Gravity Cats: 45 Times Cats Got Themselves Into Sticky Situations

By Liezel L

Perhaps we can all agree, cats are strange creatures. One minute, they can be snuggling up to you and granting you their precious affection, and then the next, they can be hissing and contorting their bodies like the spawn of satan. They’re also very dramatic. If you’ve ever heard a vocal cat looking for its dinner, you might even say their antics are Oscar-worthy. Aside from lording over us, though, one other thing they seem to love doing is defying the laws of physics and gravity. You can get dizzy watching them climb up the tallest trees or get whiplash just watching them bounce around the walls like a supercharged ball in the middle of the night. If you think dogs can get into the strangest situations, wait ‘til you get a cat. 

Mission Impawsibble

We get the desperate need to get away from the dog, but this cat just took it to the next level. We can almost even hear a Mission Impossible soundtrack accompanying this scene as the kitty dangles and waits to make his next move. 

image courtesy of

The only thing probably running through his mind at that point is, “Don’t move! Don’t be suspicious! Begone, you stupid mutt!” But then again, he could just be waiting for the perfect opportunity to use that poor dog as a crash mat. In two seconds, it’s going to be chaos. 

Please Call An Exorcist?

Until today black cats still get a bad rap. It’s unbelievable! They’re just like any cat. They purr, they like affection sometimes, they like food, they’re sometimes snobs, and they meow. When they’re caught in moments like this, though, we understand the mistrust. 

image courtesy of Intelleblue/ Reddit

We want to believe that this kitty is a good kitty, but this image just looks like his master, the devil, is calling upon him to wreak havoc in the current house he’s in. We’re pretty sure after giving him some food offerings and maybe a human sacrifice to scratch on, though, he’ll be back to normal. 

Starting Out Young

Kittens rarely give you a peaceful moment. They bounce around like a wild missile and always demand your constant attention lest they get hurt pretty badly. But then, some are already practicing their acrobatics quite early.

image courtesy of sad_catto_hours/ Instagram

This kitten was probably attracted to the heat of the charger, but instead of just rubbing up against or cozying up against it, it just decided to perch on it like it was the most normal thing in the world. 

The Leaning Tower of Meow

The look of disbelief on this cat’s face is the best part of this whole picture. “How dare this human-made piece of junk defy me and my wishes?” He might be thinking or “Damn, maybe I do really need to go on a diet.” 

image courtesy of sample_material/ Reddit

He might still be able to fix it by moving to the left a bit, but it looks like he’ll have to find a different perching spot either way pretty soon. Despite that, we’re pretty sure the owner had a pretty good time with this photo of his chunky cat. 

Shaolin Cat Training

If you’ve watched any Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan film, you’d surely remember the fight sequences with men running up walls, flipping down from ceilings, or jumping up fences. This cat looks like he is in training to appear in the next action flick.

image courtesy of werewolfchow/ Reddit

It also seems like he’s teaching the younger cat exactly how to do it. They might be preparing to kick some butts, or they might be practicing for their next cat burglary adventure. No matter what, we have to admit they look pretty cool. 

Cat is Melting

The plant’s leaves began drooping first. Soon after, the cat decided it has to follow as well. If it’s friend melts, then he will melt with him. Our only question is, where in the world is the cat’s head?

image courtesy of Melgod13/ Reddit

If we have to be honest, though, after a long day at work scrunched up over computers or papers, this is probably how we’d feel stretching out our backs and limbs. It would feel pretty damn good as well. 

Long Live the King

Hmm, this scene looks too familiar, doesn’t it? If it hasn’t struck you yet, try thinking of a Disney film with talking Lions. This picture bears a striking resemblance to one of the film’s most iconic scenes, and the orange cat looks like he’s telling the black cat his last message before pushing him off, “Long live the king.”

image courtesy of Mohdhajji/ Reddit

The gingy cat even has that evil look down, and he appears to be savoring every second that his brother is hanging off that ledge. In this version, though, we know that that black cat would still land on his paws safe and sound unless, of course, there’s a stampede of furniture down below. 

Isn’t This How To Use This Thing?

It feels so good when your cat uses the scratch post and their little tree thing properly. It means you have done something right at last! And even if they won’t directly show their gratitude, you still feel appreciated. Other times though, this happens. 

image courtesy of

You have to give this cat ten points for creativity, though. We’ve rarely seen cats that can walk and play upside down like that. Let’s just hope he gets upright in time before gravity decides enough is enough, though. 

Our Planet Calls

Cats are excellent at leaping, and they look absolutely graceful while doing it. Lucky for us, though, we have this picture taken at just the right moment of that graceful leap that makes this cat look like she’s being summoned back by whoever sent her to earth.

image courtesy of Absay/ reddit

“My job here is done. It’s now up to you,” it looks like she’s saying to her comrade who’s going to be left behind. Maybe she was the latest leader of the kitties sent her to Earth to monitor us humans, and now she’s passing on the position. Who knows?

Must. Get. Bird.

We’re not really sure if it was a bird, a fly, or a squirrel that got this cat’s attention, but it was clearly desperate. Just look at that derpy face and the way it just threw itself onto the mesh screen like a fly being swatted. 

image courtesy of friclay/ Reddit

This cat has some mad determination, though. If it aimed any higher, it would’ve bopped its head on the top of the doorway. If it turns its mind to anything else, we’re pretty sure it’s going to get what it wants. 

Dammit, Wrong Turn Again

Do cats have a good sense of direction because this one looks like it has turned the wrong way too many times and is now applying desperate measures of finding the right way to go? Sadly, cats can’t read, so they have to find other ways. 

image courtesy of giuliobn/ Instagram

At least this cat has an excuse. If it were humans that were lost, a lot of us would probably keep bumbling straight ahead, too prideful or too anxious to ask for directions. Some of us won’t even admit we’re lost even though it’s staring at us right in the face. 

Living on the Edge

This cat has discovered what it truly means to live dangerously. Just look at that calm face, that peaceful pose, and it’s overall comfort in a shoebox that could easily topple over the edge with one light tap at any second. 

image courtesy of choulada/ Instagram

The cat also seems to know about our awe at it, and it simply does not give one bit of care about it. “Yes? What do you want? I need my beauty rest -get out of my face,” it seems to be saying. 

No, Not Again!

Turn the gravity back on this instant! All this hungry kitty wants to do is munch on the delicious food in his cat bowl. Unfortunately, someone or something decided to be a jerk and disrupt his lovely evening meal. 

image courtesy of AmbientGoat/ Reddit

Just by the look on his face, you can already tell that this cat is not amused and is going to look for some payback on whoever ruined his dinner. Let’s just hope they replace those munchies real fast to pacify him!

How to Drink Like a Real Cat

If you thought cats only do acrobatics when they’re playing or when they’re lounging around, you are dead wrong. Cats do acrobatics for everything, and they make the most simple tasks a lot more complicated, almost as if they’re showing off. 

image courtesy of

This cat, for instance, is not only perching on the faucet, but he’s also bending himself over and using his tiny paws for balance just to get a sip of water. We’re pretty sure he could have just gotten some water from his water bowl, but well, it’s a cat. 

Bat Kitty

This kitten might have been raised by a bat. How else could it have learned to grab on so perfectly and hang upside down from something as thin and fragile as a curtain? It’s either that, or it’s just a picture of a cat falling mid-air. 

image courtesy of flexes_weird/ Reddit

No matter what, we have to admit that it is pretty amazing. The kitten doesn’t even miss to give an adorable expression on its face for the picture. We’re not sure the owner would be so pleased with the aftermath on the curtains, though, especially since they seem to be made from a dainty lace. 

Walking on Air

This one hurts the brain. We’re not sure if that cat is perching on a door handle or if it’s merely gripping a screen door with three paws. So, we’ve concluded that this cat is just magic. It is just bending the air to its will and is walking (flying?) on it. 

image courtesy of bigfatgato/ Reddit

In all seriousness, though, if the cat is gripping a screen door, you have to admire the quality and strength of that material. It’s not even ripping or bending. Is there any chance we can know where they got this? (It might or might not be for our cats too)

That Little Punk Cat

Cats are one of the most graceful creatures on Earth. When they jump, there’s just agility and poise trailing behind them. And when they land, it’s all just sassy walking like they know they’re amazing. But then you get oddballs like this one. 

image courtesy of purrfect_peows/ Instagram

Instead of doing the usual gearing up and then leaping up in an arch, this cat chooses to dangle like a little punk while climbing the banister. He’s truly emanating the rebel mode. We’re just having a little bit of trouble calling it badass because of how adorable it looks. 

Schrodinger’s Cat Comes to Life

Quantum theory is one of the most painful things to wrap your head around. To illustrate it, Erwin Schrodinger used the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment. There, the scientist explained that the cat inside a sealed box is both dead and alive at the same moment. 

image courtesy of karenvonstrauss/ Twitter

This photo amazingly seems to capture this very experiment. While the box is empty, its reflection shows otherwise.  Though we are unsure whether it was photoshopped, a trick of the light, or whatnot, it is pretty cool and a little bit spooky too. 

Got Your Back!

When a cat wants a head rub, it gets it no matter what, even if it means dangling horizontally on the back of your chair. They don’t fear getting squished or falling, no. When they want something, they get it now. 

image courtesy of NeesonIsHere/ Reddit

Unfortunately for that boy, he won’t be allowed to straighten up or stretch his back for the next few minutes. And if the cat decides so, it’s going to be some pretty long minutes. Sometimes, having cats is just bad for the posture. 

The New Car Guard

Who needs a car alarm when you have a mean-looking cat perched like a mountain goat on your door handle? This one, though, looks like it’s not going to even let its owner get near that door handle until it’s ready to get down. 

image courtesy of iikagenniotonashikukirareyagare/ imgur

For the time being, that car is the sole property of that cat. If you dare shoo it or move it, you’ll have to face the wrath of a cat that looks like it’s ready to take anyone on in a fight.


One of the strangest things about cats is that they look normal when they’re standing. But if you lift them up by their front legs or if they lie down like this, they turn into some kind of stretchy, liquidy kind of creature. 

image courtesy of

They defy physics and maybe even biology. With the way they “liquify” or fit into the tightest spaces, they don’t seem like they have any bones at all! But then they’re able to land on all four paws from a great height like it’s nothing. What are cats?

More Proof That Cats Are Not From Earth

If you don’t believe cats can walk on air, then maybe you can believe that they can at least float. Here’s proof of that. There’s nothing there, and this cat is just calmly and comfortably lounging on his invisible spot. 

image courtesy of pedroburon/ Reddit

Sadly, as much as we want a floating cat to existing in our world, this cat isn’t really hovering in mid-air. If you look at it more closely, you’ll be able to see that the cat is simply resting on a very clean and very clear transparent glass table. 

Talented Sleeper

We all know that cats sleep in weird positions. They either contort themselves or stuff themselves in tiny little spaces, but this one is just bonkers. He’s just dozing off without a care in the world, even if he’s centimeters away from falling!

image courtesy of Vo1x/ Reddit

Even in sleep, this cat is being such a cat. He’s doing something almost impossible with a slight hint that he is showing off. What makes it more amazing is that he probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. He just found it comfy, and voila!

The Cat Is Dripping

This kitty has probably had a full meal and a good day’s worth of playing. And now, it is done melting and is now moving into the dripping stage. We bet when it reaches the floor and wakes up, it’ll wonder how in the world it got there. 

image courtesy of Smithsonian30/ Reddit

The fact that it looks so comfortable is making us envious, though. It looks like it’s getting such a good lumbar stretch and a good nap at the same time while we’re here, creaking and cracking every time we get up from our chairs. 

Same Kitty, Same

Many parents have testified that their children’s years as toddlers are some of the most tiring. The kids are just little tornadoes of energy, and they’re always around their parents, begging to be picked up. So it’s understandable why some parents desperately want to be left alone sometimes. 

image courtesy of

This cat definitely shares the sentiment. Just by the frozen look on its face, we can already see how desperate it is to get inside and back to safety, and a quiet place to nap, away from the hands of the kid behind it who just wants to play. 

The Cat King 

Cats are basically royalty who crowned themselves as such. They don’t follow anyone’s orders. They don’t bow down to anyone. And they just do what they want. In particular, this one seems to be handing out judgment from the throne on top of his human’s car. 

image courtesy of dancho-garces/ Reddit

Now, don’t be fooled. Although this might seem like another floating cat case, the context is a little bit clearer. Still, that kitty looks regal as can be- posed against the sky like that with his frowny face. Fortunately, it looks like he does approve of the vehicle. 

Kitty Corner 

That cat must have been thinking, “I did not think this through, but I must not embarrass myself in front of the human. I am a cat, for heaven’s sake!” But then, at the same time, it must have realized that the battle has been lost and all that’s left to do is beg for help. 

image courtesy of MissNicolicious/ Reddit

We have to wonder, though, how in the world did it even get into that situation in the first place. We get scrambling up the blinds or getting stuck between the shutters but getting stuck like that is just ridiculous. As usual, though, we’ll never know just what these crazy cats are thinking. 

Lemme In!!! 

There are times when we’re so desperate to go out, and when we do leave the house, we realize, “Nope. This is not worth putting up with. I want back in.” As it seems, cats have those moments also, just like this one right here. 

image courtesy of griter34/ Reddit

We can just imagine how this kitty meowed and meowed at its owner to be let out. In the end, though, it seems the outside world was too much. You can see all the regret on his face as he tries to navigate the screen door to get back in.

Another Kitty Glitch 

Most cats won’t care if there’s a bag on their spot or even if a big human person is sitting on it. If it’s their spot, they’ll just plop down on anything anyway or just kick it to the floor. 

image courtesy of

This cat, however, has a different idea. As it seems, he’s practicing his physics-breaking antics while laying sideways on this chair. As you can see, he already has it mastered, and soon enough, he’ll be zooming across those walls like it’s nothing. 

As Long as You’re Comfy 

Honestly, this is exactly how a lot of us feel early in the morning when we’re still half asleep and still wishing that we don’t have to go to work while trying to find the will to urge our bodies out from a warm bed and into the shower. 

image courtesy of Stuckurface/ Reddit

Whatever this cat is going through, we get it. Sadly for us, we don’t have the ability to be as comfy or have the permission to be able to laze around like this all day long like this lucky little furball. 

Rotate Counterclockwise

Apparently, cats don’t just do this on walls. They also climb trees sideways. And when they can’t find a good sturdy branch to perch on, they just perch on the trunk itself. We got to say, it’s pretty convenient, and yes, we wish we could do it too. 

image courtesy of joshmccrillis/ Reddit

Strangely enough, though, cats have the courage to climb up so high in trees, but they lose all that when it comes to getting back down. Apparently, this is because they’re just built for climbing up. Their curved claws are great for climbing but so much for the return trip out of the tree. That’s why, almost all the time, cats will jump or, you know, order us to come to get them out instead of climbing down. 

Cheshire Cat

Honestly, if we ever see a cat grinning at us like this through our screen door, we’d run. That grin is much more unnerving than the satanic cat. It’s like the cat version of Jack Nicholson saying “Here’s Johnny!” from The Shining

image courtesy of

This is what a real cat possession would look like. It’s the kind where you’re sure it’s your cat, but you’re not sure it has the same soul it had when it left the house earlier in the day, because now it definitely seems to be different and with a strange gleam in its eyes. 

Don’t Shut the Door!

We won’t even ask how it got there. One thing is for sure, though, that cat has some regrets. Just by that blank look on its face, you can see it going through all the things it did wrong that resulted in its current situation. 

image courtesy of fwacking/ Reddit

It’s also quite a tricky bind to get out of. Either way, it’s going to go; it has to half fall and half jump to get down from that narrow door. Hopefully, its owner is just somewhere down there, ready to catch it. On second thought, though, maybe not if he/she wants to avoid getting scratched. 

Human, Just Don’t.

That grumpy face has made his point clear. That cardboard box is his, the human is bothering him, and he is this close to losing his composure and flying off into a fit of rage. He has found a comfy spot, and no one has the right to disturb him. 

image courtesy of fcbRNkat/ Reddit

In addition to that, it looks like he’s saying, “If I have defied gravity this much, just watch how much more I can do to defy you- human.” If it were us, we’d leave him the hell alone, alright. “There, there… who is a good kitty!”

What Have I Raised?

First of all, the look on the owner’s face is absolutely hilarious. It’s the best part of the picture. It seems that in all his life, this is the only time he has had to question everything he thought he knew about gravity and his cat’s ability to bend the laws of physics.

image courtesy of

“What have I created?” he must be asking himself. And it’s hard to blame him. That cat looks like it came straight out of a spy training camp, and it has just accidentally dragged the mission into his owner’s house. Well, meet agent Catto, then glance at the incredulous human. 

Hidden Kungfu Master

If you’ve tried leaning on the back of a chair like that, you’d know just how difficult it is to keep it still. It’ll either tilt or roll way. But then, here comes this chap who managed to perch on top of it in perfect balance like a hidden kungfu master.

image courtesy of AlexandraRae_/ Reddit

We like to think he’s just waiting for his owner to sit back down again so he could continue booping his head or peeking over his shoulder, trying to decipher what in the world he’s doing with all those weird things. 

Stealth Mode Activated

This cat knows how to guard doors and keep watch perfectly at the same time. He has all his paws locked on the door handle, and he can still see a good deal. Unfortunately, he might have forgotten there’s also the front of the car to cover. 

image courtesy of Gabethegreek/ Reddit

Considering that cats are easy to spook, though, this one might not make a particularly good car guard. And since they don’t sound an alarm, you won’t really be able to know if something is going down. They’re just really good at well, being stealthy. 

Chonky Stretch

This is what happens when you stay over at your grandparent’s house over the holidays. They fill you up with all of your favorite foods, they make sure you don’t tire yourself too much, and they shower you with love. 

image courtesy of kobachiya/ Twitter

This cat absolutely looks like he has had his fill and is pretty much just crawling from spot to spot to get comfy. It could either be that, or this is a pregnant kitty. Either way, we’re not sure that pose is going to be comfy for long, but then again, it’s a cat. 

Purrfect Spot

Like us, cats love warm and cozy places. In the search for the perfect spot, though, cats will wedge themselves in the most unlikely of spaces. Some would cozy up behind appliances, while some others found comfort in snug corners like this. 

image courtesy of punchahyourbuns/ Reddit

At first, we thought this picture was simply rotated but nope. That is just the purrfect position and spot this rather chunky cat has found. And judging by that deep sleep he’s in; it’s probably one of his favorite spots. 

Jazz Hands

If we have cats walking on air, we also have cats dancing in thin air. As much as this cat looks like he’s doing perfect jazz hands move, he’s not performing. He just somehow got himself stuck between two sliding doors. 

image courtesy of Inspektor4speed/ Youtube

With all the ways cats get themselves stuck in weird places, it’s just easier to go and get them out and don’t ask any questions. Hopefully, the owner of this one got him out in time before it started screaming bloody murder. 

So Close

Cats have very powerful back legs. When they’re jumping, they start with a very deep crouch, winding themselves up like a spring, and they use the power of those back legs to propel them into the air. Despite this, they don’t always make it to where they want to go. 

image courtesy of

This kitty, for instance, almost didn’t make it. If he were just an inch off, he might have missed the table altogether and just landed with a plop back onto the floor. We hope he made it, though. He looked like he really wanted that orange. 

Just Letting the Rolls Hang

This kitty is chonky, and he is probably being put on a diet by his owner. But this kitty just does not care. As long as he can still jump and have access to comfy spots like this one, he’s good. He absolutely doesn’t know what all this losing weight nonsense is all about. 

image courtesy of emmishbells/ Instagram

Cats would need strong backs and abdominal muscles to do this, though. How else could they manage to jump up there and hold such strange positions for any length of time? So even if this one looks a little on the heavier side, we know he is all muscles underneath that softness. 

Just Playing the Air Harp

If a cat wants to climb into a box, you let it. If the cat wants to climb up a chair, just make sure it’s still safe. And if the cat wants to play his air harp with the screen door, sure go ahead. 

image courtesy of dylan_smith58/ Twitter

What else can you do when they’re already up there anyway? This kitty, in particular, looks like it’s in the middle of a concerto. We would have loved to hear what he was playing, but it’s almost time for him to come down for dinner. 

Dammit, Wrong Side Again!

This cat looks like it just woke up and realized it ended up on the wrong side of the couch again. It’s probably thinking that it should just stick on the lower cushier side of the couch so the humans won’t keep bothering it when it wakes up like this. 

image courtesy of Stranger107/ Reddit

The owner is probably having some regrets, too, since those claws would definitely leave marks on material like that. They should have gotten something more scratch resistant. But then, they wouldn’t have this photo so worth it?


Much like their wild counterparts, domesticated cats still know how to hunt. They hide, crouch, and wait with such long patience for the perfect opportunity to pounce on their prey. We haven’t seen this climbing the wall tactic, though. 

image courtesy of

This is simply top-level cat assassin sneaking skills. And come to think of it, it is a great hiding spot. He’s hidden out of direct sight, and no one would expect to see him coming from above. By the time his prey discovers him, he’d already had them in his claws.