College Sweethearts Reveal a Surprising Past

By Doreen R

Leaving home and going away to college is a right of passage for millions of young people worldwide. For many, it’s considered the first step into adulthood. We meet new people and hope to make friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. What we don’t imagine is meeting someone, dating them, and only then discovering that we had a past with that same someone. That is exactly what happened to Heidi Alice Parker and Ed Savitt. This couple, hailing from South Yorkshire and Putney, England respectfully, each thought they were meeting the other for the first time when their paths crossed. Little did they know that they would find that not only did they know each other as children, but they were also boyfriend and girlfriend years earlier. That’s what this incredible tale today is about.

For a number of us, we might meet someone and have this feeling we knew them before. It’s this feeling of deja vu, but we just can’t place our finger on it. We feel this comfort factor with the other individual that’s unexplainable, as if we share a past with them, but can’t for the life of us remember them. That’s exactly what transpired between Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt. Let’s sit back and see if cupid was right in not giving up on this couple.

Introducing Heidi Parker

Heidi Parker grew up in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK. She had a happy childhood and traveled a lot with her family. Note, it’s important that we recall this point about traveling.  Heidi was extremely close to her mom and even considers them to be best friends. When it was time to start applying to colleges, the young woman considered leaving home for this first time in her young life.

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Heidi was happy at home but felt that moving away was the next logical step. She was looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life, and moving away just felt right. When she was accepted at Newcastle University, it was exactly what she wanted. The fact the university was some 130 miles away made it feel all the more appropriate.

College Life

Hedi was enjoying student life at the university, but living in the dorms wasn’t ideal. She loved being away from home and meeting new people, but life on campus just wasn’t vibing with her. She was working hard as a student of Management and Economics and was busy studying towards a double degree. As busy as she was, Heidi was also eager to get an apartment and move off the school’s grounds.

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Along with some girlfriends she met at the university, Heidi and her friends rented a roomy apartment close to the campus. Now Heidi was living the dream, going to school, being independent and loving life as a college student. She did this for a while, and before long, Heidi was ready to be on her own.

The Lease Is Up

When Heidi’s lease was up, she and her girlfriends decided it was time to move forward with the next phase of their lives, living independently. Heidi quickly found a great apartment she could afford and was ready to move in and really be an adult.

On moving day, she met the new tenant that was taking over her old apartment. His name was Ed, he was cute, but that’s about all she remembered of the brief encounter. She handed Ed the keys, wished him luck, and went on her way to an independent life and future.

Please Meet Ed Savitt

Ed Savitt originally hails from Putney, England, and was attending Newcastle University as a student of Business and Psychology. Ed decided, much like Heidi, that living on campus wasn’t for him, and soon enough, he had secured an apartment close to the university’s campus.

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Little did Ed realize that by choosing Heidi’s soon to be vacated apartment that his life would change forever. The two met the day that Heidi was moving out. Ed though Heidi was attractive, but both had more important things on their minds. He took the keys, and both wished the other luck.

Ed Needs Some Help

Both Ed and Heidi were living in their respective new abodes when Ed realized he didn’t know how to work the washing machine in his apartment. He decided he needed Heidi’s help. He did a quick Google search, and found the former tenant’s Facebook account, and sent her a PM.

Heidi didn’t recognize the name that popped in the messages section on her Facebook page but checked it out nonetheless. When she realized who it was and what it was about, she quickly offered to help the young guy. She offered to help him online, but it was too complicated. Eventually, Heidi went over to Ed’s place and sorted out the issue.

Another Chance Meeting

After helping Ed out with this washing machine, Heidi didn’t think about it again, but Cupid wasn’t letting this go. Several weeks later, both were out one night with friends, and again Ed and Heidi bumped into each other. This time they took the time to chat and get to know each other.

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The attraction between the two was obvious, both were good looking college students, and after chatting a while, they realized they had a lot in common. Only they had no idea yet how much they really did have in common.  The two began dating, and before too long, they were falling in love. The two were smitten and now exclusive.

Heidi Makes a Revelation

At that earlier chance outing that night, Heidi didn’t even know that Ed was himself a student at Newcastle University. She was also unaware that he, too, was pursuing a double major, the same as herself. When the additional facts became known, the two started dating. It wasn’t before they were getting serious.

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Heidi shared the news of her new boyfriend with her mom. The two talked about him at length. Heidi admitted she was falling fast and hard for Ed Savitt. Heidi’s mom, while happy to be sharing in her daughter’s good news, wasn’t as excited as Heidi and was warning her to take it slow.

Good Thing Heidi Didn’t Listen to Mom

Heidi didn’t heed mom’s warning about taking things slowly. Her mom was worried because Heidi had been known to fall hard and fast for guys, which sometimes ended in a broken heart for the young woman. Heidi wasn’t taking mom’s concerns too seriously and stayed the course.

Heidi was confident that Ed was her soulmate and continued to follow her heart. It was only natural that Heidi’s mom was concerned and tried to protect her daughter. Despite Heidi’s claims of love, her mom, Kay, had her doubts, and she hadn’t even met Ed yet.


Heidi and Ed were definitely getting serious. The two had so much in common it was staggering. They loved sports, particularly skiing and long hikes and treks. The two shared a strong passion for sailing. They both despised anything arts-related. They both had analytical minds, as their double majors prove.

The two knew they were ready to move forward in their relationship. They were nearly done with school and planning their next step. Both successfully earned their degrees and were ready to start their lives together. The duo was excited about the future, which was to be expected.

Moving in Together

Now that school was over, it was time to grow up. Lexi’s degree got her a lucrative job at Sony as a PR exec, and Ed decided he wanted to start a business and opened a coffee shop. The two were doing well in their respective careers, but both had demanding careers. The long hours were taking a toll on their relationship.

The two were happy and settling into their chosen professions but were unable to spend enough time together. The couple figured it was time to take yet another step in their relationship. They knew they wanted to be together and decided that moving in together was the right move for them.

Kay and Fiona Meet

Moving in was the easy part. Ed and Heidi adjusted to living together fairly quickly and were loving life in general. But they knew that while both met the other’s mom, the moms themselves hadn’t yet had the pleasure. The two went ahead and planned a meeting.

Luckily, the two had nothing to worry about. Ed’s mom Fiona and Heidi’s mom Kay finally met, and everyone got along great. The two moms hit it off from the start and were gushing over Heidi and Ed’s college love story. But Fiona and Kay had a lot more in common, and they were about to find what that included.

Heidi’s Mom is Spilling Secrets

Kay and Fiona were quickly becoming gal-pals. As mentioned before, the two had oodles in common. Both loved traveling and sailing. They shared many interests in different cultures, as well. Kay was reminiscing about a trip the family took to Turkey when Heidi was just six-years-old. Remember, we mentioned earlier that the traveling aspect of this story was important to keep in mind, and now we’ll find out why.

As Kay was telling the story, she mentioned that Heidi had befriended a young boy in Turkey, whose family was also there on vacation. The two kids clicked right away and spent their entire vacation together, holding hands and sticking close to each other.  Heidi and the boy even referred to the other as girlfriend and boyfriend.  We all know where this is going, right?

Kay Makes a Shocking Discovery

As Kay is sharing the cute family story of Heidi and the young boy, also named Ed, Fiona is starting to recollect something as well. Fiona didn’t have as vivid a memory as Kay, but there was something about the story that was nagging at her. Fiona and her family also visited Turkey some 20 years earlier, but she didn’t recall all the details. Deciding she wouldn’t drop it, she spoke to Fiona about it.

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Fiona shared her feelings with Kay about the trip to Turkey, and the two decided to do some investigative work. Kay began checking the old vacation pix, which were stored in boxes in the attic. Eventually, she hit the jackpot. She found the pictures from the trip to Bodrum, Turkey, including Heidi’s pix with her ‘boyfriend’ Ed. When she shared the photos with Fiona, the two were shocked to see ‘Ed’ was Fiona’s son.

Breaking the News to the Kids

The two moms couldn’t believe what they had discovered. The fact that Ed and Heidi had met twenty years earlier, and even then they knew they were meant to be together was incredible, to say the least. The two women know had to decide if and how to tell their kids.

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Before sharing their inconceivable discovery, they discussed the odds of such an insane coincidence. They played out various scenarios in sharing the news with the kids. They kept the news to themselves for a short while but soon enough decided they had to come clean.

Heidi and Ed are Shocked

Fiona and Kay, who may have been a bit wary about sharing their revelation, had nothing to worry about. They had initial concerns about the kids being put off by the fact that they met 20 years earlier, but their fears were immediately put to rest.

What’s even crazier is that while they were staring at the evidence in front of them, they had no memory of ever meeting before. Neither even remembered that summer vacation in 1996. Both were shocked at the discovery, but it simply confirmed what they knew all along. They were meant to be together, and even the universe couldn’t keep these two apart.

Kay Believes in Destiny

While Kay at first had her doubts about Ed and Heidi, she’s a firm believer in destiny. After finding out the two had met as children and were smitten with each other at age six, she was more supportive than ever that these two were meant to be together.

According to Kay, the universe conspired to bring Ed and Heidi together; there’s no other way to explain this story. When seeing how this story unfolded we ourselves can’t help but believe that a higher power brought this couple together. Maybe some things aren’t mean to be explained or understood.

Ed Pops the Question

Now that Heidi and Ed internalized that fate brought them together, it was time to take the next step in their journey. The two now realized that they were destined to be together. Ed thought it was the perfect time to make it official. He proposed to Heidi.

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Heidi naturally said yes. The couple was ready to have their happily-ever-after ending. The plans for the big day were quickly underway. The families were on board, and their friends were happy to rejoice with the loving couple. In 2017 Heidi and Ed became husband and wife.

The Wedding

The wedding was held in Derbyshire at Haddon Hall. Family and friends were all on hand to share the moment that these two became Mr. and Mrs. Savitt. Many tales were told during the festivities, all stating how these two had no choice but to end up getting married.

The wedding reception was chock-full of photos and memories of the infamous vacation in Turkey that started this unbelievable love story. The wedding even included an Olympic-sized swimming pool on the hall’s grounds, which everyone jumped as the wedding was winding down. A fun time was had by one and all that attended the loving and joyous affair.

The Honeymooners

As mentioned earlier, one thing that brought this couple together was their many commonalities, including traveling and sailing. The duo had an exotic honeymoon in the Maldives and took advantage of the pristine beaches. They chartered a sailboat and sailed the Indian Ocean while reliving the wedding of their dreams.

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After the Maldives, Heidi and Ed decided to head back to where their story began, Bodrum Turkey. The two shared a romantic getaway in the city where they had met. The trip held a lot of meaning to the couple, understandably.

The Media is Getting Interested

In an age where nothing stays secret for long, the same has to be said for Ed and Heidi’s story. While no one knows how the story went viral, the fact is it did. It didn’t take long for the media to get interested in this romantic love story and interviews and articles were soon to follow.

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The two were loving the attention and happy to share their amazing story. While everyone was savoring the details of how these two got together, the couple was simply enjoying themselves and going with the flow. While true, there was a lot of media buzz around them, it didn’t seem to phase the couple.

Ed’s Okay with Their Moms’ Meddling

Let’s face it; this story would never have happened if Ed’s mom hadn’t pursued it. She was adamant about easing that gnawing feeling in her gut, and nothing was going to stop her. This is the type of meddling that is always welcome, and we’re sure that Ed is glad she didn’t drop the issue.

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The couple is enjoying married life, and their story is a great tale to tell the grandkids one day. Not many people have such an incredible story that ends in marriage. Kay and Fiona are closer than ever and love sharing the story with those who haven’t yet heard it.

Ed and Heidi Recreate That Summer in Turkey

With the world wanting to know every morsel of their love story, the duo decided to have some fun. While neither remembers their initial meeting when they were just six-years-old, the moms had the pictures to prove it. The two decided to have some fun and recreate one of the pictures and shared it on both their social media pages.

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Family and friends and new followers were loving the new image and rooting the couple on even more. The two had fun with the interest in them but didn’t let it get to them. The two remain humble and more focused on their relationship than how it’s perceived in the public eye. We applaud them for this.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

While this couple’s story is heartwarming, and we gushed at its happy ending, there’s something else that we appreciate. We love that while this story did go viral, we weren’t bombarded with the couple jumping on the media bandwagon. We admire how they chose to remain humble and out of the spotlight.

Their Instagram pages didn’t get overwhelmed with fans following their every move. We weren’t flooded with day by day updates on them or their lives. We simply got a lovely story, we oohed and ahhed a little, and that was it. The couple continued with their lives as if it never happened. Only it did, and we’re grateful to them for this.  

Why We Care

One doesn’t have to be an expert to understand why this story speaks to so many of us. It’s not just the romantic in us that gets all warm and fuzzy. Even the most cynical amongst us have to admit that sometimes there’s something stronger out there that has a say in how our lives turn out.

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This story resonates with so many because we feel that had Heidi heeded her mom’s warning, this story wouldn’t have happened at all. The fact that Heidi followed her heart and not her head has us all believing that, in the end, true love always wins out. Had Fiona not followed her feelings, we’d never have gotten such a great lovey story. We are thankful to both ladies for not giving in.

Latest Update: Ed and Heidi are Expecting

According to Heidi’s Instagram page, the couple is expecting a child together. Heidi’s social media only has a few thousand followers, but it appears to be growing. Her posts tell the story in pictures of these two were destined to share their life together.

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Followers on Heidi’s Instagram can see how their chance meeting in college turned into marriage. It’s also obvious from Heidi’s posts that family is crucial to these two lovebirds. We can’t help but smile when seeing the obvious and apparent love between these two.