Mental Health: Talking To A Health Practitioner Gets Easier After Some Time

By Divya G

The majority of Australians deal with mental health issues from their early years. According to the survey results, nearly 47% of these individuals felt uneasy while getting in touch with their doctor. But, the entire process got smooth as a cakewalk over time; they began to evaluate mental health safety plans for their own benefit.

Image Courtesy of @cottonbro / Pexels

Solid Connection Between Mental Health And Young People

An advisor for NPS MedicineWise says that most young Australians suffer from certain kinds of mental health problems by the age of 25. She feels that leaving these conditions untreated is definitely not a wise decision. Instead, these young people must seek professional assistance in order to combat the given scenario. 

People often suffer from the fear of stigma and, thus, end up feeling alone in their journey. It acts as a potential barrier that stops them from making major moves toward top-notch wellness and success. 

That’s why NPS has come up with a wide range of videos; these platforms enable young ones to put forward their stories. They speak about battling their stigma, navigating the health system, and developing solid relationships with health practitioners.

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Overcoming The Stigma And Being Upfront Is The New Normal

Several individuals used to face difficulties while sharing their mental health problems; they preferred to deal with their challenges independently rather than look for much-needed help. But in this present scenario, they are becoming quite comfortable speaking with the doctors. 

A Little Brief On The Safety Plans

The study says that 43% of mental health patients had a safety plan to cope with the given scenario. Here are some pieces of advice that are related to a mental health safety plan.