45 Times People Confidently Missed The Joke

By Iulia P

How many times did your friends tell you a joke and you didn’t understand it? Then they told you the same joke again, and you still didn’t understand it. And then, they repeated it, you still didn’t understand it, but you laughed anyway because, at that point, you did not want to seem like a lunatic. Well, all we can say is that it happens to the best of us, too. It’s effortless to be distracted nowadays, especially if you are an adult that is “adulting.” Adulting will have one thinking of 1000 things at the same time. But we get it, we felt bad too when it happened to us, but we bet this article will make you feel better about this situation. Here are some people that did not get the joke (and felt the need to put their opinion out there in the spotlight).


Hello, 911?! We want to report a case. No, we do not want to report any fights, but instead, a person who did not even bother to read their friend’s tweet properly. Not only this, but the person decided to show it, too.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

Their friend, the author of the tweet, might have been really disappointed. By the reply they received, we can only assume that the author was really rooting for his joke to reach his followers and make them laugh. But that’s not the case.


It looks like someone had such a bad day that she wants to let all the anger out on a poor Twitter user who just wanted to put a smile on his readers’ faces by sharing a little joke with them.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

But this Grinch of a person decided that if her mood was ruined, everybody’s mood should be ruined too. The person tried something here by calling this Twitter user an “idiot,” but all she managed to do was embarrass herself. Ooopsie!

Don’t take it so personal

Everybody loves a good meme—everybody except this person below who clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day. Seriously now, buddy, don’t take it that personal. This was meant to be nothing but a joke.

Photo courtesy of www.mandatory.com

We are sure that the person who posted this meme knows that running is in our DNA, and nobody actually invented it. But we can only feel bad for this person. It must be hard not being able to detect and enjoy a joke.

Invisible car

Some jokes come and go, but one thing is for sure; Jokes about the camo pattern will never get old. And while some of them are really cheesy, some camo jokes are so good even the younger generation understands them.

Photo courtesy of www.fempositive.com

We don’t know the age of the person who posted the picture above, but one thing is for sure, he missed the joke big time. But lucky for him, he read the joke twice, understood it, and edited his answer quickly.

Something off about it!

The person who wrote the status below tried a little pamphlet of those people who just love putting their life stories out there for everybody to feel bad for them. As crazy as it may seem, some people really feed on other’s pity.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

If you read the whole Tweet, you would get confused after the first four words because the whole text looks like it’s straight out of an absurd story or movie. Yet this person only focused on the 9/11 part. Seriously?

Color blind joke

We are out here to make fun of those who did not get the joke, and guess what! This subtle joke below left us smiling confusedly. We understand the confused person who felt the need to comment on the thread, though.

Photo courtesy of www.fempositive.com

We were today’s years old when we found out that color blind people see the color orange instead of blue. This is interesting. The joke about the diagnosis, which came out of the BLUE, makes much more sense now, right?

Life without humor

What would life be without humor? Boring is probably not enough to describe it. But sadly, some people in this world lack it, and it shows. For example, this Reddit User just did not get the joke.

Photo courtesy of www.boredpanda.com

And normally, when someone does not get something or does not agree with something, that someone should keep on scrolling and go on with his life, but not this person right here. She felt the need to show the whole internet that not only did she not get it, but she is also a very judgmental and nosey person.

What’s for dinner?

It looks like we’re having some dark humor for dinner. And we all know that dark humor is difficult to swallow for some people, like this person, for example, who felt the need to describe what was happening in this picture.

Photo courtesy of www.fempositive.com

Oh well, it is pretty obvious that nobody wanted to cook or eat this cute baby, but what really shocked us is that someone actually believed that this is exactly what the person who posted the picture legitimately thought.

Trust no one

One thing is for sure, nowadays whatever you read on the internet must be verified 1000 times because most of the time, it’s fake or invented information you stumble upon. The so-called quote this lady posted is the best example of this.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

The poor lady tried to act all smart, but the other users did not let her have her moment. We are really curious what the rest of the thread looks like because to us, it seems like the fourth person joined in the conversation and made it automatically better… and funnier too.

Who’s going to tell her?

We just finished reading the conversation pictured below between two Tinder users, and all we need to say is wow. Wow, because it clearly shows that the girl is over the annoying pickup lines she’s been getting on that app from random strangers.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/OnYourSide

And also, wow, because who in the world would start a conversation with such a joke? No wonder she got this passive-aggressive. We do have to admit that the fact that she missed the bad joke was funny indeed.


Yes, for those who don’t know, the word “pain” means bread in French. The pronunciation is different from that of the English word, but we tend to believe that they chose this name because the repercussions of eating bread are painful.

Photo courtesy of funkyjunk.com

We are talking about those kilos that will stick to you like glue once you make a habit out of eating “le pain.” But do you know what else it’s painful about this post? The fact that that person did not understand the joke in that meme.


There is nothing more annoying than telling an awesome joke to your friends and having to explain it to that friend who never gets it. The situation is worse when you have to explain a joke to the hot girl you found on Tinder.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

Having a developed sense of humor is a must for most people, so the lack of it can be a real red flag or a turn-off—kind of like in this conversation pictured above. The guy seems disgusted to the bones about the girl not getting the joke. We have to admit that he shouldn’t have been so disrespectful to her.

Calm down, Kevin!

At this point, it is fair to say that some people should keep on scrolling without leaving any comments on posts that trigger or upsets them. Most of the time, those who do this make a fool of themselves, making the joke ultimately about them.

Photo courtesy of tradingdraft.com

Like this user, for example, seriously now, it’s pretty obvious that the first comment to the question was ironic, yet this person was so angry and triggered by the answer that he completely missed the joke. And, he embarrassed himself too, but that is another part of the story.

Too smart to be fooled

We are dealing with a person who is just “too smart to be fooled” or too serious to take part in funny conversations. Either way, we are not shocked to see this person’s reaction to the meme posted below.

Photo courtesy of thepunblog.com

Nowadays, the internet has all sorts of fake info and freaks that spread it around. So, this user’s reaction is not shocking, but we all have to agree that his skepticism made the whole Facebook comment thread really funny to read.

Come on!

Come on, Reddit user! It was more clear than a crystal that this account, who, by the way, it’s a jokes account, made a joke. Why do people have to take everything they see or read so seriously? Lighten up!

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

We do not have anything against the grammar army of the internet, but seriously, some of the grammar soldiers live to correct other people, and this is annoying. But, it looks to us that this one right here did not get away with it.

It was a hint, Sarah!

Can someone explain to Sarah that this post was meant to be a hint? The irony is that those internet influencers claim that their kids said things too mature for their age. And all this is just for likes, shares, and plain attention.

Image courtesy of pholder.com

But Sarah took it in such a serious manner that she felt the need to sort it out herself. We can’t understand why Sarah was so angry with the post, but I feel like we all had the same reaction: a big facepalm to the face.

Russian dolls

You just got to love dad jokes. They are so subtle that if you don’t pay attention, you risk missing the joke. Sure, sometimes dad jokes are a bit weird and annoying. Like for example, this one which we had to read twice to understand.

Photo courtesy of fempositive.com

But we love the Russian dolls hint. And not only this but the comments on the post too. Not the second one, though. Can someone tell this user to relax and stop being so serious while commenting on a funny account’s post?

Visa got jokes

You just have to love it when big companies hire a hilarious Social Media manager to bring their business to the next level. Most of the time, by creating funny posts, these creators manage to bring more fans and customers than the actual ads.

Photo courtesy of nanoresort.com

Visa is definitely one of those companies whose Social Media department is the place we all aspire to be. Imagine the jokes they crack in the office and how fun working there is. All we hope is that they don’t have colleagues like Daniel, who completely misunderstand their jokes.

Don’t act all smart

Imagine waking up, being in a good mood, and deciding to share a joke with the internet. You know, just to put the other people that follow you in a good mood too. Only for the whole party to be ruined by a smarty pants.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

They not only did not get the joke but decided to show his intelligence and explain it to the user that posted it. He obviously ended up embarrassing himself. You know what they say. Sometimes one needs to be quiet and keep on scrolling.

Oh no!

We just read the conversation below, and all we can say is: Why? And no, we are not wondering why the chicken crossed the street, but we are really confused as to why the person did not see it (the joke/prank) coming?

Photo courtesy of fempositive.com

We are not that old, and we know that every “knock, knock” joke does not end in a very kind way. They are always meant to make fun of or insult the other person. Well, at least now she knows…the hard way.

Back to school!

We don’t know about you, but to us, it looks like someone might have skipped kindergarten. Not knowing the difference between colors and shapes is a pretty big deal, but this user should not worry about it at all.

Photo courtesy of nicetomeetyou-marigold.tumblr.com

They say that one can go back to school no matter the age, so we think that both users should go back. One to learn the difference between shapes and colors and the other one to learn the other fruits that are named after colors.

Flashback immunity

It all started with a statement, a pretty sad one, to be honest, and from there, it all went down south, of course with the help of Rick, who just did not get it. Normally we would consider it ok not to understand stuff, but this right here…

Photo courtesy of thereisnocorrectanswer.tumblr.com

A very kind user decided to take his time and explain to Rick the statement, but if you look at the explanation, it’s the same as the post itself. Because there is no other way to put it: A deaf and blind person can not have flashBACKS. Literally.

Why so angry?

Look, Rahan woke up, and he just did not feel like himself that morning. So what better place to let all the frustration out other than in the comment section of a funny meme? What a bad idea it was.

Photo courtesy of www.brilio.net

Because other users did not waste a second to come back at Rahan for the comment he left. After reading the posts in the comment section, we are sure that Rahan’s day, which was already bad, became even worse. Sorry, Rahan!


Compared to the other conversations that we have just read, it is fair to say that this one right here was just useless. And this is because there is no subtlety in the first comment, and the truth is pretty obvious.

Photo courtesy of www.nanoresort.com/

Well, it turns out that if you do not have a good sense of iron, you may not see it and miss the whole joke, just like Dio, who thought that he was the only one who did not see the other user’s avatar picture. And this is how a mini-prank came out of an ironic remark.

A Potato

For some years now, the term potato has become derogatory when used in certain situations. If someone has a potato head, well, it means that someone is not that intelligent. It’s pretty funny to see the nickname this user chose.

Photo courtesy of nanoresort.com

Because in that exact moment, the person’s head became a potato that could not process what the other person said. But it’s all good. It happens to all of us; the difference is that we don’t claim to be potato heads.

For a school project

We read this tweet a couple of times, and every time we come up with a theory. Here are two of them. Either this guy wants an attractive face for himself, or he wants someone who has an attractive face (to date and to take pictures of).

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@teamsecret

No matter what he meant, we can not close our eyes to what the other user said. We think that the author of the post is well aware that he graduated from school, so thank you, ADITYA Raj, for your concern!

What if?

So, we read the thread in the picture below, and what if the first user was not even joking about throwing the planet’s trash into the Bermuda triangle. What if he really meant what he said and that the other person genuinely tried to explain how it works.

Photo courtesy of richhouses.com

But we are here for what the first user said. Imagine if there would be a place on our mother Earth where we could take all the trash, plastic, and toxic chemicals to make it disappear. That would be ideal for us and future generations.

Fresh air

Something tells us that you, too, had the same reaction as us after you read the comment to this meme: a facepalm. How someone can not see the joke in this meme is beyond us. But worry less, dear user!

Photo courtesy of memedroid.com

We are here to help. First of all, a submarine’s windows are just not open. Second, if they would open, and someone would open them to get some fresh air, then the whole submarine would sink (hence Tom’s petrified face). Third, yes, you are right. There is no fresh air outside the submarine, the same way that there is no sense of humor in the person that wrote this comment. Sorry!

Area 51 jokes

There are certain jokes that only certain people would understand. For example, the jokes about Area51 and aliens. Those who do not know much about these two topics will most likely look at you confused if you tell them a joke about them.

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

If you think this would be your reaction to this joke as well, don’t worry. This would be our reaction, too, and the reaction of probably 99% of the people on this planet because these types of jokes are alien to most of us.

ASMR rewound

For those who are not aware of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), it’s that shiver that runs through your whole body in response to certain sounds, feelings, descriptions. The internet is full of videos of this type, and people are living for it.

Photo courtesy of www.nanoresort.com/

Just like this user who noticed how smoothly and perfectly the creator places the sand back into the container, only for the creator to reply that the video was, in fact, rewound. Someone was probably really disappointed that day.

Online shopping

We are sure that online marketers have some powerful marketing strategies in order to earn more. Their sole aim is to get them more customers. One of these strategies, and the best one if you ask us, it’s the free shipping strategy.

Photo courtesy of gamesyweas.tumblr.com

How many times did you fill up your cart just to give up when you saw that you had to pay a couple of dollars for shipping? It has happened to us a lot. Yes, it is the same, but the difference is that “Free shipping” comes with the satisfaction that you got as a gift offered by the brand you bought from.

The meme Type-o

Imagine having the best and funniest idea for a meme. You get the picture to match it, you write it, you upload it on the internet, and surprise! After it was downloaded and reposted hundreds of times, you realize you made a typo.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/PrequelMemes

That spelling “erour” will hit you just like that piece of wood hit that poor clown. But, if you look at the bright side, it may make the meme even funnier than it is. Sure, with the risk of the grammar army criticizing you. What else is new?

What if it’s not

This meme got us thinking. We know that this cartoon character’s name is Kim Possible, but we also know that that thing underneath her nose looks exactly like a mustache. And, that Kim must be a boy name if this is the case.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/me_irl

Or maybe we’re thinking too far, and we lack the same amount of humor as this person who replied to the meme. She seems pretty offended by it, and we would be too if someone would try to destroy our childhood memories.

For the phisics lovers

This is one of the jokes that we understand but don’t necessarily find that funny. And this is because physics is not funny in general. It’s straightforward. Physics is difficult and gives students a hard time. Not to all of the students, though.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/dankmemes

For example, Ali found it really funny. Or, maybe those laughing-out-loud emojis were inserted there in order to make him seem superior for knowing that gravity was not invented but discovered. Oh, Ali boy! Spoiler alert, we all knew it already!

Pay attention!

Oh, boy! Not everything you see on the internet is true. Some of the things are just fake, while some are supposed to be a joke. Like for example, this picture below was posted by the account of the shopping chain Home Depot.

Photo courtesy of brtaram.com

But it looks like this user did not get the memo and took the joke literally. Come on! Some people really need to relax and be more flexible. Living life in a serious way it’s not fun at all.

It’s the moustache

Someone that night was really impressed with the impersonation of Borat that this actor did it on The Late Night Show. He was so impressed that he had to write it in the comment section. And lucky he did that because this way, he found out the truth.

Photo courtesy of www.allspark.com

No wonder the actor was impersonating Borat so well because it turned out that this was none other than Sacha Baron Cohen, the actor who played Borat in the 2006 movie. It looks like someone had an epiphany that night.

No way!

If you are a pet parent, the chances are that you too take funny pictures of your fur baby are high. Well, it’s a fun activity, and the fact that they barely protest it makes it ten times more fun, as you can see.

Photo courtesy of pikabu.ru

This person thought that his doggo looks exactly like a deer, and he came up with the idea of drawing dots on his coat to make him look more realistic. He posted the picture, and someone really thought she was making a statement when she added that comment. Well, dear Facebook user, it’s so obvious that you don’t need to say anything. Just laugh.

He’s not wrong though

Some of you grew up with cool, far from strict parents, and it shows! When you grow in such an environment, you don’t fear them being nosey enough to investigate what you are up to or who your friends are.

Photo courtesy of dykn.com

We get it. It’s for their kid’s safety, but sometimes, kids need their privacy too. Especially if they are teenagers, so we can not blame this poor kid for his reaction. He knows better than anybody else how his father can be.

*Cricket sounds*

One thing about new movies is that they are so realistic that one would think the special effects or the animals are all real. Well, with a bit of common sense, you can see which ones use special effects and those that don’t.

Photo courtesy of richhouses.com

We can not blame this user for thinking that all those animals were real. The technology nowadays is so evolved, and those animals look like they are indeed real. But for one to think that the movie staff took time to train all those animals is just crazy.

Stick man General

We have never seen it this way, and to be honest, we think that someone needs to have a lot of imagination in order to come up with this: the General’s tie looks exactly like a stick man’s body. And we can not un-see it now.

Photo courtesy of newsbook.com.mt

But, this guy did not want to see it and kept himself very serious about the matter. Jake, we know that it’s supposed to be the General’s tie, but can you not be a Grinch about it? Relax and be more flexible.

Why so serious?

Can someone explain to this user the meaning of this meme and why they used the word “promoted” and not “demoted”? Instead of trying to act like smartypants, one should just ask if he can’t understand something.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

But no! Some of these internet trolls feel the need to correct stuff on the internet that they don’t understand, and we thank them for that. Because this way, we don’t just laugh at the meme, but at them embarrassing themselves too.

A hole in the wall

Some would say that this is a hole in the wall, while some would say that it is actually a handle for the door’s handle. No matter what it is, it’s all about perspective and the amount of imagination and humor one has.

Photo courtesy of thechaoschest.tumblr.com

Well, clearly, someone here did not get the joke, and when they commented on this post, they managed to make a fool of themselves without any intention of doing so. Oopsie! I guess it happens to the best of us, too.

What an IQ

If this right here is not the shortest and easiest IQ test to do, then we do not know exactly what it is. Sure, we might be a bit ironic, but hey, it is fair to say that this person passed the IQ test but did not pass the sense of humor one.

Photo courtesy of www.reddit.com/me_irl

And since we love positivity, we have to set some facts straight. Actually, there are people out there that got the chance to complain about their parachute not opening, and there are people who survived a failed parachute fall.

Who is going to tell her?

It has happened to all of us before meeting a person for the first time and not memorizing their name. Or, to see a movie and not paying attention to the characters’ names only to sit quietly, browsing both our brain’s memory dept. And the internet.

Photo courtesy of nanoresort.com

Now that someone opened the door to this subject, we would really like to know why, out of all the characters in the kid’s movie Shrek, the poor donkey doesn’t have a proper name. This is discrimination towards donkeys, and we don’t like it.

Yes they can

Come on! Can some people have a bit of imagination and not be this inflexible when it comes to some jokes? Not only did the person not get it, but he actually replied with an insult too. Was it really necessary?

Photo courtesy of Reddit/woooosh

But Karma is there watching, and she did not miss it the way this user missed the joke. Because in less than a second, the Justice League of the internet managed to put this user in his place. It looks like someone will be keeping his opinion for himself from now on.