November Is “Movember”

By Shane R

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As we come to the remaining months of 2020, it is important to think about getting back into shape. Maybe the pandemic has done a number on your body for a variety of reasons, but it is never too late to workout. The month of November is “Movember” encouraging people to get back out there and drop the flab off your body. But where did “Movember” come from?

Well, there are a couple of stories that claim to be the beginning of this great movement. One story takes us to Australia in 2003, where two men are drinking at a bar. The two decided to let their mustaches grow to raise money to fight breast cancer. One of the man’s mother had breast cancer, and the two wanted to do something about this. From this beginning, “Movember” is here to raise awareness for any area of health.

The other story speaks to two stay-at-home mothers, who were done having babies, but they still had not lost the baby weight. Well, the month was November, so the two women went on to start a movement of health for women and men alike. From this story, people continue to celebrate “Movember,” year in and year out, keeping health in mind.

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So, whether it is November or another month of the year, it is always a good time to get together with someone who is willing to pair with you on a trajectory of health. Feel free to take a walk, starting running, getting on your stationary bike, or whatever you need to live a happier and healthier life. Your body will surely thank you.