Melatonin: Be Mindful Of How Many Melatonin Pills You’re Taking Each Night

By Divya G January 3, 2023

Since the pandemic times, it has been noticed that a lot of grown individuals have been experiencing a lot of stress, and as a result of it, they have been experiencing difficulty sleeping. During such times, many individuals take the assistance of Melatonin to help them sleep. However, it has been claimed that Melatonin is not a good choice of supplement to cure long-term insomnia.

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For kids, it has been suggested that one must not take Melatonin until speaking with a pediatrician. Folks must always keep track of the amount of Melatione one is consuming.  

However, when you intake melatonin, keep in mind that it is a kind of naturally occurring hormone that is found in mammals. It helps to take charge of the sleep-wake cycle. This specific hormone is created by your pineal gland. It also helps to regulate an individual’s body temperature and blood sugar. 

There is very limited information that states that melatonin is effective for curing chronic insomnia. The fact is also not known to mankind whether it has any adverse effect on one’s body.

Melatonin in today’s world has become quite readily available at many stores. Since then, it has also been noticed that there has been a significant rise in the number of cases where children have unintentionally swallowed melatonin. 

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The dose of melatonin that is recommended for children is drastically lower than the dose that is prescribed to adults. Therefore, be careful where you store your melatonin pills, or else your kids can get sick.