Moments Where People Were Caught Seething With Envy

By Jo Arazi

It’s one of the most pitiful, yet moving, feelings in the world. One minute you’re happy and content, the next you’re disgruntled with the change of circumstances. Somehow, your mind feeds you a lie that burns in the pit of your chest- that you’re replaceable and inadequate. Let us remind you that you’re neither. You are neither. And when that feeling has passed, as it surely will, you will be met with relief. How could you have even believed it in the first place? Maybe you can remind the following individuals who were caught with a glimmer of green-eyes. These people are seething with jealousy and probably shouldn’t have been at the times they were. But such is life! Hope they’ve gotten over it by now.

Purry Uncertain

Stuck at the corner of this cabinet, this cat sits with woe in her eyes, and her pink fluffy ears anticipating the call of her name. When you do call her, she’ll strut for a minute, taking her time, before casually striding unto the bed.

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She’s calmly observing your act of betrayal from afar. That’s her marking the territory. Because no matter what breed of animal you pet next, she will always be the Queen Bee. Her saber-sharp teeth and fleek nails will see to that.

Best Man

Jealousy takes its human form in this unmarried status. That best man may explain that the sun had caused him to squint in disbelief, but the experience would tell us that you’re either happy for the couple, or resentful of the bride or the groom.

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You won’t be able to hang out with your buddy the same way you did. And sometimes, best men also have similar preferences in women. Who’d he gracefully let go of in order to make this marriage work: his best friend, or a lost love?

Whenever, Wherever

When you’re looking this hot, best believe you’d be turning heads of either sex. It’s not like women have to compete with each other. Beauty just comes in different sizes, and if you’re confident enough it will shine through, as can be seen from the woman below.

Image Courtesy of Hive Miner

Isn’t that just the absolute embodiment of female sexuality and the way it can turn heads, a taboo item that has become acceptable because it has been brought to light? So go ahead and live your life, the way you want to.

Middle High

Those two words can trigger a series of traumatic events, or they can conjure up a scrapbook of fond memories. Take for example the most popular kids in school, hanging out with each other and thriving on each other’s passive-aggressiveness.

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It’s only in retrospect that we’ re thankful we didn’t fit in, but for the sake of reminiscing, it always feels like envy “wears a coat and hangs out in hallways”. In this girl’s case, her feeling of not being included was captured for all posterity.

Notice Me

This meek golden retriever inched her way towards her mum, peering up from over the side of the latter’s laptop. When she found that it was safe to come out, she made her move and edged on over for a rub below the chin.

Image Courtesy of Quora

Mum’s been working too hard and failing to notice the dog. Those e-mails and attachments have seized her attention. A couple of minutes of rub will do and a whole evening of cuddle will soften the distance. But the anticipation leading up to it is filled with envy of whatever’s taking up Mum’s time!

Odd One Out

The rules may not apply to the youngest but they suffer their fair share of exclusion during family outings. When you and your siblings are spaced too far apart, chances are your parents might forget they had an additional franchise.

Image Courtesy of Absolutely Connected

Just as that youngling with his outstretched palms is powerless to keep his sisters from eating any further without him. Where’s his sundae? Your parents seem to have favoritism for females in the family. Sad. This is the moment he’ll be talking about in therapy decades from now.

Age as a Number

Remember how when we were kids we wanted to hangout with our older siblings’ friends? On our birthdays we would blow out candles hoping we were older, and that we were cooler, or that we’d age as gracefully as everybody else.

Image Courtesy of Noteably

Now that that time has come, the wishes have reversed. Now the oldies wish they could turn back time and enjoy their youth without having to rush wisdom. Well, the only thing we’d be envious for in this picture would be that chocolate cake.


Every boy becomes a man when they see their crush choose someone else. That’s okay, that’s when testosterone and adrenaline builds, and you are forced to learn exactly how to man up. Can you spell crushed? From the looks of things, this dude certainly can.

Image Courtesy of Trolino

Let’s hope you stay emotionally resilient though. Because some people tend to take these heartbreaks personally. They become the very person causing the heartbreak, or the individual the heartbreak chooses. Now dry those tears, and wait for puberty to do its job.

Icy Layers

Take one look and you’ll feel the glacial chill in this picture. With that thick fur, you’d think that this Siberian husky would be able to tolerate the extreme temperature. But take a second longer and you’ll understand that the icy landscape had nothing to do with her demeanor.

Image Courtesy of

Unfortunately, you’re friend-zoned. Best friend-zoned to be precise, and it has been said of dogs decades before this picture was taken. We know the feeling all too well — having to be replaced by another woman. So we’ll sit this one out with this husky.

Make Believe

This dog owner pulled a trick on her ever-faithful golden retriever. She bought a stuffed toy that resembled her, albeit loosely at best. Then she took it and petted it in front of the other, and cooed at it. And it worked.

Image Courtesy of Absolutely Connected

In a few minutes, the real dog placed her paw to disengage her mother’s hand on the stuffed toy. And those eyes can’t lie. She’s broken in despair that an inanimate object would take her place. Give that dog a break.

Pumping Iron

When you’re new to the gym. you would be intimidated by the intensity of workouts other people subject themselves to, and the muscles bulging out of their skin. You start to wonder, will you ever be able to pump iron as intensely as they do?

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Of course you will. Just stick to the routine consistently. Start small and gradually build intensity. That momentum will kick in the minute you notice your shirt has gone loose, or those waistbands need some adjusting. Celebrate your victory by adding whey and weights.

Hedgehog Founder

Even pets have favoritism for some individuals. We don’t understand the vibe we should be emitting, to have us welcomed like that. They’ll nestle their bodies within your palms or they’ll rest. And apparently, this hedgehog just couldn’t get along with anyone else.

Image Courtesy of

Look at that, it’s not as anxious as it would have been if it were handed to the chick beside her. Spikes would thrust out from the center and you’d basically have a ball of thumbtacks. We feel her vibe too. We know we’d be in good hands.

No Longer the Youngest

Mum has just gone through delivery so she can’t witness this moment. We reckon we know how she’d react. Those stitches might come undone with her laughter. It should be a joyful moment for everyone, but you know it was unplanned if the youngest reacts this way.

Image Courtesy of Scary Mommy

We would probably feel the same way. You never tire of attention, and when you’re around 9 years old, you are not going to go and relinquish it willingly. We have enough playmates in school, we don’t want to share toys at home too.

New Partner In Crime

Animals continue to surprise us more and more. Last year it was just this furry little pooch and her owner in the picture taken max one meter from the ground, but now there’s someone else who’s hogging the spotlight. And she’s having none of it.

Image Courtesy of The Design Inspiration

Of course she’d have to jump to be included in the picture, but what was she doing? Was she marking her territory or fending it from him? Hold me instead, human! This dog is going to need to undergo some work to get over her separation anxiety.

Filial Love

This baby gets jealous every time her parents kiss. Look at those eyes, it’s as if she thinks she’s an outsider to this family. We would probably cradle her in our arms while her parents show affection to each other, at least until she’s old enough to understand what the Electra Complex is.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

No don’t kiss. Oh but why? Why?. It looks as if a smooch would deprive her of something, her dad, or their affection towards her. Little does she know just how important little moments of showing love like this are going to be crucial to keeping her family together!

Blinding Sight

If you had a boyfriend would you do the same, too? A healthy dose of jealousy is warranted, but maybe you should consider your partner’s tendencies to cheat or ogle at someone else. It really has no bearing on your worth.

Image Courtesy of The Design Inspiration

Loyalty in relationships is a fickle thing. Different things and events prey on your emotions. We wish this couple the best for the years to come. May his restraint be strong enough that she won’t need to put him under surveillance.

Getting Hitched

Expectations arise in long-term relationships. With each passing anniversary, you start thinking of sports matches as events where you could get engaged. That’s exactly what happened with the couple on the right end of the picture. Unfortunately, it was not well-received by the woman on the left.

Image Courtesy of Absolutely Connected

Why her? What’s with the uproar? When are YOU going to propose? Well, he might propose more ingeniously than the gray-shirted man. Proposals mid-match have lost the element of surprise. Or perhaps, she’s just annoyed that they’re even doing this in the first place. Get on with the game!

Birth Order

If the eldest child is often the overachiever, and the youngest one has a reputation for being the coddled baby of the family, being born as a middle child is said to be a risk factor for psychopathy. This picture proves such a claim.

Image Courtesy of

Your eyes initially browsed the top 1-inch of the picture, as it was typical of a family photo. You probably even felt yourself smiling, until you saw the middle child terrorizing her baby sister. Now even that got us laughing on our seats. Why were you born? Why did the stork have to intervene?

Timid Peering

Here’s another picture of a cat who exhibits some degree of territoriality. Just checking up on you guys…wondering what you’re doing and what I’m missing out on. It doesn’t sound like I’m missing out on much but it feels like I am.

Image Courtesy of Bright Side

Just wanted to let you guys know. And apparently so does your owner, otherwise he would not have plotted this scheme to catch you peering timidly. Your companion is just sleeping, nothing important here. But you can come on over.

Piece of Cake

Who wouldn’t want to sit at this table if it has a slice of cake on it? This woman knows her priorities, and has no care for calorie-counting. Leave it for those who don’t know how to enjoy life and the the trivial moments in between.

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We would love to be surrounded by friends and family on our birthday too. Maybe that’s what’s keeping her unhappy – her company. Grab a chair and sit with us. Just keep your paws off that cake, that slice isn’t for sharing!

Prom Night

The cameraman had the wrong subject to focus on. And this girl in the blue dress was having absolutely none of it, and rightfully reminded him of his error. Too bad her facial reaction was caught on camera, and forever immortalized on the internet.

Image Courtesy of Pikuci

Who’d you think he ended up with? His prom date or her friends? Because we were rooting for blue. He would have probably had an easier and happier life with orange or black. If your future spouse looks at you like your prom date, best believe you better have a great degree of self-control.

Fifth Disharmony

You’d think that this musical group is harmonious at the very least, but Camila could be the very undoing of it. Well, she has left the group for nearly three years now. She’s a rising solo star in the musical industry, and we can’t imagine her as this green-eyed monster.

Image Courtesy of Stay Strong/Tumblr

At least when it comes to her bae Jauren. When asked why she left the group, she remarked it’s because they were young and that they had limited themselves to a certain image she simply had to break free of. Atta girl!

Friends or Women?

You’d rarely see a guy getting jealous over a woman. But supporting your guys over gals is a common male concept in adolescence until early adulthood. That’s when gender roles are discussed and threshed out among cliques. And when your best mate takes that lunge into dating, you are going to be left by the sidelines looking like this.

Image Courtesy of Editor Choice

No one can ever take your place as his best man. A perk is that you’ll be vicariously living through your friend’s eyes as he meets women and discovers their vivacity. But you can’t be blamed for feeling a bit miffed in the process.

Exclusive Breastfeeding

We haven’t thought of breast milk as a disadvantage. But when you’re the only person within a group restrained to a liquid diet, you’re going to crave for more candles on your birthday cake. It doesn’t help that she makes a burger look mouthwatering.

Image Courtesy of The Sun

Just try to wait it out, kid — max a year and you’ll be eating semi-solid foods to your stomach’s contentment. It isn’t as appetizing as you think. You will want to revert to milk once you reach a certain age.

Appeal to Emotion

It’s one of the most basic fallacies, but it’s the most effective one so far. You know it’s a cat, and you can see by its disheveled fur that it’s a stray. But it has more meat than the poultry you buy over the counter. So would you give it a bite of your meal?

Image Courtesy of The Sun

We are guessing he did. We would have fallen for it. It’s too pitiful, yet cute that we can’t resist it victimizing others on an empty stomach. Plus, who would want to face the consequences of denying that steely gaze what it seeks?

High Hopes

This was before Leonardo DiCaprio was able to bag a Oscar Award. He had gone for several decades ruefully without it. One commentary said that it’s because his performances are consistently impressive, but if qualified, can only fall as “good”.

Image Courtesy of The Vanity Fair

To bag that award, you’d have to go from “meh” to “where did that come from? We never knew he had it in him”. And we’ve always known DiCaprio had it within since the Titanic sunk. Don’t worry, younger Leo; your day will come!

Guarding the Perimeter

This has an interesting backstory. The cat standing guard is named Beans. Doesn’t resemble the Englishman at all with his grouchy look, but that’s unimportant. The guy’s girlfriend gets a new dog, and tension rises between the innocent pup and the “old cat”.

Image Courtesy of Juliie 240 /Twitter

That dog is going to have to grow quicker than usual to dodge those claws. Either we lock him up in a cage, or we quarantine the cat to keep the house intact. He’d better have reflexes to match his adversary’s!

Going Neanderthal

From the looks of these two guys, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the one on the left is packing more meat than his buddy. That’s because he’s able to land the big fishes while his mate scores its children.

Image Courtesy of Dazzling News

If we had to survive in the wild, we would be more than jealous if a tribesman scores a weighty catch. We would be thin as the fishing strings cast against the river currents. Hope the other guy doesn’t take it too personally!

Furry Creatures

This kid has a rather obvious preference for felines instead of canines, and the dog by her side can tell. The kitten is totally oblivious to everything. That’s how it often is when you’re the new addition to the family.

Image Courtesy of

Cheer up doggo, those drooping flabs of skin will never be replaced by her pink paws. You’re every bit as adorable and as that cat, and the better part is that when she grows up, you’d be the right partner for a hug!

Wrong Choice of Treats

When your parents allow you to choose your treat, better do it with servings in mind. Would you go for a particular taste or a long-lasting treat? Because he seems to have lost appreciation for that ice pop for creamier cones.

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If we were placed beside someone who devoured a treat as excitedly as she did, we would consider our dessert options too. Was he shown the full menu? Or was he given one as a sole resort? Your pain is absolutely visceral, man.

Calling Your Cat-tention

We hate it when a sibling is leveraging against us, and what’s worse is when the object of our affection plays along with it. Look at her, this kitty is thinking, just look at that smug feline cooing against the leg of momma.

Image Courtesy of Absolutely Connected

Do you remember the last time you were held that way? Because all memories of that event have now been overtaken and flooded with feelings of jealousy. We hope it isn’t a total wipe-out and that there’ll be future memories to cherish.

Miss Congeniality

When the reigning queen has been named, it’s rather easy to think that all that effort, spray tan, and waxing has gone to waste. It’s not like there are any consolation prizes for those who didn’t quite make the cut.

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But we can hear the ill-tempo of that shallow clap and the pretense that she’s happy for her competitor. Better luck next time? Maybe you can work on your facial muscles — turn that smirk into a exuberant smile. She has the look for it.

Establishing Dominance

You’d think that with the months they’ve shared the unit together, they would be able to get along well. The older cat thinks otherwise. We can hear her saying: “How dare you feed us from the same plate. It and I are of different breeds. If you feed it from a container, then feed me one from a plate!”

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That’s literally a green-eyed monster staring you down the lens. And it should be the focus of your attention. In fact, it might be too late for you. First this snapshot, and then seconds later, claws digging into your flesh.