These People Prove That Being Lazy Actually Works

By Karen S

Have you ever wanted to increase your productivity while getting all your nutrients during a workday? Have you ever wanted to relax after a long day watching a funny video on your phone but could not find a comfortable position to hold it while laying on the couch? Or maybe you have waited for so long for a delivery that once it got there, you were too tired to even open the packaging. So you know how important it is to come up with a clever solution to your problems. We have compiled here images of regular people with ingenious ideas that made their life more efficient. From turning your hoodie into a bowl to eat treats from to making a makeshift birthday cake, these ideas will inspire you to use creativity to transform your life into a better version of it.

Comfortable Genius

After a long day at work, all we want to do is come home and chill while watching television in bed. But depending on our furniture setup, it can be really complicated to visualize the screen at the right angle. And if you want to lay on your side, the images will be tilted by 90 degrees, which can be annoying. Lucky for us, this guy created the perfect solution!

Image Courtesy Of BlazePress

All you have to do is lay your television on its side, so when you lie down on your side, the angles will match perfectly and you will have a great TV-watching experience. We think this is a very funny but clever idea. And to judge by his sleeping arrangements, he most probably had just moved to a new apartment when this picture was taken.

Burger Queen

Fast food restaurant lines can get pretty long. And this clever woman did exactly what everyone always wanted to do, but never had the courage to. While all the other customers are standing, hungry and with tired legs, wasting their energy, she patiently waits for her turn comfortably sitting on her throne, deciding what she will order from the menu.

Image Courtesy Of Memedroid/Mercenary_Hero

Of course, she could have just used the drive-thru window instead. But we can’t judge only by a picture, and maybe this specific branch did not have a functioning drive-thru or maybe the line there was even longer. Either way, we can only say she turned a pretty annoying situation into something at least less uncomfortable!

Glass Table Hack

Another genius entertainment hack. By putting his phone on the glass table, he can fall asleep in a comfortable sleeping position while watching anything he wants without having to worry about losing his phone between the sofa cushions or not being able to see the screen while the phone is just positioned next to him.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/vsyako

This kid is going places. Back in our day, our inventions were simple: we would read comic books with the help of a flashlight after bedtime so that our parents would not find out we were not asleep. Meanwhile, this child is combining technology with simple house objects, such as a glass table. We would love to know what inventions this kid will come up with in the future.

Funny Information Center

Oh, the irony. It must have been really scary for these tourists seeing that their chosen vacation spot doesn’t even want to hire an actual employee. After all, what does that say about the importance they give to tourists in the area?

Image Courtesy Of

Maybe this tourist information center is actually located in the middle of nowhere in a town with really bad cell phone service and no way for people to connect to WiFi. In this case, we will have to say it is better to have a tablet where tourists can do some research on their surroundings than no help at all. What do you think?

Lazy Escalators

Have you ever been so tired that you could not gather the strength to climb six steps? Or even worse, to go down the same six steps? It looks like many people have the lazy gene in their bodies, otherwise why would anyone even bother consider building such short escalators? The only other explanation is that the owner of this place was against the concept of ramps.

Image Courtesy Of

This is definitely an interesting idea for people who need to get to a different floor, but do not want to use their knees. But there are so many questions to be asked; for example, is this short escalator faster than climbing regular stairs? Does it serve another purpose other than avoiding exercise? How much more money was spent on building two short escalators instead of one single stairway?

Lazy Workout

On a treadmill, a minute can mean an eternity. And if your doctor has made you promise you would get a gym membership and go on the treadmill for at least twenty minutes every day, we know you have definitely considered some similar type of kludge. This way you get to keep your word but also don’t actually have to do any work or break a sweat. Genius.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/drollfeed

Obviously, exercise is important and, even if we don’t like to work out, everyone really should aim to at the very least walk for fifteen to twenty minutes every single day to keep our bodies active. That being said, some days just aren’t right for exercising, walking or even moving that much… And this woman gets it.

Clever Parenting

Oh, summer… The nice warm weather makes us all want to grab a beer and chill outside enjoying the season. But if you are a parent, relaxing outside can be a little difficult to do when your children are home on summer vacations. So why not combine two activities?

Immage Courtesy Of Twitter/Tranfobji3)

This parent has it all figured out: he attached a long rope to his daughter’s swingset and made sure she was properly secured on her seat, then brought the other end of the rope to his comfortable chair under the shade where he could enjoy his glass of cold beer – all while making sure his child is having the time of her life on her break from school.

Never Skip Leg Day

This place is perfect for anyone who is very serious about which part of their body they will be training on each day. That is, if you only want to exercise your legs on Fridays, you can use the escalators on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to make sure you will only need to work out your upper body.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/ArtistColor

All jokes aside, there are surely people in that area with reduced knee movement or people who simply cannot climb stairs that still might want to work out the other muscles in their bodies, and they can take advantage of these escalators.

Longest Straw Ever™

This guy should create a patent for his ingenious invention. If you have unpredictable roommates or restless younger siblings, you know how high the chances are of someone moving on the other side of the couch and accidentally making you spill your drink.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/fahadbhlq

But fear no more! This long straw can fix all your couch spillage problems. All you have to do is fill your glass with any beverage you prefer. We even dare you to drink the riskiest one of all, red wine — and enjoy the peacefulness of knowing your couch is safe from any spills and stains caused by full glasses and shaky hands.

Lawn Mowing Has Never Been Easier

This lazy genius came up with a fantastic method to mow their lawn without actually having to put any effort into this task. If you want to try this at home, all you have to do is tie one end of a rope to your lawn mower and the other end to a pole in the middle of your lawn. And while the invention does your work for you, you can go back inside, sit and relax.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/kago_tiisetso

This idea is perfect for those days when it’s just too hot outside and you would do anything to not have to work under the sun for even a single minute. And now you don’t have to! All you have to do is copy this brilliant idea on your own lawn and make sure that you have tied really strong knots on each end of the rope.

Comfortable Fireman

Obviously, this one we do not suggest you try at home. This person is keeping their distance from the fire, making sure they stay safe — and there’s no reason to not take a seat while using a hose to stop a fire from burning down a house. After all, if they’re going to be there for a while holding their arm up, they might as well give their legs some rest in the meantime.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/muhamedatian1

Besides, being a firefighter must be so exhausting: rescuing people inside burning buildings, saving the lives of people and animals, and literally putting out fires all day is the job of a superhero. All that under the stress of knowing they only have a few minutes to do so. They totally deserve to take a seat while keeping everyone safe.

Chin Up!

Have you ever been so tired that you could barely hold your neck up straight and keep your eyes facing whatever is right in front of you? This guy seems to have been dealing with this issue, so he came up with an interesting concept: a head hammock. Using his new invention, he can use the energy that was being spent on keeping his chin up on being extra productive at work!

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/savremenenbayganyo

This idea can also work well for those people who get distracted very easily while working or studying in front of the computer. By keeping your chin at the screen level, you will not be able to procrastinate as much – that is, if your phone is sitting on your desk or inside a drawer under your desk, you will not be able to just take a quick look at it, making it an active choice of pulling your head out of the hammock.

Dog Driver

If you ever get tired of walking your dog, you can always drive it! Apparently, all you will need is a car, a leash and a little creativity. It seems like the dog was feeling especially restless and needed to spend some of its energy, but its owner had somewhere to be and no time to waste, which led to killing two birds with one stone.

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/HILIFE.BG

We actually believe this would take even more work than walking the dog around the block. After all, you will have to get in the car, drive extra carefully, watch your dog and the road at the same time, park the car and get out to clean up after your pet, which seems like more work than necessary.

Shoe Line

After looking at this image, we are all wondering who came up with this brilliant idea and why this hasn’t been implemented in every single establishment where lines get long and people get tired of standing. By leaving your shoes on your place in line, you know your spot is being saved.

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/Astvmanagerweekend

Nowadays, many establishments have systems that use numbers or even apps where you can schedule appointments or keep your place in line. But not every company has these improved line systems yet. This idea would work particularly well in places such as banks and post offices, where people wait a long time in line to speak to a clerk.

Makeshift Popcorn Bucket

This guy is very creative. His hoodie-bucket idea cuts down on dish-washing time since he’s not using an actual bucket, avoids the need to use his hands to reach for the food and basically allows him to work without interruption, since he can simply move his neck and grab the popcorn straight with his mouth.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/everythingfunny

We do think this one is very clever, but we would like to make one very small suggestion: if you are planning on using this brilliant hack, make sure that before you pour the popcorn on your DIY bucket, you remember to cover your hoodie with parchment paper or put a paper bag under the popcorn to help with stains.

Vintage Headset

This guy was probably trying to cancel his cable TV and after a couple of hours got tired of holding his hand up to his ear. While this rubber band around his head was probably not the most comfortable thing ever, at least he did not have to deal with charging his Bluetooth headphones every day like we do nowadays.

Image Courtesy Of Onedio

Now you know what to do when your Bluetooth earphones run out of battery in the middle of the day. Simply grab a rubber band, place your phone on the side of your face, and secure it in place by wrapping the elastic around your forehead like a headband. People might think you look crazy, but it’s only a matter of perspective — we think it’s retro.

Paper Roll Holder

We have all been guilty at some point of just placing the new toilet roll on top of the old one waiting for the next person who needs it to put everything in order. But this person took our lazy trick a little bit too far. They placed the new roll next to the old roll, but still using the holder.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/geyikdelisi

This one may look messy and clearly lazy. But at least there is no risk of dropping the new roll, letting it unwind all around the floor and ending up with a bathroom that looks like it has been dressed up as a mummy for Halloween. Still better than placing the new roll on top of the old one!

Snow-Oh, No

Waking up extra early in the cold to clean the snow off your car every morning can be very unpleasant. And after a few days of winter, people start wondering if there is any way to make this work a little bit faster. And this person found the fastest solution to this issue. Please notice we said “fastest”, not best; even though it looks funny, this is clearly very unsafe.

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/hapali

In a world where time is money, we kind of understand why someone would consider wiping off only the portion of the windshield they might need to see the road, specially when the time being saved is being spent inside a warm, cozy home. But hopefully that person did not inspire many others to stop defrosting their windshields.

Apple Sticker

This person must have been so hungry that they did not even have the time to peel the sticker off their fruit. We believe this person has bigger problems than just laziness, especially considering that the laziness did not stop them from accomplishing their nutritious goal. At least they chose to eat fruit instead of chips!

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/alamalschoolhigh

Full of vitamins, studies have shown that there are neurological benefits to eating apples, as well as health improvements related to heart issues, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and even some types of cancer. Basically, the old saying is true: an apple a day keeps the doctor away! (As long as you wash your apple and remove the sticker before eating it.)


Have you ever waited so long for a delivery that when it arrived you barely wanted it anymore? We can only assume that that is what happened with this guy. He seems to be very disappointed while sitting on a box containing an office chair.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/officialricky23

But to be fair, so many other things in this room also look out of place. Is the television standing on top of a mini fridge? And what is going on with all the bedsheets and towels in the back of the picture? Are they just being air dried by the window? Or is this some intricate way to separate two sides of a dorm room?

Happy Birthday To You

The person who bought this cake mix was probably just lazy, but with the right marketing and creative explanation, they could easily get away with this idea, becoming known as the ingenious friend who came up with a fun present idea.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/techeblog

If your friend really likes baking, you could instead gift them an entire basket full of ingredients and a recipe book for them to make their own cake from scratch. Maybe they just wanted to sing happy birthday to their friend at midnight but did not want to bake the cake until the next day, so it would be fresh and warm at the time of the actual celebration.

Dog Sledge

Don’t walk your dog, let your dog walk you. This is a much safer option than driving your car while holding your dog’s leash outside your window. That is, as long as there are no cats in sight. But here your dog is still getting its exercise while you chill on a comfy chair. We call this a win-win.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/Buff_Lucina

This creation inspired two other ideas: If you have a small child, you can tie their stroller to the dog’s leash, this way your job is only to walk next to them instead of holding the leash and pulling the stroller at the same time. For Christmas, you can dress up as Santa, decorate your office chair as a sled, and make your dog an elf costume.

Gas Pumping Friend

We might start asking our friends to sit on the backseat next time we are giving them rides. Getting out of the car and holding the gas pump is a slight inconvenience, but apparently all it takes to solve it is having someone sitting on the backseat to grab the pump through the window and fill up your gas without even having to unlock any doors.

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/Slechtegrappenxl

Treat this as a payment for all the rides your friends get for free. Just a little work in exchange for all the driving around you do anyway. This way, there’s no need to get out and go be tempted by all those nasty snacks inside the station.

Security Genius

Most days, this man has one of the most boring, dull jobs out there, watching people walk by, waiting for something unusual to happen. We can understand why he would fall asleep on the job like that. At least he came up with a solution to fool people into thinking they are still being watched by a very vigilant security guard.

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/Vip-Security-Özel-Güvenlik

Judging by this picture, even though the street seems empty and it doesn’t seem like there would be much for him to do most of the day, he appears to work for the jewelry store next door. We just hope he is a light sleeper, otherwise his clever idea might become terrible really quickly.

Merry Lazy Christmas

A Christmas tree is only used for a few days (or a couple of months, maximum), and then put back inside the box and kept in storage for the next months until the next year. So we understand the laziness. Also, the tree does not serve any purpose other than decoration.

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/mensajedesanta

The person who bought this fake tree decided to cut the holiday decorating process short and keep it simple. This way, they have a funny decoration piece that acts as a conversation starter; which, honestly, could even be more interesting than a sad thin fake Christmas tree.


Why walk while pushing your baby on a stroller if you can ride a segway while pushing your baby instead? This woman is clearly living in the future and we hope she continues creating more life hacks to make our lives easier, since she obviously has it all completely figured out.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/CNN

We all know that being a mom is a full-time job, so it is great seeing these real life superheroes figuring out how to run errands and get things done while still taking care of their babies. We are just wondering if the baby’s dad also has his own segway for family outings. One thing is for sure: the baby seems to be having a great time!

Quick Seed Spit Hack

When you see the ad for a manufactured version of this watermelon seed spitting system, remember you saw it here first. This is such a simple but brilliant idea for those days when all you want is to eat some delicious watermelon and watch your favorite series, but also don’t want to make a mess that you will need to clean up later. We get it, function over beauty.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/drolldump

While we would love to see alternatives for people who don’t wear glasses, here are some reasons why you don’t need to spit out the seeds while eating a watermelon: watermelon seeds are one of the most nutritious out of all varieties of seeds, full of magnesium, iron, zinc, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They can also improve your skin and hair, prevent osteoporosis and regulate your blood sugar levels, besides boosting your energy.

Burger Prince

This creative invention can make you more productive, as long as you are good at multitasking. Have you ever felt a sudden craving for a burger in the middle of a busy workday? Or maybe while studying for a test? Maybe you did not have the time to stop and eat the burger, but with this invention, you can do both activities at the same time.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/humorside

The picture shows a very plain burger, and we are wondering what would happen to all the sauces, ketchup, mustard and mayo if someone decided to eat a properly dressed burger using this invention. But nonetheless, it is a clever idea, and we hope other creative people out there will be able to improve this prototype and make it useful for anyone, no matter how much sauce they have in their burger.

Armchair-Bike Mix

Have you ever needed to run errands but did not feel like getting up from your comfortable armchair or couch? It turns out that all you needed to do was combine the comfort of your armchair and the convenience of your bike to create this huge cozy bike-armchair blend.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/tomwilso

You can see the young boy has created a masterpiece by the look on the older man’s face. In fact, he seems to have stopped his car only to take a closer look at the beautifully engineered bike-armchair, possibly even wondering where he could get himself one of those. He was probably very disappointed when the boy told him this was a one of a kind model, tailor-made for a brave (and comfortable) teenager.

Pedicure Hack

Going to get mani-pedis can be expensive. But if your shoes only show two of your toes, those are the only nails that need to be painted. And even better, since you are buying your own nail polishes to paint your toenails yourself, you can even change your nail color to match your outfit. Win-win.

Image Courtesy Of Facebook/Seen700

Another great thing about this hack is that not only it’s cheaper than getting a full pedicure, it also saves so much time. You only have to worry about painting two fifths of your toenails, and doing it yourself also saves time that would be spent in traffic to get to the salon. Or…maybe just wear shoes that don’t show your nails in the first place?

Snack-Support Belly

Which came first, the snacks or this brilliant concept? Did the guy in the picture one day just look at his chest and belly and realize that his belly would be able to keep a plate from moving away from his chest? Or did he try it by accident and discovered the best way to hold and eat his snacks?

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/griglager

We all have lazy days when all we want to do it lay on the couch and eat treats, and sometimes we are even too lazy to hold a bag of snacks with one hand and use the other to pick one up and bring it to our mouths. This idea could potentially save us a lot of energy on those days when we just feel sluggish and lack the strength to get up.

Private Island Laziness

When money is not an issue, you can have your own mansion in a private island, where your fancy yacht takes you to the beginning of your driveway — which is also the main (and only) street of the island — and you can drive your car to the main entrance, instead of using your feet to walk a few meters.

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/designdrizzle

To be fair though, it does look like a hell of a commute. Can you imagine going through all this effort every morning to go to work and back? Or whenever you need to get groceries? Of course, the owners of this island probably do not need a 9 to 5 or to do their own grocery shopping, but it still a lot of work just to get to civilization.

Stick-y Situation

Newton’s first law of physics: an object in motion will stay in motion. The person whose job was to paint a line along the side of the road was clearly already in motion, tracing that straight line for kilometers when was faced with a dilemma: work around the fallen tree branch and finish the task on time, or interrupt the flow to pick up the branch and continue tracing the road.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/sooldadoferido

We don’t blame them. Tracing road lines on a long highway sounds like a very boring job, so it makes perfect sense that this person would do everything they can to finish it as soon as possible. Also, most people will be driving too fast to even notice that little curve, so there’s no reason to be so perfectionistic.