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Cool Metal Detector Finds That Make Us Want To Dig Up Our Own Back Yards

Metal detecting always sounds like fun when you hear all the amazing stories of people discovering lost treasures and artifacts, but it’s not that simple. So many people have ventured into it, hoping that one day they’ll get lucky enough and find something valuable. However, to this day, so many of them have not been able to even recover their money’s worth of purchasing a metal detector. We’re not sure if there’s a particular secret to detecting treasures, but we do know that it’s not a one-day job. Perhaps if you search in earnest and with the heart of helping people find their lost items, you’ll find something incredible. In the meantime, to keep you inspired, let’s have a look at the 40+ Greatest Metal Detector Finds.

The Buried Motorcycle

This person thought he had hit the jackpot when his metal detector took him deep into the woods. He was expecting to find stored bars of gold hidden underground but instead found an old abandoned motorcycle after digging for hours. 

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After days of research and an awful lot of asking around from locals who lived close to the forest, he discovered the bike was hidden by the retreating units of the Soviet Army back in 1941. At least it wasn’t a nuke.

The Life Saving Silver Ring

The universe has its own way of working for everyone, even for something as ordinary as a meal. This man here had been metal detecting for half his life and has never once succeeded in finding anything of value until now. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Woodrodius

Do you know what they say about persistence? It always rewards the faithful. The one time when he truly needed it, and not because he wanted a fortune, but because he wanted to squash hunger in his town, he found a rare and beautiful silver ring. 

The Lapel Brooch pin 

Just because you don’t know the value of an item doesn’t mean it’s worthless. If this man here had thrown this brooch pin away in anger, he wouldn’t have discovered that it is a pin now deemed as a national treasure. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Poshjosh1999

Sometimes, metal detectives come across great finds But out of ignorance and lack of patience, they end up throwing those items away. In this line of work, patience is the one thing you need to have in excess; otherwise, you’ll give up too soon.

National Treasure

When this man bought his metal detector, he had no idea he would discover a rare treasure one day. If someone had told him he would be playing Nicholas Cage in real life, he would have sincerely doubted it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Wayofthebush

Fast forward to a couple of years later, and he found a hammered silver penny. We’re not sure how much they’d be worth today, but they should at least be worth the same amount he spent on his detector, if not more. 

The Lost Pendant

At times, it’s not the item that has value. It’s the owner of the item. To anyone, this is just an old pendant buried deep underground. But to the family of the owner, this pendant symbolizes the existence of their loved one.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Silver_Winged

This pendant might not be worth a can of coke to this metal detective, but if he goes the extra mile of reuniting this pendant with the family of its owner, he might get rewarded with enough money that’ll be worth his effort.

Lost and Found

It looks like a dutchman dropped his money, and it took 320 years before it was found. It’s safe to say that he has to keep this one regardless of the finder’s intentions, as the owner is probably dust by now. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Openrefridgerator

This man is probably one of those metal detecting enthusiasts seeing as he discovered this coin in a forest area. A lot of people see metal detecting as an adventure, while some see it as a wild treasure hunt.

Lady of Lake Washington 

This pendant was surprisingly detected and rescued from Lake Washington while it was deeply submerged. Yes, metal detectors can work underwater since some of them are water-resistant. However, it’s the persistence of the detective that has us all stunned. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Lowtonedigging

Even for someone who has been running around with a metal detector looking for a treasure that he may never find, going into a lake seems a little extreme. Moreover, it looks like an enchanted silver pendant that belongs to a goddess.

Country roads, Take me Home!

Choosing to be a soldier is undoubtedly one of the most honorable life decisions one can ever make. So many leave the comfort of their families to serve in the army, but only a few get to return home after serving their country. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Steals-from-kids

Military tags are one of the most common findings in the metal detector world. Some are for fallen heroes, while some were simply misplaced. Either way, a military tag is always worth returning. No one should have to hold on to such an item. 

The Taylor Compass

If you were wondering how soldiers during the Second World War located the enemy troops and saved their comrades, this Taylor compass here is partly the answer. This compass was actively worn on the wrist by Airborne soldiers during WWII. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Wainsapain

It still looks liquid-filled, and if you consider the time since it was manufactured, it’s surprisingly in very decent condition. This should easily fetch this metal detective $150 at least. It could be worth a lot more if he’s good at bargaining.

The Lost Ruby Ring

They say life is what you make it. This little boy had always dreamed of finding something valuable with his metal detector. He spends most of his evenings touring the neighborhood looking for his first big break, and finally, it came. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Marified

He couldn’t believe it when his detector kept beeping and directing him to an old garage downtown. After digging a little, he found an old ruby ring. We’re not in the pawn business, but we do know that rubies today are very expensive.

Getting Rich at the Beach

While some people find a single coin after touring around for weeks, this guy here visited the beach and somehow found seven rings and 61 coins. Yes, you read that right. Also, one of the rings is adorned with a diamond. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/TTT334

Look who became rich by going to the beach! We’re not sure how much all of these items are worth if we put them together, but we’re sure someone somewhere would fancy buying everything from him in one go for a subsidized fee. 

The Denarius Titus

The Denarius Titus coin was a currency used in Ancient Rome during the 79-81 AD. Plenty of collectors would fancy owning these rare coins. He can literally walk into any museum to make a proposal, and he’s sure to get an offer. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Poshjosh1999

Artifacts are expensive because they’re hard to find and are reminders of how far we’ve evolved. This man here has just hit the jackpot because he didn’t just find an old item. He found one existing before the world had a proper calendar.


Heroes don’t always come in capes and costumes. Sometimes they come in regular clothes and are just like you. This teenage boy found a military tag while he was out metal detecting and returned it to the family of the soldier. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Steals-from-kids

A simple kind gesture like reuniting a fallen soldier with his family might not look like much, but it must have meant everything to the family. This is why there’s more to metal detecting than hunting for lost treasures.

The Viking Sword Gard

We don’t know the owner of this guard and if he survived the fight but clearly, it was one heck of a battle. Vikings are known to be powerful swordsmen, so whoever this warrior’s opponent was, he was an excellent fighter, too.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Elvemonster

It shouldn’t be hard to find a buyer for this guard, especially since plenty of collectors have a thing for ancient weapons. With the sword itself missing, a lot of people would be curious to know who wielded it. This is an awesome find.

The Time Capsule 

Metal detectors are truly a gift, and while its users may have been busy searching for something else, most of them have found other interesting things they never imagined they’d find. One of them is this time capsule and a photograph. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Gtclem0

The mystery behind this find is that it almost looks premeditated. Perhaps the men in the photograph kept it hidden underground, hoping that someday, somehow, someone would find it. They passed a message across time, and no one knows why.

Legend of the Sword

We might be wrong, but at first glance, this looks like a scene from the famous hit movie “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” It looks like a sword that has waited decades for someone to pull it out. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Yossigilbert

This is a good find, but it won’t fetch a reasonable price unless it can be identified as of value. Moreover, the edges have become dull, and the steel looks rusty. We wonder just how long has this sword been buried here?

Old but Gold

Now, this is a find! We say it’s one that is worth all the time and stress. An 1851 U.S dollar coin is worth thousands of dollars if it’s in excellent condition. Many collectors around the world would pay through their noses for it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Buck_thorn

It wouldn’t be surprising if the person who found it went on a vacation. When you find something this valuable, you’re allowed to take some time off or even quit for a little while. We doubt he’ll stop, though, especially after finding something like this.

The Victoria Dei Gratia Coin

The Victoria Dei Gratia coin was designed by William Wyon, and it features a crafted head image of the young Queen Victoria. Selling this to a collector or an interested party will probably earn this detective at least $750 to his pocket. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Handyteacup

That’s worth at least three low-priced metal detectors and should put a good smile on his face for a job well done. Finding items like this are what makes being a metal detective less tiresome. It’s not for the faint-hearted. 

The Wedding Ring

We’re not sure if it was misplaced or was intentionally thrown away by a heartbroken bride, either way, it’s a great find. This ring was designed by a popular goldsmith in San Francisco who goes by the name of Keigo Kitagawa. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Djalohr

If the finder wants to reunite the ring with its owner, finding the maker of it is his best bet. The only problem is that the maker has passed away. So, unless his sales book still exists, it’ll be almost impossible to find its owner. 

The Golden Denture

What a find this is! This should easily fetch $1000 since premium golden dentures are sold between $2000 to $4000. When you hear numbers like this, being a metal detective begins to look promising. You start to imagine a part-time career path. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Snorkeler

However, this metal detective has to lay low for a while because for something this expensive, someone has to be missing it and probably still looking for it. Hopefully, it’s a rapper and not a drug lord because it will not end well if it’s the latter.

The Carnival Pass

Finding a carnival pass is nowhere near what this man had in mind when he purchased his metal detector, but who knows. It might still fetch him some money if he sells it to the right person at the right price. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Fettyboi1738

Nowadays, no one customizes badges for a carnival. The highest memorabilia you might save is a paper ticket or a special number tag. They took these carnivals very seriously back in the days seeing as they customized badges for a 4-day event.

Lord of the Rings

This guy took a trip to Australia and discovered a lifetime of unique finds. Australia is already a special country, but the fact that all of these things were detected there simply adds further credence to that notion. What a trip!

Image courtesy of Reddit/TTT334

To be exact, there are 14 rings and 69 coins visible to the eyes if you look closely at the picture. This is why a lot of people venture into metal detecting to find many valuable items like these and sell them for a great price.

The One

Have you ever felt a special connection with an object before? This man here has been a metal detective for half of his life and has recovered many lost items. However, he always sells them and never keeps them. But that changed when he found this treasure. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Dan20mey

He just couldn’t sell this one no matter how much they offered. We’re not sure if he wants to propose with it or pass it down as an inheritance, but we know it’s not leaving his hands no matter what.

C.S.I – New York

Metal detecting could land you in trouble if you’re not careful. This man was on his usual detecting outing, but instead of finding a gold coin, he found a handgun, a concrete slab, and the remains of a dead person. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Crossmod

Despite him calling the police, it didn’t do him any favors as he was branded the number one suspect. He was later found not guilty and was instead commended in helping the police locate the body of the lost victim.

The Young Detective 

Who says only adults are allowed to use a metal detector. This boy is only seven years old, and he already has a fantastic find to his name. Plus, he didn’t just find any metal. He found a Diamond Opal.

Image courtesy of Reddit/AkBrownCoatl

He still has to get it appraised by a jeweler to truly know its worth, but what a find. He has to be careful, though, as there are myths about opal rings that say only those born in October are safe to wear them.

The Art Nouveau Brooch

The Art Nouveau was a historical method of art and design that became popular between 1890 and 1910. It was a rare form of architecture and decoration that was often inspired by plants and flowers. This brooch is an example of Art Nouveau. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/NormislandRandom

When it’s all cleaned up, this brooch can still fetch its finder a little over $100 if it’s in excellent condition. Depending on the complexity of the design, he can sell it for more if he’s good at bargaining.

The Fuscia Lipstick 

In the world of metal detecting, they say you don’t get to choose what you find. Instead, it chooses you. This old brass lipstick seems to have found a new owner after being by itself for hundreds of years. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/k8ie_kat

It’s not exactly the best of finds, considering the makeup within must be bad by now and the brass already rusting. It might be better to discard it or just give it away. However, makeup was a luxury to have back in the day.

Bottle Tab Collection

After a year of metal detecting and searching for treasures, this man unfolds all of his findings, and surprisingly 90% of them were bottle tabs. We’re not sure what he wants to do with them, but he picks them up whenever he sees them. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Dan20mey

He seems to have a habit of picking up things he believes shouldn’t be on the floor. While most metal detectives throw away items they feel aren’t valuable, this man here picks them up, so they don’t add to the litter that already exists.

The Napoleon Silver Coin

This Napoleon Silver coin was found in the Netherlands by a metal detective who was on vacation. He was hesitant about carrying along his metal detector initially, but now that he’s found this coin, he’ll be thanking his stars he did. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Suskeenwiske

This 1867 Napoleon Silver coin weighs 23 grams and is worth at least £100. If he found one made in an earlier year, he could have been able to sell for at least £300. Nonetheless, he’s £100 richer and much more motivated to continue.

The Claddagh Ring

This metal detective discovered a delicate ring with a very meaningful design that needs no explanation as it is self-explanatory. It was first produced in the 17th century and is a traditional Irish ring said to symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Exorcized

What a beautiful find! We won’t be surprised if he cleaned it up and took it home to give his wife. While selling is always an option, keeping your findings as part of a larger collection has a deeper meaning in the long run.

The Ring Collector

What you see right now is the work of a top ring detective. All he does is search for lost and missing rings. In a single year, he was able to unearth 24 gold and silver rings. That’s more than people find in a decade!

Image courtesy of

Not everyone goes into metal detecting because they think it’s lucrative. Some go into it because they’re passionate about their finds. And this man here loves collecting rings. If it’s not a ring, he will throw it out or give it away.

Saving her Marriage

Everyone gets an earful from their spouse when they’re not wearing their wedding ring. This is because they see it as you telling the world that you’re available. This woman had to call in the cavalry when she misplaced hers. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Chickenclickin

The earfuls are usually very long, and they could go on for days. Lucky for her, she knew a friend with a metal detector who was able to rescue her ring and save her from the nagging of her spouse.

Taking Risks

Risks can either be for the good or the bad, but whatever you decide, be at peace with it. This man took a risk by ignoring the harsh cold weather conditions to look for treasures. In the end, his faith was rewarded. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Silverslingers

He discovered a century-old handmade diamond-plated ring, and we have to admit, it is gorgeous. He can choose to give it to his daughter when she’s of age or sell it to a collector. Either way, he’s a delighted man.

The First Try

There’s always something special about your “firsts,” whatever the outcome may be. You never really forget it even after many years. This girl, however, made her memory a pleasant one as she found her old lost earring hidden somewhere in her room. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Subaw0067

After getting a metal detector as a birthday present from her uncle Bernie, where else to start her journey if not in her room, the feeling of finding gold on your first try is unmatched, even if it is your own gold.


If you’ve gone metal detecting at a location that was previously a warzone, you’ll get used to finding bullets, shrapnels, soldier tags, and other fragments of bombs. This man found over 100 bullet shells in just one acre of land. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/American-Doggo

He had never seen a bullet before this trip to the creek. He also found many other things he couldn’t seem to identify, so he took them home anyway. They look like pieces belonging to some kind of projectile.

The Buffalo Head Nickel

The 1936 Buffalo Nickel made its debut in the American market in 1913 and was minted until 1938. It features an iconic display of an Indian head on one side and an American Bison on the other. However, we don’t think this finder will make that much off it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/randomWIGHT9000

To be exact, 119 million copies of the 1936 Buffalo Nickel were minted, making it the most minted year in the Buffalo Head series. By the looks of it, this coin has been in circulation, and unfortunately, it’s worth only $1.

A Can of 7-up

It’s just an old can of 7-up of all things. Not the find he hoped for when he left his house with his metal detector. It’s not like he can drink or sell it. He must be really disappointed after digging so deep. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Scribblenaut95

The contents inside can still be felt as it hasn’t been opened. It must be at least 30 years old, and even if he wanted to drink it, it can’t be sterile. He’s better off throwing it away after showing it to his grandparents.

A Great Day

You just know he’s having a great day seeing as he found a Great Britain Old Guinea coin and two 1696 Sixpences all in the same location. It’s like the heavens are rewarding him for all the noble things and hard work he’s done. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Wayofthebrush

A Great Britain Old Guinea coin, has a value between $400 to $6,500 depending on the shape it’s in, while a 1696 Sixpence coin is valued between $200 to $800 depending on if it’s a circulated coin or not.

The Roman Snake Motif Ring

Today, a lot of people would be skeptical about wearing a ring with a snake design because of superstitious beliefs. However, In the ancient days, snakes were regarded as a symbol of love, especially during the reign of Queen Victoria. 

Image courtesy of Yaplakal/HurricaneMedina

Despite how people might feel about snake motifs, there is no denying that they’re stunning when used on jewelry. This ring is a snake motif, and this metal detective couldn’t contain his joy as he immediately put it on.

The Lost Michael Kors

We call this a Jackpot! An excellent find that shouldn’t take him more than 10 minutes to sell at a nearby pawn store. Heck, even a friend or bystander would be willing to pay good money for it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Watersigns

However, someone out there has got to be missing this watch because that’s no ordinary watch. It’s an original Michael Kors. To part with such an item after spending so much must hurt. Hopefully, the finder has a good heart.

The Buried Tomato Sauce

There’s always that one person who feels as though everything in the world is working against them. He has zero luck finding anything tangible, and even when he eventually did, it turned out to be a tomato sauce. Talk about rotten luck. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/MrDurka

While others are detecting coins, necklaces, and other rare, valuable items, he was busy digging for an hour only to find tomato sauce. He’s finding out the hard way that detecting an item and it actually being of value are two very different things.

The Collector’s Stash

If you search the home of any collector, you’re likely to find a room or safe like this one. It’s almost inevitable. The only place they can trust to keep their treasures safe is a place close to them. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Wessel-P 

This man has had a remarkable career in metal detecting. What a fortune he’s amassed! This is why most collectors invest in underground lairs and secret bunkers to store valuables. This place is undoubtedly located in his house or underneath it.

The Car Key and the Bum short

By the looks of it, someone probably went home in their underwear. But that’s not even our concern. The car key belonging to the popular Korean car brand “KIA” is the real find. What a find this could turn out to be!

Image courtesy of Reddit/GrammerSnob

All that’s left now is to locate the grand prize. This person must have searched the entire beach with his metal detector, praying he finds a car buried underground. The car owner obviously forgot her car keys with her shorts. But how does this even happen?