Mistakes People Make That Make Humanity a Fun Act

By Taimoor T

Plastic melts at high temperatures

Ask a first grader about the properties of plastic and one of the first things they’d tell you is that this particular material has a melts in heated situations faster than a heart melts if it sees something heartwarming. This person, however, clearly didn’t show up for his general sciences lesson.

Image courtesy: Imgur.com

Look at the state of this pizza….the crust and the contents look good but we’re sure that this melted plastic recipe is a disaster. We only hope that this pizza wasn’t served anyway.

Mix beat

While wired headphones are cheaper than the wireless ones, we know there’s a reason why they’re not as popular as they used to be a few years back. This picture is proof that using a beater while wearing your headphones isn’t the greatest decision you’ll ever make.

We’d recommend wearing Bluetooth earphones or even blasting a tune on your speakers to avoid this sweet mess. Hopefully, the person learned their lesson!

Driving on ice

Well here’s the thing. Many people would like the idea of driving a heavy vehicle on thawed ice but only few would dare to act on this urge. If you’re someone who’s planning on doing that, this post is for you and just a polite warning.

This guy thought that driving a four-wheeler with a caravan truck on thawed ice would be the coolest thing he ever did. And as you can see, it was a spectacular failure. Can someone find this guy and let him know that we have a nice medal waiting for him?

Sunroof to enjoy the snow

Okay so it is always cool to have a sunroof atop your car since air conditioning can be a bit of a drag and hey, window mirrors are a little dangerous. This person had a good car that came with a sunroof. His mistake? Look at the picture!

Image courtesy: helpguide.org

See? If you’re living a place where it snows heavily when it is supposed to snow heavily, it is a very basic thing to ALWAYS close the sunroof. For some reason, the concept was thrown out of the window (or the sunroof) and here we have a car that would require a serious shoveling job.

Breaking the ice

Not sure what happened here because most people would keep a box of ice-cream on the back of the seat and to make things safer, wrapped in a bag.

Image courtesy: BuzzFeed

This person though is from another dimension and by the looks of it, thought that it would be a good idea to place it closer to the brakes so that they can eat and drive at the same time. Why would you do that? Why? Forget cleaning the car, what a waste of ice cream!

Wrong sized toy

Okay so this would have been meme material if we could have seen the packaging. The cat owner purchased a perch for their pet….turns out, they completely missed out on going to the chart size option before clicking on the “add to cart” option.

Image courtesy: catsherdyou.com

This is the reason why you need to read everything before proceeding. At least she can stare at it for the time being. But she’ll probably get bored since she can’t climb it.

Iron through hell

Not only does it consume a lot of energy, but iron can also actually burn a hole through any object. The following image is funny but a little foreboding too.

So whoever was ironing, thought putting the iron flat on this surface was a good thing. Turns out, the iron is now making a treacherous journey to earth’s core where it might finally be allowed to stay hot for as long as it wants to be.

The award for the greatest paint delivery

So when delivering paint from point A to point B, the safest thing you’d ever do would be to secure the lids. But this person wasn’t like most people and thought that his driving skills were so godlike that basic concept such as securing a lid was for mere mortals.

Image courtesy: resene.co.nz

A rude awakening for this person who would now have to spend some serious dough on the car’s interior.

Interior designing gone wrong

So when you’re designing your home, make sure that that drawers and cabinets are in workable condition. Also….the person performing the task should know what they’re doing.

Image courtesy: gofloorgo.com

These homeowners probably hired the wrong guy for the job since he completely forgot that placing drawers perpendicularly is not the wisest move he’d ever make. The guy who designed the house was probably rushing to go somewhere. Hope they got a discount on that apartment!

A Christmas threat

When kids (and even grownups) have been naughty, it is a promise that Santa will come down the chimney and give them coals for bad behavior. However, this person decided to celebrate Christmas differently.

Image courtesy: facebook.com

So you see, us humans are better at dishing out punishments and if you were a bad boy or a girl the whole year and wanted to buy something for the occasion, we suggest getting a hold of this bag of threats that might help improve your behavior for next year.

The shady criminal

Well we really need to show you this one because it is hilarious. Most channels would provide coverage for a crime by putting a name on the face right? Now look at this image:

Image courtesy: Pinterest

The culprit was apprehended but had a name that would send shivers down everyone’s spines, mothers would grab their children, grown men would feel week in their knees and dogs would whimper. The man whose name is Firstname Lastname is going to be the end of humanity.

Need for Speed….and awareness

No one would blame you if you want to flaunt your super-amazing gown but it is always nice to have at least some idea about your surroundings. This girl was just not open to anything else except her reflection. Rushing to a wedding perhaps?

She was worried about her lipstick and didn’t even notice that a part of her gown was trapped in the spokes of a car wheel (it is a Coupe by the way). Thankfully, this random dude removed her dress from the wheel and prevented a serious accident from happening.

The boat that swam underwater

Most of us would never have the chance to own a luxury boat so we know just how precious these things are. If we had one, we would take care of it and make sure no harm comes its way. But we’re not most people are we now?

Image courtesy: ifixit.com

This person took the boat for granted and totally forgot to put the drain plugs back in. The boat sank and this guy now has quite a lucrative gig for someone to do.

Cement as a canvas

We all know that wet cement is treated by reverence by most builders. How many times have you gotten the death stare from a builder if you get too close to it?

This image is clearly of a child who made a nuisance of himself on wet cement by walking all over it before proceeding to lay down their scoot for a while. But this act will never go away and remain printed in the annals of history. At least he can pass by this road and say that his scooter was a masterpiece?

Escalate then de-escalate

To be honest, we don’t know WHAT to say about this. Is it an architect leaving from work or just a prank played by a mall just to test the depths of human stupidity?

Image courtesy: Indy100.com

So people use this escalator without noticing that there is a wall at the end of the proverbial tunnel. This guy pretty much rammed himself into the wall but another guy is taking this as a great way to demonstrate his parkour skills.

Is it a yes or a no?

The problem with printing signboards is that once the text is printed, it cannot be undone. Most of the stores you go to will have the same entry and exit door so it is important to mention this somewhere on the door.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

This person, however, lives in different earth where people can enter the building through one section of the same door and exit from another section. At least that’s how it looks the way both instructions have been laid out.

Pressed marshmallow

Aren’t marshmallows yummy? These creations are heavenly but experimenting with them should be considered a travesty. They were probably craving for smores but chose the easy way out.

Now look at how someone thought that placing a box of these delights next to a heated iron was a good thing. Now, the marshmallow box is one with the iron or the other way around….however, you see it. We call this a “wasted” moment.

The bonus stairway

Attention to detail is crucial when it comes to designing stairways. All measurements have to be precise – from the length to the width to even the shape. Obviously the builder didn’t like reading memos much and by not doing so, made a big mistake.

Image courtesy: megacurioso.br

But this isn’t a regular mistake and an act that would incur the wrath of the poor soul who climbed the wrong side of the stairs only to realize that they’d either have to climb up or crawl down to reach the other side.

Taco gone wrong

If you say that you love Mexican food and haven’t had a taco, you’re definitely a pretender. This brand of fast food has been serving our glutton-Esque tendencies for ages. After all who doesn’t love a good quesadillas or burrito?

Image courtesy: guff.com

Here though, someone serves a taco that had cardboard as one of the ingredients. We only hope that was a one-time thing because hey…not everyone likes munching on cardboard.

Washing before living….yeah baby!

Okay so when you go to a public restroom, mostly you would want to wash your hands before leaving right? But did you know that you also need to prioritize washing hands before living?

Apparently this restroom wanted to emphasize on the importance of cleaning by letting people know that living isn’t as important as cleaning. Maybe they have a point considering the times we’re living in!

The handle that can handle nothing

When installing a door handle, it is something of a no-look thing that you have to place it correctly. But human beings continue to amaze us by doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.

Take for example this gentleman who installed the handle in such a way that the whole ideals of privacy were effectively chucked out of the window. So if you’re not sure about something, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Illegal parking will be tolerated

So mostly, people don’t like others parking in their spot. But who can blame those since finding a good parking spot is like scratching a lottery ticket where the chances of you hitting it big time are slim to none.

So this person erected a signboard which clearly mentions that the said private parking allows illegally parked cars. That’s a pretty cool thing and this person should be given a medal for either being bad at reviewing content or just for being a really nice and giving person.

Oh STAHHPPPP it you!!!

Why do mainstream things when you can do things differently? This person ought to deserve an award for going against the grain and purposely making a typo. Others might have resulted in an accident because of this so the joke wasn’t all that funny.

Image courtesy: 10news.com

For instance, this guy knew that a signboard aimed at stopping oncoming traffic wasn’t good enough so he chose to paint part of the road with a new spelling of STOP (STPO). It is not a word but look at it this way, people might notice the typo and would then decide to stop.

The ghost of a weather girl

We all like to see how the weathergirl on our favourite news channel is going to tell us whether it would be sunny or story or just a boring day. Little did the audience know that they’d be in for a fright.

This weathergirl thought it would be nice to have an ethereal outlook on her presentation. Do you see how transparent she is? It is a technical glitch and rather than looking spooky, it looks kinda unprofessional yet easy to the eye.

The poor spatula

Another person didn’t know the concept of plastic melting in extreme heat. Or maybe they were in the midst of cooking and had to do another task? This is a fire hazard waiting to happen. Not to mention – it looks like the pan is completely soiled.

Image courtesy: lol.tv3.it

This spatula is on its way to becoming a part of the pan forever. We sure hope they were able to salvage what was left of it if not then it would make a cool art piece maybe?

Counting lesson ruined

For kids, basic lessons such as numbers, counting and alphabets are important. If done right, they stick with them for the rest of their lives. But if done wrong, well…..the kid will be damaged for life!

This book should be burned and the publisher should be sued for changing the basic conventions of counting. After all, the kid could be mistaking 5 for 6 who knows what kinds of misunderstandings this would incur!

Peas, not corns

Sometimes you buy something and when you go back home and open it, it wasn’t what you bought. We sure hope they were still able to use the corn after all that looks like a good batch!

This person wanted a can of peas. Everything was right with the labeling except for the contents which were sweet corns. Clearly this is the work of someone who momentarily forgot that peas aren’t yellow.

A mat for your book

So this advertisement really messed things up for the manufacturers. The mat was designed for human use but the way it has been promoted tells a different story. The mat is essentially for a book because hey, your favorite books has needs too right?

Image courtesy: scribol.com

We just don’t get how they could make such a big mistake. After all, the person isn’t actually on the matt. How misleading!

Not my Cake

The Super Bowl is America’s favourite sporting day of the year. Families sit down in front of the TV and watch singers sing and football players try to maim one another for a trophy and a ring.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

This cake, however, is to celebrate a contest that is related to what we normally don’t like to disclose. Well…..to each their own I guess?

Not again please

Sometimes you are so unlucky that no matter how well you drive, there’s always a nutcase around the corner looking to leave a dent on your car. We feel bad for these people since this probably ruined their day.

This guy had it with people bumping into his car’s derrière so they changed his number plate to issue a plea that makes our hearts melt (not like a spatula or a plastic pan in an oven).

A twisted fortune

Fortune cookies impart wisdom upon us but what if you end up finding a cookie that works a little differently from its colleagues? This cookie doesn’t know what’s going on or is probably leaving the person an ominous message where he has to guess the meaning.

Image courtesy: Geekycamel.com

This one for instance, is not only crooked, but also ended up imparting wisdom before it was devoured.