways to explore destinations and relax at the same time. Ships the size of floating cities not only carried ferried passengers around but also provided entertainment. If you haven’t been on one, you should go as soon as possible.

Image courtesy of yes_no_yes_yes_yes/Reddit

Grandma here seemed to have the best time on her new year’s cruise. Perhaps this is the reason why the family could barely facetime her the entire trip. She was very busy, enjoying, uhm, the cruise’s entertainment. This is proof that grandma knows how to have a good time.

Grandma is surely having fun!

Have you ever been to a sports event and gotten so carried away when your team scored points or won? If you have been, then you’d understand grandma right here because you would know how she feels. She’s having the time of her life.

Image courtesy of TooShiftyForYou/Reddit

We think that she made a bet with her friend and her team’s winning. She’s like saying, “Oh yeah! I got your $100 now!” Look at her breaking into a dance and flashing her chest for the camera. Go for it, grandma!

Grandma’s dirty little secret

After seeing this, we believe that everyone’s got skeletons in their closets, including our dear, loving, and thoughtful grandma. Most of the time, we don’t even have any idea what our grandparents are up to, and sometimes we don’t even want to know.

Image courtesy of L0rdtater/Reddit

Just look at what this guy discovered when he rummaged through some jars in his widowed grandma’s kitchen. Nobody even knew that grandma was a huge fan of Albert Einstein in his Calvins. Must be fun doing theoretical physics wearing those.

Grandma doesn’t like swear words

Reading is a pass time that we really need to bring back. Nowadays, most children prefer to play on their tablets and phones instead of spending time with a good book. Reading improves brain connectivity, reduces stress, and aids in sleep readiness.

Image courtesy of puckumiss91/Reddit

Even grandma likes to read. Look at her marking the words in her book. Most people would highlight the words that are new to them or passages that are of any significance, but not this grandma! She’s correcting and changing all the swear words in the book with white-out.

Date my granddaughter, please

Grandparents are just so darn cute. They will do everything for their grandchildren, even if it means helping them get a boyfriend or a husband. This grandma must have been so tired of asking her granddaughter when she’s gonna get married every time she visited.

Image courtesy of dubberDave/Reddit

So, she took it upon herself to create an account for her granddaughter on Tinder. Plus, she didn’t just upload any picture of her granddaughter; she used one of her holding her granddaughter’s graduation photo with a note that she’s still single. She wanted to be unequivocal that she was single and ready to mingle.