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40+ Smart Ways To Use Hairspray

The ’40s not only brought the invention of the aerosol spray but, together with it, more precisely 8 years later, it also brought the invention of the hairspray. Ladies across the world were ecstatic. And if you look around, they still are, considering that the hairspray is something that you can find in most women’s bathrooms. As the name says, hair spray is meant to keep your hair in place and give your hairstyles more security. But did you know that there are way more other ways that hairspray can come in handy, other than just saving you from a bad hair day? From DIY fixes to decorations, prepare to be impressed with all the ways you can use your hairspray around the house.

Annoying pet hair

You have to admit it! No matter how much you love your four-legged fur baby, the hair he or she sheds that gets stuck onto all your clothes is nothing but annoying. Not only this, but the process of removing it can be a total headache.

Photo courtesy of barkpost.com

Worry less! Go pick up your hairspray and an old towel you don’t use anymore. Spray the towel with some hairspray and start wiping the surface that has your pet’s fur all over. The result will not fail to impress you, trust us!

Keep flowers perfect for longer

You’ve got to love a big and colorful bouquet of flowers, especially if a loved one gifted it. The only downfall is that the flowers do not last too long, and eventually you will have to throw them away. What a pity!

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To enjoy them for longer, we have a tip for you. All you need is an Aspirin and, obviously, some hairspray. Dissolve the Asprin in the vase where the bouquet is, and make sure to spray all the flowers of the bouquet with your hairspray. They will last up to one week and a half.

Stubborn zipper?

You know that cool pair of jeans you ordered online but did not wear because of the stubborn zipper that just refuses to stay in place and not zip down? We might have found a solution for this situation.

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And there is no need to tell you that you need to go get your hairspray and put it to work. All you have to do is to spray both the zipper ad the zip line with your spray, and voila! Now there’s no need for you to check your zipper every 2 seconds.

Going camping?

Are you planning to go camping? Don’t forget to put a can of hairspray in your backpack. Sure, you can use it to keep the bad hair days away, too, but more than this, it will come in handy when you want to start the bonfire.

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We all know what a headache it is to try to start the fire with just a lighter, especially if you’re “lucky” enough not to have any paper on you. To make this task easier, you can use hairspray. Light the lighter and just spray towards the logs. The result will be fast and guaranteed.

Goodbye blisters!

Yes, you read that correctly! One spray a day will keep the blisters away! At least those caused by wearing high heels. How, you may ask? Well, blisters are formed when your feet slide forward. In order to keep your feet from sliding down, you need to apply something to keep them in place.

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Sure there are many options for this problem, but some of them can be expensive. But why would someone pay for some expensive insoles when they can just use some hairspray instead. Yes, Hairspray will keep your feet from sliding around in your shoes.

Autumn decoration

Autumn leaves are nature’s best artsy gift. All that variety of colors and color combinations bring nothing but pure happiness. The bad part is that they don’t really last for long, especially if you want to bring them inside.

Photo courtesy of readersdigest.com

If you ever thought of making an art decoration by using some autumn leaves but gave up the idea because you knew the would not last, guess what? Exactly! Hairspray will save the day again. To make sure those leaves will keep their vibrant colors and texture, all you need is to spray them with some hairspray.

Leather too

We’re sure that by now you are impressed with all the ways you can use that can of hairspray around your house. Well, you have to prepare for more because this product is nothing but pure magic in a can and indispensable to solve many common issues.

Photo courtesy of drycleaning.com

It turns out that the hairspray can be a very good friend of your leather couch or even for that old leather jacket you have in your closet. You know what we’re talking about. That leather jacket that is stained, but you love it so much you just can’t give up on it. Go get your hairspray and spray some on that stubborn stain. Please remember to always do a test spray in a place that can’t be seen first- to ensure that no damage is done to the leather color.

Keep it for a little longer

If your kids love drawing with chalk you may like this hack. In order to make the drawing last long enough for grandma to see it when she comes to visit, you need your hairspray can for this one too.

Photo courtesy of readersdigest.com

Spray the final masterpieces with some hairspray and watch how the result not only will last longer but it will add a shine to it too. Voila, this way you won’t only enhance the beauty of your kids’ art but will also make it last longer.

Self defense

You read that right. Good for thair, good to preserve that bouquet of flowers, and also good enough to keep you safe as well. It turns out that hairspray works just as well as a canister of pepper spray would inan emergency situation.

Photo courtesy readersdigest.com

Ladies, if this is not a good reason for you to start carrying a can of your hairspray in your purse, then we don’t know what would be. We know it may take a lot of space, but you never know when it may come in handy.

News paper wrap

If you follow the trends, you may have already seen that using newspapaer for wrapping gifts is right on point. We love how cool it looks and more than this we love that it’s a fun way to recycle your old newspapers.

Photo courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/listing/uid=11776413

If you have ever tried to wrap a gift with a newspaper, you have surely noticed that the thin paper is kind of difficult to wrap with. To make the process easier, all you need to do is spray it with some hairspray and let it dry. The difference will leave you “wow”!

Goodbye, ink!

If you have ever gotten a huge ink stain on your favorite shirt, we are sure you did exactly what we did. And that was to throw the beloved shirt into the trash. Why? Because once ink gets on your clothes, it is there to stay. Forever!

Photo courtesy of drycleaning.com

Or at least that’s what we used to do until we found out that the forever can be shortened to several minutes. It turns out that if you spray some hairspray on the ink stain, the stain will be removed after a short time.

And also, goodbye hairdye stains!

If hairspray manages to remove ink, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that it can remove the hair dye stains too. There is something in the composition of the hairspray that will make the stains go “Bye-Bye.”

Photo courtesy of mysunwayproperty.com

These ingredients are the solvents in your hairspray can, and they are called hydrocarbons. To make that hair dye stain disappear, all you need to do is spray the stain, let it activate for a few minutes, and then rinse with hot water.

Curtain fixer

We all have at least a pair of curtains that are look perfect, but the fabric is so weird that no matter how many times you may iron it, there will still be portions of it that look rumpled.

Photo corutesy of littlethings.wordpress.com

For those creases and stubborn portions, we have found a solution. And since there is no surprise that the solution is also hairspray, here is what you can do. Just spray the spot and give it a small smoothing over. Voila, the stubborn rumpled spot is gone, and so are your curtain problems!

Glue’s worst nightmare

If you often work with glue, this one hack will definitely change your life. Or at least it will help you get rid of the glue that gets on your fingers faster than the hot water or the oil hacks would.

Photo courtesy of familyhandyman.com

It seems the ingredients found in the hairspray work quite well as a dissolvent against the glue. No matter the surface the glue got on, a spray of hairspray seems to remove it. Who knew that getting rid of glue could be that fast and easy?

Shine bright like a… metal

There’s no need for you to buy different products that will clean your metal cups or teapot. It turns out that hairspray works wonders on your metal and stainless steel items too. Once applied, it will clean the surface and make it shine.

Photo courtesy of silversmithing.com

Also, applied regularly on metal, hairspray will not only keep it clean and shiny, but it will fight against rust deposits too. That is just WOW! The more we learn from these hairspray hacks, the more we fall in love with this stuff.

Buh-bye, stains!

As we stated earlier- One spray keeps the stain away. And it turns out that not only ink and hair dye fear hair spray’s power but most other stains too. This is one piece of news that just makes us happy.

Photo courtesy of tiphero.com

How cool it is that from now on, every time we stain our favorite Tee or our jeans, we can spray some hairspray on the stain and wait for it to disappear? Or spray to make sure that the stubborn stain will be removed after washing. If you haven’t decided to carry a can in your bag already, how much more convincing will you need?

No “boom”, no static

This advice comes straight from a party planner, and if you ask us, we think it’s revolutionary. If you ever tried to create a trendy balloon arch, you may have noticed that often, due to static electricity, they can go “boom.”

Photo courtesy of ndtv.com

Many other factors need to be taken into account here- such as the quality of the rubber and if the balloon is blown to the max but to avoid them from popping unnecessarily, all you have to do is to spray some hairspray on your balloons.

Nail polish on the floor alert!

While doing her nails, every woman’s nightmare is destroying her still wet manicure/pedicure and, even worse, spilling the nail polish bottle onto the floor, furniture, or on the carpet. Fear not, ladies! We have a hack for you.

Photo courtesy of cutoutandkeep.wordpress.com

Before getting really upset and trying to scrub that nail polish off the floor, try to remain calm. Get your hairspray and some paper towels. Wipe the surplus, and once this step is done, start spraying on the stain. Wait for a couple of minutes and start wiping again. You will be impressed with the results, we assure you!

Dry those nails fast

It’s Friday night, and your friends are all waiting for you. Even though you started getting ready two hours ago, you still haven’t had the time to do your nails. What will you do? Will you go out with your nails looking bad?

Photo courtesy of thebrit.com

Or will you quickly paint them and risk messing the fresh polish. The risk is inevitable but we have a good hack for you to try in this situation. Right after applying your nail polish, put your fingers in cold water and keep them there for two minutes. After taking your fingers out make sure to spray some hair spray on them. And you will be good to go!

Make-up setting spray

Make-up setting spray is the final step in achieving a perfect make-up that will last you a whole entire day. An average make-up setting spray can cost from around $8 up to $40 and probably, even more, depending on the brand.

P:hoto courtesy of the list.com

What if we would tell you that hairspray has the same composition as a make-up setting spray and can be used in substitution for one while having the same effect on your make-up? If you ever run out of make-up setter, you can rely on good ol’ hairspray.

Bobby pins in place

Bobby pins are one of the best hair and hairstyle inventions, and whoever came up with the idea of creating them was a genius. Bobby pins can support any updo and any hairstyle, but there is just one problem with them.

Photo courtesy of haircutnstylish.ga

If they are used on straight hair, they will most likely slip. To prevent that and make sure the hairstyle will stay in place, spray some hairspray on the bobby pins before putting them in the hair, which will help them stay put.

Level up your gift

Gift wrapping can add extra costs to the present, and even if the result most definitely looks awesome, if you buy multiple gifts, this will cost you a small fortune. We have a hack for you that will help you level up your gift wrapping.

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Get the wrap of your choice and once you finished wrapping your gifts, make sure you spray some hairspray on them. Once the hairspray touches the paper, it will make it more resistant and add a nice sheen to the paper, making it look more luxurious.

Stay away, mosquitos!

If hairspray can keep attackers and thieves away, you can be sure that it will keep away mosquitoes and insects that bite too. From now on, those summer nights outside won’t have to end with arms and legs full of irritating mosquito bites.

Photo courtesy of businessinsider.com

Not only is it as efficient as the bug repellent sprays on the market, but it seems like the hairspray is less toxic than they are. The only con about using it is that your arms and legs will be a bit sticky for a short while.

Keep the dress in place

This hack comes straight from a YouTube vlogger, and it’s just “ah-may-en.” If your tight dress is always trying to go against you and slide up, we have the ideal solution to make it stop and stay in place once and for all.

Photo courtesy of youtube.com/blossom

As you’re already used to it, you need your can of hair spray. All you need to do is spray your tights with some hairspray and let the beauty product work its magic. Gymnasts and ballerinas also use this technique to keep their leotards in place.

Pottery setter

The hairspray works magic when used as a make-up setter, a hairstyle setter, and it turns out it works wonders as a pottery setter too. If pottery is your hobby, then hairspray will become your new best friend, we assure you!

Photo courtesy of flikr.com

After you finish shaping your bowl, let it dry completely and once it’s dry, just spray some hairspray on it and rub it with a clean cloth. Your new pot will be more resistant, and the spray will give it a unique shine.

Stubborn stickers

At this point, we concluded that there is nothing that hairspray can not solve. We were a bit skeptical about stubborn stickers, which just refuse to lift when scratched, but it turns out they too fear the power of a good hairspray.

Photo courtesy of secondchancesinpa.blogspot.com

If the sticker is stuck in an unwanted place, like the one in the picture above, make sure you get your hair spray and spray that sticker until it starts to lift from the item. After spraying, make sure to use a cloth to remove the residue.

This one’s for the collectors

If you are into collecting insects, this one is for you. Not only will hairspray work as a trap and an insecticide, but it will also keep your insects looking the same after their death. Your insectary will look amazing.

Photo courtesy of alibaba.com

It turns out the mix of the chemicals found in hairspray is a perfect preserving solution for bugs, and not only for flowers or plants. Pretty impressive what just one can of hair spray can do, right?

Not today, sliding laces!

This one is for the joggers! We all have that pair of jogging sneakers that is super comfortable but has a pair of laces that always land up untied, no matter what. While it is indeed annoying to stop your jog to tie your laces again, it can also be dangerous.

Photo courtesy of flikr.com

Stepping on your laces and falling is no fun, and in order to prevent that, you can spray hairspray on your laces before tying them up and also after you have secured them. They will stay in place, and you will be able to enjoy your jog.

Securing screws

Apparently, this hack is known by carpenters and plumbers, and if they use it, it means it must really work. So we might as well take note. It turns out that hairspray will help the screws stay in place, and it will tighten them too.

Photo courtesy of screwcrew.com

All you need to do is spray the screws before screwing them in the surface and again, once they are screwed in place. The result is guaranteed; you now have very secured screws that can prevent your things from falling or breaking.

Stop that run in the sheer tights

This hack will go against the ripped pantyhose trend, but the older generation will most likely appreciate it. There is honestly nothing more annoying than ripping your pantyhose in an obvious place, and it usually happens on a date or on your way to a job interview when first impressions really count.

Photo courtesy of trusper.com

In order to prevent the rip from getting bigger and bigger, you need to apply some hair spray on it as soon as possible. The hair spray will harden the edges of the rip, and it will prevent the run from getting growing.

Lint remover

Lint can really be a pain in the neck. Especially if it gets on to your favorite clothing items, making it impossible for you to wear them. There are some techniques that you can do at home to remove the lint.

Photo courtesy of onegoodthingbyjillee.com

But these techniques imply using sharp objects such as razors which can make it easier for you to just destroy your clothing. Out of all of the techniques, the safest is using a towel and your hairspray. Spray the towel with some hairspray and start rubbing it in an up and downs motion against your clothing. You will be impressed by how good this hack is.

No more fraying!

Getting a thread through the eye of a needle can be a difficult task, especially if your vision is not that good. One thing that can make it more difficult is a thread that tends to fray. These two combined are a headache giver for every person that loves sewing.

Photo courtesy of thisisladyland.com

As you have already gotten used to by now, Hairspray is here to save the day again. Spray it on the thread, and make sure to tap the thread between your fingers while it is still wet. Not only will the hairspray prevent the thread from fraying, but it will also make it slightly hard, making the needle easier to thread.

For more resistant tights

In order to prevent ruining your mood and getting a rip or a run in your favorite pantyhose, you need to pay attention to this hack. Your hairspray will help you make your tights more durable and longer-lasting.

Photo courtesy of leaftv.com

Before putting your stocking on, make sure to spray some hair spray on them. This will make them strong and quite resistant to ripping. Also, in order to prevent your stocking from sliding down, spray them with hairspray while you have them on.

Transfer paper

Did you know that with just a few sprays of your hair spray, you can turn a regular printed paper into a transfer paper? Yes, you heard that right, and yes, we were surprised too when we learned about it.

Photo courtesy of scarycreative.com

Print your favorite image or quote on a regular paper, spray some hair spray on it, and carefully transfer it on a clean surface. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy, and you don’t need to spend money on tools and kits in order to do it.

Setting colors in your hair

If you or your kid wants to jump on the crazy hair color trend by adding some shading to your hair but are really hesitant when it comes to your decision, we have a solution that will be great to try.

Photo courtesy of zetitup.com

You can make hair color in your home with products that won’t ruin your kid’s hair, and more than this, the result will be temporary. The ingredients you need- hairspray and Kool-Aid. Mix them together and apply the mixture to the hair. Wait until it’s dry and your kid is good to go conquer the playground.

That glitter is here to stay

Using glitter is no joke; as we all know, it seldom all sticks where it’s meant to. The good news is that the glitter your kids use for their arty creations can stay in place and not spread everywhere. This hack will save both time trying to clean it up and your kids’ artwork.

Photo courtesy of thekrazycouponlady.com

It turns out that glitter can be glued and secured with just a few sprays from your hairspray can. All you need to do is spray the area where you want to apply the glitter, apply it, and then spray again until you cover the whole surface.

Keeping the stains away

Long curtains are definitely a piece of décor every house needs. Why? Because it gives a house that homey, warm, and cozy feeling. The only con about having long curtains is that the lower part can get stained or dusty quickly.

Photo courtesy of flikr.com

If you want to avoid them getting stained or dusty easily, all you need to do is to spray the bottom part of your curtains with your hairspray and let it dry. For this hack to be efficient, you may need to spray two or three coats.

Fixing eyebrows

Out of eyebrow gel? Don’t worry! We got you! Or better said your can of hairspray has got your back. Make sure you have an eyelashes or eyebrows brush, and make sure there is still product in your can of hairspray.

Photo courtesy of wonderfulengeneering.com

If you don’t have a special brush for your eyebrows, a regular toothbrush will do the job too. If the toothbrush doesn’t work for you, you can use the brush of an old mascara. Just make sure you wash and dry it before use.

Shiny shoes

If the hairspray works on pottery, giving them a cute shine, we’re not even surprised that it can also give your shoes a cool sheen. Especially if they are made of patent leather. Polish your patent leather shoes finish off with a few srapys of hairspray as a final touch.

Photo courtesy of flikr.com

This technique will prevent your shoes from getting dull and scuffed. Also, since this fabric can be a bit sensitive to scratches and all in all can get damaged pretty easily, the hairspray will also act as a protective coat.

Old photos

If you have valuable and very old family photos, make sure you read this hack carefully. As time passes, those black and white pictures that your granny gave you will eventually start to peel off, fade, and get damaged from age.

Photo courtesy of archivalmethods.com

Worry no more; your hairspray is here to save your old family photos too. All you need to do is to spray the pictures with several coats. Make sure you spray from a distance and wait for the pictures to dry before applying the second coat.

Pollen should be kept in place

If you too like having a bouquet of tulips, lilies, or even peonies in a vase placed on top of your dining table, but you hate when the pollen falls off and stains your table cloth, we got you.

Photo courtesy of petals.com

It turns out that a couple of spritz on the flowers will keep the pollen seeds from falling on the table and staining your beloved table cloth. Compared to other stains, pollen stains are hard to remove because they just expand once they come into contact with any liquid.

Goodbye, sticky labels!

Finally! We don’t know who discovered this hack, but this is a game-changer. How many times have you struggled to remove a sticky label off of a jar because you wanted to repurpose it and use it for something else?

Photo courtesy of littlethings.com

It can be so frustrating to remove the adhesive label that eventually, you just decide to give up on the jar and just chuck it away because you get angry. It seems that using hairspray in the removal of the label will fasten the process and make the removal easier.