Here’s what regular exercise does to your health

By Sam s

      You probably have heard it more times than you can recall that exercising is good for the body. Many people echo the same advice, but it would be great to know exactly how regular exercise benefits your health. 

Regular exercise and weight loss

     There are lots of people who believe it would be better to shed a few pounds. There is no magic path to shedding those pounds. Regular exercise does the job. You can burn your calories faster with consistent training, and the excess fat would burn out during those exercises. 

Bones and muscles

     Regular exercise does a lot of good for your muscles and bones. It helps to build your muscles and your bones and then continues to maintain them. Exercising stimulates hormones in your muscles tissue that allow them to absorb proteins better. 

Your brain

     Regular exercise helps your brain cells. It releases oxygen into your brain, which allows better retention and thinking. It also promotes the production of hormones that enhance growth in your brain cells. 

Regular exercise and sleep

    Exercising regularly can help you to sleep better. While exercising, your body temperature increases. The reduction in energy level that occurs during exercise allows your body to start a recuperating process during sleep, which helps you to sleep better. 

Exercise helps you feel better.

     Overall, regular exercise helps you feel better about your body. It improves your mood and helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, which in turn produces positive emotions.