When The Temperature Outside Rises Interesting Thing Happen

By Iulia P August 23, 2021

This article is by no means an attempt to downplay or make light of the rising temperatures around the globe. At this point, we don’t think it is a joke anymore. Global warming is happening right now, and both people and animals are really struggling with it. Heat waves that bring temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius, floodings, bush fires- all of these are results of the climate change and global warming that our poor Earth is dealing with. And us, humans, we are the main ones to blame for it. Air, land, and water pollution, we have this bad habit of polluting everything that surrounds us, and now we kind of have to live with the consequences. And, man, the consequences are pretty…hot. Here are some of the inventive ways beings around the world are coping with the heat.

Gummies turned into Jam(ie)

On this day, Mr. Sun was definitely not playing around. He was up there shining bright, so bright in fact, that the poor gummies in the trunk of the car melted before making it home from the grocery store.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/hotandbuttered

The person who posted this picture lives in Vegas, and by the time she remembered her gummies were in the car- they had turned into gummie-jammie, ready to spread on the bread. Now that we think about it, that is an inventive solution, and who knows -maybe this could actually be a thing.

Cookies in a car

I bet our ancestors would never think that today their descendants could bake cookies in a car. We’re not even that old and this to us is crazy. An actual cookie was baked in this car left for a while in the hot sun. Let this sink in.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/thomas686

It sounds incredible, but there are pros and cons to this. Pros: you can bake without consuming any electricity, and your electricity bill will thank you for that. Cons: it would be practically impossible for one to drive this car on a hot day. Nobody would want to touch that hell hot wheel.

The Heat Down Under

The Land Down Under (Australia) was sure to land up on this hot (weather) thread. Let’s not forget that this is one continent prone to extremely high temperatures, and unfortunately, is often the victim of fires as a result of the extreme heat.

Photo courtesy of Imgur.com/rexrouse

Here is a picture of an outside thermometer that shows the temperature on the ground on a hot summer afternoon. Sixty-seven degrees Celsius (153.3 F). The only thing to do when it gets this hot is to find relief where ever possible.

The face of content

If you open the dictionary and look up the word “content,” you will most probably see this guy’s photo next to it. And no wonder! There is nothing better than jumping in cold water on a very hot summer day.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/soupbubble

He looks really relaxed here and we don’t want to be the ones to disturb or startle him in anyway. But how is he going to get out of that barrel? Let’s just say we are asking for…uhm, for a friend.

The water backpack

Imagine it being so hot outside that your backpack makes your back melt. Welcome to Tallahassee, USA! Here it gets so hot and so humid that even your backpack will sweat, like in the case of this guy pictured below.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/bobathehut

We can not imagine having to walk around under the hot sun carrying a backpack. What are we even saying? We can not imagine walking around in these circumstances at all, let alone carrying a backpack (a.k.a another cloth layer)- but we all have bills to pay, and work doesn’t stop in most places when its hot out.

55 degrees

Back in the day, a hot summer day would probably look like 30-ish, no more than 38 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Nowadays, the temperature gets so high, it has left us all in complete shock. High temperatures like this are new to all of us.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/jmw61378

While the younger generations seem to have gotten used to these crazy hot temperatures, we have a feeling that the rest of us will never be able to tolerate them. So can someone please find a way to reduce the effects of climate change, please?

A kid’s idea

Listen, if you are ever out of ideas and don’t know what to do, ask a kid for his opinion no matter the situation. Kids always, but always have good ideas. Sure those good ideas are usually only socially acceptable for kids, but that is another story.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/eilers0013

Like, for example, this kid in the picture above. We are sure that everybody saw a long “awww”( us included) when they saw him cooling off in the fridge. Well, the reaction would have been different if there would have been an adult hiding in there instead of a kid.

Siberian Husky tips

If you are a Siberian Husky who loves surfing the internet for tips, this one is for you! (that’s not likely, we know- but bear with us!) If you were not that lucky and ended up living in a sweltering place, the chances are that right now, you are dreaming of a snow day.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/UrFriendlySpider-Man

Worry not! This smart doggo is here to show you how to deal with these high temperatures in the most efficient way. Go to the Air Con, howl at it so the humans will understand your hint. When the AC is on, lay under it without moving. Voila, problem solved!


Technology, what a blessing it is to have it. No one in this world does not love a good device that does the job in your place. Take, for example, the man pictured below; although we cannot see his face, we know he is smiling about how clever he is.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/xXHardKoreXx

And who would not be happy to be able to mow the lawn on a really hot day while being inside enjoying the AC? We have a feeling that this remote-controlled device probably cost a small fortune, but he totally proved that it was worth every cent.

Puerto Rico heat

This fan looks like someone made a bad joke about it and left it feeling so disappointed and sad that it lost all get-upt up and go. Sure, it might look like this, but in fact the fan simply melted in the hot, hot room.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/GDHPNS

How it is even possible for the heat to be able to melt objects that are inside, and ironically, meant to cool us down, is beyond us, but one thing is clear. If we do not do something to reverse the situation and save our planet, things will only get worse.

Florida weather be like

You know it’s really hot out when even the animals (which once were alright being in the sun), are desperate to look for shade. This picture is both funny yet sad at the same time. It is funny because these poor seagulls had the same reaction as us humans.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/shinkh

And it’s sad because all of them are trying to fit under one tree, and there is not enough room for them all. The other trees were probably cut down to build the buildings in the back and the parking lot.

Looking for shade

When its really hot on land, it is probably warm in the water too. And the reaction of these poor fish pictured below speaks volumes. The school of fish desperately swam to the shade, most likely to avoid the hot sunshine.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/carbonacal

But there is a theory that people on this picture’s thread came up with. Apparently,  water temperature tends to be even everywhere in the same depth, and fish care just not visible in the parts of the water where the sun shines is shining. We hope that premise is, in fact, correct!

Canada’s pride

You know it is an unusually hot day in Canada when Canada’s pride, the national animal, the beaver is out trying to find some shade to chill in. Well who would want to work building dams in the sun on a very hot day? Exactly, nobody!

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/break_me_down

And by the position he was sitting in, we can only assume that the poor thing was hot and bothered under that fluffy coat of his. Hopefully, his dam is not far away, and he will be able to cool down soon.

Alaska too

Who would have thought it?! But it is true! Alaska was hit with a heatwave recently too, and we can only assume that the animals there were not ready or expecting the temperature to rise. This moose pictured below looks like the heat took him by total surprise like it did the rest of the residents of the state.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Mepherson

We’ve never been to Alaska, but we are pretty sure that this place and high temperatures do not really mesh together well. Poor moose! Lucky for him, someone turned on the sprinkler so this guy can cool down a bit.

Crow line

If we did not see the shadows the trees made, we would most likely wonder why and what were these crows were lining up for. Because they were all in perfect formation, and they looked like they were waiting in line to buy something.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/mosskin-woast

They say that crows are even more intelligent than dogs and pigs. That is pretty intelligent. The weather in California has been really hot lately, and it looks like there were not that many trees to shade the birds, so no wonder they were really smart about it.

A whole mood

This squirrel is us all on a sweltering summer day: sweaty, drained of energy, sleepy, and without any will to move a muscle. Poor thing is a whole mood. It seems exhausted, most probably from all that jumping and acorn hiding.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/WemissPluto

Hopefully, the person behind the camera left some water in a container for this little guy. Animal shelters and veterinaries urge people to leave water containers outside during hot days for the animals that might not have access to any water.

Dealing with the head wave properly

That day was so hot that this guy gave up and went into the flower pot that was filled with water. According to the person who posted this picture, this cute Lab pup was found chilling in front of the store while waiting for its owner to finish running his errands.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/noNSFWcontent

One has to love Labradors. They are sweet dogs that do not miss a chance when it comes to swimming/ being in water if they have the opportunity to do so. So we know exactly what made this pup jump in: the heat and his Labrador genes urged him to get in the water.

The dream place

The man pictured below got so sick and tired of the heat in his hometown in Florida that he booked a flight to good ol’, snowy Canada. And it looks to us that he took advantage of every second of cold days that he enjoyed there.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Thejohnnycheese

For those who do not live in hot places, this may seem a bit extreme, but this scene is a dream for those who are constantly dealing with sky-high temperatures. To be able to walk outside and be hit by a frigid breeze is like heaven for some people who do not tolerate the heat well.

Hot bulldog

And when we said hot we meant it because this little guy or girl not only looks hot but it hot too. Poor little thing. For those who don’t know, bulldogs and brachycephalic breeds in general struggle 10 times more in the heat than other dogs.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Ruthless53

So no wonder this pup went straight to the ice and laid there to cool down. If your pup also has a short nose, ice blocks and cold baths are essential for caring for your pet during hot summer days.

Korea heat

There is nothing worse than being outside in the heat and being overly dressed for that kind of weather. We can only feel for this poor Samoyed pup and the struggle he was going through while being out under the hot sun in that fury coat of his.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/PandaInvasion2k17

Samoyeds are snow dogs, and they love cold weather. Not only do they love snow, but their coat is made for the cold weather too because Samoyeds have two layers of hair to protect them from the cold. Now imagine how much he must have been enjoying lying under the freezer.

The struggle

Looking at the pictures below, all we can say is that the struggle was real that day. The hot sun made this group of supporters gather in the thin shadow of shade of the stadium light. Meanwhile, some supporters clearly gave up.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/llagerlof

The group of people at the bottom of the stairs stayed under the baking sun despite the hell-hot heat. Now, this is a real supporter, the one who would endure snow, hail, or in this case, the sun’s rays just to be there to shout for and support his favorite team.

What a “lucky” day

Imagine having to be in the heat while running your errands. You’re sweaty, you’re thirsty and all you can think of is a cold can of soda. You happen to see a vending machine, and you run up to it as fast as you can to get yourself that cold refreshing drink.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/GrepekEbi

Only for you to realize that even the cans couldn’t take the scorching heat. The heatwave made them blow their lids literally, and sticky soda escaped everywhere. At least luckily for those desperately needing a drink, the bottles were still intact.

Colorado heat

Colorado is known to be a pretty invigorating place, with moderate summers and cold, snowy winters. Over the past years, summers in Colorado have become way hotter than they used to be due to the global changes in climate.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/denverdrew

And unfortunately, not only do the guilty have to suffer the repercussions of climate change. The ones who had nothing to do with it are struggling with the high temperatures as well. Poor animals, they are having it harder than us.

Hospitality level 100

There is nothing like a good shop that goes the extra mile, one that has its people trained to offer the best customer service that they can. The staff’s hospitality, their smiling faces, and amiability will always bring returning clients back to the shop.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/lunchboxx78

The picture above is proof of good customer service training. The staff of this petrol station decided to put covers on the door handles so their customers won’t burn their hands trying to open the insanely hot door. Now that is really thoughtful of them.

Belgium heatwave

During the heatwave, the food that hedgehogs eat is found in lesser quantities than normal, so the little spiky beings start wandering around in order to find something to eat. Their favorite place to look for food is in people’s back yards.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Nonunsenses

Especially if there are pets living there, they know that a bowl of kibble shouldn’t be far away. This little guy named Eddie The Hedgehog started coming every night to this person’s house just to feast on the food that was offered to him. At this point is fair to say that Eddie is not a wild animal anymore.

Slow cooker on wheels

We all felt like we were being slow-cooked when driving in our cars on a really hot summer day. It turns out that this is exactly what the cars become when the temperature outside is high: really big slow cookers.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/AZHouseGOP

This Reddit user decided to test how hot his car got during the late hours of the morning, and the result left him (and us too) in awe. The car was so hot that in no more than 2 hours, the piece of meat that he left on the dash got cooked. And it came out exactly how we like it, a perfect medium-rare.

Sleeping Buddha

This Buddha candle was so over the heat going that was happening outside that day that he decided to go for a nap instead. We get it; we all feel like doing nothing but sleeping when outside is hot. So no judgment here!

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/slowend

The heat in Australia was so harsh that day that it made this Buddha candle melt. All that without even his wick being lit. If this should not worry us and make us change our ways before its too late, then we don’t know what else we can say.

Buh-bye casette adapter

The Sun while beating down hard one day, decided that some people needed to be more up to date when it comes to technology. So he destroyed all the “old scholl tech” the previous generation used back in the day to make sure everyone got with the program, or with the download in this case.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/NIPLZ

For those who don’t know, this right here is a cassette tape that people used to listen to music on their walkmans or boom boxes back in the day. And when you think that now all you need to do is to connect your phone to the car’s Bluetooth system.

The well behaved dog

According to the user who posted this picture, his black Labrador pup is usually a really well-behaved dog. He knows his place in the house, and he is very obedient. But not that day, that day the poor pup forgot about his manners.

Photo courtesy of Pleasingtumblog.tumbblr.com

And all of this because of the heat. Desperate times ask for desperate measure folks, and this pup wasted not a second when he saw that bucket full of ice. He looks like he was begging for his human to open a bottle for him too.

Too hot

You know that it is too hot when even the cold-blooded reptiles feel like “jumping” in the cold water in order to cool themselves down. The Aussie Reddit user found this guy cooling down in the bath he prepared for the birds.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/whitecollarzomb13

There might be another explanation for this. As we all know that reptiles, being cold -blooded, always look for warm places to warm up their bodies. As we assume that the water in this bowl was warm, the snake thought it was the best place for his warming up session.

The gummy cement

Who knew that the Land Down Under has gummy sidewalks? There is no need to say that this is every kid’s dream. All jokes aside, the day that this picture was taken was so hot that even the tar on the sidewalk melted.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/7shades

But sure, as usual, there are both good and bad parts to this. The bad part: that tar probably destroyed a couple of shoes that day. The good part about it: the remodeling of the road the natural way. You know, natural is trending right now. Way to go, Australian Sun!


This is the first word that came to our minds when we saw this picture. It looks to us that this rain was long-awaited for and that day a lot of people felt nothing but pure relief. The happiness of this guy who was just lying there enjoying the rain is everything.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/mrObry

According to the Reddit user who posted this picture, after weeks of temperatures well over 40 degrees Celsius, this rain was nothing but a blessing. The more we look at this, the more we can smell and hear the sheer happiness that this photo portrays.

The adventures of a moose

Being an animal with a thick coat of hair on you during hot summer days must probably be one of the worst feelings ever. Not to mention if it happens when you not to have access to water, the situation gets worse.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/FleshlightMode

Lucky for this moose, she did not have to suffer from heat that day because she found some cold water to help her cool down. And man, she sure took advantage of every single little drop of water. She was so happy with what she found she decided to try to take it home with her.

Swimming with pigs

If you surf the internet often, you probably know that visiting the Pig Island in the Bahamas and swimming with the pigs is a trendy thing to do. This destination is probably one of the top destinations in the world right now. And no wonder!

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/pommax

The landscapes there are incredible. But despite this, the farmer pictured above did not have need to travel to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas, so he brought this local pigs to swim with him. Ladies and gents, we present to you: Swimming with the pigs, Netherlands edition!

Too tired for anything

It seems to us that this fox went into this person’s yard with a purpose, probably to either steal a chicken or the dog’s food. Whatever the plan was, it looks like he ran out of momentum and decided to take a lazy nap instead.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/sfindlay90

And we totally cant blame him for this, as the heat outside was wicked that particular day. Who in the world would even be able to go out and steal a chicken from humans or the kibble human’s companion eats? We tell you, nobody would have the energy to do so.

Thoughtful and nice

This was outside in someone’s yard, in a tiny town in Virginia, USA. Yes, you read that right; someone was willing to offer some mini pools for the pups who needed to stay outside to be able to cool down during the heatwave for free.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/beeem

We don’t know about you, but posts like this restore our faith in humanity and give us the hope that everything might just be ok if we all work together. There are still people out there who mean good and are very thoughtful of others. People like this deserve a big “Thank you” and a prize!

Convenience store pup

This pup is the mascot of the convenience store pictured below. According to the user who took this picture, the owner of the store lets this stray dog cool down every time the temperatures outside rises. A small gesture, yet a pretty big deal for this pup.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/ZororiTheFo

The doggo has water and dog food him there too. In return, the doggo makes sure not to leave any mess behind him and to respect the store’s customers. He is such a lucky pup; not enough pups have the opportunity to hide away from the heat.

Trees are vital

Here is yet more proof that trees are vital in fighting climate change. The more trees there are, the more shade there is, and the better it is for our fellow animals and for us. But sadly, some farmers out there forget about some of their livestocks needs.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/DrBonerman

Like in the picture above, for example. The sheep, even though their wool was cut, were desperate to get away from the beating sun. Lucky for them technology came in handy, in a very bizarre way,, it’s true, but it helped them get a bit of shelter from the hot sun.

Dog shoes

There should be a rule for everybody who owns a dog: no dog walking in the top heat of the day if the pup does not have dog shoes on. Sometimes we forget that during the hot summer days, the sidewalk gets so hot it can actually burn the pads of our dogs paws.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/miserableric

It looks like this Labrador pup’s owner did his research properly. His pup will not suffer any burns because of the hot cement that he has to walk on. Not to mention those shoes suit him, and his beautiful pup smile perfectly.

Desperate measures

Desperate times call for desperate measures, we know. But we would have never thought that this could apply even to those wild animals who are typically afraid of humans, like this wild hare, for example, who just wanted to get close to this lady to drink some water.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/DigitalOSH

It is bizarre and fascinating at the same time to see a hare that would normally run away from humans approach them only to satisfy his thirst. The weather that day must have been dreadfully hot. Look at how relieved he seems after getting something to drink.

Too hot to handle

You know that the temperatures are too high when even the reptiles are looking to cool down their bodies which are by nature already cold. This lizard wasted no time when it saw the cold drink that was put in his way.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/WoodPeckker

We don’t know exactly what flavor this drink was, but it looks like someone was really enjoying it. It seems to us that after this, the two became friends and now, every time the human goes to buy her favorite drink, she buys one for her little lizard friend as well.

Trick for hot days

If you have a four-legged buddy at home, this trick might come in handy for you, and for him as well. When the heat becomes too much for your little one to cope with, place a can of soda in the freezer.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/samanthahalpin

The frozen can will help them cool down, and they will love it. Not to mention that a frozen can, once the soda melts again, is the best thing to drink on a hot day. This is what we call catching two rabbits at the same time.

Whatever it takes

It seems like this pup owner knows how hot the sidewalk can get during summer, so he did not want to take any chances with his pups feet. He may not have dog shoes for his pup, but this did not matter. He made sure his pup was well protected.

Photo courtesy Reddit.com/Suspicious-Guidance9

Good job, dog dad! Whatever it takes in order to protect our pups, right?! But before we proceed, can we take a moment to appreciate how god this pup is. Sitting quite uncomfortably in there just because his dad said so. What a good boy!

Don’t judge!

If, for a single second, you had the impulse to judge this guy in the picture below, well, don’t! It seems like the weather there was really super hot and you know what they say: a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/lucasavancini

So our inventive guy did exactly what he needed to protect himself from the hot sunshine. Sure it was a very eccentric way of protecting himself but what matters is that his back did not get burnt but the sun that day. Way to go!