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45 McDonald’s Sandwiches That Missed A Step In The Assembly Line

Typically, it’s hard not to have been in the “what I ordered versus what I got” situation when it comes to food or snacks. This situation doesn’t even spare the best eateries like McDonald’s, and you might not have a choice than to contend with what you’re given. There are several reasons for these disparities ranging from human and technical errors to negligence during packaging. Following several unforgettable worst burger scenarios, a group of fellows in their mid-twenties and early thirties documented various pictures in this regard on an Instagram account known as McSenget. Today, we intend to look and laugh at some of the most notable pictures of unforgettable burgers shared by concerned customers. Let’s get into it!

No tartar, no cry

We aren’t trying to write new lines for a Bob Marley song. Rather, the absence of tartar in these orders gave us some cool inspirations. Perhaps, the order was for some sandwiches without sauce. If so, all is well with the people who assembled them.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ McSenget

Besides, legend has it that the sauce meant for these sandwiches was accidentally spread on other sandwiches in the line of orders. It could also be that someone removed the tartar as a way of getting back at the customer.

This is McNasty for sure

At first glance, nobody knew what this heck this was. At a second glance, we still don’t know exactly what’s going on. All we know is that this isn’t the most appetizing sight for anyone who ordered a special burger.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Perhaps, some ingredients imploded, or someone among the staff was pretty pissed off that day and was trying to let off some steam. Whatever or whoever is responsible for this mishap has sure earned some bad reviews for the franchise.

McLettuce or plain salad?

Someone ordered something we could call a chicken sandwich but got this beauty instead. It would be safe to assume that the staff heard an order for lettuce or plain salad as we wouldn’t expect this many vegetables on one sandwich.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ McSenget

We could also look at it as an order from someone who is on a diet but also craving some burgers. So, the eatery gave them a lettuce chicken sandwich. It’s not all gloomy as we noticed the tantalizing ketchup lined up on the side.

The beef is on a break

If this were a vegan order, we wouldn’t have any problem, but the same won’t be tolerated if the order included beef. Some say that the beef is still in the cow, while others assume that a teenager probably served it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Whatever the case is, most people won’t tolerate this order except if you throw in some good sauce down there. We’ll also give them the excuse of the voluminous servings that they have to produce per hour.

Missing half

Usually, almost every burger outlet has a typical way of messing up customers’ orders. Some outlets will have the vegetables flying around the box, while some will simply mess up the cheese. Either way, it reminds us of their human side.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Here, we are going to go ahead and say that adding toasted bread on the other side will complete the equation. It could also be a total win on its own, but we can’t stop thinking that the order is for a customer who is on a low-carb diet.

Things fall apart

Apparently, humans are not the only ones suffering from multiple personality disorders. It’s a state where one doesn’t know exactly who they are. Interestingly, we have in our hands something that looks like a burger suffering from a similar disorder.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ McSenget

The elements are standing apart without any palpable synergy. Some might describe it as an existential crisis, but we are sure the franchise had something else in mind. We also have a feeling the staff tried to create a burger taco.

The cheese escapes its misery

Sometimes, the cheese has to find a way to live a life of its own. Here, you can see that it looks like someone tried to melt the cheese on the other side of the room. If not, we wonder how someone could miss the burger by that much.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/McSenget

We’ve also considered that the cheese might be allergic to the sandwich and vice versa. These are some of the plausible explanations for this mishap. Let’s hope that the owner flips it back in place, or else it won’t be an enjoyable experience.

Total disarray

It seems someone training or the fellow was sleeping during the burger-making session. It could also be that the staff that did this didn’t care much about bad reviews. We could go on about the various factors that contributed to this anarchy.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Apparently, there’s something that looks like the wrong arrangement of the filings. If it was done by an old staff, it could stand as a pretty new concept that could rock the burger world. We’re baffled by the lack of, well, anything in this “burger.”

We need to know the source of their sauce

The sauce in a burger should not overflow in a normal serving. However, some special orders demand extra tartar sauce. If that’s the case here, there shouldn’t be much concern. Otherwise, we have to assume that they sent this one right back.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

We guess that this is a special order that requires extra tartar sauce. Accordingly, the staff spared no effort in putting all they have into this monstrosity. We hope the recipient enjoyed it as much as we did describing it.

Chickens should be scared

Typically, a good burger or chicken sandwich should include the right proportions for its filling. From the lettuce to the meat, all the elements should be in sync with one another without any serious loss of synergy or taste.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

In this case, there seems to be a little more chicken when compared to other regular servings. This would be an appropriate order if the customer wanted extra chicken in their burger. Besides, we honestly wouldn’t complain if we got extra chicken. It’s better than extra lettuce!

Save the Cheese

Apart from Filet o’fish, there are other burger outlets out there that probably believe that cheese is about to go into extinction. Hence, they have to protect and rationalize the remaining at our disposal for the sake of the coming generations.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

If everyone goes by this philosophy, we wouldn’t be concerned by the bite-size cheese that’s in this burger. If not for the little chicken silhouette that we can see after careful examination, we would think that they are just being paranoid.

Wake up Bun!

Comedy and hilarious ideas never finish with McDonald’s specials. This bun makes us think that it’s having an issue with the remainder of the burger. On another note, it looks like it just woke up and is not having it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Perhaps the bun is just recovering from a deep hangover. We all know that feeling that accompanies a hangover, and you have to stretch all your muscles at once and eat some greasy food. Another look at it makes us think it could also pass as a hat.

Cheese on the side

There’s always a good joke that comes from a bad burger. In this case, the cheese looks like it’s having a talk with the bun it’s supposed to be inside of. We also think the order is for someone who wants some cheese on the side.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

However, we don’t know why the cheese looks like it’s having a fight with the burger. All in all, there’s always a silver lining to almost every story. Here, the owner of the burger can still enjoy the remaining fillings.

All shades of rong

Some clerical or packaging errors might go unnoticed, especially when it isn’t frequent. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Apart from this serving looking like a self-service burger, the order of the ingredients is nothing special to delve into at the moment.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

It makes us almost think that the meal was made by new staff or during training. It looks dry, and there seems to be a missing bun. The meat also looks like a school size piece. This is just all sorts of messed up!

Is this Fresh or Eaten?

Aesthetics count a lot when it comes to food and snacks. The look of a meal has deceived many of us on several occasions only to be disappointed by the taste. Nevertheless, aesthetics can never be overemphasized, especially when it comes to a sandwich.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

This burger has us thinking many things at a time. Did someone puke on it, or perhaps someone already ate theirs and wanted to show us what it looks like. Apparently, the cheese combination made the whole thing look nasty.

Missing Bun Alert

In a restaurant like McDonald’s, the staff is sometimes under pressure to dish out several servings per hour. As a result, it is not uncommon to see some mishaps in your order. The only downside is that you might have reached home before you notice.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Here, it seems we need to file a missing bun alert at the nearest police station. If the person seems very disturbed by the package, there’s a high chance that they would get another package if they file a report.

Flip game is on!

Someone packaged this serving and made us think that it’s time to play a flip game. Perhaps the staff wanted to give the customer some homework and left the bun upside down to test their problem-solving skills. The game is on anyway.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

We guess it won’t look bad anymore once we flip the mayonnaise side of the bun over so it can take its rightful position. Another thing we noticed is the sizable chicken sitting comfortably in the carton. At least, let’s hope we don’t have to flip the bottom bun also.

A Burger or a hedgehog?

This crappy-looking serving definitely doesn’t look like a product from McDonald’s. The reason is that everything about it, especially the bun, seems odd. Usually, most outlets take special note of the bread they decide to serve to their customers.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Apart from the crappy-looking bun which resembles a blobfish from a distance, the filings certainly didn’t help the situation. We think that something went wrong during the production process, and no one seems to think it’s much of a concern.

It’s bun-day

We’ve heard of extra sauce or fillings, but here’s a burger looking like someone ordered an extra bun. Apart from that, the order of the fillings seems a bit wonky. This is definitely a Mcbread or Mcbun and not the McDonalds that we know.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

If you’re on a high-calorie diet or you wish to gain energy more quickly, this serving wouldn’t be a bad idea, but the same cannot be said of the result. All in all, the aim behind the burger will determine its suitability.

I don’t care

So far, we’ve seen many different meals and how certain burger franchises mess up their packages and meal orders. This one beats our imagination as the staff who did this looks like they could care less about customer feedback.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

If someone ordered extra cheese or a burger wrapped in cheese, this picture wouldn’t be on the list. Besides, there’s too much “I don’t care” attitude written all over the poor serving regardless of the order, and we’re sure the customer felt the same.

Tricky cheese

Most times, cheese fails are often accompanied by burgers that are already not so aesthetically pleasing. It’s either they’re not sufficient, or they’re trying to escape the package. In some instances, the cheese will break completely from the whole unit.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

In all fairness, most people wouldn’t want their servings without the cheese. Hence, it’s only right that burger outlets get it right with the amount, taste, location, and packaging of the cheese. We do not want to see a piece of cheese looking like a suspect.

Nothing looks Good like Extra Mayo

If you like lots of mayo in between your bread, this sight shouldn’t deter you from the sandwich. However, if you abhor excess sauce or mayo in between your buns, there’s a high chance that this serving will be rejected.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Nothing tastes good like mayo when it’s generously poured into a burger. We might question the aesthetics a bit, but the more pressing question should be how this franchise affords to give customers this much mayo in a sandwich.

“Eggsploded” or imploded?

An egg is an essential part of many sandwiches and burgers. Sometimes, they are fried to make perfect circular shapes to sit on the bun comfortably. In other instances, like what we have here, they are just rebel toppings.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

The egg looks like it exploded within the package. One could see that pieces are jolting out of the bun instead of the regular circular shapes that usually accompany a well-fried egg. Let’s hope that it wasn’t a food bomb that caused this.

Did someone just puke?

Sometimes, one can’t help but wonder what’s going on in the minds of the people that make these sandwiches. However, we’ll always remember that no matter how trained or perfect we are, our human side will still get the better of us someday.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

This serving resembles many things except a well-packed sandwich. It looks like someone just puked around it, or the staff decided to play with cheese around the packaging paper. Let’s hope that the owner finds a silver lining in this.

The Big Hero Cheese

Cheese is a central ingredient when it comes to fast food burgers around the world. In addition to cheese, many people have experimented and come up with other wonderful toppings, sauces, and fillings to make a burger more special.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Here, the cheese seems a little extra, but we couldn’t help but notice that it looks like it’s encircling half of the bun. This posture makes us think that the cheese chooses to be a hero by protecting the bun from any harm.

Food is an art

We were as confused as you probably are as to what we could call this beauty. Somebody somewhere definitely thought that they made a Mcdonald’s burger, but this could only qualify as a poorly constructed McGriddle that is all over the place.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Food is an art, and as such, it deserves to receive the best attention and passion. The presence or absence of these factors usually has a palpable impact on the food’s outcome. Here, at least one of these prerequisites is lacking.

Split the lark

Split the lark, and you’ll see its songs. Split the burger, and you’ll see its cream. We are almost sure that the makers of this product didn’t have Emily Dickinson’s poem in mind when they were making this monstrosity.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

However, the burger seems to fit the legendary poet’s lines when the lucky customer splits open the burger. We didn’t expect songs, but the cream also didn’t exactly look like what we expected. Let’s hope that the mess is limited to the packaging.

Something vicious is going on

If you love chicken sandwiches, this next sight might ruin your perception of them. We aren’t complaining about the content, but the aesthetics are defective. It almost looks like something vicious is going on in the middle of the sandwich.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

We also like to think that the sandwich was half-eaten when it was served. If not, the franchise that sold this as a fresh meal has a lot of explaining to do. Let’s hope that the customer is as lenient as we are.

Meet the meat

When it comes to sandwiches, meat doesn’t get much attention like cheese or egg when it comes to bad burgers. The reason is that it hardly gets distorted or cooked the wrong way. Sadly, the same cannot be said in this funny scene.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Up until this moment, we are still wondering what went wrong with the meat. It just strikes us as something abnormal. Perhaps, it has something to do with its appearance and lack of appeal. Let’s hope it’s just a problem with this single package.

Someone knows their shapes

As we’ve reiterated before now, food is an art that needs the utmost attention and regard. The extent of the artist’s passion and expertise often appear in the meal’s final output. An example is a bun, the first part you see of a burger.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

It’s perfectly round and shiny. We have to give credit to the baker and his tools here, as no one would be able to achieve this without finesse. The burger’s content also has a tone of simplicity. It sure has aroused lots of appetites.

Is this a leaning tower?

There’s a difference between a burger made by a trainee and one that’s made by a professional. A professional will ensure that the meal gets the best attention, from the proportions of the ingredients to the quality of the packaging.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

A newbie, on the other hand, might be responsible for a catastrophe like this. The upper bun looks like a leaning tower, and the fillings look distorted. Truly, there might be order to the chaos sometimes, but it’s hard to see one here.

A little bonus for your troubles

Every effort of hard work deserves some attention and rewards, even in food production and packaging. This burger looks like it came with extra fish. If the client ordered it this way, then there’s no reason for much concern.

Image courtesy of Instagram.com/McSenget

However, if the staff unintentionally serves a double fillet, then the customer can consider it a bonus for their loyalty to the brand. Besides, many self-service outlets offer this type of setup for customers. It’s a win-win for all!

This burger got punched

The leaning tower of McDonald’s? It sure looks like it, but we’re sure the person who made this didn’t have that in mind at the time. We also got the feeling that this burger got punched in the face after it was unboxed.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

The scattered cheese and sauce is evidence that someone probably decided to shut the burger’s mouth with a heavy punch. Besides, this serving contains one of the thickest eggs we’ve seen so far. Perhaps it’s swelling following the punch.

Let’s hang out

There are many hilarious conclusions to be drawn from this photo. First and foremost, we do not know why the meat and cheese look like a beak formed by two pieces of pringles. We also think that both of them are trying to escape the structure.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Another way to look at it is that the meat wants to hang out with the cheese. We know its sounds cheesy (pun intended), but one of the most proven ways to cure depression is by hanging out with friends.

“Lettuce” see what we have here

This picture doesn’t look like anyone ordered extra lettuce by the side. If someone did, we’re almost sure that they would be disappointed by the amount and aesthetic. The vegetables in and around this sandwich almost look like they’re not well fed.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Another look at this majestic piece makes us think that the bun was flipped upside down or the flipped side got burnt. Whatever the case may be, there’s a whole lot of renovation needed for this beauty (or they could just take off some of the lettuce).

It’s Frie-day

The last time we checked, extra fries on Fridays was not a thing. If there was, we probably would go claim our portion for the love of the brand. Perhaps, this customer simply wanted more fries in their package.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

On a lucky day, you might get free fries like most of us on rare occasions. Another thing to watch out for here is that the customer who ordered this isn’t too big on vegetables. Perhaps the staff is trying to be conservative.

McLettuce or plain salad?

Someone ordered something we could call a chicken sandwich but got this beauty instead. It would be safe to assume that the staff heard an order for lettuce or plain salad as we wouldn’t expect this many vegetables on one sandwich.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ McSenget

We could also look at it as an order from someone who is on a diet but also craving some burgers. So, the eatery gave them a lettuce chicken sandwich. It’s not all gloomy as we noticed the tantalizing ketchup lined up on the side.

Simplicity is genius

Most times, we often look deep or far beyond normal realms to bring out the genius in our work. Here, we learn that you really don’t need more than a bun and a fish fillet to make a perfect breakfast.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

We don’t care if it looks like the maker was feeling sleepy while doing it. All that counts is that the customer is on a diet, the meal matches the order, and the single bun should cater to its missing colleague.

Is this a pan cleaner?

Typically, the meat on a burger gets less attention unless something sinister or grievous is going on. It gets worse if the remaining part of the meal lacks appeal and all they have to do is expose the funny-looking meat.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

In this scenario, the whole package looks like a sponge or something you use to clean with. This is probably not the best thing to say while sitting beside the person who ordered this, but the makers can do better than putting a sponge between two pieces of bread.

The fighter

We presume that there are many stories behind the construction of this piece. First and foremost, the slimy look makes us think that the maker didn’t care about aesthetics or customer review. The ingredients are also scanty and sloppy.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Secondly, we do not know why the burger looks like it’s just coming back from a fight, and someone had to knock it out. At this point, we think that customers who receive packages like this need a total refund.

This looks like a video game

If you’ve played games that have a graphical representation of food, you must have noticed that the pictures usually look different from the real thing. Apart from the fresh and neat appearance, they also have perfect contours that are almost impossible in real life.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

This burger right here looks like one that was made in a video game. The bread is almost spotless, and the fillings are in the right proportion. The only downside is the cheese which looks like it’s trying to betray the designer.

The Flying Cheese

We all know what most people’s first reaction looks like when they fall into the “what I ordered” versus “what I got” situation. Usually, these changes should be anticipated as a graphical representation of food that comes with little or no imperfection.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Human-made meals, on the other hand, usually suffer from various degrees of imperfection. Like this scenario where the cheese looks like it acquired some wings and wants to depart the group. It is hard to rule out human error.

First day at Decoration class

The enthusiasm that accompanies many first training sessions is usually expected. As a first-timer, you’d want to play by the rules and live by the book without leaving any stone unturned. It’s admirable and rewarding in the long run.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

This meal might have also been prepared by a professional who wishes to have fun with some lettuce. Let’s hope that the customer has a lot of tolerance for extra vegetables. If not, a return order or refund should be in place.

A Slight Disagreement

A lot of people have admitted that the owner of this meal should simply enjoy their order by flipping the bun and putting the flying lettuce back in. We also agree with this as a palliative solution, especially if hunger is in the equation. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Even though this piece doesn’t look as worse as the remaining on the list, it still calls for some recommendations to the makers to be more prudent during production and packaging. People are running out of patience out there.

Is this Cheese on a Pancake?

McDonald’s is pretty well known for its big breakfast, and many of us can testify to its wholesomeness. This piece of art in the form of food is getting a lot of people confused as to what to call it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Legend has it that it is someone’s order for a typical McDonald’s big breakfast, but a staff member thought that putting cheese on the side will do the customer some good. Anyways, we couldn’t overlook the bad aim and the resulting confusion.

The Lord of the Rings

There’s nothing to see here except a bun that looks like it just got out of the ring. We would like to think that this is the case, except someone brings a more plausible explanation for those multiple punch lesions.

Image courtesy of Instagram/McSenget

Perhaps the customer wanted to “press” charges and ended up pressing the life out of the bun. However, that’s not likely to be the case as these pictures are taken immediately after unboxing most of the time before the customer touches it.