Long-term Effects of Anorexia

By Jo Arazi

To date, there’s no deadly psychiatric illness like Anorexia nervosa; yet getting treatment is still a challenging effort. It is quite sad that several people battling anorexia may suffer for years before seeking help.

Anorexia can lead to terrible consequences that could damage the mind and body if allowed to go unchecked for a long time.

The longer the brain and body are deprived of vital nutrients, the more the symptoms worsen. Symptoms like fear of eating, poor body image, etc.

Denial is a trait often associated with anorexia. This can make it very difficult for the person to get treatment at the onset of the disease. Besides, someone suffering from this disease may try to function as normal as possible because the eating disorder is often kept secret.

This situation is quite common with adults suffering from anorexia. They are usually saddled with responsibilities that may stop them from seeking treatment like schooling, working, running a business and more.

Delaying treatment could lead to chronic malnutrition, which can cause brain damage or organ failure. Other problems that could arise are gastrointestinal distress, malabsorption, severe bloating, indigestion, constipation, and early satiety.

The physical effects of anorexia are muscle and bone loss. Several people who battle with anorexia have some form of osteoporosis or osteopenia that can lead to an increased risk of fractures.

If you’re suffering from anorexia or you know someone suffering from it, don’t hesitate to seek help immediately. A specialized professional or an eating disorder treatment center can help you with the treatment to recover.