British Humour: Funny Pictures From The Account “No Context Brits”

By Louise T May 30, 2022

Brits are one of the most kind and fun-loving people on Earth. Yes, they can be very big-headed and proud of their many years of history; however, their capacity for good is second to none. It’s no secret that they hide their emotions behind sarcasm and witty responses. That is what makes them who they are. Since we’re on the topic, let’s not forget their accent, pronunciations, and the inherent need to call everybody “mate.” They founded football and gave us Merlin, Harry Potter, and even Ed Sheeran despite their weirdness, so they’re not all that bad. That is why we went to the trouble of selecting the best and most rib-cracking pictures from the Twitter page “No Context Brits.” These images will make you laugh and better understand just how hilarious the British people can be!

1- Drivers in Transit

It’s a relatively small world, so it’s almost inevitable that you’ll come across someone you know when you’re driving. Since you’re driving, there won’t be enough time to sit down and talk over drinks, but you can always wave or say “Hi.”

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

As you can see, the faces of the two drivers are distorted. They can never clearly glance at each other thanks to the relative motion between them. However, the human eye is a powerful tool, and one second is enough to identify a person. 

2- The Lies We Tell

There are many reasons why people lie. Some do it to protect those they love; others do it to hide their dirty secrets. And then there are those who do it to avoid taking responsibility, just like Mr. Bean in this image. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Telling someone to call you if they need help and deliberately putting your phone on DND (do not disturb) is an efficient method of avoiding responsibility. Like that’s not enough, he also put it on silent to erase any chance of disturbance to his sleep. 

3- Beautiful, Tasty Sausages

We can see Johnny Depp in his impeccable suit with his handsome face smiling at us while promoting Sauvage, a luxury cologne. But the Brits are far more concerned with changing Sauvage to Sausage than looking at Johnny. Who can blame them, though? 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Brits and sausages are like each side of a coin. More than five million sausages are consumed every day by Brits, and guess what? It is also included in about 70% of their meals. It’s almost like it’s the only food they see. 

4- The Bastard Corpse

When a car transporting the deceased to the cemetery has a sign that says “Bastard”, you just know there is more to the story of his death than meets the eye. There’s a huge chance he was murdered or did something bad when he was alive.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Putting a sign that says Bastard on a dead man’s transport can only be done by someone who hates the deceased. The police might need to re-investigate the case, just to make sure there are no psychopaths on the loose.  

5- Ouch! 

This user tried to shame a girl for bearing the name Alex, but she gave him a taste of his own medicine by reminding him that his name “Billy” is a common name used by goats. That must have hurt. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

The point here is that some names are considered unisex, and both males and females can use them. The name “Alex” may have started as a masculine name, a short form of “Alexander,” but over time, females are now being called Alex (Alexandra). 

6- A Little too Efficient

What you see here is called British humor. Tom asked Dave to do a poster for a music night, but instead of doing an actual musical sign, Dave screenshotted his conversation with Tom, framed it, and hung it up on the wall as a poster. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Yeah, Dave is a Brit; there’s no question about that. He was messing with Tom, and now everyone at the office is having a good laugh. No matter how serious the situation is, an English person will still find a way to make a joke. 

7- Never Follow a British Woman to a Shoe Shop

Anywhere else is fine, but not a shoe shop. We don’t know why, but it suddenly becomes the most challenging decision they’ve ever made to buy new shoes. The back and forth they’ll do will drain whatever strength you have left in you as a man. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

One minute they’re justifying their decision to pick a specific shoe, and the next, you see them give you another valid reason why they should stick to the other one. Do you want to live? Save yourself the trouble and call in sick. 

8- A Tourist’s Regret

This image shows the River Thames, a dark and murky brown water in the heart of London. The “I need my money back” is the cry of a tourist who visited the place after much anticipation. Unfortunately for him. he could not control the weather.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Before journeying to any so-called popular location, try to ensure that you will have bright sunny weather. However, some things are out of your control. Grey foggy skies can really ruin a beautiful lookout. We totally empathize with this person.

glory days are not behind them. If you check the internet today, there are so many locations with good reviews, make sure they’re recent reviews and not one from 2005. 

9- One out of 1000 Ways to Die

Yes, even something as natural as eating meat could take a person’s life. However, it’s not just any meat. It’s raw meat. It is dangerous to the human body due to the bacteria and viruses that could be on it.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

He’ll be asking the driver to pull up any minute now because he will be feeling very ill. Eating raw meat can get you food poisoning. Let’s hope a dog is lying around somewhere that he wants to feed. Otherwise, trouble looms.

10- Neverland

The idea behind road signs is to help people find their way to wherever it is they’re headed. However, someone has deliberately decided to do the exact opposite by putting together many road signs that lead to everywhere but nowhere. 

If you don’t have a specific destination, they say everywhere will be your destination. It seems someone wanted to bring that phrase into life. Now we have tourists ordering a ride on Uber to Rome, all the way from London. 

11- The Rat Restaurant

In any other part of the world, rats are seen as bothersome creatures that run around making weird sounds while stealing leftovers from the trash. However, in London, they’re treated a bit differently. See, they have their own Michelin restaurant.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Despite their ability to cause trouble, the one thing Brits are is kind, especially to stray animals who can’t feed or protect themselves. We are now sure the rats in the UK enjoy more food than rats in other cities worldwide. 

12- Revenge of the Sheeps

Over the years, sheep farming has played a crucial role in the economic progression of Wales. While this may have benefited the people of Wales, it hasn’t looked so good for sheep living in the country. However, the day of reckoning has come.  

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

After many years of laying low, the sheep have decided to have their vengeance. What better way to get revenge than to take a dump next to one of the most prized rivers. Forget tourists, even locals will avoid going to the river now. 

13- Then Vs. Now

The anxiety and fear of the unknown that comes with new jobs will humble you on your first day at work. Your tie will be at the very tip of your neck, and you’ll find yourself greeting everyone to make an impression. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits KGC Photo Agency LLP Andrea Raffin /Shutterstock

A few months later, when you’re already familiar with the job, you’ll see yourself living a carefree work life. Forget the tie. You’ll be so swamped with work that you might wear the same shirt two days in a row.

14- Bus Humor 

The Big Lemon bus is an imposter! How could it claim to be a train when it can’t move on the rail? Well, it’s a British bus, so we’re not surprised. Guess even their bus drivers make jokes while on the job. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Only British people would enter a bus that claims to be a train. They’re entering not because they don’t see that it’s a bus but because they understand the humor and sarcasm behind the display screen. Tourists who can’t communicate well in English will end up waiting for the next bus to come as they did not intend to take a train.

15- What the Hell?

This man was returning from work when he saw his dog on the back of a horse heading in the opposite direction. It looked very much like a movie scene, so you can understand his shock as he expressed, “What the hell.”

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

We’ve seen many movies about dogs doing some fantastic things, but never have we seen one ride a horse. Apparently, his dog ran away from home after seeing a perp breaking into the house. He saw a horse running and jumped on its back. 

16- Harry’s Lookalike 

We know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering if perhaps Warner Bros cast the wrong person to play Harry. From the glasses to the nerdy look, he must be the true Potter. If they ever needed a stunt double, they knew who to call.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Their smiles are almost identical, and their looks are virtually the same. It’s not every day you see two people not related with so much resemblance. We don’t usually believe in doppelgangers, but this image puts up a good argument. 

17- Sarcasm at Its Peak

What did we tell you about Englishmen and their humor? It’s so annoying, but at the same time very brilliant. A person who sees things as they are would struggle to understand this very image. It’s the height of sarcasm. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Everything this person hates is what he has just done. Writing this down on someone’s wall is vandalism; doing the exact opposite of what he hates is irony, and putting all of it in a list that he supposedly hates, is more irony.

18- Made in the UK

We don’t know why exactly, but the UK government wants everything being used in the country to be solely of their creation. Nobody asked, but they still ensured everyone knew that the UK creates ice cubes from their own water. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Soon, UK citizens might start seeing rainfall from the sky with the tag made in the UK. We understand their intentions of promoting products manufactured by their companies. However, the people don’t care where the water from their ice cubes comes from. 

19- The Dilemma of Art

A keen look at this diagram shows an apparent mismatch between the painting and structure. However, the question is: was this a mistake? Or did he intentionally put the tiles in the incorrect places? Is this more of that British humor?

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Perhaps the construction worker did it on purpose to slowly watch the world burn. As more and more people pass by and photograph it, he feels he has accomplished his main goal in life. That is one way to fight the system—anarchy at its finest.

20- The Cool Cow

If a cow stands outside your house like this, then it can only mean two things – you know where its child is, or it saw you come in with loads of milk. Either way, someone needs to attend to it before it breaks in. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

You don’t want to mess with cows. They are beautiful creatures but can get very angry when things don’t go their way. Considering this window is made of glass, it’s not a feat too big for a cow this big to overcome. 

21- Fox News Press Conference

A real-life fox is calling for a press conference. It seems it has something to say and wants all the reporters gathered by 11 sharp. It must have a lot to say, seeing as it’s set up for 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Who knows, maybe it wants to expose the hideous truth behind illegal animal hunting. If there’s one thing the British laws are very uptight against, it is animal cruelty. West Ham’s star football player Kurt Zouma is facing charges for this very reason. 

22- Scottish Boundary Treatment

You can call it petty if you want, but they’re simply adhering to rules. The laws of the borders are no joke. One foot out of line could lead to open fire between two nations, which could lead to war. 

However, we must say this was accurately done, almost as if they were happy to cut only their part of the grass. On paper, Scotland and England are brother nations with a long-standing alliance, but that may just be a charade. 

23- Lost in traffic

This driver’s attempt to evade traffic has not aged well. Despite taking a faster route with less traffic, he still ended up in gridlock, this time on an unfamiliar road. He has just raised the white flag by putting “Help I’m lost” on the display screen. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

One of the worst things that could ever happen to anyone is congestion on the roads. It is so demoralizing, especially for drivers. Most drivers do all they can to avoid it. They take shortcuts, pass alleys, and sometimes it’s never enough. 

24- On the Road to Hogwarts

You don’t need facial recognition software to know that is Harry and Hagrid riding the bus. Who else has such long hair with a very huge appearance if not Hagrid? They must be on their way back to Hogwarts for the next semester. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

This must be the same enchanted bus that Harry took on his way back to Hogwarts that night in the Prisoner of Azkaban series. One thing is for sure, though, whatever Hagrid is telling Harry, “It’s Hogwarts business, very top secret.” 

25- Home Delivery by Stephen Curry 

After matching the profile of everyone who could make this throw, we have decided that it’s Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Considering the items were also not broken, we’re guessing it was a step back three from the corner. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Yes, we know he should be in San Francisco playing playoff basketball. Plus, why would a mail carrier be delivering packages as if he were an NBA player? Well, we don’t know, maybe he’s just working part-time to give back to the community.

26- The Lies of the Food Industry

This is a global food industry problem; regardless of the country you’re in, it’s the same lie they all tell. You cannot peel plastic with your bare hands, at least not the kind of plastic they use. You need scissors or a blade. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Any attempt to use your hands will ruin the state of your packaged food and your fingernails. This is because you will have to apply force and energy. Try it out, and you’ll see that your lunch break will be over before you even get to open your lunch. 

27- Football Fanatics

There are many football fans, but none are as crazy about the game as the Brits or soccer moms. Football is their heritage. It’s a part of them. However, just like the signpost said, in the end, it is just a game

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Their immense love for the game may sometimes cloud their judgment, pushing them to send death threats to players and officials. Some even go as far as using racially abusive languages. To British people, football means more. They do not care about the age of the players.

28- The Different Perceptions of Brits

Just like how there are two sides to a coin, there are two shades of how Brits are perceived. Americans see them as classy people with a high standard of education. They’re not wrong, but that’s only half of it. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

On the other hand, Europeans see the Brits for who they are – fanatics and passionate people who can go wild when driven by their passion. The second picture is a typical display of British football fans after drowning themselves in alcohol. 

29- Chasing the Pallet Thief

This is what an actual chase looks like. The only thing missing are sirens, roadblocks, and a few police officers. How dumb do you have to be to drive a bunch of stolen pallets past a vehicle with a sign that says “Pallets Wanted.” 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

We’re guessing a considerable number of pallets are being stolen due to the increasing number of hipsters using them to DIY. Since the cops are busy chasing real criminals, it seems the people are doing the chasing themselves. Feel free to give them a call if you ever find their pallets.

30- It Never Ends With Just One Drink

In the whole of the United Kingdom, no country consumes more alcohol than Ireland. When an Irishman tells you he wants to have just one drink, just bring out the whole bottle. They’re ranked 6th in the world for the most pure alcohol consumption. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Drinking alcohol over there is like drinking water. Every young child dreams of the day they’ll have their first gulp. So it’s no surprise these two are still going at it at 3 am. When it comes to drunken behavior by Europeans, we have seen worse.

31- Bagging the British Museum

Nothing to see here, just two boys who paid their first visit to the British museum messing around. This is what you do when you scratch an adventure off your bucket list. You say, “Visit to the museum is in the bag.”

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Although we admit, it does look like they’re trying to fit the museum in their bag. However, that’s impossible unless we live in a world where wands, spells, and magic are real. As far as we know, that kind of world is fiction-for now. 

32- The Perfect Toast

This toast is heavenly, so much so that even the devil will attest that it’s made in heaven. You must have deep mastery of your toaster before you can make a toast that looks so perfect. It seems totally faultless. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

The butter is ideally spread across it, and the golden brown color is glaringly flaunted. Imagine having this toast with some Nutella. You’ll smile throughout the whole day. Whoever made this toast isn’t ordinary. The person is probably a chef.

33- Caught in a Flash

Even Usain Bolt may not be as fast as this duck. He ran like hell when he heard his partner was cheating on him. He caught them kissing in the middle of the road, and instead of stopping them, he froze in disbelief. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Guess humans are not the only ones with an adulterous nature; even ducks engage in such shameful acts. We’re guessing a fight is going to break out as soon as his brain is done processing what he sees—someone dial 911. 

34- The Campaign Song

In every election year, the British people listen to different songs of promises made by politicians. It’s the same old story, they promise heaven and Earth, and after they’re elected, they start doing the exact opposite of what they promised. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

It’s a soul-touching piece for rock n roll. Every political party has its own album. When it’s time to campaign, you see their hit songs on tv, in newspapers, and on billboards. They say they’re doing it for you, but it’s actually for themselves.

35- The Rainbow Pigeon

We’re not sure what breed of pigeon this is, but that is one lovely bird. Although, there are chances that it somehow fell into someone’s bucket of dye while it was hunting for food. That would explain its rainbow colors. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Seeing as it’s hanging around someone’s window, maybe it’s there to deliver a message. After all, owls and pigeons were used to pass information across long distances in the past. It could also be a bird sent to spy on someone; you never know. 

36- Naughty Mr. Bean Episodes

The sight of Mr. Bean’s face is all we need to burst into laughter. There was a time when he was on almost every channel, and because of that, we watched him day and night and assumed there were hundreds of episodes. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits Mr Bean /Youtube

Sorry to burst your bubble. There are only 15 episodes of this show (we confirmed through Google!). His funny acting and outstanding ability to make people laugh no matter how many times they watch him made it seem like it had many episodes. He was just too good. 

37- Everyone has a Favorite

No matter how moody you are, there are songs you just have to dance to. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or you have problems dancing in front of people. When the DJ plays the beat, you go wild. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

It’s like you have just gained energy from an unknown source, and then you’d find yourself dancing with strangers. For some people, it’s ‘Mr. Brightside’; for others, it’s ‘Get your Freak on.’ Music can be very therapeutic. You just need to listen to the right one. 

38- The Old Glass Shelf

This glass shelf has been around for a long time, and I’m pretty sure many UK residents still own it. We’re not taking a swipe at anyone, but this shelf is older than many people. If you find it, pay your respects. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@no context Brits

Back then, people were rushing to buy them because they could easily house DVDs, TVs, and other electronic appliances. However, you should be ready to clean and dust the table regularly because it attracts a lot of dirt and grime.