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Benjamin Button Babies Who Look World Weary Way Too Young

Babies who were just born into the world are, more often than not, cuddly and cherubic. At least, that’s what most of us like to think. However, that’s not always the case. Some babies look like they have spent more time than they care to do in the world already, and they look not happy at all. Don’t believe us? Well, your doubts will all be dispelled by the pictures we have compiled here just for you. There’s nothing wrong with these adorable little creatures, they are all thriving healthy and innocent, but they just appear to be more world-weary than what their birth certificates would suggest. Of course, families and relatives can’t resist the urge to immortalize their grumpy young looks so they can have something to look back on and laugh at, and we’re all thankful for them.

#1 This little lady is none too pleased

One of the best things about a baby photographer is that you can get a load of cuteness every time you go out to do your job. Babies are just darn cute, and although they might do something unexpected or shocking at times, they just know how to win you back.

Image courtesy of justinetuhyphoto/Instagram

This little lady who was getting her pictures taken for the first time doesn’t seem too pleased. Perhaps her mother woke her up from her sleep so that she could get dressed up for the photo shoot, or maybe that wool blankie is itchy, but she looks like a grumpy old grandma!

#2 Doctor, why did you disturb me?

Some babies arrive later than their due dates, and the reason for such occurrences is not known, but a factor could be a genetic predisposition. Contrary to what most people believe, being born after the 40th week rarely harms a child.

Image courtesy of JasonM1/Imgur

However, it’s normal for parents to feel worried or stressed when their baby has been in their tummy for too long. Sometimes doctors decide on a C-section to get the baby out, which is most likely what happened to this angel. Look at him feeling upset after being disturbed and removed from his mom’s cocoon of a tummy.

#3 You like my lower lip pout?

This little fellow doesn’t seem to be happy with how mommy is handling new motherhood. Has she not been feeding him on time? Has she not been changing his nappies when they are full? None of the previous, so maybe has she been watching too much television?

Image courtesy of propav8r/Reddit

Or is the baby just perfecting his lip pout to be used for future events? Regardless of the reason, the baby still looks cute, although his pouting has made him seem years beyond his actual age. Moony, you better watch out when he grows up.

#4 The angriest baby ever

Parents are the most excited people in the world when it comes to the day that their bundle of joy arrives in the word, but we are sure that the grandparents are even more thrilled. You would also think that newborn babies are excited to get out of the womb and finally see the big world around them.

Image courtesy of 867-53OhNein/Reddit

However, that doesn’t happen all the time. This baby is proof that some babies just want to be put back in the womb and left alone. Look at that permanent scowl on her face. Even if she’s being fed, she’s just doesn’t look happy.

#5 Hi little grandpa

This baby reminds us of a much older person, an old grandpa in particular. What is the reason for this? It’s because both very young and very old people have too much skin for their bones underneath. When we grow older, we get folds around our mouth and extra skin above the eyes.

Image courtesy of awheeler92/Instagram

The extra skin is temporary, and he will grow into his facial features, though. This little one is, like all babies, some of the most adorable creatures on Earth, especially if they suddenly smile when they hear a familiar voice or when they say mama for the first time.

#6 I’m too sexy for my hair

Look at that head of hair, it just makes us all very jealous. It makes us wish that we had such thick hair when we were little. Although most babies are born bald, others do have thick hair such as this lucky fellow.

Image courtesy of christophermm/Reddit

We just hope that this little guy doesn’t get bald when he reaches the age of 30. As long as his family doesn’t have a history of premature receding hairlines, he should be fine. We’re quite sure he will be making the hearts of ladies flutter for some time.

#7 Baby drama

Photographers have a treasure trove of candid, hilarious, and sometimes just plain crazy pictures. If you have ever photographed babies, you know they can do some of the funniest things, such as letting go of a bomb when daddy holds them.

Image courtesy of justinetuhyphoto/Instagram

This newborn’s sad sweet face is one for the books. Look at that very expressive face! Was she in pain? Or was she just upset by being made to pose that way? Perhaps she had another pose in mind and she wasn’t allowed to “vogue” her own photo shoot.

#8 Do they look alike?

If you watched Pawn Stars, then you’d quickly recognize the older man on the left. That’s Richard Harrison also known as “Old Man”. Although he died way back in 2018 at the age of 77, he left quite an impression on viewers as the patriarch of the pawnshop family.

Image courtesy of KnivesAndWolves/Reddit

The baby also looks grumpy just like “Old Man” Harrison, and who knows when he grows up, he might just end up looking like his exact carbon copy, not that’s a bad thing. But you know babies, their appearance change drastically as they grow.

#9 Do I need to go to work?

Sometimes work can get so overwhelming, and you feel just like shutting yourself up at home and never showing your face in the office anymore. This little “old guy” must have felt that way. Look at him crying on his way to the office.

Image courtesy of Tekon421/Reddit

If he had a choice, we’re quite sure he would just stay inside his playpen and never report to his boss till the end of forever. It’s ok little fellow, things are going to get better, and one day, you will be able to upgrade to a real car in about 16 years or so.

#10 Celebrating an old couple’s anniversary

Remaining happily married until old age is a feat that not many people can lay claim to. Some married couples get divorced after just being united for a few months. So, when their golden anniversary comes, it’s only natural for these couples to want to celebrate it.

Imahe courtesy of tverofvulcan/Reddit

This old married couple wanted to make sure that their grandchildren would see just how happy they were during their anniversary. Perhaps it will inspire the young ones to think seriously about marriage and its essence and staying together forever.

#11 Where’s the party at?

Watching little people getting dressed up to look like grown adults is funny and cute at the same time. They look darling dressed as babies, but they look cuter dressed as adults. Take, for instance, this little guy who’s momma’s favorite.

Image courtesy of x.lucy_oscar.x/Instagram

He must be going to a formal event or a job interview, perhaps. He’s looking dapper with his bow tie and jacket and matching pants. The little guy must be out to woo the ladies, and we have no doubt he could easily get a date with any of the babies in his daycare. He looks ready to take on the world, and we all know that girls like that in a guy.

#12 Just three days old

Do you ever get to a point when you feel like you have had enough of life? Sometimes things can get so overwhelming that you just want to throw your hand up and say, “I give up! I can’t take it anymore!” That looks precisely like what this baby is thinking.

Image courtesy of Highlyeccentricc/Reddit

This little old man must have had enough of changing nappies, bath times, doctor appointments, and all other things newborns are subjected to. He looks like a gangster who’s looking to a homie for support that can help him with life’s stresses.

#13 Just two hours in

When people see a newborn baby, the most usual reactions are “Ohh” and “Ahh.” They are cute, they do funny things, and they just want us to scoop them up, protect them, and care for them. However, some babies make us want to sympathize with them.

Image courtesy of MRsMuddy/Reddit

A case in point is this little girl. Just two hours after birth and she looks like she already wants to go back into her mother’s womb, never to come out again. She’s like thinking that if this is all life has to offer, she’d rather go back in.

#14 Grumpy baby candidate

If there was a grumpy baby contest, we’re sure that the organizer would be inundated with adorable yet funny pictures of little boys and girls who seem to want nothing more with life. They might look grumpy for the most part, however, what they also all have in common is that the photos are funny, and they are all super cute.

Image courtesy of Acad12345/Reddit

This baby girl has only been born a minute before, and she’s looking like she wants to speak to the manager who approved her release from her mother’s womb. She’s cute, and she has angelic chubby cheeks, but she does not look amused in the least.

#15 Be quiet out there

Have you ever seen an older adult who enjoys his peace being ruined by neighborhood children that are too rambunctious? This is exactly what this picture of a young baby reminds us of. He just gives off that old annoyed person vibe.

Image courtesy of stonedchristian/Reddit

His pose and his hat also evoke the very same thing. When he grows up, he’s gonna look back at this photo and laugh when he realizes just how mature he looked. He could show this to his children, and they would have a good laugh about it too.

#16 the little cabbage patch kid

Those who were born in the 80s and the 90s will remember the Cabbage Patch Kids. They were such a hit back then, and every child wanted to have one. Nowadays, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have become collector’s items.

Image courtesy of RidingWithTheGhost/Reddit

If you’re holding on to one in mint condition, you’ll be glad to know that you can get thousands for them. This kid in the photo, who is now a grown adult, doesn’t need Cabbage Patch Kids dolls because he used to be one when he was a baby.

#17 Born in the year of the pandemic

If you were born in the year 2020, we’d understand if you felt just like this baby, too, angry at the world. Imagine spending 9 months in your mom’s tummy, only to go out into the world and have to be cooped up at home.

Image courtesy of allshowernoflower/Reddit

After being born, babies are supposed to explore the world around them, meet other babies, learn to socialize, and just grow as human beings. However, that was quite a challenge to do in 2020, so we understand why this baby turned into a grumpy worried human so fast- just like we all felt when the pandemic hit.

#18 Where’s my cigar and scotch?

This baby hilariously reminds us of older men who have had a tough day at work and went to the pub to have a drink or two and catch up with friends. Dressed in that outfit, it is very easy to imagine the little fellow is waiting for his cigar and scotch.

Image courtesy of robwallace7/Reddit

If there was a pub for babies (serving only mik of course), we’re quite sure he’d be the first customer there. He looks like he has a receding hairline, is middle-aged, married with children, struggling to send said children to a reputable university while dealing with a nagging wife. Wow, that’s a tough life.

#19 What is it now?

This tiny young lady has an expression on her face that says, “What is it now?” She wants people to stay away from her, and she means it. You better stay away out of the way of her wrath. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Image courtesy of Triggercut72/Reddit

It looks like things are going to get serious. She probably pooped in her nappies for the nth time this morning, and she looks like she’s quite fed up with mommy having to disturb her and change her diapers again and again.

#20 Who’s that old guy?

This guy belongs in this grumpy young babies list. It would be a disgrace for him not to be placed here because he’s a serious contender for the top spot. It seems that deep in the woods, there is a tiny 80-year-old baby who lives in a drum.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

Does he also give out Christmas presents to children all over the world who have been nice? This baby seems to have skipped elementary, university, and the workplace and went straight to retirement. We’re wondering if he also enjoys a pension every month.

#21 Vogue!

Babies just seem to give adults a frisson of excitement, but this one is giving us Madonna levels of excitement. One look at this photo, and we see Madonna with her distinct hand movements for Vogue! This baby is born with style!

Image courtesy of PelicanParker/Reddit

Born on the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, she is showing a lot of promise this early. She knows how to strike a pose, and she knows how to get people to notice her. We wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes a star when she gets older.

#22 Gordon Ramsay, you better explain yourself

Did you ever have a child and feel that maybe the baby is not yours after all because the little fellow looked like someone else and didn’t have the slightest resemblance to you? That must have been how this father felt.

Image courtesy of Claire8ball/Twitter

Why? Because this little man is the baby version of British chef Gordon Ramsay. He’s got the celebrity’s signature surly look, unimpressed face, and he looks like he’s gonna explode with anger and throw a piece pf chicken across the kitchen any minute now. Gordon, you better explain yourself. Where were you when this guy’s wife was conceiving?

#23 The babushka baby

This little girl, although still an infant, looks excellent and exactly like her dear old babushka. Comparison photos like this make us believe in the strength of genetics and family resembalances every time. The baby and her great-great-grandmother could pass as twins.

Image courtesy of moonlyra/Reddit

She looks kind of hard to impress too, like her babushka, as if something is making her upset all the time. How about some milk, baby? Will that make you smile? You’re not going to bribe me with milk, mommy.

#24 The dedushka baby

Of course, we can’t have a babushka baby without a dedushka baby to go along with it. For those of you not familiar with Russian, babushka is grandma, and dedushka is grandpa. Everyone, meet Ben, the baby. Here he is being loved up by his grandpa.

Image courtesy of bex_boys_and_books/Instagram

If you looked at Ben and then at his grandpa, you can see that they look exactly alike. He’s got grandpa’s nose, grandpa’s eyes, and grandpa’s forehead, but he thinks otherwise. He’s not impressed with the comparison at all.

#25 Nope, not impressed!

This chub is what people want to squeeze, pinch, and shower with kisses, but he’s was just born a few hours ago, and it seems like he’s already had enough of all the kissing and public displays of affection. He seems to have regretted his life’s decisions.

Image courtesy of yourmomprobably/Reddit

Awwww. Too bad he can’t change his mind anymore, and he can’t have a do-over. Is there anything we can do little guy, to make life a little more comfortable for you? He might look like one of those fake baby dolls you can purchase at Walmart, but we can assure you he’s real- and really annoyed too.

#26 The middle-aged baby

Ever seen 40-year-old guys who have had it with life? They seem to be going nowhere in terms of career, have married the wrong woman who is constantly nagging them about the amount of money they bring home and are surrounded by ungrateful children?

Image courtesy of MykaWorld/Reddit

This baby seems like the perfect representation of THAT guy. To add insult to injury, it seems that this wife doesn’t know how to cook either. What is that green stuff he’s being fed? It doesn’t look so appetizing, right?

#27 I got up for this?

Some babies like to smile and laugh a lot, and they are generally happy. They can’t wait to be in their parents’ arms and just have a lot of love to give. On the other hand, some babies just look unimpressed.

Image courtesy of WolfgangSho/Reddit

They seldom smile, and sometimes it can be a challenge to make them laugh. This baby, at first glance, seems to belong to the latter. Why? Just look at that face. It seems like he can’t believe that he had to get up for a photo shoot.

#28 Happy little princess

Now, this is a picture of a happy baby. Just look at that smile! Her chubby cheeks make us want to squish her too and not let go until she cries out for her mom. We’re not mean people; we just can’t help ourselves around adobable babies with inviting squishy cheeks.

Image courtesy of go_ask_your_father/Reddit

This could just be the friendliest adult baby we have on this list. All she needs now is a little pair of wire-rimmed “glasses” on her nose, and she can could resemble everyone’s favorite grandma on her way to bingo with friends.

#29 Baby grandpa is here for the holidays

The holiday season is something everyone looks forward to. Not only do you get time off from work, but you also get to buy presents for yourself and your loved ones, prepare a feast for everyone to enjoy, and be reunited with family and friends.

Image courtesy of alljmu/Instagram

Children get to open plenty of presents and, of course, spend time with grandma and grandpa. Baby grandpa is looking dapper in his Christmas sweater while visiting his family. Look at that smile! He can’t hide his happiness! If we were to bet money on it, his grandma made that sweater just for him to wear for the holidays.

#30 You call this music?

Research has shown that listening to classical music while pregnant or with an infant lhas a positive outcome on the brain and mood of babies. Even if you’re not a fan of classical music, you should listen to Mozart, Beethoven, and other maestros.

Image courtesy of

This little guy’s parents must have the wrong music on, judging from the expression on his face. It seems as if the little fellow is asking, “You call this music? I am not impressed at all.” Stay away from rap music if you don’t want your baby to end up with this facial expression.

#31 Alive but not happy

A quick look at baby pictures on the Internet, and you’ll see plenty of newborns who seem tired and upset at being disturbed from their comfy little homes in mommy’s tummy. However, as much as they want to stay in there, they have to come out sooner or later.

Image courtesy of Trygler5/Reddit

This adorable baby must have had a pretty grueling delivery because he’s just not happy. He came out without a scratch, but he ain’t celebrating over it. Perhaps the doctor pulled him too hard? Or was he not ready to come out yet?

#32 the little middle school teacher

We only have one thing to say to this baby’s stylist; they should be sacked immediately. No, we don’t think that she looks like an old woman or a middle school math teacher. She just has the wrong clothes on. She should be dressed as a baby and not as the chair of the PTA.

Image courtesy of pixelSHREDDER/Reddit

This is the perfect example of “clothes make the man,” or in this case,the baby. But we know that this is all in the spirit of fun. Her parents and grandparents must have had a good laugh seeing how she looked like she was about to grade papers.

#33 Awww, was someone mean to you?

Sometimes life gets so tough that all you need is a hug and a kiss from someone who cares. This baby might have been only born seconds ago, but he must have been through a lot. Perhaps his mom was struggling to deliver him for many hours.

Image courtesy of TongueBandit69/Reddit

He looks like he needs to be scooped up, smothered with kisses, hugged, care for, and never let go of ever again. Were the doctor and nurses mean to you? Come here, little fellow; we’ll let you take a nap now.

#34 Market day

This little guy’s aunt proudly posted this photo of her nephew, seemingly looking like he just got home from a busy day at the market. Look at him pushing his cart proudly, showing off whatever he had bought home to make for dinner.

Image courtesy of Geeze-Us/Reddit

We especially love his outfit. Look at his hat and his shoes! He’s dressed for the market alright, comfortable, and ready to mingle with other people who are also looking for the freshest produce. He looks happy with his purchases.

#35 Going bald at three months

Some babies are born with a lot of hair, while others are not so lucky in the hair department. However, most babies that are born with a lot of hair lose some of it during their first 6 months. Some babies even go bald in just a matter of weeks.

Image courtesy of haught_justin/Instagram

This little guy just turned 3 months old, and he is already becoming a grandpa. He’s lost his hair, and he doesn’t have any teeth. Seriously though, the little fellow is adorable with his bowtie, and all he needs is a hat. We honestly cannot cope with the cuteness overload of this photo.

#36 The Godfather

This baby is seriously giving us a don Vito Corleone vibe, albeit a young one. He’s got the clothes, the pose, and the facial expression correct. He looks like he is unhappy about something and is thinking of a way to get back at the people who irked him.

Image courtesy of williamsdk/Reddit

He is formulating an offer that nobody can’t refuse, not even his mother and father. He’s got cuteness to his advantage, so he’s pretty confident that he will be able to get what he wants. “My transformers for your Lego, take it or leave it.” Capish!

#37 Do you need an accountant?

Let’s admit it, doing your taxes is no easy feat. It’s confusing, and it will make you want to tear your hair out in frustration. This is why most people would rather hire an accountant than do taxes themselves. They would rather spend their money and save themselves the time and aggravation.

Image courtesy of buggbomb/Reddit

This guy here is new to the business, but hiring him could save you plenty of money. He looks serious, and he looks like he knows his numbers. Don’t you just want to hire him? We’d pay a ridiculous amount of money for his cuteness alone.

#38 I have to pay for all this?

This “grandpa” wanted to tag along with family when they went to the store, but he looks surprised that not only is he being inundated with groceries, there’s a big possibility that he might be made to pay for all of the things they bought.

Image courtesy of CrazyPyro516/Reddit

We also think that he’s alarmed with the number of unhealthy chips the family wants to buy. Would you look at all the Lays? We’re always for indulging in your cravings once in a while, but too much isn’t good. Hang in there, baby!

#39 I don’t like baths!

Just like pets, some toddlers are afraid of water. Ablutophobia is the word used to describe the fear of bathing. It usually shows up around the ages of 1 to 2. Babies, on the other hand, don’t always have an awareness of water as something to fear

Image courtesy of mammmmm5/Reddit

So, they will usually splash away happily in the bath, pool, or other bodies of water. But this baby looks like he absolutely hates bath time and would rather not have any water. Guess this old grandpa is not having a bath today.

#40 Did mommy just gave birth to an old man?

Looking at this baby will make you think that his mom just gave birth to an little old guy. Just look at the forehead and the bald head. How in the world did that happen? Is Benjamin Button real? Maybe yes, however, most probably not.

Image courtesy of GuntherWheeler/Reddit

This baby resembles a grandpa who has seven grandchildren and has spent quite a bit of time watching over and chasing after them. But this little grandpa’s mother need not worry. Soon he will grow a full head of hair, and be running around all on his own.

#41 I’m too sexy for my tub

This baby has been spending so much time in his mommy’s kitchen in her tummy. Look at the chubby cheeks and the folds on that body. He knows he’s a little chubby, but he’s not afraid to flaunt it. He’s is flauting his attitude and feeling the chill vibe of bathtime.

image courtesy of thelittlemisses/Reddit

This has got to be one of the most squishable babies ever, and we’re not afraid to say it. If we ever get our hands on this baby, he’s gonna be pinched, kissed, and fussed over. This may be an old baby list, but we are loving this cherubic, little man.

#42 I’d do your taxes

Since we are talking about old babies, this lady thought it would be a good idea to submit a baby picture of her husband who came into this world ready to do people’s taxes and we have to agree with her. He is one mautre looking kid.

Image courtesy of xsweetiebellex/Reddit

Being dressed like that just added more years to the baby’s appearance. He is very businesslike and looks eager to crunch numbers and help you save money when you file taxes. You should hire him mainly because he looks so frigging cute- it will soften the blow when he works out what needs to be paid to the IRS.

#43 Wallace Shawn lookalike

Those who grew up in the 80s and 90s would surely be familiar with Wallace Shawn. The American comedian, actor, playwright, essayist, and voice artist has had plenty of film roles, one of the most popular of which is in the movie Clueless.

Image courtesy of CatastropheWife/Reddit

He has a very distinct look that is very hard to miss. One look at this baby and you can already tell that he is a Wallace Shawn doppleganger. He’s got those eyebrow wrinkles, and he’s already started losing his hair.

#44 The bad-tempered baby

One of the many questions we have about babies is why they make funny faces. Contrary to what most people believe. Newborn babies don’t imitate facial expressions. There are just certain innate behaviors to humans, be it babies or adults.

Image courtesy of mrsjamijackson/Instagram

They might copy actions in the later stages when they get older but not when they are newborns. This guy is not copying the expression of someone who’s had a bad day. Perhaps, he is ill-tempered because of a bout of colic or gas.

#45 Be quiet

This baby looks like an old grandma who doesn’t want to be disturbed. If she wants to sleep, you better keep quiet because she’s not having any of your shenanigans. Disturb her from her beauty sleep, and you’re going to suffer.

Image courtesy of httpabigaillll/Reddit

Seriously though, new parents seldom get sleep and rest during the first few months. So, if you see any baby sleeping like this, you better leave them alone and also get some shut-eye. Believe us; you’re going to thank us for it.