45 Clever Signs Showing That Humor Is Not Lost

By Bruna L

Have you ever seen a lost and found sign around your neighborhood? They’re not really hard to find. Maybe you were the one putting some of these signs up after your dog ran away, or you found someone’s lost wallet! Either way, they’re definitely part of our culture and appear in our day-to-day life and in movies and shows. With the internet and the possibilities it opened for us, lost and found signs are starting to lose their popularity. At least, the serious ones! There is nothing the internet loves more than a funny sign, after all! If you also love some humor both online and while walking around your city, then this article is for you! Here are 45 funny lost and found signs.

Is this your cat?

Who doesn’t love cats? They are fluffy, curious companions that can be quite affectionate, despite what some people may think. One fun characteristic of these cute animals is that you don’t choose them most of the time. They choose you!

Image courtesy of apetslifeonlineshop/Facebook

Apparently, the cat above has had enough of its owners and now is looking for a new home! Unfortunately for him, though, it appears his new owners are not very keen on getting a new pet! Hopefully, someone will come to the rescue!

Missing bicycle

To have something stolen from you is an incredibly frustrating experience, to say the least. No one wants to work hard only to have their personal belongings taken away in a blink of an eye! Surprisingly enough, the same can’t be said about the owner of the bicycle below!

Image courtesy of asheryap/Pinterest

Yes, he may have put up a flyer, but if you read it carefully, you’ll soon notice the owner is not worried about his stolen bike! All he wants is sweet, sweet revenge! And let’s be honest here: He’s not really in the wrong, is he? We’re certainly not blaming him!

Lost… mosquito?

Some people just love eccentric pets! We all know a kid who brought their pet snake to school or had a weird frog at home. Some people even have pet rats and spiders! Yikes! But have you ever heard of a pet mosquito?

Image courtesy of blazepress/pinterest

Aaron was a very good boy but unfortunately escaped when the owner accidentally left the bedroom window open. If you see him, make sure to call the number, okay? Just don’t get too close, or you may end up with some nasty disease!

Sorry, what?

Imagine the situation: You worked hard all week, you are tired and lonely, but suddenly your friends invite you for a night out! It’s Friday night, you just got your paycheck, and you have the weekend off. Party time, right?

Image courtesy of blazepress/Pinterest

Well, watch out, or you may end up in a situation like the lost and found sign above! Waking up in the middle of the ocean, wearing a horse mask, and holding a cat? What a party that must have been!

Jerk cat

We all have seen lost and found signs for cats and dogs who have run away, right? There’s a picture of the animal, some information, and usually, a reward if the pet is found and returned. But have you ever seen a sign like the one below?

Image courtesy of blazepress/Pinterest

You read it right – the person who put up the sign is not offering a reward for the safe return of the cat, but for someone to keep it! Which makes us think: Who’s really the jerk here, the cat or the boyfriend?

Parrot BBQ

Okay, the sign below is a pretty funny one! As we all know, parrots need a lot of space to live comfortably, and even if they get it, they can escape. No matter how comfy they live, birds like to fly, and domesticated parrots are no different!


Just imagine the owner’s surprise when they saw the sign below theirs! They’d probably be fuming at first, but we’re pretty sure they would eventually see the humor in the situation. It’s a great prank, after all! At least, we hope it’s only a prank.

Keep the dog

Another unsatisfied owner trying to get rid of their poor pet, but with these credentials, who could blame them? This dog seems to be a pet straight from the underworld. And we’re not exaggerating, considering it even hates the Pope! What kind of dog does that?

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed/Pinterest

Of course, sometimes dogs are misbehaved because the owners didn’t bother training them. Sometimes, though, they’re the spawn of the devil. It happens, and there’s nothing we can do about it! Either way, we hope it can find a new home soon!

Schrodinger’s cat

If you have ever used the internet or have a quantum physics degree, you know about Schrodinger’s cat, a thought experiment where a hypothetical cat can be considered both dead and alive at the same time until an observation happens.

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed/Pinterest

Well, maybe the cat is not so hypothetical, after all. He even went missing! Hopefully, someone will observe that he still lives and will return him to his owner! Of course, the person who put this sign up is just joking, which is simultaneously funny and unfunny.

You can’t have it back

Perhaps this only occurs in the countryside, but we city folk have never stumbled upon a horse lost somewhere. A cat or dog? Yeah! But a horse? There are too many cars and buildings and too little pasture around, we reckon.

Image courtesy of cheezburgerpins/Pinterest

Either way, we’re pretty sure we would return a lost horse if we found one grazing around. This is not the case for whoever put this signup! We believe it’s all a big joke, of course, but if it isn’t, please give the horse back!

Anything but the DMV!

It’s absolutely frustrating when we realize we have lost our wallets somewhere. Maybe it fell from our pocket when we walked around the park, or maybe we forgot it in a restaurant. It doesn’t matter; it’s a bad experience either way!

Image courtesy of cynthiasteven/Pinterest

The biggest issue is losing money and losing important documents such as our ID and driver’s license! Especially our driver’s license. Because as the person who put up the sign above said, the DMV is indeed an evil place!

Have you seen me?

Not every dog out there is a good boy. In fact, some of them are actually not-so-good boys. Some like to chew shoes; others like to escape home and leave their owners worried sick. Klaus here, though, is in a completely different level of craziness!

Image courtesy of debbie_mcbee/Pinterest

No wonder his owners are not very keen on getting him back. What kind of dog needs anger medication? And ripping people’s faces off? No, thank you! Of course, this is all probably a joke. At least, we hope it is!

Music lessons

Some people may think that for a marriage to work, the only thing necessary is love, but it isn’t! You actually need to know how to communicate your feelings, and sometimes it’s necessary to put in the effort to become a better partner.

Image courtesy of Duke_Cheech/Reddit

Of course, if you want your marriage to last, hopefully, you won’t have to trade your beloved dog for trombone lessons to please your wife! Buy her some flowers, take her to the movies, and all will be well. Just leave the poor dog alone!

The stack of 20s

Losing money is very sad. Perhaps you were planning on buying something fun, but now your plans are crushed, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, though, a good Samaritan will show up and help you when you least expect it!

Image courtesy of Flalaski/Reddit

Which would be a great story to tell, except this isn’t what happened here. Yes, you lost some money, but the worst part is someone is mocking you for it! Do you want your money back? Too bad you can only have the rubber band.

Missing: 2 hours

There are multiple types of allergies, some deadly and some not. If you suffer from runny nose, watery eyes, and itching everywhere every time you get in contact with cats or dust, then you know some of them are just plain annoying!

Image courtesy of funnypix/Pinterest

You probably want immediate relief too, which apparently you won’t have if you take Claritin. At least, according to the sign above! Looking at the phone number, though, we can’t help but wonder if this is just a marking campaign made by one of Claritin’s rivals.

Missing info strips

One of the most iconic characteristics of lost and found signs is the paper strips people cut at their bottom. Most of the time, it contains information on contacting whoever put the signup, be it a phone number or e-mail address.

Image courtesy of herbfirestone/Pinterest

Well, some people apparently can grow very attached to them! If all of the paper strips have been removed and you don’t want to spend money printing new signs, why not just leave a message asking them to be returned, right?

Raspberry beret

This one is for the old-school folk reading through this! If you lived through the ’80s, then you know who Prince was. Even if you didn’t, you still probably know who he was. The man was iconic! And if you are a fan, you definitely know the song “Raspberry Beret.”

Image courtesy of IDidAFunny/Pinterest

Both of these signs are jokes involving this hit song. The first one may be a bit obscure, probably an inside joke or something similar, but the last one definitely wraps it all together! No, you can’t have your raspberry beret back, darling. It belongs to Prince now!

“Cat” found

If you ever found an animal you have never seen before on your property, it’s a smart move to check if it belongs to anyone and take it back as soon as possible. And that’s exactly what the person who put up the sign below did!

Image courtesy of James_Whitbread/Twitter

Unfortunately, it appears this person is not too familiar with animals. They were kind enough to put a picture and a short description of the creature they have found, but what were they thinking of calling it a cat? This is obviously a dog!

Lost Unicorn

Unicorns are legendary creatures often associated with purity and healing. Usually represented as a white horse with a single horn on its head, their legend dates back to ancient Greece, maybe earlier! Unfortunately for us, they are not real animals. Aw.

Image courtesy of James_Whitbread/Twitter

And that’s why the sign above is so funny! If you see unicorns, you should probably see a doctor because there’s definitely something wrong with your head! That, or maybe do as the sign says and stop doing drugs. They’re bad for you.

Have you seen this bird?

Friends can be found anywhere. Literally. You don’t have to be the most charismatic, charming, or outgoing person out there to find someone willing to be by your side at all times. Believe us! If you are true to yourself, someone is willing to be your friend!

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

That’s why your friends must be cherished at all times! If they talk with you, hang out with you, and even laugh at your jokes, why take them for granted? And that not only applies to humans, of course! Animals can be friends too. Even if they are pigeons!

The proud owner

Despite what the internet tells us, not everyone can look like supermodels or Hollywood stars, and that’s absolutely fine! You don’t need a shredded body or a plasticized face to be considered beautiful. Just be honest about who you are, and the world will follow!

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

That’s why embracing our flaws is not really a bad thing! This is especially true when we can embrace the flaws of the people around us and accept them for who they are – even if they are dogs, like in the sign above. Life simply gets much easier when lived like that!

Big reward

Flies are really annoying creatures. They show up when it’s hot and humid outside and usually don’t leave unless they are forced to. That’s why we find it so strange someone is actually offering money to have a fly returned!

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

Harry, the fly in question, apparently is hairy and partially blind, but aren’t all flies like that, though? Anyway, we hope it is returned to its owner! But wait, is this actually a dig at some store at the corner of Decarie and Ferrier?

Eric the missing dog

Dogs can be so silly sometimes. They run after their own tails, make a mess while eating or drinking water, and just love jumping in puddles minutes after taking a bath! Sometimes, they also love running away when we’re not paying attention!

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

And that’s exactly what happened to Eric. Described as an idiot with a face shaped like a skillet, his owner offers $10 to reward anyone who finds him. But if you didn’t see the dog, you could still buy a drum kit! Why bother making a separate flyer, right?

Have you lost a chicken?

There are many benefits of living in big cities. You’re close to every popular store out there, the night outings are always lively, and you can find pretty much anything anywhere at all times. One of the downsides, though, is that not every kind of pet is acceptable.

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

There’s really not much space for huge dogs, for example, since most people live in apartments. Chickens are a bit easier to handle, but you still need some space to avoid what happened above! That’s right; a chicken ran away! We hope she is reunited with her owner soon!

This flyer

Social interactions are a big part of being a human. There is no escape; you need to interact with other people if you want to be happy and healthy. That’s just our nature. Sometimes it can be hard, though, especially in this technology-fueled age.

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

If you need human contact but don’t want to spend time with other people, why not spread signs like the one above? In a way, you get to engage in very short interactions with people with no exposure whatsoever – perfect for the socially awkward folk out there!


No, this is not about Adele. A couple of decades before the British singer got to the top of the charts with her hit song, Lionel Richie was already famous and defining a whole generation with this iconic romantic song.

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

If “Hello” was your favorite Lionel Richie song back in the day and you feel nostalgic, this flyer is for you! Now you can remember this wonderful time and relieve your favorite song very easily. Just take a piece of the lyrics home with you!

Real life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock for the past thirty years, then you probably know who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are. The name is pretty self-explanatory. They’re four ninja turtles named after Renaissance artists protecting New York City!

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

Apparently, though, the fans missed in all those comic books and TV shows because there are actually FIVE turtles! That’s right! He may not be as fast as his brothers, but he is just as eager to end evil! Wonder if his name is Titian.

Blissfully ignorant

We have all related with the flyer below at some point in our lives. People would easily pay good money to forget an unpleasant memory, a person that left a mark on their lives, or to be blissfully ignorant about the world’s tragic events.

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

With the internet, we are all connected all the time, and bad news that would take days to reach us, if it would at all, pops up at our phone screens mere seconds after happening across the globe! We all wish we have lost our brains too, sign-maker!

Weird-looking cat

We have all been there. We’re chilling at home, maybe making some food, and then we hear a meow, and a cat walks in as if they own the place! If you don’t know by now, that’s how you get adopted by a cat!

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

Sometimes, though, what we think is a cat turns out to be completely different, especially if we failed biology class! Looking at the picture above, we can clearly see the creature is an opossum! At least this person’s heart is in the right place.

Lost boyfriend

Hollywood stars are definitely one of the biggest parameters people like to use to define beauty. And when you look to the kinds of Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, and Scarlett Johansson, you totally understand why! They’re all tall and chiseled like Greek statues!

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

That’s why it’s no surprise someone decided to make a flyer like the one above! Ryan Gosling is beautiful, talented and if La-La-Land is anything to go by, he can also sing like an angel. Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend like that?

Babysitter looking for work

If you need to leave for work but have no one to leave your baby with, maybe it would be a good idea to contact the babysitter below! He has plenty of experience, working as a sitter since 1986! Isn’t it that great?

Image courtesy of Katie Wise/Pinterest

Of course, some things need to be taken into consideration – If you’re away for longer than 13 hours, your baby will belong to him! But no one works that much, right? You’re totally safe. We are sure your relationship will be nothing short of magical!

Is this yours?

Nowadays, it’s common for people of all kinds to have eccentric pets. Despite that, not every animal roaming the streets out there belongs to someone! Some of them are wild animals taking a stroll through the city. Some are just your average city pest.

Image courtesy of kiikoncepts/Pinterest

We are pretty sure this is just a joke sign, though. No one could believe a pigeon is actually a pet, and even if there’s someone so gullible out there, the daughter picture is a sure sign this is just a prank. Very funny, we gotta admit!

Lost wormhole

If you’re interested in space, you probably know what wormholes are! Basically, they’re tunnels between two black holes connecting distant regions of space-time. Since they have black holes at each end, it’s impossible to travel through them, though. Sad, but interesting!

Image courtesy of KoalaZombie/Reddit

That’s why the sign above is so funny! Just imagine: you’re walking down the street, and a lost wormhole run past you! As the sign says, you better not try to capture it, or the whole space/continuum will get messed up! Something straight out of Doctor Who!

Missing Unicorn

Unfortunately, despite what pretty much everyone in the world would wish, unicorns aren’t real. That is unless you’re from New York City. Apparently, there is at least one of these majestic, mythologic creatures there if you consider the sign below.

Image courtesy of Le Pistolet Compean/Pinterest

If you’re in the Central Park area, it may be worth checking around the neighborhood for this legendary animal. As the sign says, it’s a large female with a friendly disposition, so it mustn’t be hard to capture it. Make sure to bring it back to her owner!

Dog found

At first glance, the lost and found sign below may seem perfectly fine. If you don’t pay much attention to the text, you’ll probably just walk by it and not even bat an eye. If you do read it carefully, though, you’ll realize there’s something wrong!

Image courtesy of lewildbeagles/Pinterest

It has almost everything your average lost and found sign has: A picture and some information. All it is missing is a phone number, but that’s probably because of the very last bit of information we are given! Tasted like chicken?! Oh, no!

I have now!

People are always proud of their pets, especially cat owners. Two minutes online, and you’ll probably stumble upon dozens of cat pics throughout all social media. Some people are so keen on sharing their cat they even put up signs!

Image courtesy of memecenter/Pinterest

Looking at the cat, we understand why his owner is so proud! Apparently, it’s a chubby boy we’re talking about, and everyone loves chubby cats! Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem pleased being in pictures. Just imagine how scratched up the owner’s hands were!

Lost cloud

Cloud gazing is a great way to relieve stress and observe nature. Nothing beats lying beneath a tree and watch the sky on a summer day. When Pareidolia kicks in, you can even recognize all sorts of shapes on them! Really cool!

Image courtesy of moshboy/Twitter

It’s no wonder someone put up signs to find their favorite cloud again! Hopefully, Mr. Wisples, as it is called, can be reunited soon with his admirer! Remember, if you see a white, fluffy, drifty cloud out there, call the number above!

$100 reward if found!

Who wouldn’t want to make some easy money just by retrieving a missing dog, right? It’s easy – find the dog, bring it to the owner, and cash in! The problem is, this dog here could probably rip your face off if you get too close!

Image courtesy of nextdayflyers/Pinterest

Dubbed by his owner as a Gray Wolf-Anatolian Shepherd-Irish Wolfhound-Dingo-jackal-Coyote-Red Fox-German Shepherd-Saint Bernard, this dog, named “Killer” of all things, is sure to give you a headache if you plan on getting those $100!

Vive la liberté

This is another sign that breaks every possible expectation we may have had. This dog is apparently “The opposite of lost,” not because it ran away and eventually was found, but because it has escaped its owner and found freedom!

Image courtesy of nisanuv/Pinterest

Pierre here is a revolutionary, looking to find freedom not only for himself but also for others, telling other dogs to join him and “bite the hand that feeds you.” We don’t know what Pierre’s owner did, but we’re happy Pierre is free!

Big, big cat

Some people may think cats are cold and selfish, but they are very loyal and affectionate in reality. That’s why cat lovers rarely only have just one cat around. For cat owners, the more, the merrier, and the big the better as well!

Image courtesy of RomANikki/Pinterest

That’s why the sign above is so relatable. Imagine if your fluffy companion was as big a lion! What fun that would be! Just between us, we think the person who put up the sign is just trying to trick someone into stealing the local zoo’s lion!

Who you gonna call?

If you recognize the creature in the poster below, then you have a good taste in movies. Vince here is a monster straight from Ghostbusters, the beloved 80s classic. Who wouldn’t want a dog with blood-red eyes that can open gates to other dimensions?

Image courtesy of scottyd33/Reddit

The sign is funny, but apparently, it wasn’t just a joke pulled by some movie fan. If you look closely, you’ll see a QR code in the corner, which could indicate an official marketing stunt by the Ghostbusters studio producers.

Set of house keys

For the safety of the person who put this sign up, we really hope it is not real! As funny as it can be, it’s not the smartest idea to leave not only your address but your schedule for everybody to see!

Image courtesy of stijnlecomte/Pinterest

The person who found the keys would have access to the house, the car, and the safe! However, safety concerns aside, this is a really clever sign that certainly got some chuckles from the passersby in the region! Surely a joke.

Have you seen this dog?

Dogs come in every shape and size, so there is always a dog for you out there, even if you haven’t found it yet. They are super loyal and loving creatures that would literally put their lives in line to save their owners!

Image courtesy of str8edgewarrior/Twitter

One thing only a dog owner knows, though, is that they can be super derpy too. They sleep funny, chase their own tails and make just the weirdest faces! And if you need proof of that, just look at the flyer above!

Missing floppy disk drive

Kids these days will never know what a floppy disk is, which is a blessing considering how flimsy these things were and how very little memory they carried. They were perfect in their time, and that time has, fortunately, has passed.

Image courtesy of TitanicToiletGhosts/Imgur

Rant aside, some people still have floppy drivers around for some reason, and that’s why the sign above exists. Someone stole this person’s floppy drive straight from their garage! In what world would anyone prefer a floppy drive over golf clubs?

Imaginary friend

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? It’s pretty common to have one when you’re a child, and it’s actually a sign of good development. Stimulating imagination and creativity is a crucial age. If you’re an adult and still have one, though, things get complicated.

Image courtesy of torbeneik/Pinterest

After a certain age, you’re supposed to have real-life friends. Friends made out of flesh, blood, muscles, and brains, if possible. Vince here seems to have missed the memo, though. Hopefully, he’ll realize Steve is not coming home again because Steve doesn’t exist!

The lost crab Lancelot

Among so many lost and found signs made as jokes or pranks, it’s hard to identify if something is real or not. Just look at the flyer below! Is the crab Lancelot real and on the run, or is it just another joke? We’ll never know!

Image courtesy of Touchthespindle/Imgur

Apparently, he is a male fiddler crab who is very affectionate and loves having his dactyls, that is, the top of his claws stroked. We never heard about anyone who had a pet crab before, but we can never know for sure nowadays! Hopefully, Lancelot and his owner will be reunited soon!