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Daydreaming Pets That Long For The Wider World

We can find a million reasons why our pets are so adorable. Everything they do, from their silly expressions to their naughty tricks, pets capture the hearts of millions. If you are a pet parent or know someone who is, then you will understand how easy it is to get caught up talking about those cute little companions. We never get tired of scrolling through pictures, watching videos, and recounting memories with our beloved pets.

Sadly, they don’t always feel the same way. Maybe it’s the constant attention or vanishing personal bubble, but it seems like some pets can’t help but dream of a life outside their reach. What they don’t realize, however, is that this longing attitude is just another thing we find endearing. Here are some heartwarming pictures of curious pets that seem to be taken by the world just outside the window.

“Pawtrolling” the neighborhood

We can trust our dogs to keep our neighborhood safe from an occasional burglar or even thieves. The loud barking is NOT simply to annoy us, but also beneficial and sometimes a sign that our pet is scaring off anyone who might come uninvited on our property. Trust us, WE KNOW!

Image Courtesy of briiiibih/Twitter

This little puppy is no exception. After licking his bowl clean post-lunch, this pupper dutifully returns to the very important responsibility entrusted to him. That is keeping his home safe. From birds, mailmen, and ice cream trucks, our pets are ready to chase them off with their cute little barks.

Because, priorities!

Isn’t it a bit inconvenient that what you want never happens when you want it? Like, you never get your order delivered the moment you buy it, or you can eat everything and still be hungry? However, if we got everything we wanted, life would be so dull otherwise.

Image courtesy of kekpisangEffa/Twitter

This cat would surely understand what we are trying to say. Because when she thought she would spend her afternoon snooping around in the kitchen, life definitely had other plans for her. The dogs next door just had to get into a fight, and she couldn’t resist taking a peek herself.

Now you see me, now you don’t..?

If you were asked what would be the one superpower you could have, there would really be no doubt in choosing invisibility. Now we know, half the people out there would prefer the power of flight, but really? No even invisibility?

Image courtesy of alLAURgator/Twitter

Cats can disappear into their surroundings when they feel. It’s their uncanny ability. Take this fluff ball for instance. By covering herself with blinds, she has created an air of invisibility around her like no one could. She really understands the assignment.

Guilty pleasure

We occasionally indulge ourselves with one of our guilty pleasures from time to time. We are not to judge, but it would be pretty embarrassing if people knew about our guilty pleasures. But what if someone found you doing something in which you would never want anyone to know?

Image courtesy of S_C_O_E/Twitter

Your expressions would mirror the one of this cat, we have no doubt. All this cutie wanted to do was spy alone in peace, but alas, it quickly turned into a nightmare. We do understand, there are things which should never see the light of the day, like our guilty pleasures. 

This is how we like to relax!

Sunday afternoons look different to different people. Some people want to be involved in activities. Some prefer to catch up on sleep, some like to binge watch a new series, while some might like to listen to their favorite music or read a book. 

Image courtesy of iamrolster/Twitter

This fluffball, however, enjoys his solitude. Put him on a chair near his favorite window, and he can spend hours looking out the window without bothering anybody. Now thatta a good boy. You gotta do what your feelin’ man!!

*Curiously thinking* “must inspect!”

Earlier, curiosity might have killed the cat. Nowadays, it might lead to discovering something totally unexpected. Like a new friend or a new play area. But, if you are a cat and belong to someone called, Schrodinger, it might not turn out so good!

Image courtesy of _sxrax/Twitter

Looking at the endless open lawn in front of we. We can pretty much guess what this kitty might be thinking. More land to destroy! Simple creatures like cats don’t need much in life. All they need is destruction. Destruction of toys, houses, and hearts!

Stealth mode on

Our pets are smart. Smarter than we think they really are. While we can learn countless good things from pets like kindness, endless devotion, love, etc., we can also learn other important things like how to spy on people.

Image Courtesy Of euphorliyah/Twitter

One of the classic tricks for spying is demonstrated here by this cat. You can never give enough credit to looking through the window. While you remain completely hidden, the whole opens up in front of you like you’re invisible! Who needs a cloak now?

Pandemic blues!

This is serious you guys! 2020 was a year that no one will ever forget! Being stuck in our own homes and having nowhere to go has taken a toll on a lot of us and still is. But let us make one thing clear, we have all brave!

Image Courtesy Of new2twittaaa/Twitter

That does not mean we cannot feel sad or a little under the weather from time to time. If we were to sum up how we felt during our low times, this cat perfectly captures this essence. Hang in there buddy! We are in this together!

Fashionista nonetheless!

Though we might have been stuck inside for the longest time it fells, it does not mean we cannot look our absolute best inside our own homes! Because why not! Lets face it, we can all use some cheering up in these times!

Image Courtesy Of villanelliee/Twitter

Just like this pretty one here, we all have put on our best clothes, dolled up with make-up to feel better, and waited for a miracle to happen so that everything goes back to normal again. Just in case you haven’t, do it! It really works to help you feel more positive!

Is that my parcel?

Don’t you ever wonder, right after you’ve placed an order online, that every person who walks up to your house might have your parcel with him? If your answer is yes, then you really not alone, friend! We have been there too!

Image Courtesy of arg_imma_pirate/Twitter

And clearly, so has this cat! Looks like he is not going to rest until the delivery person comes and drops off his package! We can not blame him, can we? Because all of us want the things we order online to reach us as soon as possible!

Officer GSD reporting for duty!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what is the highest level of sincerity, you should definitely see a dog guarding his house! Trust us when we say they take this business very seriously. There is not one single thing that could escape their vision.

Image courtesy of k0ol1/Twitter

They might let you off the hook if you pet them, give them treats, or play with them. But nothing, and we literally mean nothing, can enter or leave without their approval. Talk about being the boss of the house!

Super pumped!

There is always that one friend in a group who is super excited. Just because of little things. If there is no such person in your gang, then you’re probably the one. And it’s not a bad thing. It might be annoying, but not bad because there is always one that is happy.

Image Courtesy of lyssuuuh/Twitter

It sure lifts our spirits when there is someone who is super excited just to see us. It definitely doesn’t matter if the only person that does is our pet! Human friends; pet friends are just as important. But people take the hint! We definitely love being hyped up! 

We’re doomed!

Families have a tendency to drive you nuts! We are sure you have experienced this first hand. And we would not be far off the base when we say you wanted to run away, would we? Because you’re meant for greater things, not for jail!

Image Courtesy of barameldrizzel/Twitter

This cat is no exception! With weirdos like humans for a family, no wonder the little cat wants to run away to find some peace…and food. But mostly peace. Because, there ain’t no place in the world that has food like our Mamma’s!

We are besties!

We all have that one person we love to do everything with. From shopping, binge watching shows, playing games, to even doing nothing, we have to do everything together. That is the special bond of friendship. Being annoying together for eternity!

Image courtesy of ReneyIV/Twitter

Just like these two goofballs here. From playing together, eating together, sleeping together, to tricking the humans together, these two are buds for life. They even spy on neighbors together! You guys, it can never get more real than this!

Keep it down!

Don’t you hate it when your neighbors decide to party at the exact time you’re trying to get comfortable for your day off? They might not be the wild party animals we’d like to think, but they are essentially LOUD! And we just can’t take it when we want to rest.

Image Courtesy Of luhsham/Twitter

Neither can our friend here. He just has to go over to the window, pull it up, and yell on the neighbors to keep it down. Loud honking and yelling just when you wake up? Not acceptable! Yeah, you tell them buddy!

Ready to launch

One can never really know what is going on in our pets crazy minds. Most of the time, it is pretty obvious. But even after living with them everyday, we still can not be certain of what they might be up to or what they are planning.

Image courtesy of smolbeanenergy/Twitter

Take a look at this gentleman. This distinguished gentleman was obviously thinking of doing some stretches, but in front of the window? Why? Was it to intimidate the passersby or to impress a potential crush? No one can ever tell.

I hold the power!

Some people believe that cats are the descendants of a superior species, and that they hold the power of the universe. Though we don’t know what made these people believe this, we have a ringing suspicion that cats believe this about themselves too!

Image courtesy of Chaotic_Fave/Twitter

This cat certainly believes in having mystic powers. They way it is controlling the world from a little window, we have to think twice about crossing the Lord Kitty. But if you could, Lord, would you possibly make our crush like us back, maybe? 

Can’t trust anyone!

Don’t we have days when we are suspicious of everything and everyone around us? Especially after watching any crime-related documentaries? Same with us! The whole world seems like one big scheme to get us, and nobody can be really trusted!

Image courtesy of _shesocute/Twitter

This one seems to be dealing with these feelings…just can not trust anything or anybody, especially the neighbors. They increase the chances of you getting killed by 83%, according to the guys on the internet. That explains a lot. Then it must be true!

Hey its my turn!

Everybody wants to be where the action is. No one wants to feel left out of the group. And why not? If there is action, there is definitely stuff going down. We would definitely not want anyone to miss out on the fun, would we? Not on our watch!

Image courtesy of ElmfnBoogy/Twitter

This little pup does not want to be left behind either. His humans might have gone out for a date, but he does not have the intention of staying behind. He is trying his best to reach the window and get out! You can do it!

Judge me not

What is the most terrifying thing your pet can do? Bite? Scratch? Bark? You know what’s worse! They can judge you! For every little thing you do when you think nobody is watching, your pet is watching and judging you!

Image courtesy of deeBOMB_dotCOM/Twitter

And you thought your pet wouldn’t find out you were cheating on them with other furry folks? This dog certainly knows what you did and did not do! Make sure you spoil him enough with his favorite treats and toys, so you know you’re forgiven!

Take notes people

Even movie makers can learn a thing or two from our friends, not just the parents. The sheer unpredictability factor in their actions is a strong enough reason for anyone to think twice before thinking that they are anything less than us. 

Image Courtesy of uhhleisha/Twitter

This fur ball here can give anyone from Prison Break a run for their money. It is in its own league with Spiderman, climbing on vertical surfaces with such finesse. So if anyone is looking for someone with super agility and flexibility, you know where to look.

Mr. Flexibility

Isn’t it a bit annoying when someone who is good at something keeps showing it off? Like come on dude! We know you can do that, there is no need for you to make us feel bad about it, isn’t it?

Image Courtesy Of lagoldenchild/Twitter

This fellow right here doesn’t care about that though. He will do what he has to do to get attention no matter what we might feel. But, we can’t get mad at the fella can we? His goofy expressions had us in laughing on the floor the moment he started climbing.

What’s going on down there?

One of the benefits of living on a high floor is that you can easily look down on anyone without seeming rude. Who would’ve thought simple physics could help us deal with people, right? Glad we did not miss that one!

Image Courtesy of ominouscl0ud/Twitter

This cat certainly believes in this as well, too. Anybody can totally feel it is going to yell out to the kids playing outside to keep it down. If cats don’t appreciate the joy of yelling at others, then we don’t know who does!


Just about anything under the sun could seem utterly interesting to our furry friends. And things do look unbelievably fascinating when looking out a window. Ask anyone who is studying, and they will tell you the same thing, isn’t that right?

Image Courtesy Of shefa_j_m/Twitter

The kitty here seems hypnotized by the world outside the window. Is that a car passing by? Amazing! Is there a crow on the tree? That is just beautiful! Wait, squirrel! We have been there, friends. The world is truly fabulous from the other side of the glass. 

Stop right there!

Did you ever think that the things you keep outside the house could actually be taken by thieves? It could happen to anyone, right? When no one is paying attention, someone might tiptoe around your house and take the laundry you were drying outside.

Image Courtesy Of gukkcci/Twitter

This little one has the exact same thought in its mind. His human had just finished putting the laundry out to dry, and someone had been patiently lurking till the human went inside, so he could steal it. But not on this cat’s watch.

Hey, what’s your name?!

Everyone has seen that famous Tiktok where two dogs converse with each other in a very friendly manner. Just two dogs named Tony and Ezekiel with very pleasing personalities. It portrays what happens between two dogs when they meet for the first time.

Image Courtesy of Mnky74/Twitter

It seems like we are about to witness the reenactment of the same Tiktok, just with a slight change. Instead of dogs, this cat has taken the initiative to spread the merriment of the viral video among other fellow cats. 

Just like the movies!

We all have that one song which makes us feel as if it was written for us. Right from the lyrics to the music video, everything hits just right. Don’t judge us when we say it’s mostly the sad songs that fall in this category.

Image Courtesy Of solqrsido/Twitter

We bet you anything that this pretty cat right here is thinking the same thing. Its definitely on your mind if the perfect song is on in the background. it is thinking of reenacting the lyrics of the song. With looks like that, it would be a one hit wonder.

Sneak level max!

If you think you are the only one who has trouble sleeping at night, then think again. It’s not just you, even your pet can have a hard time falling asleep at night. Turns out, the night demons not only affect just the humans, but also our pets!

Image courtesy of Adventuree_Time/Twitter

Then what should we do when sleep happens to evade us? This cat has an interesting idea that can help us pass the time. Peeking out of the window! But mind you, we would not recommend it to people with light hearts. If you think you can face the night in all of its dark glory, then go ahead!

No one told you!

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose ones? What is even the purpose of living? Because ,we sure have thought about it! Everything goes on fine, but suddenly we are hit by this massive blow of uncertainty that we stay stuck to the ground!

Image courtesy of briii_ii/Twitter

Just like this dude who doesn’t seem to have any better clue than us about how to do this right. The look of despair on his face is the same as ours. We feel you bro. No one told us about this scam either! We feel just as shocked as you are!

Is that my ball?

You and your fur baby playing with toys together is the most bonding moment between you and your pet. It is in these moments your pet finds out what kind of person you are! Not to put pressure on anyone, but it is kind of a defining moment with your pets.

Image courtesy of richaardpatrick/Twitter

Now, what happens when you get a little carried away and throw their toy farther than expected? Like, outside of the house? This little fellow knows what we are talking about. Looking for his ball that is outside the window, he has completely lost his faith in you.

Enjoy the show

There are many interesting things that happen when you look out of the window. Some cars could be moving too fast, while some might move too slow. Sometimes, people might talk to each other on the road. It’s like when a movie unfolds in front of your eyes.

Image Courtesy of teddyandtay/Instagram

This little puppy seems to think this way too. Totally wrapped in the proceedings of the world, he is thoroughly enjoying himself. We would like to add a bit of popcorn and coke, you know, to have a great time. This puppy won’t mind some treats as well, we are sure!

Where is Santa?!

One of the best things about Winter other than snow is Christmas! Our furry friends love snow, right? But everyone can agree that the best thing about Christmas is Santa! And who can forget the presents we get from him? This is magical!

Image Courtesy of Dozer-Digger/

This dude is waiting for Santa to come with his gifts. He has been a good boy throughout the year and is expecting big gifts from the old pal Santa. Don’t worry Dozer, Santa is on his way. He took a little detour to get you a gift from us, coz you’re so adorable!

Keeping the tradition alive

The unwritten rule of being a good dog is having to keep your house safe. It has been passed on from generation to generation, and followed with the utmost sincerity. No one can enter or leave your house without your dog’s approval.

Image Courtesy of VzssE/Imgur

You can see how the daddy dog is teaching the baby dog to guard their kingdom. You can automatically tell that the little puppy is going to make his papa happy one day. We’ll Brb guys! We just need to watch The Lion King again, or the waterworks won’t stop!

Here she comes, again!

We all have a friend or relative that we never want to visit! And when they come to visit us, it is even worse! The feeling of gloom that spreads throughout our bodies is evident on our faces. But it is amazing how that person never seems to realize it!

Image Courtesy Of alloy_smile/Instagram

We know that feeling very well. That’s why we can tell the dog is feeling the same thing. The most unpopular aunt has arrived, and he has no option but to bear her for… who knows how long! Maybe a round in the yard with her shoes in his mouth would cut the trip short!

Must do a think

Do you think humans are the only beings that need some time to themselves in order to reflect on things? Think again if your answer is yes. Dogs also like to spend time by themselves, not just their human companions.

Image courtesy of

It seems like our furry friends like to enjoy solitude. Give them a nice view and they can relax and unwind in the natural atmosphere. How simple these creatures are! Put their favorite human along with the view, and they would not think of anything better in the whole world.

Relax mode on!

Don’t we all have a spot in our homes where we feel the most comfortable? There is no wonder why pets also have their “spots” that put them at ease. It could be under the table, under the bed, or even under cough. Some pets even love to sit on others!

Image Courtesy of Memes Monkey/

But this dog has a very unique and comfortable spot. Sitting in the cool sink and looking out the window is something only a genius could have come up with. With easy access to all the treats and snacks, we hail the king of relax mode!

Allies we don’t expect

Many of us believe it takes an extremely special relationship for a dog and a cat to get along. It might be the case for some and not for others. A lot of pet parents have both cats and dogs that live peacefully together, contrary to what we might have expected since we all saw Tom and Jerry as kids.

Image courtesy of Amber Carlton/Catster

Here we can see a lovely pair of a cat and a dog taking a gander outside the window. Isn’t it a pretty sight? Well, common interests like spying on neighbors and kids does bring out the peaceful traits in our personalities. 

Party time!

What would you do if you had 3 playful cats who refused to stay calm for even a minute? Just asking for a friend. If only there was something which would attract the cats, and make them stay glued in their place.

Image Courtesy Of Lady Bee/

But hey! We never knew it was this simple! Watching out the window; so simple and yet so clever! You just need to make a space for them to sit around, and viola, there you go! There you have it. Perfect entertainment for your cats while you are busy working.

I sits, I watch

Never underestimate the power of the mystical world outside the window. It can pull you in like nothing else. It is believed that the powers of the window are at its peak when you have something important to do. We can tell you that this is true. 

Image courtesy of Meme Guy/

Look at this cat for a moment. The way it is helplessly watching outside the window leaning on that stool, you can see the power of the window at its finest! We sure do hope that cat did not have any important business to take care of, otherwise, it is doomed!

I spy with my eye

When boredom hits you with full force, you don’t have much choice for what to do. You may have to resort to doing things which you never would have thought to do otherwise. Like cooking or watching a movie you swore you’d never watch. 

Image courtesy of ilianaajanette/Twitter

Just like this cat. It might have been bored of playing with its toy, so now it is looking out of the window checking up on our neighbors. Or actually spying. Who knows what goes inside that furry head of theirs.

Who is the other dog?!

Our pets have the wildest imaginations. They can make up scenarios in their heads better than we can. Give them something to take a gander at, and you would be surprised how they interpret it. Try testing it out on your pet next time.

Image courtesy of linnluna_/Twitter

You can take this dog for example. It might look like he is simply looking out of the window, but in reality, he is making up scenarios in his head. He has just spotted his human outside their house petting another dog! Poor puppy must be wondering what he did wrong to deserve this. 

Regular routine

Some people have a routine fixed with things they like to do. Some might like working out, some might enjoy watching TV, cooking, reading, or doing other chores. While some on the other hand might like doing nothing at all.

Image Courtesy Of JadeOhanaLeipua/Twitter

This dude, for instance, likes to know about other people’s affairs and activities. That is why on his daily agenda, right after going for a walk and eating, he diligently follows the duty of spying on others through the window. 

Post workout hobby

How do you like to unwind after a rigorous session of working out? People are very artistic when it comes to taking a break. And their pets even more so. You might find a person working out right after working out for an hour, but our pets are different.

Image Courtesy of KingdomofSura/Twitter

This good girl has a different idea of relaxation. After taking her human for a walk, she loves to sit by the window and stare at everything outside. This activity alone makes her so smile. You can clearly see it in the picture. 

Might need some help

There is a reason why our parents told us to mind our own business growing up. It can get us in to trouble when we gossip. No one has emerged scratch-free while getting involved in something they shouldn’t. And pets are no exception.

Image Courtesy of Tweezyy4x/Twitter

Just like this cat. He should not have been trying to get through the window just to see what is going on outside. As a result, the cat is now stuck in the blinds and will require assistance to get out. Well, you don’t need to remind us. Lesson learnt!

It’s snowing!

We all love when it snows, don’t we? The cold winter and the cozy heat from the fire highlights the cuddling season. Everyone know this! But there are many adventurous souls that love to go out in the snow. All of us have been there.

Image Courtesy of gayconquest/Twitter

We are excited for the snow as much as this dog! Why do dogs like snow so much? Do they like to eat it? Or do they like the cold wet snow that touches their paws? Or is it that they like to pee on the snow? One can never know.