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Botched And Contorted: A Series of Epic Panoramic Photo Masterpieces

Most of us have firsthand experience of how painstakingly hard it is to maintain balance while taking panoramic shots. More often than not, our gorgeous masterpiece ends up awkward, chopped, or twisted into panoramic photo fails. Panoramas, when done correctly, are anything between awe-inspiring and beautiful, broadening our field of perception. However, it is extremely easy to mess up and conjure something that seems to be out of this world. From another perspective, though, these blunders are pieces of art by their right, as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and art can be divided into a plethora of categories. Therefore, they are masterpieces in their unique way. With that, we dive into a collection of the most captivating artistic panoramic photo fails.

Panoramic Photo Fails: The Mantipede

If you were to spot this abominable hybrid of a man and a centipede on the street, you would surely be running with your heart in your hands. The unfortunate lad had no fault here, except having the terrible luck of getting caught up in a panoramic photo gone wrong. The poor guy increased his body mass almost sixfold.

Image: The Sun

The triangular borders between the legs are maybe the most disturbing aspects of this panoramic fail. Although we know they’re only unfinished cut-outs of the man’s thigh, their position allows the imagination to rampage. This entire shot is one long journey that has transformed something mundane into something remarkable.

Not Much Left to the Imagination

The panoramic feature, in particular, needs to step up its game. When a hiking couple set out to climb a mountain, they were rewarded with a breathtaking view, and of course, they just had to capture a panoramic shot of the stunning mountain scenery on their phone.

Image: Instagram / thezeniashow

After the picture was done processing, they could see the obvious issue here. His hand seems to conveniently shift to the region between his legs – which might cause obvious misunderstandings. Ultimately, this failure leaves all of us at a loss for words. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the otherwise serene view.

The UwU Cat

Cats are renowned for fitting their bodies into unusual and random shapes. However, this image has done the unthinkable. It has turned the cat into a rectangular block of cuteness. Some might just even want to squish or poke it. Imagine this kitty chilling on your belly as you watch your favorite anime.

Image: Fotoscapes

There is an intriguing detail in this picture as well. The cat has complete heterochromia — which causes the cat’s eyes to be of different colors. The cat’s nose, whiskers, and mouth seem to have transformed into what almost looks like a beak. At least it makes up for its lack of nostrils with its unique eyes.

The Hovering Middle Finger 

This picture is nothing less than an absolute masterpiece. The woman was conducting her duties while sitting at the desk. However, the wide grin on her face suggests that she had something to do with that hovering hand. Perhaps it was her message to her coworkers.


From our perspectives, we suppose that the figurative and literal ghost in the room conveys our heartfelt message to our annoying coworkers. Mishap or not, we would all probably have a nervous laugh if a hovering middle finger ever wandered into the room.

When She Starts Suspecting You

Nowadays, people live a life of being glued to their phones. We do not even know if this photo should be considered a mishap. This panoramic photo fail makes it seem like the girl suspects her boyfriend of cheating. It gives an entirely new meaning to ‘I got my eye on you.’

Image: Instagram /

Potterheads would start thinking about Mad-Eye Moody after glancing at this picture. However, to most others, it would remind them of a wild night out where they were so intoxicated that half of their body was asleep. Which team are you a part of?

Dog With the Head of an Alligator

This is a piece of art that takes time to appreciate and enjoy. At first glance, you might have even taken this for a typical picture of a dog —  until you start to notice the head. Everything else seems to be more or less proportionate.

Image: Reddit / therapeuticstir

The minor error in making this panorama has resulted in the dog being turned into a creepy canine with what seems to look like the head of an alligator. However, one thing is sure — we definitely do not want to see this on our porch.

The Closest Thing to a Centaur That You’d Ever See

The innocent and unaware woman in the panorama just wanted a picture for her social media. Yet, it ended up with her turning into something of an abomination. Thus, we get this absolute monstrosity instead of a cute holiday picture. 


Now, that is not even the least of it. If you peek closely at the image, you’d see that her legs look almost like those of a horse. We have no idea what she did to get this result. However, we can be sure that she won’t be doing it another time. One thing’s for sure; the Mayans would probably worship her as a deity.

Doggie and his Headless Companion

We were not able to figure out how this mishap even happened. It looks as if there are two hybrids between a labrador and a chicken where one has successfully grown a head, and the other was not so lucky.

Image: Daily Mail

If we were to see it from another perspective, it looks as if it is trying to outrun another version of its own body —  and is surprisingly losing. Some trolls have even “claimed” that this is a legitimate picture. We, however, must disagree.

A Troll’s Quaint Breakfast

This panoramic fail has to be one of the most horrid looking. The error has deformed the woman’s face into what looks like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame on steroids. We’re pretty sure the woman wasn’t pleased with the results.


We can also notice that the background is quite deformed. This suggests that whoever took the picture had a serious problem with keeping their hands steady, which can be quite the issue when trying to take a panoramic photo., or any photo for that matter.

The Dog From Toy Story

When glancing at this image, the first thought that comes to mind is the slinky dog from the movie Toy Story. Obviously, the dog decided to go around the man’s legs as the photographer moved the camera to the right.

Image:  Jindabyne1 /Reddit

The dog looks ready to prey on any bits and pieces of food that fall from the barbecue. If you have ever lived with a dog, you’ll know that what falls on the floor becomes the dog’s property. Somebody throw the poor baby a bone!

Panoramic Photo Fails: Giving Flat Earthers Hope Since the Early 2000s

While taking this photo, whatever mishap resulted in a scary but awesome image. It looks as if the fishermen are on the edge of the water and are about to fall over into what looks like the side of the Earth. This most likely happened because the phone was turned 45 degrees while taking a panoramic photograph.


This picture is the embodiment of several people’s fear of the ocean. Even though it came about by way of an accident, it looks absurdly realistic and very much like what must be a thalassophobe’s nightmare. We gladly certify this mishap to be a fine masterpiece.

When the Annoying Kid Won’t Stop 

After taking this picture, we are pretty sure that the photographer received quite a mouthful from the lady. It seems that the woman accidentally found herself at the center of a photo shoot and tried her best to run out of the frame but failed to horrible effect.

Image: The Sun

This picture describes how our blood slowly reaches its boiling point when some annoying kid at a family gathering just won’t stop messing about. Almost all of us have faced a moment where we wanted to tear our hair out after falling victim to the shenanigans of such a kid.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The error in this picture makes it look like an alien, disguised as a human, is transforming back to its original form. Either that or some scientist just created the world’s first human-car jack hybrid. It might be helpful for fixing monster trucks.

Image: The Scottish Sun

What makes this image even more unsettling is the fact that the leaves have remained intact while the man has been stretched like a piece of gum. Perhaps this is what makes it a true panorama fail masterpiece — a living creature made to look like an object.

Black Cat or Bizarre Thong?

This photo makes us think about the superstition that black cats bring bad luck. We all know that cats are renowned for their ability to fit into weird spaces, but we do not think a cat has ever assumed such a shape before.

Image: Imgur / anlyin

What most probably happened is that the cat rolled while the panorama was being taken and somehow managed to make it look like a cartoon character that was just steamrolled. We haven’t seen a cat in such a shape since that one Tom and Jerry episode.

When Your Soul Leaves Your Body

This panorama, at first glance, looks like a poorly edited photo of a deceased relative. However, in reality, this was just a failed attempt of a son trying to capture a nice picture of his father. We wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the family had this sent to them via Whatsapp. Dads love panoramic photo fails.

Image: 9GAG, Inc.

What most probably happened is that the man in the picture was posing but suddenly saw a very interesting rock and instantly went down to reach for it. This picture was posted on a social media account, and some of the comments were hilarious.

Anything for a Selfie

It bewilders us as to how everything in the picture is perfect except for the obvious elephant in the room — the extremely elongated hand of the woman. If you’re familiar with Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four series, you’re smiling right now.

Image: Awesome Inventions

This picture shows how hard people are willing to try to get the perfect selfie. The woman was most likely walking forward to get a better background for a selfie. To be fair, it would be handy if we could just stretch our arm out while taking a picture.

Nope That’s not her Twin Sister

This picture is not what it looks like —  or at least we hope that it isn’t. It seems as if the little girl is dribbling what appears to be her own head like a basketball. Now that’s something even Space Jam would not try.

Image: Instagram / punkaficionado74

In reality, the girl probably just lifted her head up at precisely the right (wrong?) time. Technology nowadays has progressed immensely, and panoramic photography software is extremely advanced, but it still can’t make amends for horrific levels of human error.

We Hope This Goat Does Not Exist

Goats have eyes that sometimes stare right into your soul, and due to certain cults, they are already associated with the Devil. However, this picture makes it seem like the speculation is not too far off. Such a creature would undoubtedly belong in hell.

Image: Bright Side

The goat likely shook its head sideways while the panorama was being taken, resulting in what looks like a hybrid between a unicorn, a goat, and a scaled-down version of some ghastly, other-worldly Lovecraftian being. This is one of those panoramic photos fails that leaves you feeling uneasy.

The Dog With an Elephant’s Trunk

This mishap makes it looks as if the dog has a trunk for a face. Interestingly, this is a Dachshund —  sometimes referred to as a sausage dog. If you look carefully, the morphed head also looks like a sausage.

Image: The Sun

As the owner was making a lateral panorama, the dog tilted its head downward, which resulted in this doggo looking like a poorly made hybrid between an anteater and a dog. Nevertheless, the picture is quite amusing to look at.

The Centipede Baby

An attempt at capturing the entire room resulted in one of the most horrific and confusing pictures you would ever see in your life. The poor baby crawled across the room, unaware of the absolute horror it had helped create.

Image: Yahoo

As the panorama moved from left to right, so did the baby, which resulted in what looks like a human centipede — baby edition. Moreover, the centipede is blocking everyone from leaving the room. The timing was so perfect that it even had multiple sets of legs.

Dogs Love Panoramic Photo Fails

Dogs seem to be especially good at being the subject of panoramic photo fails. Our second long-nosed dog looks more like an ant-eater than a canine. While this dog is still loveable, he might have a hard time keeping his nose out of trouble.

Image: Reddit / Lil_Inka

This error came to be when the dog lifted its head as the photographer was taking this panorama. The nose is so long the dog could probably give most ant-eaters body image issues. However, while dogs sometimes eat almost anything, we doubt ants would be a favorite.

Loving Date or Impending Divorce?

This picture makes it look as if her genuine emotions are revealed and that the face in the middle is her pretending to enjoy the moment. You can see that the man is genuinely excited and happy, whereas the girl isn’t exactly thrilled after the photo.

Image: Judd Jasper /Reddit

We would probably never know if this was just an honest accident or a picture that revealed her true intentions. If it was the latter, it’s possible that this relationship won’t last too long. Either that, or we are looking at a set of conjoined twins.

Sasquatch Who Fancies Leaves

This picture seems pretty straightforward — at least until you start scrolling down. This man surely fancies his dried leaves. It reminds us of when we were children and used to roll around in the crunch. Except we didn’t look like an awkward sasquatch.

Image: Metro

The man stood up in the middle of the panorama, which caused this result. Now it looks as if the man has extremely long hands and an unusually long back. As far as panoramic photo fails go, this isn’t too bad. We’re just kidding. It is. It absolutely is.

Do we see a Cerberus on-site?

So this person was taking a panorama shot of his dog and the view behind him when the dog decided to shift his face, resulting in some three-headed action. Nonetheless, we’ll say that this shot turned out better than it was intended to be.

Image source: Pufferchung/Reddit

We’ll even go so far as to say it reminds us of Cerberus, the famous underworld gatekeeper from Greek mythology who prevents the dead from leaving hell. In all honesty, if this is Cerberus, our afterlife is already secured, and we would even bring treats for this cutie.

The No Back Hiker 

The alps are home to some endemic species. The two-legged head-hopper can be seen here. A young male in his prime. They are known for infiltrating human homes and stealing whatever they can find, though it has been reported that they prefer footwear.

Image source: unknown

As far as hikers go, this one appears to be well-equipped. After all, if you only had to carry your head and legs, climbing mountains would be much easier. Unless, of course, you had to do some actual climbing, then you will run into a problem or two.

Panorama Fails: The Cowtipede Edition

In today’s episode of various panorama fails causing objects to turn into centipedes, we have the cow-tipede for you. It looks like panoramas never stop failing to make centipedes. It was also interesting how the cow decided to get on a moooove.

Image: panoramicactivity/Reddit

The cow-tipede is even rarer than their cato-pede and doggo-pede counterparts and are hard to come by as they are on the brink of extinction. We must save this precious species, guys!  As we don’t want to lose any more of this adorableness.

The Curious Case of the Two-Wheeled Car

This particular panorama shot taken in London reveals a futuristic two-wheeled car design that appears to be driven by a prosthetic hand. This vehicle also looks like it’s owned by the infamous creature from The Addams Family called “Thing.” 

Image source: ducksizedhorses/Reddit

This car looks like it’s going to be something we see very common in the future as it would use less parking space, less fuel, and wouldn’t cost that much either. Sometimes a panorama failure can lead us towards efficiency, and this is an example of that. 

The Shortest Horse in the Panorama World

Here is just another short-bodied horse prancing around, unbothered about anything. Imagine if horses only had legs and a head; transportation in medieval times would have been a real chore because horses were the only mode of transportation back then.

Image source: GallowBoob/Reddit

Despite significant efforts, the domestication of the two-legged long-faced runner has failed. However, this horse appears to be unaware that some parts of his body may be missing. They say ignorance is bliss, and this is the epitome of it.

The Faceoff

If Picasso had done panorama photography, this would have been an excellent example of his work. This person was photographing a friend, and as they tilted their head slightly, the photographer created this masterpiece at that very moment.

Image source: 43percentburnt/Reddit

This photo also reminds us of the classic Nicolas Cage film Face-Off, as this tattooed man tries to remove his own face and appears baffled by his ability to do so. This must be referred to as a face swap. At the very least, at the start.

The Diver 

This appears to be a brutal dive into open water. We understand that you must exercise caution and keep an eye out for underwater rocks, but we’ve never seen fun and frolics go horribly wrong. However, we’re happy to report that no divers were harmed in the making of this photograph.

Image source: -Skizza/Reddit

This would be a perfect example if Humpty Dumpty went swimming in the new version of the nursery rhyme. This puts a new meaning to falling to pieces, really. Although, one thing that is missing from this picture is the splatters of blood. 

The Finger

Now that is some creativity and surely not fail. Imagine how much easier life could have been if you just had a long finger because you wouldn’t have to get up when your TV remote’s battery ran out of power.

Image source: agills/Reddit

This one can be called the finger-pede. It also sort of looks like it could be Pinnochio’s finger, and we know the camera never lies. Although, it would have been more hilarious if it was the middle finger. Next time!

An Out of Body Experience 

Looks like this guy was always ahead of everything, including himself as well. This also seems like the perfect physical representation of when your heart doesn’t agree with your mind. Little did this dude know that just a mere panorama of him would end up as a meme forever. 

Image: comptonasskim/Reddit

If you thought Nearly Headless Nick was funny from the Harry Potter franchise, this guy takes it to the next level as being headless as a ghost might sound reasonable but not when you’re not dead, also not if you’re heading is following you around.

The Evolution of Human

This one has a lot in common with Darwin’s evolution theories, and we’re all for it. Our species began as heads, then evolved into legs and torsos. We eventually got our heads back, but we lost our legs. It is well known.

Image source: panoramafail.tumblr/Tumblr

If this were Darwin’s evolutionary story, humans would have been fascinating. Some would have heads, while some would not, and some would simply move around with their torso and legs. Panorama failures aren’t just hilarious; they can also indicate something more groundbreaking, as this one demonstrates.

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar out for a stroll is a rare sight these days, as their natural habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. This cat appears to have traveled through a wormhole and into our realm. Where is this alienist cat’s Guinness World Record?

Image: FallenCoffee/Reddit

All jokes aside, this person was taking a panorama of their living room when the cat decided to walk through, resulting in some Caterpillar action. Indeed, there is a glitch in the Matrix, and all it took was a cat to barge in and reveal the truth.

The Troll Face Mom

This person’s mother moved during a panorama capture, perfectly matching the epic troll face meme that we are all familiar with. Little did this woman realize that a slight movement would transform her into a perfect resemblance to a popular meme.

Image: maddog595959/Reddit

This is an excellent photograph of a troll face mother in the wild. An impressive set of gnashers to go along with a disturbingly mischievous grin. This could even be the origin of the troll face meme, and if so, we’re all here for it.

The Phantom of the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most well-known monuments in the United States. It is frequently regarded as a symbol of liberty and justice. However, it appears that after so many years of standing in the same spot and advocating for freedom, Miss Liberty has decided to take a break and left for some ghostly excursions.

Image: Tuniu

The statue of liberty had had enough of her mundane life of standing in one place and decided to transform into a ghost to haunt the city for fun. We completely understand that doing the same thing over and over can be pretty tiresome at times, and we wish Miss Liberty the best in her newest endeavors

It Was Leg Day

It looks like a fashion show for the legs was also held on this particular occasion. After all, the legs and feet bear the brunt of the pain caused by the high heels that models wear all day for fashion shows. So it makes perfect sense to us if the feet are also given a chance to shine.

Image: Reddit

All jokes aside, this model managed to make it down the catwalk so quickly that her feet arrived at the other end before she did. It’s amusing that a catwalk mishap resulted in a hilarious moment that the internet will never live down.

The Leaning Big Ben

It looks like it was London’s famous Big Ben that had perfected the leaning architecture first and not the Pisa. The only imposter in this case here is the Pisa. We can only imagine this photo coming to life if the photographer were laughing while taking it, causing them to shake.

Image: Imgur

This would be a case if Big Ben got drunk, and instead, it can be now called the Big Bend. But really, what would you do if your friend went through their photos from their vacation and came across this one?

The Curious Case of Balding Early

We’d never understand why anyone would try to take panorama shots of people in motion. However, this results in amusing actions that we can all laugh about. In this case, a slight movement caused this young woman to go partially bald in seconds.

Image: HickoryDickoryDock/Imgur

However, we have some differing opinions, and we believe this is not a typical woman. This is a bipedal humanoid, specifically a Centauri from Babylon 5. In all reality, she was probably trying to get a cute hair flip photo for Instagram. That didn’t work out for her, though.

Perks of Having Three Hands

This is what happens when you are too cold to remove your two primary hands from your jacket and must rely on the third to keep you warm. After all, having three hands appears to be a benefit because you can do so much with them.

Image: hell_yersteve/Instagram

This would remind us of Inspector Gadget if he went on vacation somewhere colder. Also, the hand could be the “Thing” from The Addams’ Family, who is always a charm when it comes to lending a helping hand as it is only a hand.

The Ghostly Dog

If you were tired of seeing more centipede-like figures in previous failures, you’d enjoy this particular one. This cute little floof appears to have a retractable body and is having the time of its life running through walls. What a cutie!

Image: kinghenrydood/Instagram

We love seeing these animals’ panoramic shot failures. Whether it’s a caterpillar, a doggopede, a cowpede, a no back horse, or just a happy ghostly dog, all of these accidental creatures are adorable, and watching panorama fails on them makes us chuckle even harder.

Bloody Mary, Anyone?

Incredibly proud of their renovation, the man requested his girlfriend take a panoramic photo of him in their bathroom. Little did he know that the end product would be something out of a horror movie. His reflection is distorted and, to some extent, looks ghastly.

Image: Instagram / nonnemann

If we look closely, the reflection seems to be missing an arm, and that death stare looks straight into our souls. Someone should probably call an exorcist to take care of the ghost in the mirror because this picture is straight out of a nightmare.