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Boyfriend In Troubled Relationship Learns Everything His Girlfriend Is Hiding From Him…And Her Family

Every action has a consequence. Whether it’s a romantic, business, familial, or daily interaction, this will always be true. This man knew that, but he never understood just what he did to deserve this outcome. It might have been easier to hear his girlfriend tell him she didn’t love him anymore or break up with him altogether. But she felt the need to betray him.

Despite being the victim, this man couldn’t understand what caused his girlfriend to do it. You can only imagine the hurt he felt and the questions he asked himself. But try as he might, he would never ask the questions to the same person who had deceived him. Just like what she did, it made no sense to try.

Happily Never After

When we’re in a relationship, we think about spending the rest of our life with the person beside us. We go to any lengths to make it work, just like this Reddit user did. Fortunately, fate had other plans for him. He just didn’t know it at that time.

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He would have never imagined himself getting caught up in this mess. And it was his girlfriend whom he had so much trust, who had been the cause of this controversy. Can you imagine your partner doing such a thing?

One of the Worst Betrayals

This man had been betrayed before, and boy did it sting! But nothing was quite as painful as knowing that the woman he thought would be the one had not thought of him the same way. Was she ever going to tell him?

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Probably not. She probably hoped that he would make a mess of things or that he would end the relationship with her before it went any further. She might have hoped that he wouldn’t be able to see through the lies she was telling.

Telltale Signs

Looking back at the relationship, the guy could list all the telltale signs that the relationship was falling apart. He was just busy clutching at straws, hoping to make it work. Maybe… just maybe, he could still build a home from the ruins.

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He noticed she had been very distant. She may have well been in the same room as him, but it was like he was speaking to a rock. She didn’t care, she didn’t have anything worthwhile to say. Sometimes she didn’t even notice if he had left.

Hadn’t Always Been This Way

Things hadn’t always been this way. Looking back, it seemed like a miracle that they’d made it this far. Most of the couples he knew in high school had already broken up. Deep down this guy knew they were the exception.

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The two met in high school. She was shy and reserved, but make no mistake, she caught onto stuff pretty quickly. It helped that she had a nice smile and a great sense of humor. She was incomparable and he was infatuated with her.

Choosing Her

Just a few weeks shy of graduating, the guy received letters from the colleges that he had applied to. Upon opening the envelopes, he learned that he’s not only been accepted, but he was getting a free pass for four years with a scholarship.

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Meanwhile, his girlfriend decided she didn’t want to pursue a degree. She stayed back home to help her parents with their business. He thought it might be best to end the relationship, but she said she would wait for him to come back.

That Was That

He hesitated. Sure, he loved her. But how would he be able to give her the love and attention she deserved if he was a thousand miles away? And instead of having to be the one to comfort her, she was the one reassuring him that things would work out in the end.

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She helped him pack for college. She made sure to put some of her stuff in the mix just to give him something to remember her by. And he promised that he would call her every night just before he hit the sack.

Separate Worlds

Life wasn’t the same after moving into his dorm room. He had to get used to city life, the academic workload, and taking care of himself. It was a lot to handle and he had a long-distance relationship to juggle on top of everything.

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The fights became more frequent. But instead of yelling over the phone, this man was met with icy stares and dull responses. He felt like his girl was showing him less and less interest but he couldn’t bring himself to confront her.

K. Bye

Whereas before, she would give him lengthy replies, now, he was lucky to get two words out of her after what seemed to be a lifetime to respond. But now, he didn’t always want to even video chat. It was easier to pretend that everything was k, and end things with a bye

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…because the moment her beautiful face flashed on the screen, he knew that there was something wrong. Her shoulders were slumped, she stared coldly at him and it was as if she was always in a rush to do something or be somewhere.

Asking Around

This guy considered speaking to her parents. He could ask them if there were problems at home. Maybe there were things he did not know about, which he should, and that could explain why she was acting the way she was.

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After all, he was close with her family. When he was introduced to them, it felt natural, like he fit right in. They treated him as their son. And the idea that they loved him more than they did their daughter kind of bothered him.

Becoming their In-laws

While his girlfriend and her mother would prepare the food, he and all the boys in the family would drink beer and golf. They all got along so well that it almost felt like he was already married into the family. The only thing missing was the ceremony!

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His girlfriend’s father approved of him like a son. He was very supportive when he chose to study at a university and respected the idea that he’d break up with his daughter if need be. Things didn’t go down that route, but the old man treated him like an adult.

Give Her Her Space

This man chose the high road and decided to give his girlfriend all the space that she wanted. After all, they were both growing, and there were things they might have wanted to keep to themselves. If she wanted to share, he was there to listen.

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He always reassured her of this. She gave him the same freedom but it was as if she didn’t care the slightest bit. She didn’t bother to ask what was going on in his life, who he was meeting up with, or how well he was adjusting to college life.

While Visiting Her

He thought things might go back to how it was now that he could visit her during the break. Maybe she just missed him, that’s all. He would hang out at her place as often as they could to make up for the lost time. Sadly, that’s when he discovered the truth.

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He could visibly see her stiffen up every time her phone lit up. It was like she was forcing herself to put on a show, and not to pick up her phone. His eyes flicked to the screen, and he saw who was calling. It was a guy friend whom they were both familiar with.

What is Up?

He didn’t want to confront her about it. But he told her he would have to call a dormmate about an assignment. “Give me 10 minutes.” He called the guy — the man whose name appeared on her phone. “Bro, what’s up?

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The guy was audibly shocked, but he decided that the best course of action would be to tell the truth. “Yo, I’ve seen your girlfriend hanging out with another guy. I’m telling you… they looked pretty cozy together, and not in a cafe-sort-of-way.”

Spilled the Deets

The guy continued to tell the boyfriend on what occasions he had chanced upon the man’s girlfriend and the other guy, and what they were doing together. It was a hard pill to swallow, but it went a long way toward explaining things.

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So this was her new flame.” The boyfriend asked for the guy’s name and he was surprised to find out that it had been the rebel in high school. “Yo, I might be wrong, but I just felt like I had to tell you.” Then he hung up the phone.

Shattered to Pieces

He stood for what seemed like an eternity after the call. His girlfriend went out to the balcony to tell him dinner was ready. She could see a difference in his demeanor whereas he was trying very hard to pull it together.

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You have got to keep up with appearances,” he reminded himself. He played with his food that evening. He was visibly lost in thought and he was preoccupied with finding the truth without getting caught. A plan hatched in his mind.

Considering All Possibilities

Should I confront her? No.” He knows her all too well. If she managed to lie to his face for this past year, then she could definitely squirm her way out of this mess. Besides, he also felt a wave of guilt wash over him. He was afraid she would tell him…

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…how much he had been lacking in the relationship. After all, it was she who had to adjust to his absence. Maybe things would have turned out differently if he had not gone to college? But that was wishful thinking.

Catch Her Off Guard

Of course, there was a part of him that wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. That made it easier to play the part of the warm, romantic boyfriend he’d always been when he invited her to his apartment. He made up for his obvious disinterest the night before.

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Dinner was set, and so was the stage. His girlfriend immediately laid her bag down and then said she would be taking a shower. This was it. This was his moment. He pretended to get something from the kitchen and waited until she was in the shower stall.

Playing Detective

Then he snuck towards the living room, where her bag was, and then thumbed through her phone. The password had been the same since they were in high school. But that was the only thing that hadn’t changed in all that time.

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Her contacts, her friend lists, and the conversations she had pinned. He forced himself to keep from puking and then read through each one. The high school rebel was his girlfriend’s ex. He and her girlfriend started dating a month after the two had broken up.

Never Moved On

It seemed like she jumped ship a bit too soon. Her feelings for this high school rebel never died down, even after they started dating. Just to give you guys a little context, he was the type of kid at school that always messed around.

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He was lucky he even graduated. Their teachers thought he would land the front page of the newspaper as a corpse with all the alcohol and drugs he was loading up on. His graduation was the only thing he proved them wrong with.

The Real Boyfriend

After reading their conversation, it was like this rebel was his girlfriend’s real beau. He just held the title. They were very sweet to each other and she would reply as quick as a rabbit to any of his messages, save for the times she was taking a shower.

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Tough luck pal. She’s staying with me for the night. He could feel the anger building up inside of him and he nearly choked on it when she called from the shower to ask if he was okay. He was too quiet that evening.

Pretend Play

He warmly reassured her that he was doing just fine. He lied, claiming he was busy in the kitchen, prepping a delicious dinner for them. Then he went straight back to reading the conversations with the man she was cheating on him with.

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Then, something in their messages caught his eye. The two were talking about him. His girlfriend described him as way too nice and that the only reason why she stayed in a relationship with him was that her family absolutely adored him.

Her Dirtier Secret

He couldn’t stop himself. He backread until he heard her turn the shower knob. He had just discovered another he had been keeping from her, and for good reason. As it turns out, she was stealing from the family shop.

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She and the rebel were saving up for something — a quick escape without her parents’ consent probably. Instead of ringing customers up on the register, she would receive payments from clients directly and write them a receipt, rather than print one out.

Quick Savings

In a week, she managed to save up to $800 for their getaway. If there were items unaccounted for upon delivery, she would bag them just before her brothers would do the inventory. It would have made for a superb plan…

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…if only he hadn’t read the thread. He was certain that there was a security camera panning the register and the front of the shop. So, apart from these messages, that could prove that she had been stealing from the family.

In the Name of Love

He still couldn’t accept the fact that she could do such a thing. Had she been this way all along or had that jerk manipulated her into doing these petty thefts? He couldn’t say. All he knew was that she was doing it in the “name of love.”

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The rebel didn’t have a job; couldn’t even hold one if he did. So it was his girlfriend who was paying for all their dates, take-outs, and even weekly check-in at the hotel. She was solely funding their lavish lifestyle.

Cutting Ties

With only a couple of seconds to spare, he decided to take pictures of the thread and then save them to his phone. He will need it should his girlfriend’s dad ask for proof. Should he even tell her old man? It will surely break his heart.

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What pushed him over the edge was hearing his girlfriend’s sarcastic comment, “you’re one for surprises.” He types out a quick message on his phone, saves it as a draft, and then turns around to confront her with the truth.

Last Words?

Is there anything you would like to tell me?” He holds her gaze. “What do you mean?” She crosses her arms. “I know everything. You don’t have to lie.” He saw the color drain from her face without having to ‘fess up to anything.

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So everything he had read was true. It didn’t take her long before she rushed to him and then knelt down on her knees. “I’m sorry. I really am, please…” He tells her the relationship is over and that it would be best if they never crossed paths again.

Glued to His Phone

Just as she was getting dressed, he sent the draft to his girlfriend’s dad and waited for a reply. “Maybe he didn’t get it, or maybe he did and he decides I’m not fit to be his daughter’s husband anyway.” His palm gets sweaty as his eyes switch between his phone and his ex-girlfriend heading to the door.

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Just as she slams the door, he receives a call from her dad. He braces himself for a shout but he hears a mixture of worry, devastation, and disappointment. “We have known it all along. We just couldn’t believe she would do such a thing.”

Good Pals

And it had to be you who told us the truth.” His girlfriend’s dad sighs. “I know you did your best and I’m thankful that you stayed by my daughter even when she wasn’t doing right by you. Thank you for confronting me with this.”

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The man apologizes and the old guy cuts in, assuring him that the young man isn’t the one that needs to be sorry. “I should be saying sorry for my daughter’s actions. It was the right choice — you moving out for college. You deserve a bright future!

What Family?

For his own sake, he cut all ties with the family. “Only for a few months. Enough time to get my mind off of her.” Three months later, he found out that, just after the call with her dad, she was taken into custody and sued for embezzlement.

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Her family thought that it was best she learned this lesson the hard way. After all, she was way too old to be scolded or grounded. And they didn’t want to tarnish the family name just to cover for a daughter who didn’t respect the family business.

Moving Forward

It might have been a sad ending for everyone, but this man was hopeful that she wouldn’t commit the same crime again. He washed his hands clean of her and wished her the resolve to end the relationship with the guy from high school and make amends with her family.

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Every now and then, his ex-girlfriend‘s dad would check in on him. He would say that he was struggling, but that he would get past it. He thanked her father for his kindness and respect. In time, he hopes that the family will reconcile and that they will get their daughter back.