45 Pets Who Are Essentially Homewreckers On Four Legs

By Liezel L

Sometimes, our partners can steal more than just one heart in the house. Unfortunately, that heart might just belong to our pet, who we’ve raised, bathed, fed, and loved as one of our own. Sadly, once said pet falls in love with our partner, all of that won’t matter. We’re lucky if we still become their second-favorite person and not their rival, but as it is, we just can’t do anything about it. They’ll shamelessly steal away our significant others, and they’ll even have the nerve to act all smug about it.

We can simmer with jealousy all we want and maybe still try to bribe them with treats, of course, but in the end, we’ll still let them do the stealing because, after all, how in the world can we compete with them? Just take a look at these scandalously cute four-legged friends stealing people’s partners. 

He’s Meow-ine Now

There’s no acting coy or acting shy for this cat. She has stolen this man’s heart, and she is making it painfully clear to her owner, his actual girlfriend, that she knows. She’s also not shy about rubbing it into her owner’s face either. 

image courtesy of Hyst3riaa/ Twitter

On the other hand, just by the look on his face, it is also sadly obvious that that man is now wrapped around those kitty’s paws as well. This girl has not only lost her kitty but her boyfriend as well. Oh, the betrayal!

Cuddle Buds

Oops, sorry for this guy, but those two cuddle bugs look like they are having the nap of their lives. There is just no mistaking it. It seems that they’ve found that one person/ dog who they’d want to wake up next to every day.

image courtesy of toes2danose/ Reddit

Honestly, we’d say she made a pretty good choice. Just look at how this pup is wedged in between her and the couch and is in that optimal cuddle position. He’s the perfect nap companion! As for the boyfriend, well, he can try resuming his duties when they wake up. 

Trying Since Day One

Ever since she was a pupper, this dog has really set her eyes on one man and one man only. It seems like she has also made it her life mission to try and steal him from her owner. And frankly, it looks like ‘try’ is the wrong word already. 

image courtesy of punohuksy/ Reddit

Now, this is a childhood sweetheart love story. Unlike most of us, this dog’s childhood crush actually went somewhere. But unlike us, this dog didn’t have to wait until puberty to glow up, so we guess she was just really born to steal the man away. 

Ex-Shoulder Kitten

Dear cat owners, do you still remember the days when your cat was this cuddly and sweet towards you? Well, if your cat still is as cuddly and sweet, you are one lucky person. You better take care of that cat, or you’ll end up like this lady here whose cat traded her love and shoulder for her boyfriend’s broader shoulders and his show. 

image courtesy of pebernd0910/ Reddit

There’s one colder shoulder out there right now. But if we’re going to be honest, we can’t even be mad. That entire picture is just golden. Look at how into the show they’re both watching they are! And even if we get jealous, we can’t stay mad for too long- they look too adorable for words.

The Real Look of Love

This man says that his girlfriend has never looked at him in the same way she’s looking at that huge huggable fluffball. Now, our questions are, has he tried licking her face, has he been sitting or rolling around on command, or has he been playing fetch with her every day? If the answer is no, then there’s his answer. 

image courtesy of The_Duke_of_Lizards/ Reddit

There is just a special look of love that involuntarily comes onto everybody’s faces (not just girls) when dogs are around. We’re shameless about that look in addition to the baby voice and all the kissy faces because if that’s what dogs want, that is what we’re going to give. 

Wanna Play?

If you’ve seen somebody excitedly talking about one thing they really like, you know that you can actually see the glint in their eyes and the absolute joy in their voice. It can make you happy and excited as well just by seeing it, especially if it’s your loved one. It’s kind of hard to top this one, though. 

image courtesy of cocoakaos/ Reddit

As it seems, this girl has herself two keepers in her life. She has this insanely adorable pup who loves who she loves. Then, she has this gentle and patient man who has all the makings of a good dad -made obvious by how he’s excitedly telling the dog about this game. This is just too pure!

Wants In On The Lovin’

When we watch movies, we usually dig our hands in deep bowls of popcorn, pizza, m&m’s, and all that good food. For this couple, though, it’s all about being in the moment with each other while holding each other’s hand. As it seems, their kitty didn’t want to miss out on all that lovin’.

image courtesy of definitelynotforpron/ Reddit

Hilariously, the way the boyfriend described this situation is that one night, their usual touch felt “furrier than normal,” and they looked down to find that. Unbeknownst to him, it might be their cat’s way of blessing or approving of their relationship. Think something along the lines of “I bless thee couple, and I shall be thy kitty child ‘til I chooseth.”

He Knows

You snooze; you lose. This doggo clearly knows that he has taken up the boyfriend’s spot and stolen his girlfriend, and he is so proud of it. There is just no mistaking how happy he looks to be beside his girl now. 

image courtesy of apradical2/ Twitter

His face isn’t even the kind of face that looks like it’s rubbing salt to your wound. It’s the kind of innocent face that seems to say, “Look, Dad, look! I found this girl, and I’m keeping her!” like he did absolutely nothing wrong. 

We The Gang Now

This is just too precious. That pup looks like he is the leader of some cool street gang who just initiated a new kid to join their group. He even has the whole pout and manspreading down to a tee! 

image courtesy of NBAJam95/ Reddit

What makes it a lot funnier is that the pair even looks a lot alike. We would have easily mistaken that guy to be his real owner instead of some random stranger this dog just decided to claim. With that pup’s cool gaze, we would really have no objections to whoever he wants to be his.

Pet Me Like One Of Your French Cats

Oh, the scandal! This cat doesn’t even have one ounce of decency. She’s just laying out her affair with this man out in the open for the world to see, and she is not one bit shy about it. Her face is even like, “What are you going to do about it?”

image courtesy of westernmeadowlark24/ Reddit

With the amount of sass this cat has, we can understand why the girlfriend couldn’t do anything to stop her from stealing her man. Now, the cat is boasting about her achievement, and his girlfriend can do nothing but stand back and watch.

Not Today You Don’t

There are rules in a typical relationship, and one of those is not getting too cozy with someone else. Unfortunately, this man has been caught getting too cozy with the human girl and said human girl’s dog just lost it with the betrayal. 

image courtesy of HellaClassy/ Reddit

All human girl wanted to do was sip on her coffee and enjoy her boyfriend’s cuddles but the little pup just kept yapping and nudging until finally, it got what it wanted, to take her owner’s spot and also to take her boyfriend all to herself. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s seemed like it was telling her owner, “Sorry, not today or ever human. This boy: MINE.” 

Nap Mates!

Affairs are wrong. It’s a betrayal of love and trust. And yet, why does this affair look so acceptable? If anything, it is even wholesome. How can you be mad when your husband and your cat are having a love affair when they look this stinking cute?

image courtesy of Larsenator/ Reddit

The best part is that this seems to be a usual occurrence that the husband wasn’t even aware of. Apparently, the husband didn’t know this is how he and the cat slept, so his wife took some pictures, catching them right in the act. 

Back Off Bucko!

It’s kind of cute when our dogs get a little jealous and give other people who are trying to be chummy with us the stink-eye or the glare. It’s not so fun, though, when we’re at the receiving end of that glare. 

image courtesy of PLAGUERAGES/ Reddit

“She’s mine. Now, back off and make me a sandwich, you human,” the dog seems to be saying. If the dog keeps this up, this couple might have to come up with a new sleeping arrangement pretty soon, and we don’t think that dog is the one going to be sleeping in the dog box. 

Little Fellow Needed a Good Nap

While cats and dogs are definitely the naughtiest pets that steal their owners’ partners, they’re not the only ones. This one right here is a prairie dog, and it is very easy to see how he got so close to her so quickly. Just look at how precious he is!

image courtesy of johnsie07/ Reddit

On the one hand, though, it’s a little bit surprising to see a prairie dog as a pet. Apparently, they can be domesticated, and they can become just as affectionate as other furry pets with the right socialization and attention. As we can see, they can easily catch one’s heart. 

Are You Sure That’s Not His Cat?

Sometimes, you can tell a pet and its owner apart from other pets and owners just by how much they look alike. Sadly, not all pet owners have this thing with their beloved companions. Instead, their pets have it with their partners, and we’re not sure if that’s good or bad. 

image courtesy of kwpotato/ Reddit

This pair, for instance, looks like the OG pair. They even have the same smile and the same expression! If we’re going to be honest, though, they look like the adorable couple that we’d all be jealous of every once in a while. 

Too Comfy

We’re all too aware of all the weird sleeping nooks our pets get into. One moment, they’re properly curled up on the floor, and the next, they’re wedged in between the couch and the side table, or they’re balancing between two chairs. For this pup, his special spot is on his new favorite person’s bum. 

image courtesy of Milky_moo_cow/ Reddit

By that expression on his face, it looks like he’s trying to defend his comfy spot. It’s like he’s saying, “What? I likes this softs and cushy butts. Now give me the controller, human.” For his sake, it’s better if we don’t judge. 

Cat Beard

Having pets is like having kids. You have someone sticking strange things in their mouths. You have someone trying to lick everything in sight. And you have someone always trying to smother you in your sleep or at least your partner. 

image courtesy of vloss/ Reddit

Admittedly, the cat’s chosen spot is optimal for chest and chin warmth. Also, this cat is generous enough to leave all breathing holes wide and open. We sure hope this guy knows how to hold his breath in his sleep, though, because that looks like the optimal position for sniffing some kitty farts. 

Am I Interrupting Something Here?

“It’s not what it looks like” or “I can explain, I swear” are usually the words you’ll hear when someone accidentally stumbles upon their partner being too cuddly with someone else. For this dog, though, it’s just the face of cold hard truth. 

image courtesy of termytwo/ Instagram

This girlfriend has been replaced, and her replacement can’t even muster up enough to show even the slightest amount of guilt even when they’re caught red-handed. After all, they’re clearly in love. Now, at least the girlfriend knows she’s clearly the third wheel in this household. 

Don’t Even Think About It

If looks could kill, this girlfriend would definitely have long been kitty chow. The daggers this kitty is throwing with that glare are sharp enough to keep anyone away, and it looks like that is the plan of this feline to take over the human male fully. 

image courtesy of ssdshannonmarie/ Imgur

As it seems, this kitty has been showing two faces. While the boyfriend was looking, it must have been acting all nice and sweet, but when he wasn’t, and his actual girlfriend and owner came and tried to sit close, it switches on the scary face. He didn’t even believe she did this until his girlfriend took the photo. 

Heart Eyes

If there is any accurate real-life version of those heart eyes, it would surely be this one. With just one look, we’re 100% sure that this doggo is really in love with that human. Apparently, after one walk in the park, this dog has found her true love. 

image courtesy of 98ej8/ Reddit

We kind of feel sorry for the dog’s owner but well, too late. Anyhow, girls and boys out there, find someone who looks at you like how this dog looks at their newfound love. Also, find someone who can make you as happy with one walk in the park as a grand and extravagant date. 

That Undeniable Special Bond

This is the kind of pet affair we live for! How can anyone deny that this is definitely the gold standard for pets falling in love with their owner’s partner? They look like they are simply made for each other!

image courtesy of Arsenicyellow/ Reddit

With just one look, this photo says it all, they are even pulling the same face. Sorry to his girlfriend, but she can stay the third wheel a little bit longer if it means we get more precious moments like these. This is definitely our favorite shameless pet affair. 

Christmas Lovin’

Do you remember those looks the main characters of a rom-com give each other near the end after they’ve succeeded in making the kids finally agree with each other, brought their bosses together, or something like that? This is that kind of look. 

image courtesy of GoX14/ Reddit

Dog and girlfriend apparently decorated the tree over the weekend, and from that, they’ve had a bonding experience that led them to discover that they might actually be truly soulmates. If that isn’t the plot of your typical rom-com or Hallmark movie, we don’t know what is. 


This human thought that her cat was trying to steal her boyfriend, but it’s more like he has already been stolen. That kitty wouldn’t look like she’s ready to keep what’s hers claws, teeth, and all otherwise if she hasn’t succeeded. 

image courtesy of neopetting/ Reddit

Funnily enough, the cat looks like she’s the original girlfriend who is trying to protect her man from the evil human mistress. “She stole him once, and I am never going to let that happen again,” she seems to be saying. 

The Perfect Ending

Forget about kissing under the fireworks or hugging and twirling around for absolutely no reason. This is how you watch fireworks with someone you love, and it looks like the happy ending of a great love story, with no room for anyone else to enter the scene.

image courtesy of trkassmark/ Reddit

It’s pretty exciting to see a doggo being able to watch fireworks, though. Most dogs would be afraid of the loud bangs and the flashing lights, but this doggo actually seems interested in it. Maybe that’s what love really does. 

Is He Here Yet?

Quarantine may have given many pet owners more time with their pets, but if you own a clingy pet, you’d know that all those days spent at home won’t be enough for them. Once you start leaving the house again, as usual, they’d be doing their usual antics as well. Sadly for this owner, it wasn’t for her that this cat was doing its thing. 

image courtesy of idontknowiforgot/ Reddit

Apparently, that is how that kitty waits for its owner’s boyfriend to come home. It’s probably its kitty version of, “Is he here yet? Is he here yet? Is he here yet?” Without regard for its owner’s feelings, it’s clearly showing who it prefers to be home more. 

Watch Yer Back

Some people have sassy cats. Some have shady dogs. And then there’s this couple that’s being third wheeled by a freaking majestic horse. How do you even get a horse to fall in love with you? Then again, we can’t exactly blame the horse on this one. 

image courtesy of Deathbeforedawn7/ Reddit

Horse affair aside, who else thinks this picture could be the photo used on the cover of a romance novel? It really is beautifully taken. Can’t you imagine it on something like The Horse Whisperer, Dark Horse, or something like that?

The Little Minx

It’s pretty cringe but movies have taught us that the old stereotypical way of flirting for girls involves a lot of laughing, a lot of coy smiling, batting eyelashes, and a touch on the arm here and there, or maybe even a light tap. This cat seems to be living up to that stereotype. 

image courtesy of ShadeeLeeann/ Reddit

Do you see those eyes and the way it’s primed to be cute and irresistible? And then, do you see that paw? It’s really doing the touch on the arm thing! Its owner thinks it might be flirting with her boyfriend, and we think she’s probably 100% right. 

The Hug of Joy

Nothing compares to seeing just pure delight blossom on a pup or kitty’s face. Those expressions are just too precious. That’s why we subject ourselves to serving their every need at all times, after all, right? Also, when they look like this pup right here, everything seems to feel a little bit better. 

image courtesy of raybeedee/ Reddit

Who cares if he’s happier with the boyfriend? Seeing that smile every time they hug is probably enough for its owner’s heart to just melt and forget all the jealousy if she ever had any. It makes us appreciate that man too because a man who can make a dog as happy as that is a good man indeed. 

Stealing Your Date

You leave, you lose your seat. This owner just left his seat for two seconds, and then he returned to his cat, trying to steal his food and his girl. If you ask us, though, the cat was just using his human to prepare dinner and set everything up, and when it finally had the chance, it just fully took over the entire date. 

image courtesy of sambianchetto/ Reddit

It is still a romantic dinner for two. Sadly for the guy, he has now been demoted from date to waiter. Judging by that cat’s expression, he’s perfectly ready to order up some more meat onto his plate and for some music perhaps. 

Star Crossed Lovers

We’re not gonna lie. With those closed eyes, the arms on each other, the solemn expressions, and that forehead touching thing, this looks like such a scene from a star-crossed lovers film. It even almost looks heartbreaking enough. 

image courtesy of Tuhyk_inside/ Reddit

It looks like the part where one of the forbidden lovers is promising the other that he/she will come back for him/her, and after that, they will be truly together forever without anyone protesting their love. We hope it ends with a happy ending!

A Lot Can Happen in Three Weeks

A lot of pets can move on fast. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you anymore. It just means that well, if you’re not there to love them, they will find somebody who will. So after you come back after leaving them for some time, you can easily find them curled up or cuddled up with someone else. 

image courtesy of sillykittyish/ Reddit

For this kitty, it just took three weeks tops for it to find new love. The wife just left it with her husband, and when she came back, she discovered her cat was actually no longer hers. It was now her husband’s cat. 

Morning Mistress

It seems that this husband has given sleeping on the couch a new meaning for relationships. Instead of just the usual lover’s quarrel, he has upped it by choosing to sleep on the couch with the dog, instead of in the bed with his partner.

image courtesy of AstroTing/ Reddit

This husband sneaks away from his bed in the middle of the night just to cuddle with his “other woman.” It seems he just can’t last a day without those snuggles. We wonder what would happen, though, if he didn’t show up one night, would the dog jump on their bed and try to kick the other woman out? 

Daddy’s Girls

It’s obvious who’s the favorite parent here. When mom comes home, she gets a few meows; some body rubs, some purrs, and that’s it. When dad comes home, though, it’s full-on loving and staying as close to him as possible as soon as he sits down. 

image courtesy of Azryhael/ Reddit

On the other hand, though, that trio looks like they are fully capable of plotting and planning the destruction of the world while completely appearing innocent and naive. They have the perfect cover, and no one will ever suspect a thing. 

Little Boi Blep

With the cuddliness, the sweetness, and of course, that adorable little blep of this pup, his owner might just have to get used to being replaced. His owner has no chance of competing with this puppys irrisistable charms, and by the look on his face. He knows it. 

image courtesy of jdubery/ Reddit

As it seems, his girlfriend completely agrees as well. She’s as smitten as that little pup. If we were the boyfriend, we’d probably start stocking up on treats, toys and start making plans for plenty of walks before they kick us out. 

Successfully Stolen!

If you get a pet, you’ll be sure to lose a lot of your favorite spots at home. Your favorite spot on the couch? Gone. Your favorite side of the bed? Forget about it. In fact, you might as well forget about the bed altogether. Your spot beside your partner at the dinner table? Yeah, say goodbye to that too. 

image courtesy of Nasrin Hami/ BoredPanda

This kitty has definitely stolen her owner’s spot, and it looks like she’s not giving it up any time soon. Her owner can get all the food she wants, but she might as well forget her man. She might have to sleep with one eye open, though, because that cat positively looks like it has plans to get rid of the only obstacle to her love life. 

Gamer Bros

One of the best ways to find a pal for life is to find someone who understands all your weirdness and quirks. Either that or you can cuddle up and sit on their laps as you both do something you absolutely love. That’s the way for this pup, at least. 

image courtesy of shangram/ Reddit

Just imagine being the girlfriend, and then, later on, you hear a string of yips and whines, and you look to see your dog seemingly arguing with your boyfriend over what to do in the game. Now, that would be a sight to see. 

Forever Nap Buddies

It is such an honor to have a pet sleep near you or next to you. That means they trust you enough to be at their most vulnerable around you, and they know you won’t chow on them while they sleep. When they start following you around wherever you sleep just to get a nap with you, though, that’s when you know it’s real love. 

image courtesy of mdemouli/ Reddit

Wherever this guy sleeps, he has an immediate cloud of warm cuddly floof following him around. His wife’s cat doesn’t care whether it’s on the bed, couch, or floor. As long as he can get a nap in with his favorite person, he just adorably follows him around everywhere. 

The Shade

Sometimes, it’s difficult to take a selfie with a pet because you know that your confidence will take some form of a hit when you look at the pictures. It just reveals who is the more beautiful species, you know? This selfie moment, however, reveals another thing. 

image courtesy of NBAJam95/ Reddit

Those selfies are all the proof the boyfriend needs to know that his dog has indeed stolen his girl. With the amount of shade in that dog’s look, though, we don’t think he gives one flying dime of care in the world. He got the girl, and that’s it. 

Asserting Real Girlfriend Dominance

When the boyfriend says, “The cat doesn’t love me more. She loves us both equally.” and then that traitor of a cat gives you this look, you’ll just know that you’ll be in for a fight over who gets to keep your boyfriend. 

image courtesy of alrightsydney/ Reddit

Unfortunately, in these situations, you are already at a huge disadvantage. The cat is soft, warm, fluffy, and cuddly all at once. Plus, it’s cute without even trying, and it just has that charm that pulls everyone towards it. How can you compete with that?

That Face Though

This pup’s face is a perfect soap opera face. She’s the kind of character that everyone hates but also secretly admires and who gets everything she wants in the most questionable ways. And after she has gotten what she wants, she’ll give you this exact look as if to say, “See? What me wants, me gets.”

image courtesy of kswizzard/ Instagram

We can just imagine her speech going, “What can you do to make him happy, darling? You maybee occasionally give him food and a few kisses here and there. Me, on the other hand, I’ll lick his face, foot, and hair clean. I’ll squish him with my adorableness, and I’ll make him so happy just by hanging my tongue out. Can you do that? No. Now go cry.”

Waking Up Next To Your Soulmate

When couples wake up in movies, it’s just too picture-perfect, isn’t it? There’s sun streaming through the blinds, and There are no drool marks anywhere. There are no eye boogers. And their hair is just styled to perfection. If movies want to make those moments a bit more accurate, this is what they should be copying. 

image courtesy of larryfinesse/ Reddit

We got the messy hair. We have puffy morning skin. We have the rumpled blankets. And yet, we still have that clear picture of love. It just proves there’s no need to over-stage anything to show that couples are still in love when they just woke up in the morning. It’s a cat and not a human girl though but, who cares?

Got a Problem?

We don’t know what’s worse for this love triangle right here. Is it the fact that her pup stole her boyfriend, is absolutely remorseless about it, and was caught red-handed in the act? Or is it the fact that he also seems to be on the pup’s side of things?

image courtesy of ThebestKimthereis/ Imgur

For some reason, it’s really the eyes of pets that tell you when you’ve lost against them, isn’t it? Their look is just one of absolute finality telling you that you will lose against them and still remain to serve them no matter what. 

Hands Off My Man Missy!

When cats get their man, you don’t mess with them. While some kitties, though, won’t hesitate to glare you down to the depths of hell, this kitty was a little bit more polite. “Excuse me, are you lost or something?” it seems to be asking its poor owner, who was just trying to lovingly hold her husband’s hand. 

image courtesy of Ijoinedforredditaww/ Reddit

The cat’s whole demeanor maybe chill and all, but just by looking at its eyes, you can see the thinly veiled threat in there. Plainly read, that threat says, “Make one more move human, and you will taste claws.”

Whoops, This Spot Is Mine Now

With pets, it’s challenging to leave your spot. Just 10 seconds in the bathroom, and you can bet that your pet is already claiming your spot as his. This doggo right here seems to be claiming more than just his owner’s spot, though. He also seems to be claiming his girl!

image courtesy of gordorobertson/ Reddit

Stolen wife aside, though, can we take a moment to acknowledge how buff this dog is? He almost looks more like a human in a dog suit than an actual dog. And not many people could even look as buff as him! He’s amazing!

You’re The Side Chick

While some pets love reminding their owners that they own them and not in fact, the other way around, other pets love bumping it up and reminding their owners that, well, they own everything else, too, including their partners. 

image courtesy of DeniseGrace/ Reddit

We absolutely love this cat’s paw on the body “he’s mine” body language. It just perfectly adds to the “what do you want” gaze. With how lovey-dovey both the cat and the husband are, though, we have to ask, who belonged to who first?