45 Quick Solutions To Sove Everyday Problems, The Hillbilly Way

By Jhoana C

Hillbillies, country bumpkins, mountain folks – these terms might be derogatory. Still, it’s undeniable that people who live in certain areas of the south in the USA have a lot of ingenuity. They are innovative and not afraid to tackle problems head-on, even if it means providing temporary solutions. Say what you will, but these folks have engineering knowledge and creativity which others don’t possess. One thing is for sure, though – don’t look for solutions that are too obvious because you won’t find them where our country cousins live. They like to think out of the box, and their solutions are not your run-of-the-mill ideas. Their solutions to problems are innovative, but sometimes, they can also be hilarious and downright dangerous. Let’s not waste any time. Get ready to be entertained by this list of hillbilly ways of solving common engineering problems.

We want this guy to fix our mirror too

Suppose this is how they fix mirrors in the south. Where do we fall in line? We’ll deliberately snap off our mirrors for this kind of result. You rarely see creativity like this nowadays. And there is no doubt your car is going to be the talk of the town.

Image courtesy of justshtmypnts/Reddit

This is going to make the car look “metal” because it’s steampunk at its finest. All it needs is a little cleaning, painting, and polishing, and it’s good to go. We love country folks who are ready to lend people a hand, pun intended.

We need to float

How often have we excitedly bought potato chips only to open them at home and find out that they are made of 70% air? Too many times, that’s for sure. And while we complain about being shortchanged, these 2 Korean students aren’t.

Image courtesy of FallenChaotic/Reddit

Instead, they used the bags of potato chips in an experiment. They made a raft out of numerous bags of potato chips to prove the point that there is too much air in them. It looks like they have been proven right too. Look at them, floating along on chips.

Keep away from the trash

As much as they are a valuable part of the ecosystem, raccoons can become a big problem, especially when they start damaging gardens, raiding garbage cans, or living in human structures. Nobody likes waking up in the morning to trash strewn everywhere.

Image courtesy of mrjasjit/Reddit

This clever Grandpa has the best solution to that problem, and it seems that since he implemented his wise idea, he isn’t bothered by raccoons anymore. His double lid idea is something that we can all learn from.

Save your car from the flood

Flood damage can result in serious consequences, and it can badly affect your vehicle’s performance. People living in areas frequented by hurricanes and heavy rain can attest to this. They have seen too many damaged cars in their lives.

Image courtesy of scott-415/Reddit

So, how do you make sure that your car is in top condition? You can do what these people did, and that is to prop up your car, so should there be flooding, you won’t have any headache at all. However, we can’t tell you exactly how they accomplished this…

Need any heating

Heated pools are essential, especially during cold months. However, we all know that the frequent use of our heating system can result in skyrocketing energy bills. How do you get around the high cost of energy bills while still enjoying a warm pool?

Image courtesy of Mr_PoodlePants/Reddit

Perhaps you want to try this guy’s method? It may not be the best, but it can get the job done, provided that you have a wheelbarrow and you’re willing to put in the work. Who knows, maybe you can even barbecue in the middle of the pool, if that’s what you desire.

Is that safe?

Sometimes, when we need things urgently, we have to settle for band-aid solutions to get problems solved. But band-aid solutions, just like what the name implies, are not permanent. They need to be revisited and fixed once and for all.

Image courtesy of bbenton2k20/Reddit

As temporary as they may be, there are such solutions that never cease to amaze people, such as this one. This was how the maintenance man decided to hang the homeowner’s clothes rack. We’re just concerned if this is even safe at all.

Now, that’s one unique sander

If you do a lot of woodwork, one of the essential things in your arsenal is a sander. Sanding by hand is tiring and will take a lot of your time, and it’s not suitable for big jobs. There is no replacement for electric sanders for large sanding jobs.

Image courtesy of remember_to_change/Reddit

A sander can cost a lot of money, but if you want to save up, you might want to look at this listing. It’s only $50, and it used to be a treadmill, too. The current owner is even proud to say that he was able to use it to flatten a cutting board without any issues.

How long is now?

This is another temporary band-aid solution that was supposed only to last a few months, but it has rather overstayed its welcome, and it’s still there, hanging by a thread. It’s difficult to work in the dark, so adequate lighting is necessary.

Image courtesy of Mr_PoodlePants/Reddit

So, they thought of hanging the light bulbs on the hanger with plans to replace it with proper lighting soon. But the only question is when is soon and how soon is soon? Perhaps it’s true what they say. A temporary fix can sometimes become a permanent fix.

You’re not going anywhere

This doggo must have escaped home more times than its owners can count, and that is why they resorted to this to prevent him from ever leaving again. It might look funny, but if it works, then it works!

Image courtesy of Imgur/Giupatamon


Who are we to question the knowledge of his pet parents? They know this escape artist doggo better than we do. The sight of him with a faraway look on his face, wanting to explore the outside world, is tugging on our heartstrings, though.

What gate problem?

Do you see any problem here? Because we sure don’t. This is an ingenious solution which not a lot of people think about. This is a clever way of repurposing things, and in this case, it looks like a seatbelt is helping to solve gate problems.

Image courtesy of RenniieS/Reddit

We only have one concern, though; this may not be too safe as people from the outside can also easily open the gate without being noticed. But if it does the job of ensuring that the gate is not left open, then it’s good enough.

Can you drive without a steering wheel?

When you’re doing something you want to be over with immediately, it can be a bummer to run into a problem that delays or postpones your project. Such was the case with this guy who needed to finish mowing the yard.

/Image courtesy of unloaded_spoon/Reddit

The steering wheel broke. So instead of waiting for someone to repair it, he thought of using a stick instead. Luckily for him, he knows how to drive a stick shift. See what we did there? He got the job done, and he didn’t get any splinters too.

Must protect oneself

Covid has led people to come up with a lot of precautions when it comes to their health. Nobody wants to get sick, and nobody wants to get infected by the virus nowadays. We must always strive to protect ourselves.

Image courtesy of SmittySav/Twitter

This cab driver has taken that to heart, so he took it upon himself to come up with a separate climate control system in his car, but he makes sure that all his passengers in the back are still comfortable by ensuring they have AC.

It’s more than just a fishing rod

One of the joys of having children is introducing them to the different sports you also loved when you were a child. One of the most popular sports in the United States is baseball. Thirty teams play in Major League Baseball alone.

Image courtesy of deathbord02/Reddit

We never knew that one of the best ways to teach your child baseball involves using a fishing rod. Yes, the fishing rod not only belongs in the water. Dangle the ball from the rod, and you need not worry about your kid accidentally hitting your crown jewels.

We’re shaking our head with this one

This is something that was seen in Vietnam before, and it deserves to be on the list because it’s unconventional, weird, and we don’t even know if it works. If your faucet doesn’t come with a choice between hot or cold water, this might give you more options.

Image courtesy of SimonFiveskin/Reddit

However, we’re not sure if heating the tap with a candle will even give it warmth. After all, the water passes through it quickly. But others say that the candle is there to ensure that the tap doesn’t get frozen during the bitter cold winters in Vietnam.

Stay away from me

Social distancing is a word that has been used more times than we can count during the past year, no thanks to you know what. The person who owns this camper must have taken it to heart because look at what he did.

Image courtesy of DivineMs_M/Reddit

We’re just wondering if this is even allowed in the first place and if it is, how will he get down from there? We can’t help but think that this is the perfect example of a room with a view. Although, the view might be a bit questionable.

A home must be built on a strong foundation

If you have attended a few engineering or architecture classes, you must have already heard by now that a strong foundation is a must if you are going to build a house or a building. Structures can easily crumble to the ground without it.

Image courtesy of anthonysny/Reddit

This is especially true in places where there are a lot of earthquakes and typhoons. This homeowner doesn’t seem to be concerned with that. His house is just sitting pretty on top of a stack of old tires. We wonder if he’s able to sleep well at night knowing that.

This is a house we’re not visiting

If this is what it takes to visit a friend or family, they can count us out. We’ll just send them messages or call them. There’s no need for this kind of hardship just to meet someone in person. We certainly don’t want to risk getting electrocuted.

Image courtesy of 5_Frog_Margin/Reddit

If you love challenges, perhaps you can try visiting their home, or you might want to just knock on the door. Hopefully, the music inside the home is not too loud so that whoever is inside can easily hear you. Shouting to alert the homeowners might alarm the neighbors.

Russian hillbillies

When in Russia, especially in the countryside, you might want to keep a lookout for their unique engineering solutions. They may be unconventional. And there may be fewer hits and a lot of misses. But, the most important thing is they work.

Image courtesy of Cardanothecaire/Reddit

How would you like to go to the toilet…in the kitchen? No, there is nothing wrong with that sentence. It’s correct. The toilet is in the kitchen. The only problem we see with this one is if you’re cooking and it starts smelling horrible.

You can’t drive my car!

One of the things that car owners hate is someone else using their car without their permission, be it a family member or a friend. Sometimes, even if you tell them that they can’t borrow your car, they still try to take their chance.

Image courtesy of CountrymanR60/Reddit

This guy must have had too much already, so he installed a unique security system that no one’s gonna get around with unless they know how to pick a lock. There’s no way his car is going anywhere now. He’s gonna find it where he left it.

Let me know if something is falling off

The driver of this car is demonstrating a clear faith in humanity. He still trusts people to do the right thing, and that is to honk if things from his truck are falling off. Damn, he’s got plenty of stuff there. He must be moving houses.

Image courtesy of GwEYT/Reddit

Let’s just hope that he secured all of his items well. It can be a nuisance and dangerous to stop in the middle of the road to pick up things. Having things strewn all over the road can also lead to accidents. Let’s all be responsible, folks.

Life figured out

This guy has life figured out, and all we can do is admire him from afar. This guy cruising past pedestrians and other cars will surely get their attention. How many times do you see lawn chairs taped to skateboards in the road?

Image courtesy of AshleyJPL/Twitter

We agree with the poster of this photo. We’d like to buy this guy a beer or a lot of beers because we have plenty of questions to ask him. How did he get so carefree? Does he have a job? Does he have a steady income? We’d like to be just like him.

That’s an iPad stand

If you thought that the fork is cutlery that strictly belongs in the kitchen, you’re mistaken. Forks are used for more than just your meals. It can also be used to decorate your household and, in this instance, to prop up an iPad.

Image courtesy of projectolivine/Reddit

This guy possesses creativity and ingenuity. We are impressed. Not all people can think of such a solution in the absence of an iPad holder. Even better, you don’t have to spend a dime on this. Now you can continue watching your favorite series while cooking.

2 in 1 tool

Generally, women are not good with tools, and they are ok with that. Although some work very well as technicians, auto repairwomen, and all other technical things that involve the use of a variety of tools, most women would be the first to admit they’re inept when it comes to these kind of tasks.

Image courtesy of GingerMum/Reddit

This housewife, however, seems to think that every tool is a hammer. She’s very grateful for her husband for indulging in her specific needs, and welding a hammer to the crescent wrench, which she always uses as one. Great hubby!

No problem riding barefoot

Riding barefoot on a bike can be uncomfortable, and doing so can easily hurt your feet. What do you do if you prefer to ride a bike without any shoes or slippers on? You can follow useful ideas from this 12-year-old boy who modified his bike.

Image courtesy of flaglerite/Reddit

He cut out two pieces from a carpet and glued them on his pedals. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or getting hurt, even if he cycles for long distances. This kid is literally going places, don’t you think?

Low-cost car sensor

Rear parking sensors can cost hundreds of dollars, but if you don’t have the budget, what do you do? This guy has the same problem, but he’s come up with a solution, and it’s something that most of us wouldn’t even think about.

Image courtesy of joemonster.org

This squawking and screaming rubber chicken toy costs a few dollars and the tape, well, most of us have it lying around the house. We recommend getting a rubber chicken that screams loudly so you’d know when you’re getting dangerously close to another car.

It’s hands-free

Nowadays, people are discouraged from touching things with their hands, and if they can’t avoid it, it’s a must to wash your hands immediately and thoroughly. In an effort to help protect customers, this shop has come up with a unique way of using their hand sanitizer.

Image courtesy of whatnicknametouse/Reddit

Now, you can just step on the bar, and it will dispense some hand sanitizer. We have to say this looks professionally done, unlike some of the contraptions we’ve seen already on this list. This one is very useful, and it’s necessary nowadays.

Can you tell if it’s straight?

Have you ever wondered what builders use to check if something is level? There is a spirit level tool for this purpose, but what if you don’t have one? What if you’re working on a small project and somebody forgot to bring the spirit level?

Image courtesy of lubberline/Reddit

This guy has got things figured out. He’s using an empty liquor bottle, and his level (get it?) of concentration is superb. He’s looking at it, making sure things are straight. Some might say it doesn’t help with anything, but it does when you need to think on your feet.

You’re not coming in here

Trespassers are a big headache. If you have a property you want to keep it private, and you don’t want people to just come in and out without your permission or knowledge, then this next solution to this problem is what you need to address it as soon as possible.

Image courtesy of Facebook/EvoLibri-Publishing

This is Master Lock level 100. Who else would have thought of this but people living in the country? No gate lock, no problem. There is always the opportunity to make something out of nothing. Let’s see if those trespassers can still get inside with this one.

The staff must be protected at all costs

Looking at this picture, we think that this has something to do with what has been happening lately. Social distancing is a must, and the staff, as well as the customer, must be protected at all times. Acrylic costs a lot of money.

Image courtesy of gaia88/Reddit

This restaurant probably doesn’t earn much, so they resorted to using plastic instead. That’s a lot of plastic taped to keep the kitchen walled off. So, how do customers pay and get their food? That box on the right acts as an airlock for the food and the money.

What do geniuses have to say?

What do you do when it’s so hot, and you don’t have an air conditioning system? A fan might help, but what if there are two of you in the room? Who gets the majority of the air? It can’t only be you or the other person, right?

Image courtesy of may_sun/Reddit

Sharing is caring so these friends came up with a good idea to ensure they get the same amount of air. We just hope that the pair of pants they are using has been washed. Otherwise, it would smell in there, and who can sleep with that?

The case of the missing rod

At first glance, we didn’t even notice that there was something wrong with this photo. We certainly didn’t notice that there was a missing shower rod too, only after it had been pointed out. We all need showers, and some way to protect ourselves when we’re in there.

Image courtesy of natcatbobat/Reddit

A missing rod shouldn’t prevent you from taking a bath and making sure that you are thoroughly clean. The show-er must go on, regardless if you are using a hockey stick for a little privacy. Salute to innovation, we always say.

Didn’t know a box could do that

Sometimes, doing renovations can unearth plenty of surprises, and they can either be pleasant or unpleasant. Guess what this homeowner found on their wall? The subcontractor had to tear it down and found an iPhone 5 box. Talk about random.

Image courtesy of natcatbobat/Reddit

It was used as a fan control holder and was drywalled, so people couldn’t even tell. For one reason, the homeowners should be happy that their wall is quite new, less than 20 years old. However, it could be a major fire hazard.

Hole in the shoe

We find it hard to let go of our favorite shoes, and we’re quite sure that a lot of people feel the same way. It’s difficult to say goodbye to a pair that has been with you for a long time, but sometimes, they are so damaged, we need to eventually part ways.

Image courtesy of 33Fanste33/Reddit

This man, however, refuses to do so. His favorite shoe may already have a big hole, but he has found a way to remedy the situation. No, he’s not repairing the shoe. He’s just going to spray his exposed toe with black paint.

Not getting cold

You are one lucky fellow if you find yourself with a reasonable landlord, because there are plenty out there who are a headache to deal with, such as this one. This guy’s landlord decided to turn down the heat when it was -10°C.

Image courtesy of JohannReddit/Reddit

Yes, we are thinking the same thing. What a prick. What does the tenant do? He turned on the stove and put a fan beside it so that the house could be made a little warmer. We’re not so sure if this is effective, but at least he tried.

The car that’s so extra

This car is the definition of extra. Why settle for the ordinary when you can be different? Lights on your car? Don’t just settle for the conventional lights. Set yourself apart from others and stand out from the rest by connecting chandelier-like lights on your car.

Image courtesy of sodamnsleepy/Reddit

We’re just wondering how the driver will be able to see the road clearly with the lights. The car is starting to look like the automobile version of the anglerfish the longer you stare at it. Some people have also pointed out that it looks like the car from Escape from New York.

Surgical precision

We have been told that the generation before us didn’t throw away things when they were broken; they fixed things. This guy’s in-laws clearly demonstrate that in this picture. Nothing that a little elbow grease and some staples can’t fix.

Image courtesy of ChadWilliam1/Reddit

The garbage can looks like it’s spent about half the day on the operating table. Look at how they connected the two parts with surgical precision! It actually looks like stitches. It’s looking better, and it looks like Frankenstein’s garbage can.

Missing washers?

Washers are quite small, and it’s not unusual for people to lose them. This circular or disc-shaped piece of metal with a hole in the middle is used virtually everywhere. Its primary purpose is to evenly distribute the weight of the fasteners, which they are often used with.

Image courtesy of boxedsneakers23/Reddit

What do you do if you need to fix something but run out of washers or can’t find any? Get some pennies! Wow, we didn’t even know this could work. You learn something new every day if you just pay attention.

Such a resourceful teacher

Studying and teaching during the pandemic has been a surprise and a challenge to many. A lot of adjustments had to be made to make sure that students continue to get the education they would get in the classroom.

Image courtesy of Carmen Castrejo/Facebook

This teacher didn’t have any document camera, but she’s not about to give up. See how resourceful she is? She just used her laptop camera and grabbed a pencil and a disc. Teachers will do anything just to make sure their students learn.

Natural is always better

If you choose between natural or superficial, everyone will tell you to go for natural things. For example, when it comes to fertilizers or pesticides, natural is always better because it won’t harm the environment or you. This man knows what’s natural.

Image courtesy of kirikuku/Reddit

He doesn’t need to spend money on getting harmful chemical pesticides. He just perched his chicken. Yup, that’s a live chicken on top of a squeegee. The chicken then eats the spiders that have been trapped on the ceiling.

We’d like to ride that

Although this isn’t something you’d see the Ghost Rider use all over town, it’s quite unique, and it’s hillbilly engineering at its finest. Whoever made this is a genius and deserves an award for innovation and creativity. We just hope it get him from A to B.

Image courtesy of Mr_PoodlePants/Reddit

It’s a sick ride, and people on the Internet agree with us. We just wish that the inventor used hardwood because four-by-fours easily break like matchsticks, and we don’t want to get into any serious accident. Also, we hope that wood is treated.

Salute to this guy

As much as other things on this list are truly remarkable, this one takes the cake. We have never seen this happen before. This guy wrecked his two Prius cars, but he didn’t want to just lose his money like that.

Image courtesy of sickofyourshithun/Reddit

He welded the non-wrecked parts of the two cars together to develop a single-car with 6 doors. What he has is a car that looks like the child of a limousine. This might be illegal in some places due to safety issues, but we take our hats off to the owner.

You can use dowels as battery adaptors?

This guy bought a toy for his kids in a garage sale, and the toy required C batteries to be fully operational. They didn’t have any C batteries to give him, but they did have the next best thing; AA batteries and a dowel.

Image courtesy of From_Adam/Reddit

You must be wondering why a dowel. Well, we just discovered today that it works like those battery adapters. You can put it on an AA battery so that it will fit. However, it will only work for a short time. It’s still best to get the right size batteries.

The almighty Flex Seal

Flex Seal is one of those things which we either have used before or have seen on commercials on television. It works for gutters, windowsills, roofs, masonry, fabric, glass, copper, wood, awnings, foundations, chimneys, and plastic. Or, whatever else you can think of, like this guy.

Image courtesy of qdvt/Reddit

It can be used on pretty much anything. This picture proves its versatility, and the fact that people won’t stop at anything to provide solutions to anything. Truth be told, the amount of Flex Seal this guy has used is enough to buy himself a camper shell.

Never knew a can could do this

When Coke is mentioned, people think of the cold beverage quenching their thirst on a hot summer day. We don’t think a Coke being of any use in construction and supporting structures. People are quick to point out, however, that this isn’t really what our country cousins would do.

Image courtesy of clocklaw/Reddit

They are saying that if it were truly a country person responsible for this, then we wouldn’t be looking at a Coke can rather a can of Budweiser. We can’t deny that makes a lot of sense. Most people throw away used soda cans because we don’t think they serve another purpose.

Need to fix the hose

A broken house is a big problem if you work in the kitchen because it means difficulty washing the utensils, dishes, and many other things. Ask anyone who works in the restaurant business, and they’ll tell you just how helpful a hose is.

Image courtesy of Gumball110/Reddit

Luckily for this food establishment, they have a hillbilly working in the kitchen, and he has a quick fix for those problems Voila Just use a tray, and there you have it That might look like a garbage can, but garbage doesn’t touch it or get near it.