50 Comical Pictures That Sum Up Office Life

By Aileen D

Working can be unbearable. You have to work well with others, play nice, and agree with your superiors more often than you want to. With the amount of paperwork, sometimes it’s nice to blow off some steam.

Because these individuals have embraced the office life, some of us have had a Ricky Gervais type personality for a boss, but when the going gets tough, he makes all the right decisions for his company. Your co-workers may fill your headspace with compulsive requests and pranks, but it’s all just to lighten the workload. Everyone does things to stay sane. But surely, you’ll learn how to appreciate everything.

Just like we do these snapshots.

Dangerous Times Call for Desperate Measures

Here is an excellent prank for people working in the hospital. But it can work just as effectively for people in the office. There is nothing more annoying than finding out at lunchtime that someone decided to eat your food. This lunch bag should be placed on the bottom shelf but right in the front. The label should serve as discouragement enough.

Image courtesy of wayfair

It should shock them, but it might also pique interest. If your packed lunch disappears, consider eating out every once in a while. It isn’t worth your time preparing lunch only to have it eaten by a stranger. Besides, it’s twice the expense. That fresh air to the nearby cafeteria could do you good.

You Know You’re a Newbie When

You introduce yourself to your new co-workers and fidget nervously, or when you ask where the bathroom is just to evade small talk. Everything can be overwhelming on your first day. Within seconds upon entering the restroom, you rush to the sink and splash water over your face. That ought to calm you down. Then find the blower or the tissue dispenser to dry yourself.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

You’ll hear a few giggles from outside the door, but looking around, you can’t see any reason to be cautious. As you say the words, the snickers get louder. You’ve been punked!!! And then you realize that all you had to do was pull. Tough luck newbie, but it’ll get better.

What’s For Lunch

One of the cruelest ways to hurt someone is to lead them on. It can happen to anyone with a one-liner such as this. The damage is hard to recover from. Someone had purposefully taped this announcement. So no one in the office was spared.

Image courtesy of punstoppable

And to return the favor, someone had literally taken a strip of paper. We wouldn’t have let the culprit off so easily either. We would have probably thrown it into the bin. But what’s the fun in being the only victim right?

Now, Where’s the Keyboard?

We can tolerate the paperboards cut out to make a castle, but we can’t imagine working in this type of environment. It’s only appealing at a distance. Try typing on this desk, and you will find the sensation of overgrown grass distracting.

Image courtesy of snack nation

This worker even has a spray bottle behind his chair. Should we be concerned it has trace amounts of fertilizer? At least, he won’t have to worry about keeping his desk clean. If there are any crumbs or bits of lunch falling on his desk, it’ll be food for the plants. Now, keep off the grass!

A Hint of Truth

Can onions prevent flu, or does this advice stink? No. But despite what science says, some people still think that an onion in the room, under your pillow, or in your sock can chase away the flu. Some even think that a thin slice of it can act as an anti-malware.

Image courtesy of seeitlive

Cute trick, but if someone had done that to us, we’d dash to our desk and check the drive. This trick reeks, and it would make anyone’s eyes start to tear up. To catch the culprit, all we need is to trace(specifically, sniff) their fingerprint.

Meeting in Five

What’s the urgency with meetings? It always feels like someone’s in danger and in need of saving. Being the hero that you are, you wear your mask, don the suit, and then skip towards the conference hall. There you’ll see the gang with their devices set up. Your boss calls on the intercom and informs you which third world country needs saving.

Image courtesy of Fairy God Boss

When someone hands you the box of doughnuts, you grudgingly pass. You can feel your tummy rumbling underneath the tight suit. If you can’t save the day with the other rangers, you’ll be left to man the station alone. That isn’t a fun job, and it’s best left to another hero.

You Either Watch it, Or You Die

As Cersei Lannister has put it, “When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground” Well, avid fans who watch it as it premieres, or those who play the reruns are earn bragging rights. They won’t have to skulk around or avoid group discussions. They won’t have to resort to this.

Image courtesy of E Baums World

This is a guaranteed invitation for us to gather around your desk or cubicle. We might just invite the whole floor, who have happened to watch the premiere and the rerun. It was that good! And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low…

The Cat Man

Reddit user cstyves must be really likable. He came to work and saw that his desk had been decorated. We’re unsure if he has a love for cats, but someone thought they meant a great deal to him. It would have been well-received, but it was April Fools.

Image courtesy of Blog Hubspot

In this office, there are only two culprits- both sit across him, and both might know his password. We hope it wasn’t catlover, cat, or pussygalore. No wonder, they filled his desk with feline pictures. Guess the mice came out to play.

Office War

If you get your job done before the shift, you should be allowed make an early exit for home. Sadly, adults aren’t given this reward. So to kill time, what are the ways adult men keep themselves entertained? We know! Play offense.

Image courtesy of jokes of the day

Take shots drawing the band and then releasing it so that you can propel a crumpled bit of paper at your officemate. Experiment until you find the right angle and degree to draw that bow back. Show him no mercy! Because heaven knows, you have three hours to kill

Tack-y Situation

Sometimes management issues stifling rules. They won’t give out snacks during company meetings, and they issue notices at the last minute. Take this, for example. Now, where can we hang our well-wishes to this company’s birthday celebrants?

Image courtesy of Snack Nation

To blow off some steam, someone kindly reminded management that they’re only as good as the team they lead. With a typo and a bit of tampering, they had delivered an epic comeback. Management must have had a field day with this.

Finding Teddy

Someone decided to play a prank in the men’s room. They had printed a lifesize cardboard cutout of Mr. Bean and then placed it in front of the mirror. The cubicle door opens, facing that. So imagine the horror of flicking on the lights and seeing Rowen Atkinson staring wide-eyed at you. It’s like he had found Teddy!

Image courtesy of Snack nation

With his unblinking eyes, and his hand eager to grasp something, he stares at you. His stillness is unsettling. But in the time between, you might find yourself stuttering or closing the door. Would you dare take a leak with him staring? How about turning him to the side, and then returning him when you’re done.

Keeping It Simple

If you have ever encountered an emergency, you would know the crippling sense of panic. The best solution is to stay calm. It doesn’t help to say it explicitly like that. But the key is to repeat it to yourself. That’s probably why management thought of posting this.

Image courtesy of TheAJ2u / Reddit

Because when everything is unfolding quickly around you, there’s no time to study the evacuation map. There’s just you and the floors in between you and the safety of the exit. So run! Run as fast as you can and call the fire department!

Park It In the Back

This employee only wanted to keep himself motivated as he worked his shifts. It’s easy to lose momentum over twelve hours. So to remind himself what his goals were, he placed a miniature Mini Cooper on his desk. Unfortunately, his co-employee wasn’t an avid fan of automobiles.

Image courtesy of The Design Inspiration

So his co-worker gave him a parking violation. He strapped it to the windshield and left it for the owner to see. Isn’t that just characteristic of a party-pooper? It seems like he wanted to tell the latter to keep it under the desk. There’s a lot of parking space there.

Pin the Head to the Body

When working eight-hour shifts, it’s essential to go on frequent breaks. You could fill your cup with coffee or brew one for the team. You can ask your co-workers how their day went, or have a little fun at the office.

Image courtesy of Stylecaster

Because his eyes got sore from all the paperwork, this employee had thought of changing his desktop background. His friend was on it too and posed for a hilarious shot of the Office Safari. What are these hungry hippos up to, and where will they dine?

Free Taste

The team decided to order out for lunch. The majority voted for cheese and bacon. When it had arrived, it was steaming hot and begging to be eaten. One person eagerly rushed to take a slice and placed it on her paper plate. She left it to get water from the dispenser, and when she came back, she was confronted with this horror.

Image courtesy of ebaums world

Seeing there were other pizzas in the box, she decided to leave it as is. She then left the guilty party a note. Which hurt worse – seeing it was half-eaten or seeing your pizza slice totally gone? We would have eaten some of it and then left the crust.

Female Pride

In this office, you will be met with an all-female team, well almost. It would have been if it weren’t for Ben. Do you think it was better for him- being the only guy in the company? He thought so. One day, he just decided to claim the men’s room.

Image courtesy of domesticated companion

And no one complained. No one could. Only he had the cojones to use it. It would have spurned some of the women. They had to share the bathroom or wait in line to use it. In contrast, Ben could use it whenever he pleased. How about moving for coed use?

Going Off Course

This is the perfect surprise for golf course lover. They may not be able to take their swings in the office, but at least they can flick a couple balls every now and then. In between calls, they can smooth out the sand, and mow the grass clean.

Image Courtesy of golf advisor

It just requires some degree of neatness. Otherwise, that carpet might get dusty and grimy within a month. It wouldn’t do well to work in a messy cubicle. Instead of relieving you of worries, it might add to your headaches.

Peter Pan

Here’s a man who wouldn’t grow up. To be fair, there’s a child in each of us. But this one bravely boxed himself in and his self made play-pit. It almost reminds us of Chuck E Cheese’s! Wouldn’t you want to jump in the pit with him?

Image courtesy of snack nation

We would have done anything, probably even begged, to wade in that kiddie box. Maybe we could play catch or take turns throwing balls at each other. A party is always merrier with good friends, or in this case, co-workers, to waste time with.

Toilet Maintenance

It’s no one else’s business – what goes on behind closed doors, especially in the cubicle. But the next user might need to be armed with a plunger and a room deodorizer. So to keep the stall from being closed for maintenance, management posted this.

Image courtesy of Meme Droid

You know what they say, no job is done until the paperwork is finished. Whether it be using a roll of tissue or checking off that the task has been completed, documentation is a must! So go ahead, flush your junk, pull your pen out, and then check where it’s appropriate.

Never Gets Old

This prank takes some time to be carried out. But it’s worth it! Why? Because we know it’ll bother the culprit just as well as the victim. Imagine flicking through the stack and then posting each note on the wall, row by row. That’s the same process this unlucky fellow will be doing, except he’ll be removing them.

We would probably just remove the ones on the seat. Everything else is calming to the eyes. It kind of looks like a page out of a 70s magazine. Besides, you’re always going to need post-its to write a reminder on. Just pick a spot to remove one from, and then get back to work.

Staying Alive

Everyone has an assigned seat in the office. Some people are more productive in their cubicles, whereas others are more efficient when working in other people’s cubicles. Talk about taking up space! Guess where this company employee likes to hang out.

Image courtesy of Blazepress

Among all the pictures, this is the only one that speaks of the truth! There aren’t any clever comebacks or ways around this. This has respectfully told us to keep off the seat of the office pup if you wanted to stay alive ah ha, stayin’ alive.

Proper Labeling

Being an adult is not an easy task. And taking care of ourselves isn’t always easy either. Planning and cooking can drain the life out of you. Remember when you bought groceries and carried them home? That’s backbreaking work! So imagine how Debbie felt when she saw her stack of food being consumed by an officemate!

Image courtesy of daily mail UK

So to keep her co-worker from going through her stash, Debbie purposefully labeled all the packages. Maybe that will prevent them from taking carton bottles or consuming her yogurt. Or at the very least, it will slow them down till Debbie walks into the kitchen.

Oh, the Horror

It’s really just an innocent reminder to wash your hands. But someone’ drew attention to a specific detail. What is in his hands, and why is he rubbing them all over it? It turns out this signage isn’t what we had initially thought.

Image courtesy of bryanbparker / Reddit

There’s just no un-seeing it now. How did management even come up with this kind of signage? Apart from the potato, they should hide this notice. There’s no telling what people will do behind closed doors, with their potatoes.


Unlike other people who come up with witty comebacks, this one had thought to make fun of himself. He openly admitted that he wasn’t anyone’s type. And it had started merely with a sticky note about expiry dates!

Image courtesy of awesome inventions

Well, with this kind of humor, we might have gone out on a date with him ourselves. Self-deprecation is sexy. Not everyone can admit they’ve been friend-zoned one too many times. We should thank those cans when we see them.

Dating the Coffee Maker

Anyone in this day and age knows how tricky dating can get. You have to have a rad bio. It seems like this coffee maker has a better one than us. We should probably ask our pal to describe us in a few words. Having to be described as disappointing has never been as funny as this.

Image courtesy of

We would have swiped right, and gone on a Tinder date with this coffee machine… or that witty co-worker. We may not have enjoyed a steaming cup of coffee, but at least we had a warm, hearty laugh. Best call management so they can replace the machine, though.

Owning the Turf

Humans can be territorial. So when assigned a cubicle, we tend to decorate it with pictures of our family, or our pets. It’s very comforting. In a way, that cubicle has indeed become a home away from home, which is true since most people spend a lot of time at work.

Image courtesy of E-Baums World

And with that sentiment, this man had thought of completely excluding himself from his office mates with cardboard, art paper, and a few plastic cups. It seems like something’s heating up inside; there’s smoke billowing from the chimney. Could you invite us in for tea?

Handy Referral Chart

Do you dislike small talk? So do we. This nifty trick might be perfect for you. It only takes a couple of minutes. Use smart-art and a variety of font sizes and colors. It is elementary, but it’s highly efficient for people who can’t make up their minds. It’s really just a polite way of telling people that you’ve got work to do.

Image courtesy of zenflowchart

So they should refrain from disturbing you. Idle talk gets you nowhere. It also distracts you. Instead of finishing a task within two hours, you end up finishing it a quarter of an hour later. That could have been time spent for a coffee break!

That’s Pun-ny

Guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. They had finally had enough of people posting bills of jobs in the office. They didn’t want to be distracted by the endless drone of the printer. So they posted an ultimatum of sorts.

Image courtesy of Business insider

Not understanding what the deal was with Steve Jobs, they posted a portrait of him above the copier machine. We haven’t received any update about this office feud, or who won- But at least there weren’t any other large jobs printed.

Next Level Security

Having a fridge on-site is a company perk. You can make a smoothie or bring bottled juice and then place it in there till lunch. But people seem to mistake that the fridge and its contents are for public use. It isn’t. Well, it hasn’t stopped anyone from taking a sip from your stuff.

Image courtesy of UK News Yahoo

So this worker went a step further, drilled a hole through the lid of the bottle, and then locked it with a padlock. That’s a whole new level of security. But to outdo you, we’d just take the entire bottle of milk. No lock and key would keep us from consuming its contents.

Dare to Try

These people just want to stir things up a bit and cause a bit of office chaos. They had been politely told to keep from touching a particular mug. Its owner had been tired of being asked where she had bought it, or worse, finding it used by the sink. So she had politely told people to keep their distance.

Image courtesy of coburgbanks UK

Judging from the looks of the printout, it is beautiful. We couldn’t even resist running our finger over our screen, thinking we could feel the texture of that reindeer nose. It’s just bulbous and red. Now, let’s sit back and watch the fireworks.

Missing Pussy

There’s always a clown in the crowd. With or without comical timing and delivery, they’re able to make you laugh out loud. How do they do it? How are they able to disarm any of us with innocent content, such as this- Have you seen this cat?

Image courtesy of memolition

Now, you have! Admit it, just a few seconds of laughing feels fantastic. Imagine having to go back to work with that level of hype. The content might be better. E-mails might be more optimistic, and team spirit might run just a little higher. So thank heavens for these office clowns!

Highly Effective and Recommended

To keep everyone safe, companies hold fire and earthquake drills. Not that we want to experience this firsthand, but it’s better to be prepared should one happen. When you see your desk moving, you might spend a few seconds in denial. Thankfully, someone placed these inexpensive earthquake detection kits along the walls.

Image courtesy of Daily Choices

So when in doubt, duck under your desk or run to the nearest door frame. Watch those eyes roll around within their sockets, and you’ll have your answer. It’s tempting to close your eyes, but how else will you know if a major earthquake is happening?

Friendly Management Reminder

It’s essential to get along well with other people. When they put in a good word for you, it’s easier for you to climb up the office ladder. Unfortunately, there are a few people we’d like to keep our distance from. Whatever the reason may be, management appreciates the contribution each worker brings.

Image courtesy of Ah See It

That’s just a politician’s way of saying, they don’t care…so long as you get the job done. You’re only going to be working for eight hours, so suck it up. Like all things, this shift will pass. And your moment of joy will come, especially when your co-worker calls it a day.


Given the money it’s raking in per month, you’d think this company would be able to provide its workers with up-to-date software. But it hasn’t. Security breaches have been more frequent, and the system keeps jamming up. To address these concerns, these employees decided to deliver a message.

Image courtesy of elgoog

By coming to work dressed as extinct dinosaurs. Almost everything in this office space is! The keyboards, the programs, and even the coffee machine is nearing expiry. It doesn’t help to work overtime either. Everyone is working themselves to extinction!

Use Spellcheck

Small talk and office politics can sap one’s energy. It can be bad for the team. And it’ll affect job performance. So this company told its employees to be more mindful of their conversations. To celebrate this milestone, someone posted,

Image courtesy of coburgbanks

Unfortunately, it backfired. Employees lost their confidence with the lack of simple spellcheck. And what is with that post below? That seems more purposeful than coincidental. Or maybe it was just the boss explaining that he had technical difficulties running spellcheck.

Safe Passage

With the company objectives and the weekly goals, teams within the office can get extremely competitive with each other. Group leaders may frequent the team progress board and boast about the tally. To keep other people from stealing team secrets, this team built a castle. All it lacks is a moat!

Image courtesy of scienze a2z

They only allow entry to neutral or favored co-workers, no one from a competing department. If they see a threat a meter away, they’ll hurriedly raise the portcullis. Tough luck, but you’ll have to wait until the weekly meeting. This team’s set to win!

Dough You Smell Anything Burning?

An employee named Meghan has had it with Jonny being mean to her. She often dismisses his comments, but she didn’t want to make a habit out of it. She kindly requested him to tone it down. And he complied, but it’s taking some getting used to.

Image courtesy of the design inspiration

At least, it was a first-degree burn; it’s bearable. She’ll live. Now that he has explicitly told her, she has a reason to keep away from him. Have you had co-workers who act this way around you? The best way to cope is just to ignore them.

What Smells?

We can’t imagine life without AC. How would anyone fare in an office environment without the usually cool breeze circulating? But one of its disadvantages is that it recycles indoor air. So if someone’s got a cold, then it’s likely that the whole office will be infected by the end of the week. If someone brought foul-smelling lunch, you’d know from the opposite end of the room.

Image courtesy of Washignton Post

So to remind everyone, sushi, fish sauce, or any fish requiring being re-heated in the microwave is prohibited in the office. The only fish sources you can get away with are those candies in the shape of a fish, but not those having the aroma of it. It smells! We’ll have to close the AC and open all the windows.

Higher, Please

Remember those air fresheners that automatically spritz every few minutes? We have always wondered how they worked. But we didn’t mind not knowing. So long as it benefits the room, then it shouldn’t bother us, right? Unfortunately, tall people say otherwise!

Image courtesy of tgabben / REddit

This goes to show that just because something smells nice, it doesn’t mean that it will taste the same way. We thought it would since it contains a dash of alcohol. But that’s okay, at least it went straight in his mouth, not in his eyes. We hope they have readjusted the air freshener’s placement.

Just to Help You Visualize

This is a nice way of saying that time can be wisely spent on other things. Paul couldn’t seem to get his creative juices flowing. He had felt like his ideas and emotions were all wound up inside him. Being aware of the intensity of his feelings, he strung one over the other, until he was able to create this visual aid.

Image courtesy of Runt of the Web

That just about sums it up. One thing we can take from this is that just because something is microscopic to sight, doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent. We believe that Paul had been productive…to some extent. He just doesn’t know it.

Calling Everyone’s Attention

Everyone is a target for the office clown’s pranks. No one is safe. But he reserves the worst ones for the unbearable employees. You know the type. Their presence causes you to stop mid-sentence until they have walked out of range. You and your officemates check to see if he’s still lurking in the room- often asking yourselves, “Has he gone yet?”

Image courtesy of Fun Cage

This time, you’ll know without asking. If that horn doesn’t catch your attention, you will see his head bob from the cubicle as he stands in surprise. It’s only the prankster’s joke, but everyone will be in on it. This is an old-age prank that keeps amusing.

The Zodiac Eater

The Zodiac is simply the pseudonym of a person who committed a string of crimes in Northern California. He has inspired movies and books made about him. But his real identity still remains unknown. In this office, there’s also a culprit who mercilessly abducts and similarly, sends bragging notes to the authorities.

image courtesy of live about

Unlike the Zodiac, this eater does not use a cipher. His words are plain but equally horrific. He isn’t going to stop, despite having been called out. This is the stuff that makes sociopaths. Employees beware. Place your meals in the office refrigerator at your own risk.

Missing the Week’s Quota

To lure your team to success, bosses use reinforcement. If you have done well, your boss might show you off. He might give you a perk or treat the team for lunch. But if you miss the week’s quota, be prepared to wear this badge.

Image courtesy of CMS wire

It’s like you’re wearing the dunce cap all over again. But at least it isn’t as glaring as that cap. You would have to wear the badge wherever you go, and under closer scrutiny, people might snicker. That’s okay; it’s only for a week. By then, you’ll be working hard to get out of the dog house.

Office Break

It’s one of the most anticipated events of the season. Everyone’s hyped up and going to the office in their shorts. They’re wearing comfortable clothing because there’s a lot of fun involved. There may be no liquor, but there is soap and whipped cream – lots of it!

Image courtesy of Mirror UK

Now, get ready to strip and slide! In case you’re wondering, this is located in an office in Brisbane’s CBD. Don’t you wish your company was as rad as this? It’s held on the last day of work just before Christmas. And that slide is about 60 meters long!

Keep it Light!

The printer broke down. So management responded by replacing it with a new one – a better one. Just temporarily. That should piss employees off, but instead of losing their cool, it got one employee thinking about the meaning of life, as can be seen by his philosophical reply.

Image Courtesy of Worldation

He does make a good point. It’s better to adapt to the situation at hand, with a somewhat sarcastic comment, but the right attitude nonetheless. We hope they haven’t removed the sticky note. It would have definitely put a smile, or lit a bulb in the reader’s mind!

Stopping mid-stream

You’ve been holding your stomach in because your female co-employees are all around. So naturally, the only place to let loose, just let that belly flop, is in the bathroom! Unfortunately, someone had wanted to ruin that indulgence. Would you stop mid-stream?

Image courtesy of Etsy

It really depends, doesn’t it? But size aside, everyone gets awkward when using the urinal. There’s nothing shameful about it, or wanting to take the picture off the wall and putting it to the side. You can always return it when you’re done. Let someone else be laughed at by them.

Taking Fonts Seriously

Some people take business seriously…too seriously in fact. When someone posted a reminder to keep the door closed, they had reacted to the font type used. It was unimaginable that they hadn’t considered the company’s reputation.

Image courtesy of Seatlle times

To be fair, we hadn’t noticed it was written in Comic Sans. We were more attentive to keeping the door closed. Either way, that reminder had been useful. Besides, no one outside the company will know of it…at least until someone made a clever comeback.

Someone’s Veg-ging to be Killed

Which brand of doughnuts do you love? We aren’t picky, but we love the original glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. They are neither too sweet nor too bland and are perfect with a cup of coffee. So when we saw two boxes laid out on the table, we hurriedly opened it -hoping it was our favorite flavor!

Image courtesy of Snack Nation

But someone had replaced its contents with an assortment of healthy vegetables. They had even taken the time to slice them up! Excuse us, but we’ve had our fill of nutrient-packed, low-cal food. So much for getting our hopes up!

Code Red

Code red, code red everyone! Not that we want to put you on guard, but there’s a creature on the loose. It’s difficult to track it down. It scales the walls and depending on its family, it might have a hairy body. It’s stealthy and quick. If laboratory-made, it might just give you superpowers.

Image courtesy of blog hubspot

That’s way too hostile for our taste. Imagine the risk someone went to contain that spider, only for it to be let loose. Lord knows, whose cubicle it has gone to, or whose fingers it will crawl on. We hope you aren’t deathly afraid of them. Judging from the size of this hole, it’s not a small fellow.

He’s NicolasBack

Nicolas Cage was a prominent star in the 90s. Movies like Face/Off, ConAir, The Rock, and Leaving Las Vegas catapulted him into fame. He won an Oscar for his acting chops. But the hotshot quickly dwindled into oblivion in the early 2000s. Here he is making a comeback.

Image courtesy of 90reos / Reddit

This co-worker had been on vacation. His team had excitedly awaited his return. And they had thought of welcoming him with this project. Guess who’s nicolasback? The only fit we’d have is a fit of laughter!