Living Longer With Exercise

By Shane R

A healthy and in-shape body is essential for anyone. But, did you know that people can live longer with the help of exercise? Weight loss may be a motivator for many because of diabetes and cholesterol risks. But, fitness is ideal for the brain and the body in unison. 

Image courtesy of Cliff Booth/Pexels

As more and more people worry about genetics playing a part in illnesses like Dementia and Alzheimer’s, leading researchers from Immune Aging believe that only 25% of body and brain health is genetic. The other 75% is based on lifestyle choices. 

When you can work on your cardiorespiratory fitness, you can sustain your lipid levels and blood pressure. When participating in aerobic activities, the journal, Aging & Disease, found that women with a high aerobic capacity, due to VO2 max, had a lower mortality rate. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with the weight of a woman. 

Image courtesy of sergio souza/Pexels

Other benefits include managing mood and stress. Endorphins are released throughout the body in which the body reacts in a positive way. Bone health is also improved, so there is less of worry about hip fractures due to bone density loss. Whatever motivates you to live a longer life, you can make it more of a possibility with the help of exercise. Do not sell yourself short in this life. Push through the mental that are holding you back from achieving greatness. This way, you will live longer for your family, friends, and yourself. There are no better reasons in this world to try and live a longer life.