How Do You Keep Clean During the Time of Coronavirus?

By Ish Bautista

If there’s one thing that coronavirus has highlighted, it’s the need to keep ourselves as clean as we possibly can.

As well as regularly washing your hands throughout the day, there are also several other ways you can keep clean as this virus takes hold.

Here are five ways to ensure cleanliness throughout the coronavirus outbreak:

Keep Your Kitchen Clean Throughout

Ensure you regularly spray all kitchen surfaces with a disinfectant. Do this before preparing food, before eating food and afterwards.

Keep separate chopping boards for uncooked foods, washing and drying your hands carefully after touching raw meat. Regularly clean your kitchen floors with a disinfectant.

Clean Your Showers, Baths and Sinks Regularly

This means targeting those shower trays and shower curtains, tiles and grout, and scrubbing the shower hose itself. If someone has been ill, use a strong disinfectant to finish off here.

Image Courtesy of The Honest Company/Unsplash

Clean Your Toilets Regularly

Use a toilet cleaner throughout the day, keep the toilet bowl clean with regular flushing and spray the seat handle and rim regularly with a disinfectant.

Wash Your Clothes and Sponges Regularly

If you use reusable cloths and sponges as opposed to disposable cloths or paper towels, these will need to be continually washed at high temperatures after each use. Consider placing some brushes in the dishwasher or cleaning them with detergent.

Wash Your Laundry Regularly

Try to put items such as towels, underwear, and general household linen, on higher temperature washes each time to prevent any germs from spreading.

Image Courtesy of Volha Flaxeco/Unsplash

Once your washing is done, remove it from the machine straight away to further reduce potential germs breeding here. Wash your hands each time you’ve handled dirty laundry.