How To Deal With An Incessant Urge To Eat

By David S

Cases of compulsive eating can present themselves in familiar ways that we often don’t pay attention until they are advanced.

Consider answering these questions: Did you ever have to deal with your appetite? Did you ever have issues “stress-eating”? Did you discover you ate too much once because you decided to stay home all day? Do you feel a pressing urge to eat every other minute, almost feeling like you can’t help it?

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These situations can also be due to different things, but more often than not, they are effects of a compulsive eating condition. Compulsive eating disorder is not new to the medical field, and it has begun to gain serious attention in recent times. The condition makes you consume too much food within a brief period.

 A person suffering from a constant urge to eat would take very short breaks in between meals and may also eat more than they need during these visits. That is how it is like when anyone has the necessary eating condition. The clinical term for this condition Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

How then do you deal with that constant urge to eat? What are the steps to take?

Go Out To Source For Competent Assistance

This step is the first and most essential. See a clinical psychologist or a nutrition counsellor. Their assistance will surely come in handy as they would help you get to the root cause of the problem. 

Steer Clear From The Stigma

Many psychologist and dieticians advise that it is better if you avoid the stigma that follows this condition. The best service you can do for yourself is to shut out the stigma while you keep working on yourself.

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Consider Your Urge For A Second

Whenever the urge to eat something comes through again, pause for a second and ask yourself if it is necessary. The urge is not genuine most times, and you can suppress it by drinking water.  

Be Mobile

Do not stay in an area for too long. Change your environment as often as you can.