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45 Questionable Yet Useful Inventions That We Can Only Find In Japan

When we think of Japan, the first thing we think of is the amazing food, the entertaining anime, and the gorgeous views. However, did you know how good they are with inventions? Products manufactured by the Japanese are highly regarded in the market as they last longer.

Regardless of how you feel about the country, there is no doubt that Japan is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced places in the world. Their creations have made all of our lives easier. However, sometimes they make things so easy that we start wondering if we even need them.

Japan is notorious for some hilarious and questionable creations. In this listicle, we have gathered 45 of these crazy inventions for your enjoyment. Who knows? Maybe our lazy souls might find them useful!

Mop Shoes

This item feels like a fever dream. Whenever we were tasked with mopping the floor, we always ended up with back and shoulder pain by the end of the day. No matter how light or flexible the mop pole was, it always ended up hurting us. 

Image Credit: heathernicoletoledo/Instagram

Japan, however, has a wacky yet highly effective solution. The days of hunching over the floor like a porcupine are over! With the brand new mop shoes, you can clean your home while walking casually. Get some for your lazy family members!

Remote-Controlled Mops

Nevermind. Get this one. Mop shoes are cool and convenient. However, how could it ever compete with a remote-operated mop? Adulthood is a pain; we are no longer children who can leisurely enjoy life and play around. Adults have adult problems like pleasing their bosses, finding a partner, or paying bills.  

Image Credit: samaratoday.ru

There is no better way to reconnect with childhood than this. It’s basically a toy for grownups. Think about it: you could do chores while enjoying the process. People would most likely laugh at you if they saw you playing with a remote-controlled mope. Hence, you should just get this mop. 

Penguin Romance

Why would anyone care about the romance between an emotionless girl and a sparkly vampire when you could observe a penguin romance? If you think your own love life is turbulent, you haven’t met the penguins from the Kyoto Aquarium yet.  

Image Credit: oliverjia1014/Twitter

The aquarium created a dramatic romance board that could give Mexican telenovelas a run for their money. Sometimes there are breakups or completely unexpected pairings. The penguins often cheat on their partners with their human caretakers. One female penguin switched six mates in a single year! 

Turtle Tunnels

There are many unnecessary inventions hailing from Japan. However, this one is actually highly necessary. Turtle tunnels are very important, and we applaud the country for this initiative. In fact, we should also strive to design structures such as this to protect our wildlife. 

Image Credit: dubhead_dena/Reddit

Japan is a fast country. While humans can keep up with this fast pace, animals can’t. Hence, they need some assistance. Therefore, the Japanese created these safe tunnels under the street for turtles to pass through. It’s especially necessary as the wild turtle population is depleting.  

Square Watermelon

Japan takes its fruit very seriously. They perceive fruits less like food and more like a work of art. In Japan, they not only care for the taste but also for the looks. They literally give each other fruits for Christmas. It makes sense, as these delicacies can cost thousands of dollars. 

Image Credit: natyiramirezg/ Instagram

The square watermelon has no other special attributes other than being square-shaped. It looks like the logo from the Cocomelon YouTube channel. If you have a few spare hundred-dollar bills to spend, you should purchase this. Just know that it tastes the same as a regular watermelon.  

The Soundless Speaker

Folks from Japan are famous for their refinement and manners. When you are in public, it is an unspoken rule not to bother anyone else and go on with your day. People literally refuse to take calls when they are in a crowded environment, such as the train. 

Image Credit: kakaku.com

However, Japanese people are humans at the end of the day. Etiquette gets in the way of your urges and desires very often. Hence, this product helps you speak or sing in public without bothering the people nearby. It has an earpiece that will deliver the sound only to your ear and no one else’s. 

Anti-splash Frame

Being a woman is hard. Traditionally, they are expected to have longer hair than their male counterparts. However, long hair comes with another set of pain. Haircare time is longer, and you have to spend plenty of time to comb it. It’s especially annoying when it gets to your food.  

Image Credit: portis043/Reddit

Hence, the Japanese fellas designed this frame to prevent hair from getting into food. Things such as hot soups or broth can also no longer splash and cause harm to your hair. It looks wacky. However, we cannot deny its usefulness. Just avoid wearing it in public.  

Nap Buddy

You might think this gentleman is being slapped by a robot hand. However, this is not the case. This is a mechanical arm that can assist you while sleeping. Haven’t you ever fallen asleep and your face slipped off, or your arms started hurting? 

Image Credit: didlyboop/Reddit

This invention offers the solution. It gives your head a resting place when it gets tired. Japanese folks are well known for their hard-working attitude. However, in the modern age, it led to a toxic work culture where people barely have enough time to sleep. Hence, inventions like these are kind of important.   

A Couch Potato’s Dream

The slow-beating hearts of lazy people all around the world increased in pace at the sight of this invention. These magnificent refrigerators by Panasonic come to you with your food instead of you going to them. What more could a couch potato want?    


The fridge has LIDAR laser technology that can sense any obstacle in its surroundings and safely reach you without knocking anything over. It came out in 2017. One of these fridges will cost you $5000. Even though it’s a hefty price, lazy souls like us will gladly pay it. 

Ramen Bed Cover

Ramen is our ultimate guilty pleasure. We’re aware that it is an unhealthy dish. Ramens are filled with sodium and have little to no nutritional value. However, it is a dear friend that stayed by our side while we were penniless college students or feeling lazy. 

Image Credit: AliExpress

We all love it to some degree. But do you love it enough to share a bed with it? This set of bed covers will challenge your palette in ways you didn’t think were possible. They have a complete set. The pillow covers are based on popular ramen brands. 

Nose Clips

Life was never easy for women. It is especially harder for Asian women. You may already be aware of their absurd beauty standards. Some of these standard features are impossible to achieve unless you get cosmetic surgery. Countries like South Korea and Japan are popular for such procedures.  

Image Credit: lazada.com.my

Asians desire a cute pointy nose with a small nose bridge. This product makes the procedure slightly easier. This clip reshapes your nasal cartilage and gives you that ideal shape over time. It is not the healthiest product. However, it’s better and cheaper than going under the knife. 

Liberation Napkin

A burger is rarely a polite dish. There is a reason why you won’t see them in pristine fine-dining restaurants. It’s nearly impossible to eat burgers without making a mess. The burger is designed that way. When you eat it in public, you have to be prepared to make a funny face.   

Image Credit: First We Feast

This clashes with the polite reputation of japan. It is especially considered unladylike for a woman to eat burgers. Therefore, this ridiculous napkin was designed to salvage that situation. The grin on the napkin aligns perfectly with your face and hides the scene of you taking a massive bite out of the burger.    

Funnel Glass

We don’t care if you think we are a coward; we love this product. Humans are most well known for being scared of injections. People like us, however, are scared of even administering eye drops by ourselves. It can be surprisingly very hard for some people. Your fingers could shake and lose aim. 

Image Credit: DKN TV

The droplets could thus easily end up in your nose or, worse, in your mouth. Swallowing eye drops can be fatal. This funnel is, therefore, highly regarded by the Japanese. A company named Topcon made it back in 1991, and it’s been a hit ever since. The funnel gives you smaller room for error.

 Selfie Stick With A Microphone

We do not know who on Earth would want a product like this. However, it is quite popular in the East. The product is quite simple. It’s literally a selfie stick with an additional microphone. With this product, you could take videos while speaking into the microphone. 

Image Credit: John Lewis Store

We could see vloggers or YouTubers finding appeal in this product. Fame comes with causing disruption in public these days. What better way to cause chaos other than singing into the built-in microphone in the middle of the public? We are kidding. Please don’t do that!

Umbrella Tie

This is the nearest we’ll get to becoming James Bond. You know that meme that says, “shut up and take my money?” That’s how we feel about this product. We will most likely surprise some folks if we use this in public. That’s because the others are not as fabulous as we are. 

Image Credit: OneDio

The instructions are simple. This product can function as an umbrella while being camouflaged as a tie. If you scratch this far enough, you can even use this as a weapon. Beating up a few thugs with your hidden umbrella is the ultimate way to assert dominance. 

Danrich Muscle Tee

Men also have a tough time. While the beauty standards for men and women have loosened in the 21st century, they’re not completely gone. Not all of us are perfectly sculpted humans. And neither do we have time to go to the gym and gulp down gallons of protein shakes. 

Image Credit: marcianos.com

That is where the Danrich Muscle Tee comes in. Just because you cannot put in the effort to look like a ripped alpha male, it doesn’t mean you should admit defeat. This t-shirt has padding in the right places to make it seem like you bulked up. 

Robot Waiters

When it comes to robotics, very few countries can defeat Japan. They create new stuff to assist society almost daily. This one, in particular, is very wholesome. Robot cafes are quite common in the country. Usually, the robots serve the food or create the food. 

Image Credit: dumpling_k*ller/Reddit

These robots are controlled by people with disabilities. It is hard for disabled people to find employment. This cafe specifically hires them to control the robots and serve the quest without moving from their positions. This can help them feel like a functional part of society.  

Sound-Catching Pillow

What more could a couch potato ask for? Laying down and watching a show can be quite difficult. When laying on our sides, one ear will definitely be muffled. Some of us fold the blocked ear in order to hear better. However, it’s not a good solution as it may hurt after some time.

Image Credit: Shaam Times

This pillow offers an uncommon resolution to the issue. You no longer have to get up in order to hear what the television is saying. You could lie down in comfort as the pillow itself will provide you with sound. It comes with a speaker that won’t deprive you of hearing. 

Rain Indicators in Elevators

It rains abundantly in Japan. During the rainy season, it pours for almost two months constantly. Sometimes, the rain arrives outside of its designated season. Therefore, the Japanese always have to be prepared for the sky to shed tears without any notice.

Image Credit: bartorzech2/Reddit

Hence, this elevator is quite convenient for the average Japanese. It’s very inconvenient to go outside for an important task only to get soaked. Even the most organized person can forget to check the weather report. Therefore, while you are in the elevator, it provides you with a warning.   

Self-Driving Fast Food Cars

While we are living in 2023, Japan is living in 2030. They don’t have time for food trucks. Why spend valuable human resources on a truck when you have the best robot technology in the world? That is why KFC has released these driverless vehicles to deliver food to common folks.  

Image Credit: cottagecow/Reddit

KFC is a huge part of Japanese culture. It’s literally their Christmas meal. Imagine buying a nice, warm chicken sandwich on your way to school. You don’t even have to take a detour. The food will come to you. It’s amazing how the cars don’t hit anything on the busy streets. 

Anti-Aging Product

It’s not even up for debate: Asian skincare is far superior to those of any other culture. We don’t know how they do it. They put more emphasis on the condition of the skin, whereas the West likes makeup more. Asian skincare is also cheaper in price and higher in quality. 

Image Credit: Markozen

Men and women alike start using anti-aging products right after they turn 30. To make sure their skin stays as youthful as possible, they take a number of procedures, including facial massages. This product may look like a Halloween prop. However, it is a skin-tightening device.  

Translator Mask

While we are living in 2023, Japan is living in 2050. We said that already, but it’s true. Until very recently, Japan’s percentage of foreign or international language speakers was low. These days, the younger generation is more prone to acquiring a second language.  

Image Credit: Corriere Italiano

Japanese people don’t have time for Google Translate. That’s why Donut Robotics invented this brilliant mask that can translate speech into eight different languages. It’s only fifty dollars each. In our opinion, they should have charged more, especially because it also keeps you safe from any viruses.

Umbrellas Locks

This is most definitely not an unnecessary invention. In fact, we should all purchase these from Japan. All of us have lost our umbrellas at some point. We let it dry somewhere after using it in the rain. Chances are it will never be found if you are not careful.  

Image Credit: unknown/Reddit

The Japanese do not have time for such nonsense. They created this custom locker for your umbrella that prevents theft. You can dry your umbrella on it without taking up too much space. They also assign numbers so that you don’t forget which ones are yours. Almost all Japanese public facilities have one of these. 

Bathtub Phone Holder

Almost all of us are heavily addicted to our phones. It feels like we’re missing a limb when we are apart from it. Chances are you are also reading this listicle from your phone. The only time we are apart from our phones is when we are sleeping or bathing. 

Image Credit: Brightside

Japan salvaged that problem with this invention. It’s quite literally a floatation device for your phone. Unless you have a waterproof phone, you cannot safely use it in a watery environment. With this, you could relax in your bathtub without fearing for your phone’s life.

Robotic Dinosaurs Hotel

This Japanese hotel will give all Jurassic Park theme parks a run for their money. Dino-themed rides are cool. However, can they serve you and bring you comfort? The answer is ‘no.’ This hotel replaced human servers and put dinosaurs in their place. 

Image Credit: AZ Central

Whenever a guest arrives, the sensor notifies the robots. Therefore, the guests are greeted politely by these terrifying prehistoric yet oddly adorable beasts. They provide you with any service that you get from a regular hotel. Only this time, there is a T-rex delivering your bath towels.     

Robotic Banker

Banking has drastically changed in the last few decades. There was a time when we had to physically go to the bank for the smallest transaction. However, nowadays, we do it all from the comfort of our homes. All banks are digitalized, and you can do your transactions with just your phone.   

Image Credit: unknown/Reddit

However, Japan had to blow all completions out of the water. As we stated a few times at this point, Japan is years ahead of the rest of the world. In 2014, the Japanese bank SoftBank issued these humanoid robots called “pepper.” These robots can recognize faces and even detect emotions. 

Pink Barricades

The country of Japan has mastered the ‘cutesy’ art to its core. You’ve probably heard the word “Kawaii,” which translates to ‘cute’ in Japanese. They have a history of making the simplest of things aesthetically pleasing. Many of the ‘cute’ icons, such as Hello Kitty and Doraemon, hail from Japan. 

Image Credit: The Old Reader

Manufacturing cute animals and characters are culturally significant to the country. Hence, these huggable construction site barriers make sense for them. Usually, people wouldn’t put much effort into these, especially when it involves a harsh environment such as a construction site. Well, Japan is built differently.

To The Ones Who Passed Away

If you are born, you will also experience death one day. That’s the law of nature. However, those who are left behind are left to deal with the grief of loss. We all go through it at some point. But the fact that grief is so common doesn’t make it any easier.

Image Credit: Straits Times

The “telephone of the wind” is set in an empty field in Japan. Rumor has it that your loved ones can hear you if you call them from here. It doesn’t have any functionality. However, we like to believe they can hear us. If only there was a way we could hear them. 

Baby Mop

Kids are pretty useless. When you think about it, they can’t help around the house for years! They’re always getting things out of place and leaving their toys scattered around the house, but they can only help when they’re a bit older and understand the concept of cleanliness.

Image Credit: Baby Nerd

However, this invention gives them purpose. Since they like to crawl all over the house, we might as well give them something to work for. The Japanese have invented this jumpsuit/mop that fits most infants. As they crawl from one end to the other, they will leave the floor squeaky clean.

Japanese Rice Art

The Japanese have a rich history of art. For hundreds of years, they created many remarkable art pieces. They even invested in many of the artistic techniques that are applied by many well-known artists all over the world. The rice art technique is an underrated art method.   

Image Credit: El Comercio

To achieve this, the artist has to dye rice grains in color and place them intricately to create shapes and figures. The Tambo art is created by the farmers of Inakadate village in Japan. It takes a lot of time to create one of these. Each tells a unique story from the artist’s perspective. 

Vertical Parking Space

As the population is increasing all over the world, the need for land is also increasing. There are too many people and very little space to accommodate them. Hence, we should learn to use space efficiently in order to reduce risks in the future. Japan has, of course, taken the initiative toward it. 

Image Credit: Polyinterior

These smart parking spots take up very little space. Instead of taking up unnecessary space, they decided to make a conveyor belt system that would stack up the vehicles on top of each other safely. After you are done with your chores, your vehicle will be delivered to you without a scratch.  

Tiny Washing Machine

Billionaire Bill Gates supposedly likes to hire lazy people as they somehow find a way to find the easiest solution. We have a feeling such a person has come up with the idea for these mini washing machines. It is hilariously unnecessary, yet somehow serves its purpose. 

Image Credit: Japan Trend Shop

This mini washing machine created by the Japanese company Thanko is meant to clean your small waterproof gadgets. Things like waterproof earphones or watches fit perfectly into this. All you have to do is pour water into it and connect its USB cable. Your gadgets will come out squeaky clean.  

Eco-Friendly Toilet/Sink

This is absolutely brilliant, and we should all purchase this. As days go by, our resources are dwindling. Scientists fear that we will face a time when we won’t have any water to drink. Some regions of the world are already facing repercussions. Hence, we should all put in the effort to save the future. 

Image Credit: Telemundo

This brilliant invention has a sink on its toilet flush. When you think about it, we do not need crystal-clear water for the toilet. It’s, after all, flushing away our dirty business. Hence, it can never be clean even if you use pure water. This invention helps you reduce waste by reusing water. 

Pet Robots

As beautiful as Japan is, Japanese society has a high depression rate. Asian culture tends to stigmatize mental health, which is why countries like Japan have a high suicide rate. This is why it’s necessary for them to find companionship. However, humans aren’t the most dependable. 

Image Credit: honey_meets/ Instagram

Animals are excellent. However, there is a high chance you will see them die one day. Therefore, many in Japan prefer robot pets like this. They offer you comfort, yet they do not require food or grooming. Since they are inanimate objects, they cannot die.

Selfies in Space 

No one loves selfies as Asian folks do. Countries like South Korea, Japan, and China adored taking selfies even before they became popular. It is estimated that they take at least one selfie every day. The desire for a nice selfie won’t leave you, even if you leave the Earth. 

Image Credit: unknown/Reddit

The JEM Internal Ball is a selfie stick for astronauts. These globes have built-in cameras that capture high-quality photos. They are designed to function in the zero-gravity atmosphere of a spaceship. It is safer, as normal cell phones have the risk of malfunctioning in a gravity-less atmosphere. 

Toe Stretchers

All of us have different feet. Even if we may have the same shoe size, they will never be the same. Even though our feet are different, we all have to wear mass-produced shoes that are based on a general size. That’s why this product is helpful. 

Image Credit: Amazon

The shoes we wear often alter the original shape of our feet. After a while, it might start causing us pain. That’s why these Genki-Kun toe stretchers assist us in getting our original feet back in shape. It helps us with better blood circulation. 

Vending Machines for Cats

Vending machines are an iconic part of Japanese culture. They are on every street corner. All of them hold affordable things like soda, ramen, or hot sandwiches. It is basically an introvert paradise. However, these vending machines can also hold non-traditional items like bracelets or toys.

Image Credit: examinexistence/Reddit

This adorable vending machine sells cat hats. As cat lovers, this soothes our hearts. If it were up to us, we would immediately board a plane and purchase a hat from this vending machine. Alas, we are too broke. All we can do is dream from an obscure corner of the world.   

Bathroom Luggage Locks

Japan has a remarkably low crime rate. Many many think it is because of their justice system. However, the real reason is that there is little room for crimes. Most sectors of Japanese life are secured with various technologies. It’s hard to get away with theft when the items are being guarded by a robot. 

Image Credit: onedio

Those who like to travel may have lost their luggage at least once. Either someone stole it, or the airline lost it. However, this airport bathroom locks your luggage like it’s a first-degree murderer. Rest assured, your valuables are in a safe place.  

Color-Changing Umbrella

Admit it, we have all dreamt of living the anime lifestyle in japan. Just imagine walking down the streets of Tokyo in the rain with an umbrella. This umbrella manufacturer is dedicated to spicing up such experiences. RainStoppers created an innovative umbrella that can change colors. 

Image Credit: clipmass

When the umbrella is dry, it’s one color. However, when it gets wet, it changes to another different color. It’s especially fun during the rain. When the droplets fall on the umbrella surface, it looks like flowers are blooming. This is perfect if you want to experience the slice-of-life anime moment. 

Bluetooth Technology

Just when you think Japan cannot surprise you more, they hit you with something like this. How can anyone ever beat this? We may not have flying cars. However, we definitely have these wonderful sci-fi glasses. The lenses can function like your cell phone. 

Image Credit: Screen Rant

These wonderful glasses are called Fun’iki. A Japanese eyewear company has manufactured these innovative glasses that let you work on your phone without even looking at it. These glasses can connect to your phone and show you notifications. It reduces the neck pain we suffer from looking down at phones.  

Umbrella Walkway

Why bother carrying an umbrella and hurting your arms during a sunny day when you could just cover the walkway in umbrellas? This view is from the Moominvalley park in the Saitama prefecture of Japan. The inspiration for these is taken from Tove Jansson. 

Image Credit: onedio

The author created the hippo-like creatures called The Moomins. The iridescent umbrellas reflect various colors when the sunlight shines through them. It feels like you are walking through heaven when you walk under these glorious umbrellas. We recommend you add this location to your bucket list. 

The Umbrella

You can be as chill as you want. However, you will never be as cool as this lady. Just look at her umbrella. It takes special courage to walk through the streets with that thing and not feel bothered. How can she be bothered? Unlike the people around her, she is not getting wet.

Image Credit: DKN TV

There is only so much a normal umbrella can do to save you. You have to understand that rain does not fall completely vertically. An umbrella is meant to save you from water dropping from the heavens, not from sideways. With this umbrella, you have nothing to fear. 

Book Pillow

Have you ever felt like collapsing right before you are studying for exams? It is almost as if our body feels like sleeping at the sight of a book. Moments like these sabotaged our education many times. However, when life gives you a lemon, you have to make lemonade out of it. 

Image Credit: Noticias Ao Minuto

And make lemonade, they did. Someone invented this thing, and we just love it. Whoever thought of making a pillow out of a book was a genius! This will help those who have insomnia. It is also a cool item for those who like to nap at the library.  

Shoe Umbrella

Japan has an obsession with umbrellas, as you may have figured out by now. It is almost as if they hate the rain and the sun. The umbrella is a crucial part of Japanese culture, no doubt. They come up with a new variation of this item almost every day. 

Image Credit: Shaam Times

Of course, your shoes also deserve some love. Rain can occur at any moment in Japan. It’s especially volatile since the country is very prone to natural disasters. Hence, you have to be prepared all the time with these umbrella shoes. We cannot taint our Louboutins with dirty rainwater, can we? 

Chopstick Fan

We are surprised there aren’t tons of technologies involving chopsticks. These utensils are also a crucial part of Japanese culture. The Japanese use it during various religious ceremonies. They use these even when soups are involved. Therefore, we are shocked that there are few modifications for this cultural asset.  

Image Credit: eatdrinkplay.com

This chopstick fan functions quite simply. It is attached to the end of your utensil. As you pick up the noodles, it fans air into them and cools them. Therefore, you do not have to waste your energy by blowing air into it physically. Just focus on enjoying the taste of your ramen.