Important Tick Facts And How To Prevent Bites

By Peter C

Summer is characterized by warm weather, and it’s also the period of the year when some parts of the United States witness an increase in tick populations. This usually becomes a real menace for most people who love to spend most of their time outside during the hot months.

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For this reason, we are providing some facts for anyone who lives in a tick-prone area. You will know where you are most likely to encounter them, how to reduce your chances of getting bitten, and other helpful information.

Where Are Ticks Mostly Found in the United States?

First, it is important to know that there are different species of ticks as you will often see other species in different parts of the country. While ticks are very common on the west coast and the eastern side of America, they thrive well in wooded and grassy areas, which doesn’t exclude your backyard.

How Do Ticks Attach Onto Human Body?

It is often difficult to tell how ticks get onto people’s bodies. However, we know they are common in grassy areas and stick to plants and other vegetation, hoping to find a better host. When your body comes in contact with them, they take the opportunity and crawl up to where they feel safe. On the human body, you will most likely see ticks around your groin, under your arms, or scalp.

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Diseases Spread By Ticks

Ticks are carriers of diseases and can cause serious illnesses to their hosts. Unfortunately, you may not know if you have one on your body. Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Borrelia miyamotoi Disease, and Ehrlichiosis are some diseases you can get from tick bites. After tick bites, it is advisable to visit your doctor if you develop any flu-like symptoms.

Simple Tips to Protect Yourself from Ticks

To protect yourself from ticks, check if ticks are present in your area. Always wear tick-killing clothing; you can make one by treating your clothes with chemicals containing 0.5%  of permethrin. Also, you need to avoid grassy and wooded areas. If you live in tick-infested areas, always check your cloth and body after spending some time outdoors.