How To Stay Healthy While Working from Home

By Sam s

While many people love the idea of working from home, the reality of it for some can play havoc on their health.

Yet, with more and more of us finding ourselves working from home at some point in time, the need to create a healthy home environment during such times is crucial.

While working from home is convenient, it can also be the most lonely and inactive of choices.

Image courtesy of Mimi Thian/Unsplash

Work to a Schedule

Schedules for home workers are lifesavers! Staying up late each night and getting up later every morning will quickly start to drain your energy levels. Write up a detailed weekly schedule to keep up your productivity levels and stick to it.

Keep Active

Set several timers reminding you to take regular breaks. Then, aim to do some light exercises during each one. Keeping moving will ensure you keep your weight stable, while frequent breaks from your screen will reduce the strain on your eyes. 

Eat and Drink Healthy

Try to limit snacking throughout the day, sticking to fruit, nuts, and pulses for increased energy. Better still, prepare a good nutritious lunch every day. This will prevent that afternoon slump. Keep hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water. 

Keep Up with your Hygiene

Get out of those PJs and shower each morning, stepping into clean clothes every day. Even if you aren’t seeing others, continue to keep yourself clean, thus preventing potential illnesses.

Image courtesy of Mélissa Jeanty/Unsplash

Design the Best Working Environment

Ensure where you work gets as much natural light as possible. Try to open a window regularly throughout the day and make your workspace the most comfortable to sit at. You’ll work much longer in a comfortable place!