45 Ways People Walked Right Out Of The Realm Of “Ordinary” And Into Their Own Category

By Arvyn B

Being creative is such a wonderful skill to have, although it can be quite difficult to master. It is a natural talent that some have, and others work hard to develop it. Everybody knows somebody who is just amazing at seeing the world in a different light and from many perspectives. Perhaps you have a friend who always bakes the most beautiful cakes for birthday parties. Or perhaps one of your family members wants to be a musician, and they can write some excellent songs. Maybe you are the creative one yourself! Whoever it is that has the eye, the ear, or the touch, we can assure you that none of them can compare to some of the talents on this list. The people on this list are easily some of the most imaginative minds out there. Each of them lives their lives in their own way – and we absolutely love them for it!

To Infinity and Beyond

It seems that the lady in this picture may have taken some inspiration from the Star Wars movies with this golden outfit. She is truly out of this world with her creativity, and we are super impressed with her talent.

Image courtesy of thereader.com

We wish that we could look this fabulous in a full-gold outfit! This woman knew that she looked incredible, so she even made sure to stage a photoshoot just for this look. We truly admire her level of confidence. Slay, girl!

Prom Date

There is so much going on in this photo that it is a little difficult to choose what to start with. The biggest thing, of course, is the fact that a bus has crashed into the river! What on Earth?!

Image courtesy of glitzyworld.com

This is certainly one way to make an entrance to prom – we just can’t decide if this is super epic or something never to be emulated. We are not too sure why the man is holding a sewing machine. Perhaps it’s his date!

Too Cold

Don’t you just hate it when you get to work or school, and then the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst? You try to put on your jacket and – oh no! You realize you left it at home.

Image courtesy of Faxo.com / Pinterest

Never fear – this man has a great solution. Instead of returning home or waiting in the cold, you can just try to extend your sweatpants to make them cover your body. It probably works, though you’ve stretched your clothes out considerably.

Feeding the birds

One excellent way to relax is to go to the nearby park and give the birds something to eat. But, sometimes, there are just too many birds, and you do not know how to feed them all. Try this, animal lovers.

Image courtesy of Freudoshop / Reddit

As you can see, the man in the picture decided to cover himself in slices of bread for the birds. It actually worked, and they started flying down to pick at pieces of him! We are too scared to try, but kudos to this guy.

Claw cutter

Anyone with a fluffy four-legged pet will know the struggles of having to cut their claws. No matter how hard you try, your lovable pet always squirms and tries to stop you from doing it! It is a difficult situation.

Image courtesy of Kendal peifer / Twitter

This guy found a very smart way to fix that problem. He hung his dog from the exercise pole, using a bag to keep the puppy in place! This way, the dog cannot wriggle about and will stay safe. And no worries! He is comfortable as can be.

Clever kitty

Do not let their tough-guy appearance try to fool you – cats can actually be pretty needy animals! Some of them will just follow you everywhere, no matter where you go. The kitty in this picture is a great example.

Image courtesy of cheezburger.com

They would not leave their owner alone – not even for a second. So, the girl decided to get a little creative when she went to archery class. Instead of kicking the kitty out, she let the feline friend help her shoot!

Camouflage Carpet

This one is a pretty strange coincidence – but it is so funny, too! This woman went on a trip and stayed in a hotel. When she arrived there, she noticed something was a little strange about the floor and decided to investigate.

Image courtesy of cal_thornhill / Twitter

It is almost exactly the same pattern as her dress! She did what we would all do, and she laid down for a picture against the matching carpet. This is such a bizarre coincidence, and we love that she shared it with the world.

Give a hug

This one’s so sweet. There is enough to complain about and be annoyed about without making it worse. This guy took it upon himself to make a difference and spread a little love. The look on his face is so wholesome!

Image courtesy of William Fernando Martinez

Instead of trying to hurt the police officer, this man chose to do something much braver – he gave him a hug instead. This is like something from a movie, and we are big fans of the “free hugs” thing.

Just a small nap

Going to sleep around your friends is never a good idea if they are any fun. It is practically a given that they will try to play some kind of prank on you. Usually, this just involves them drawing a mustache on you or something.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

But sometimes, your friends get extra creative and do something like this. Instead of drawing a mustache, they dressed their friend in a Nick Cage blanket and dollar crown. This is a strange idea, but these are the kind of friends everyone should have. It’s funny but not at all mean.

Road Rage

We have all probably experienced road rage at one time or another. There is just something about being in a car that can turn even the nicest person into someone foul-mouthed and angry. This guy found a creative solution to curb his anger on the road.

Image courtesy of Brooke Taylor / Pinterest

Instead of shouting and screaming at other individuals driving along next to him, he did the best thing that he could and put a shoe in his mouth! At least, that is what we think he was doing. Only he knows for sure.

An Unusual Pet

Across the world, the most common pets for people to have are cats and dogs – and for a good reason. They are pretty easy to take care of! There are also some people with slightly unusual animals, like snakes or rats.

Image courtesy of JorgeTadeu7 / Imgur

Even those are still relatively normal pets compared to what this lady has in her home – she has a deer! It might seem like a cute pet, but this would actually be pretty difficult. Just imagine the mess it would make if you kept it inside all the time.

Air Repair

In warmer countries, having an air conditioning system is an absolute must, as it can help you keep cool during the really hot months. One of the worst feelings is when it breaks down, especially during a heatwave, which is, of course, always when it happens.

Image courtesy of Tursija / Reddit

Instead of waiting around for the repair guys, this guy got a little help from his friends to fix his AC system. We cannot recommend doing this as it does look pretty unsafe. Hopefully, they did not hurt themselves and got the thing fixed!

Bear Bike

This one is pretty unusual indeed. The man in the picture is on top of a stuffed bear, and he is riding it like a bicycle. We do not think he will get anywhere fast on this! But it made for a weirdly cool photo.

Image courtesy of daemonXI / reddit

Maybe he got confused between the bear and his bicycle. After all, they both start with the letter “b”! He should be thankful that this is fake – it wouldn’t be half as funny if it were a real, live animal.

Clean Bowls

It is a fact – almost all of us hate to do the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, it’s not too bad, but for those without one, it’s such a horrible chore. Sometimes you just keep putting it off until you’re as desperate as this guy.

Image courtesy of cheezburger.com

SO what do you do when you have nothing left to use? Well, you can always try doing what we see here – using your sink as a bowl! Of course, we are just joking. This is pretty unhygienic and was certainly a joke.

Improve Motorcycle

The guy in this picture wanted to get a photo on his motorcycle. The trouble is – he does not actually have a motorcycle. However, he did not let that stop him, and he decided to use things around him instead.

Image courtesy of Hjay_z / Reddit

You might think that he used bars or poles to look like a motorcycle. Well, you would be wrong – he chose to use his siblings instead! We have to applaud his creativity, as this was a pretty clever idea that resulted in an adorable photo.

Uno Size

We do not envy anybody who works in retail, as it is a really difficult job. Dealing with rude customers and stock take is really tiring! Whoever works at this clothes shop got pretty creative with a problem they had.

Image courtesy of Draculraff / Reddit

They ran out of tags for the clothes, so they used UNO cards! Honestly, this makes a lot of sense, as it saves on costs for the shop. It also helps the environment, so it is a pretty smart idea.

Safe Phone

One of the biggest problems of visiting a big city is the fear of being pickpocketed. It can be pretty hard to keep your belongings safe if you’re in new surroundings. However, you could always try doing what this gentleman did!

Image courtesy of harris.k12.ga.us

He put his phone in a case, then put a huge padlock on the front! Honestly, this is quite clever and, though it might be a pain to carry around, it is guaranteed to keep your phone safe from thieves.

Working Hard

We are not sure whether we should laugh or cry at this next image. This photo was taken at a driving center in India. As you can see, the worker behind the desk was a little distracted by her enthralling game of solitaire.

Image courtesy of zmpat786 / Twitter

Really, as much as we empathize with the frustrated patrons, we cannot blame her. Perhaps she is on her lunch break. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Everyone needs a breather now and again, even the DMV employees.


Here’s another picture with lots going on. If you look at the house, it reminds us of something from a horror movie because it has been painted completely gray. But if you look at the gate, you will see something stranger.

Image courtesy of glitter_bowie / Reddit

These people have a pretty strange guard animal – instead of a dog, they have a guard turkey! We have no idea how good this bird is at its job, but something tells us it is pretty good. We wouldn’t want to cross it.

Cat Hair

Anyone who owns cats knows the struggles of shedding fur. Some cats are just naturally very fluffy, and this means that they end up shedding everywhere. It can make your home such a mess! But we love them anyway, and we deal with it however we can.

Image courtesy of Missrevivalarmy / Reddit

Fortunately, this cat owner came up with a rather creative way to deal with all of the hair. They made it into a little hat for their kitty! We imagine that the cat was probably not too pleased about this, but they look fabulous.

Shaving Cream

We will start this next post with a health warning – we absolutely do not recommend that you try doing something like this at home! You will most likely end up injuring yourself, and it will be super painful. Just look and wonder.

Image courtesy of imdb.com

Still, we have to admire this guy’s creativity. He ran out of shaving cream and tried to use good old peanut butter and jelly instead. Okay, just kidding – we know this was all for the photo op. What a great sense of humor this man has.

Gummy Categories

You just have to admit it – we all have our favorite flavor of gummy bears. Some of us enjoy the red ones, some of us are incorrect and like the yellow ones, and some of us prefer the orange flavor above them all.

Image courtesy of Zerotoderp / Reddit

This person must be seriously picky about their food; they decided to put each color into a separate bag! Perhaps they only like to eat one flavor at a time. It’s a strange thing to do, but we support it.

Funny Family Photo

Family photos are always such a fun time, but it can be a challenge trying to come up with something new. How do you create a photo that is cute but also original? You can try doing something like this!

Image courtesy of akwardfamilyphotos.com

This family took things to the next level by dressing – and painting their faces – a different color of the rainbow. They even colored their hair to match, too! This is certainly one way to be creative and take memorable photos.

Peeking Pennywise

If you are a fan of horror movies, then you will definitely have seen the movie It, featuring the terrifying Pennywise the Clown. He has changed the way we look at clowns forever. Not everyone is that scared of him, however!

Image courtesy of independent.ie

This woman decided that she wanted to pay a visit to Pennywise herself, so she climbed into the drain. We strongly do not recommend doing this, as this is dangerous and can cause injuries. She must be a fan of all things spooky.

Alien Abduction!

There are plenty of people out there who claim to have been abducted by aliens. We are not sure exactly what extra-terrestrials would want to do with humans, but we’ve never been taken. Still, apparently, they have been visiting us for many years.

Image courtesy of 9gag.com

This picture is proof positive of that fact! Okay, it is just somebody dressed up in an alien costume, but we would be pretty darn shocked if we saw this drive past us. We wonder how the alien can see well enough to steer.

Pet Turkey

We have already spoken a little about some of the unusual pets that people have. You would think that having a turkey is quite unusual – but it is apparently more common than you would think. Here is another pet turkey!

Image courtesy of Friggenmike / Reddit

This man is so close to his pet that he actually decided to take it with him to the store! We can only imagine the kinds of mischief that they must have got up to while they were there. They need a Netflix special.

Cheap Pool

When it is really hot outside, there is nothing better than sitting in a pool and just cooling down. However, pools can be pretty expensive – but they do not always have to be. Especially if you are a young child.

Image courtesy of me.me

These parents just stuck their kid inside of a bucket to help keep him cool down. We really cannot blame them, as this is both a cheap and easy way to keep their child happy. We love this idea!

Tiny Works of Art

Origami has been part of Japanese culture for many years now. In the scope of history, it has only recently become a trend in the Western world. There is just something so amazing about making beautiful works of art from pieces of paper.

Image courtesy of Spidey_boii / Redditt

However, we have truly never seen origami that looks this stunning before. Instead of just creating a typical crane, this person decided to make one as small as a ladybug. This is so impressive and wonderful! We give it five stars.

Total Privacy

Sometimes, being on a plane can be annoying, especially because you can never get any privacy from some of the nosy passengers around you. Everyone can see what you’re doing on your laptop or phone. They can practically see the words in the book you’re reading.

Image courtesy of mountshastaecology.org

To fix that issue, this user came rather prepared before boarding their flight. They brought a custom snood with them, which helped to give them more privacy! It might look strange, but we do not doubt that this is effective.

Double Trouble

It is pretty common for people in America to have a trailer behind their car since they are such a fun way to travel. But they are usually pulled by trucks and don’t necessarily match the vehicle towing them. Then you have this one.

Image courtesy of Mike_gerchow / Reddit

Not for this driver, however – they got a mini trailer to match their Corvette. They painted it the same color and even put lights on the back to make it look the same! We think more people should do this.

Polite Bananas

As humans, we can pretty much agree that there is one way to eat a banana. You break the top and peel it, then start munching on the inside. This person discovered an entirely new way to do it, and we haven’t decided if we will adopt it or not.

Image courtesy of Missinghoney / Reddit

They used a spoon to break the banana into pieces and eat it! Honestly, we think this is super unique but also a bit odd, and we wonder if they had a good reason for doing this. Perhaps they were trying to be polite.

In a box

We’re all used to wearing masks by now. There are so many different patterns out there to suit your needs, style, preference, and to maximize comfort. We have seen some pretty interesting face coverings, and this is one of them.

Image courtesy of unknown / Imgur

We are just having a little difficulty understanding the need for this one. Why is she wearing a box on her head, you may ask? Our theory is that it protects her crown (or antennae?) and keeps it fresh for Comi-Con.

Great Grandma

There is a common stereotype that, as we get older, we become kinder and more loving to others. We often think of grandmas as being sweet old ladies who show their kindness to everybody they meet. But some older people still like to keep it real.

Image courtesy of _kayla_Msp / Twitter

She wanted to make it pretty clear to everyone she came across that she did not enjoy their company. In fact, she “hates everyone” and even put this fact on a t-shirt to show everybody. What a funny lady! Her smile makes us think differently, though.

Lost Wig

One of the weirdest places in the entire world has to be the New York subway system. You can find all manner of things there, from sharks to people dressed as clowns. Using lettuce as a wig is nothing strange, but we felt this woman needed a mention anyway.

Image courtesy of CarbonReflections / Reddit

Notice how nobody around this lady appears to be batting an eyelid at her? They must be natives of the Big Apple! If we saw a woman wearing lettuce, we wonder what we’d do. Heck, we might be too busy scrolling to notice.

Bunny Friend

While a turkey might be an unusual friend, it is very common to have a bunny rabbit as a pet. After all, they are cute, friendly, and quite easy to take care of. But traveling around with a rabbit on your shoulder? That’s a boss move.

Image courtesy of BeanyDabean / Reddit

That seems like a strange thing to do, but it did not stop this guy! He went shopping and decided to bring his pet rabbit along, too, so he would have a friend. This is honestly so cute. We stan this man and his bunny.

Special Seatbelts

Seat belts are essential for keeping safe when riding, especially when you are in a car. Being on a motorcycle makes things a little difficult because there is really no space for a seatbelt. That’s why everyone should wear a helmet.

Image courtesy of fastcoexist.com / Pinterest

However, that did not stop this guy who made his own seatbelt from a bunch of hula hoops. That is certainly one unique way to stay safe! We cannot imagine that this is too comfortable to drive with, but it makes a great photo.

Poodle Party

This is a party we want to get invited to! The Hello Kitty hats are simply fantastic, and even though the pups look tired, we bet they had an amazing shindig. A lot of us give our pets birthday parties, and it has become a normal thing.

Image courtesy of bestrandoms.com

But this doggy dad took things to the next level – he threw an actual party for his two poodles! And we mean with balloons, a cake (specially made for doggy tummies, of course) – the whole nine yards. What a pal.

The Perfect Shot

Being a photographer is a challenging career, as you have to work super hard in order to get that perfect shot. It can involve getting into strange positions or angles to get things just right. That even includes climbing trees.

These amusing photographers (52 pics)
Image courtey of Didi adreeva / Reddit

This guy was so keen on getting that perfect shot that he actually positioned himself between two trees to do this. It sure looks very uncomfortable! We really hope that this shot was worth the pain in his calves and glutes.

Man Moustache

This one is for the women out there – have you ever wondered what it is like to be a man? Well, this woman decided to find it out for herself, once and for all. Can you guess how? Yep, exactly.

Image courtesy of sugarfreesucrose / Imgur

She used her long hair to make a beard and mustache! Honestly, we think this looks pretty good on her, and we only wish that our beards look this soft. We hope that she had lots of fun with this!

Not-so-relaxing face mask

Wearing a face mask is one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to treat yourself to some self-care. All you have to do is place the gel, cream, sheet, or whatever on your face, lie back, and let it work its magic.

Image courtesy of Zeapollo / Reddit

However, it seems that they are not actually always that relaxing. Just look at this one, for example! This face mask went completely wrong, and it ended up causing more worry than relaxation. We really appreciate that this woman took the time to take this picture and post it.

Just one trip

We have all experienced going to the grocery store, buying lots of things, then being determined to get it all into the house in just one go. It feels like a waste, traveling twice to bring the grocery bags inside.

Image courtesy of aramisthorn.blogspot.com

This guy took things to a whole new extreme, as you can see in the picture. He was determined to bring all these plastic containers back in one trip and one trip only. He is the king of single trips, and we applaud him.


Here is another picture with just so many things going on in it. To start with, you have somebody who is riding a unicycle down the street. That is quite a difficult skill! They are also wearing a kilt. But that isn’t even all of it.

Image courtesy of bildschirmarbeiter.com

They are also playing the bagpipes. Pretty strange stuff. We love it. To top it all off, look at what they have on their head. They are wearing a Darth Vader helmet! We cannot think of any reasons why someone would do this, but then again, we can’t think of any reasons not to either.

Revenge of the Clown

Ronald McDonald is a pretty famous mascot, and he has been the face of McDonald’s since the 1960s. His smile and clothing are recognizable everywhere. However, he might not be as friendly as you first think, especially when he is in this pose.

Image courtesy of impgflip.com

This person decided to get a funny photo with Ronald by pretending that the clown statue was about to hit him! We have to admire this person’s creativity, as it is not something we would have thought to do. A high-five, maybe.

Old School

Working in a fast-food restaurant, you are bound to see any number of strange things. However, we think that this photo must be at the top of the list. It’s kinda weird, but we think it’s cool the restaurant went with it.

Image courtesy of simplymarvelous.wordpress.com

This person pulled up the window of the fast-food restaurant in a strange method of transportation. They did not use a car or even a bicycle – they used a horse and cart instead! That’s one way to be remembered.

Up the creek

Flooding is a terrible natural disaster that can cause all kinds of awful problems. However, that did not stop this guy, who was determined to make the very best of a bad situation. The water cannot stop him from traveling.

Image courtesy of Pizzamylord / Reddit

What he chose to do was to use a small canoe boat to travel along the water. He must have had one handy in his garage! However, we are not quite sure where his clothes have disappeared to, but that’s a different subject altogether.