Is Facial Acupuncture An Effective Anti-Aging Treatment?

By Stephen M

Botox and other facial filler treatments have gained prominence in correcting various aging conditions and concerns. But did you know that there are effective natural methods for such treatments that come with no side effects? Facial acupuncture has become one of the surest and safest ways to deal with the physical effects aging has on our faces.

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Facial Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese remedy, which has been effective in treating several health conditions. The procedure involves inserting thins needles into specific parts of the body to balance, stimulate, and help in the flow of chi. The Chi or Qi is the flow of energy along the pathways that connects the various acupuncture points.

Facial acupuncture keeps the body and mind healthy and balanced. The procedure can help eliminate acne and acne scars and stimulate collagen production to improve skin complexion and make it radiant. Let’s go through how acupuncture can serve as an effective anti-aging treatment.

Fixes Swollen Face

Your swollen face may be a result of some underlying health conditions. Acupuncture comes in here to deal with the swollen face (symptoms) and its underlying cause if any. Sometimes, health issues like kid problems, allergies, and poor digestion systems can cause swollen faces. Before treatment begins, the acupuncturist diagnoses the main cause of your condition. Afterward, the specialist will carefully insert the needles at the places that matter to start the healing process.


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Effective acupuncture balances your hormones and brings sanity to the skin. To acupuncturists, any breakout in the skin can be due to your internal heat, i.e., the digestive system. With consistent treatments, you can have your lovely skin back. All you need is patience.

As mentioned, acupuncture can give your skin a radiant look and eliminate most signs of aging. That aside, it can tighten your skin while improving muscle tone. If you are troubled with a wobbled jawline, acupuncture can bring it back to normal or present something better like a tight, lifted jawline. To have your youthful look back, acupuncture is your surest bet.