The Most Bizarre Things Plumbers See at Work

By Toby Tunwase

As a plumber, you are bound to see some truly wacky things at least a couple of times during your career. What’s funnier than the problem itself, is the reason people give for landing up in such situations. Let’s be honest, plumbing problems and ‘obstructions’ can be pretty embarrassing. Who knows how many times we’ve scarred a plumber for life due to them. Here’s a list of some of the funniest, most bizarre personal experiences plumbers came across during work. Enjoy going through them, and make sure to get yourself a good plunger to avoid any of these scenarios happening to you.

  1. The Exploding Toilet
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Who wouldn’t love the calming, tranquil scented candles or lamps for a nice ambiance, while you do your business scrolling through twitter in the bathroom? Well, you might enjoy it but this toilet cistern just couldn’t take it anymore. The explosion seems pretty significant and scary. We wouldn’t like to imagine anyone actually using it when that happened. It almost gives the same vibe as the condition of the famous Iron Throne after Drogon burnt it. Let’s take a lesson from this and be more careful about combustible objects around the toilet.

The Time Saving Shower

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This is clearly a work of genius. The design itself is so ambitious and can save a lot of time on a busy day.

Why take out the extra time to do two things separately in the toilet when you can enjoy it together? You will never be late for work again. You might as well consider brushing your teeth while you are at it to save that useless sink time. We truly admire creativity when we see it, and we shall not consider this beautiful mistake a blunder!

The Quick Fix Shower

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This is truly a piece of art. Why waste time and money on expensive shower heads when you can ‘tap’ into your creativity and do something so unique? This DIY showerhead project passed with flying colors as you can see. We are guessing they eventually gave in and did call a plumber, but those few glorious showers with this artistic shower head must have made for some memorable moments. Let’s just hope the bottle was properly cleaned before the project was carried out, and as always, duct tape never disappoints. 

Pipe-less Toilet

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We have a lot of respect for the person who cleans up this toilet on a daily basis. Apparently this is a toilet inside a Chinese restaurant.

We never knew that the Chinese didn’t believe in the whole pipe system. They do have cheaper and quicker solutions with their own minimalistic modern inventions, but this might have been a little too much. Our sympathies with those who came to the restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and were subjected to this when they really didn’t have any other options.

The Disney Princess Toilet

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Have you ever wondered how Snow White got by, living among animals in a forest? Here’s your answer, an ingenious invention that looks straight out of a Disney movie. It’s quite creative and sparks a motivational spirit to repurpose your toilet for a unique centerpiece in the garden. You can grow flowers, even small bushes in and around it. If you want to take it the extra mile you can even use it for ‘junk’ mail and pleasantly surprise your postman. The options are endless with an idea like this, and it’s definitely worth exploring.

The Healing Pipe

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It definitely looks like someone called a nurse instead of a plumber to fix the damaged pipes in their house.

It is lovingly mended with a delicate gauze applied just thick enough to hold the pipe together, but as we all know gauzes aren’t exactly waterproof. It was probably an ‘emergency’ fix if you get our jest. However, we strongly feel a duct tape coating would have really done the trick. Wouldn’t it be magic if you take the gauze off to find the pipe had mended itself? Well, the condition definitely doesn’t seem critical now. It’s safe to say the pipe will survive. 

Multipurpose Toilet

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The title itself doesn’t sound right, but is it perhaps just crazy enough to work? After getting grossed out at the first look, you might get around the idea of it. It’s quite portable and easy to use apparently. Perhaps the water tank can be used to chill beers while you have a nice barbecue. Not sure if the ceramic will hold up but it’s definitely worth a try…Not. While we are all in for recycling and repurposing things to make them last longer, some things can never be combined together, foods and toilet seats being number one on that list.

The Traveling Rat

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After snakes on a plane, we present to your rats in a toilet. This is quite unfortunate and disgusting.

Apparently this gigantic rat was trying to escape through the plumping of a hotel and got stuck in a very cringe-worthy state. It makes for a great horror genre though, and we are sure everyone who reads this is going to think about this at least once when they have to use the toilet. It’s best to not ignore that weird scratching noise you hear from the pipes next time.

The Flawed Shower

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That’s quite an unfortunate mistake. We wonder how absent-minded a person can be to make a mistake quite like this when constructing the shower area.

On the other hand, if it was intentional, we don’t exactly understand the purpose of the cubicle, as the shower knobs are outside it. Perhaps it’s an elusive smoking area? Or a place you go to dry up after you have taken the shower. We didn’t know you need that in your own house, but with space this small, the plumber should have thought better than to try new inventions. Whether a mistake or an invention, it was uncalled for and would have made for quite a nasty surprise for the new owners.

The Undesirable Explosion

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Nope, there’s no unseeing this hot mess, it’s going to stay with you for the rest of your life. It’s a plumber’s nightmare and a situation you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. We can’t exactly comment on what happened here, but we hope the person who used it last is in fact alive and in good health. As for the plumber, fixing this up might be the biggest achievement of their lives, and they have all our respect for attempting to do so.

The Root Cause of All Problems

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This is one of the wackiest things you can find in your pipe. How do you even fix a problem like this?

Do you uproot the tree or the plant completely? How did it even get here and spread through the pipes? It’s like the basilisk from the chamber of secrets, just slithering through the pipes and making a living for itself. Unclogging these pipes seem nothing short of a nightmare. If you have these underground pipelines that drain slowly and are always jammed for no reason, you might want to get it checked for growing roots and tree trunks, or basilisks for that matter.

The Quick Fix

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. In this case, there is a very peculiar yet interesting fix to stop a leak. We can’t quite put a finger on it, but it seems like a silly putty or perhaps a kneaded dough. It could also be an old sponge or some weird piece of cloth. Hell, it could be a dead pet if you really want to get sadistic and twisted about it. In any case, the quick fix doesn’t seem to be holding up well enough to fix the situation. Not to mention that it’s impossible to use the sink in this state. Must have been quite a treat for the plumber to witness when he came to fix the leak.

Drink Up!

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This has to be one of the most ingenious inventions of our times. On one hand, you want to keep drinking to drown your sorrows away.

On the other, you don’t want to leave your seat to relieve yourself from drinking too much. Viola! Now you don’t have to. The incoming and outgoing is all set up in one place for your ease and convenience. This pub would definitely get a massive crowd on a daily basis, with the main bar swarmed with ‘thirsty’ customers.

The Bonding Seat

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Don’t you just love it when you meet new people and get to bond with them on a personal level? Well, this toilet design makes sure that you get to bond with the fellow bathroom users. There’s absolutely no other option or any other way to go around it. This is a personal touch you didn’t know you need. We wouldn’t like to imagine the awkwardness of the situation, and we hope no one has an emergency so severe that they have to use a toilet like this while someone else is doing their business.

Conference Meeting Toilet

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Use this aspiringly designed toilet the next time you ‘have to go’ while in a meeting.

The beauty of this toilet is in the way it’s positioned with the seats facing each other. As you can see, you can still address your clients without having to waste time on trivial things like bathroom breaks. Just ask them to accompany you and you will make money even while you pee. We need a bathroom exactly like this in all the major companies and firms to make sure that precious company time is not going to waste.

Work For It

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Sometimes you have to go in an emergency and are too occupied with nature’s call to notice the availability of the toilet paper around you. This bathroom is designed to make sure you don’t take it for granted the next time. It makes you work and really reach for it, and to teach you that nothing in life comes easy. This is a technique used to spark productivity and to keep you on your feet at all times. Our sympathies with everyone who found themselves in a position like this. This is definitely Satan’s work.

The Tight Space

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Our heart goes out to this plumber, who would have woken up this fine morning thinking he’s going to earn an honest living for himself, and then finding out he had to squeeze in this tight spot to get the job done.

Plumbers don’t get enough appreciation for the kind of work they do on a daily basis. Plumbing is often tricky and the real problem spots can be more difficult to reach than actually fix. But this plumber isn’t afraid to get his hands (and body) dirty. Whether it’s slithering in a tight space or lying down in mud, he’s all game.

The Ultimate Throne

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This is a bathroom designed for royalty. You literally step up to the platform to use the toilet, and while you get on with your business you’d definitely feel like a king looking down upon their subjects.

It’s probably not even that difficult to construct, and can actually be space-saving if you think about it. Not a very convenient option when you get up to use the bathroom at night though. Besides, it’s a terrible design for an emergency situation. Nobody would want to clean that up later.

The Useless Sink

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This sink is even more useless than the k in knife. You can’t achieve anything besides getting the lower half of your body soaking wet every time you have to use the toilet. The sink is just there for decoration apparently. The real dilemma lies in whether to change the sink or the faucet. Also if it is really worth the effort. The plumber who worked on and approved the design definitely didn’t feel the need for it. Besides, who doesn’t like to have a splashy adventure every time they have to wash their hands?

DIY Faucet

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Some people are just wasting their creativity on useless things. Like, how do you even come up with a masterpiece like this?

We appreciate the talent and the mastermind that was behind this unique faucet design. It seems like something right out of one of those Mr. Bean movies. Plus, you get warm water anytime you need, without the extra cost of a geezer or a heater. It can’t get more imaginative and cost-effective than this. Make yours today and give the plumbers a run for their money.

The Hanging Toilet of Babylon

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This is probably the toilet Spiderman uses when he is hoping from one wall to the other while fighting crimes. It is also a great opportunity to potty train your kids, as they have no other option but to sit and make do, they can’t just get up and run away. This hilariously mounted toilet somehow seems just crazy enough to work. We don’t know what the plumbing situation is like for toilet’s like these, but we are all in for creative and imaginative designs, as long as they don’t explode all over the place.

The Luxury Toilet

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If you had a penny for every time you had to use the toilet, this is what your bathroom wall would probably look like. This dazzling and luxurious toilet is goals.

It is so unique and loud, with shining pennies smiling at you from every corner. We wonder if it’s real, as it would highly increase the net worth of the craps taken in this toilet. In any case, it’s a great idea for the exterior if you want to tell your guests ‘look how much money we have!’ even while they are using your toilet.  

Hold the Door

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This is a simple and cost-effective solution to an otherwise grave and crucial mistake with the bathroom’s layout.

It will probably cost you a lot to move and reinstall the toilet with the plumbing and floor adjustments. So, why not just cut a big hole in the door and hope for the best? Who cares about privacy in the bathroom anyway? Let’s give everyone something to see with a huge peak hole that just can’t be ignored. But even with this big gaping hole, you still need to have quite the flexible cat moves to maneuver around this toilet seat.

Shock Wire!

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Here’s an easy and fun way to get electrocuted. Just install the electric socket right next to the sink and plumbing.

Combining water and electricity is the surest way to get a shock and probably kill yourself. In all seriousness, get those wires away from water and moisture, far far away! This particular one looks like a toilet right out of Alice in wonderland. It is probably something the mad hatter would use. You do have to be bonkers to live like this.

The Illusion of Privacy

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You can run, but you can’t hide. This posh, polished and aesthetically pleasing bathroom stall offers nothing but a mere illusion of privacy.

You will make the most awkward eye contacts when you stand up, and everyone will know the color of your underwear instantly. Nobody in their right mind would intentionally use this toilet, but sometimes life likes to play cruel jokes on us. You’d never know you will find something like this when you run to a bathroom stall in an emergency, and by then it’s too late to turn away.


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This unique bathroom design yet again combines two things together to save precious time and space. Although, we have to say that anyone who uses a toilet like this on a regular basis is quite the daredevil who isn’t afraid of living on the edge. If that thing ever falls over while someone’s using the toilet, they are a goner. But hey, as long as it saves time and space, who cares about a little head injury that might kill you? Well, in all seriousness, don’t try this at home kids.

The Slippery Slope

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This bathtub might just be luxurious and fancy enough to work, but is it worth the risk of falling down those death stairs right next to it?

Nope, nothing’s worth taking a risk like that. The location of the bathtub is quite off, and not safe at all. No matter how cramped up your house or apartment is, this is the kind of plumbing and layout decision you just shouldn’t take. It’s quite creative and space-saving but a slippery accident is just waiting to happen.

Peaky Blinders

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This is another example of bathroom stall fails. The doors on these bathroom stalls serve no purpose besides may be covering your head if you are a really tall person. This is hilariously ridiculous and the person who designed it didn’t have a very refined sense of humor, and probably enjoyed silly bathroom jokes quite a lot. Our deepest sympathies with those who actually had to use a bathroom stall like this in cases of emergency. No one should be subjected to embarrassment quite like this.

Useless Repair

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Repairing leaks is not a piece of cake, but some people make it look like it is. It is something that should be taken care of right away, in order to save water and also to prevent further damage to the pipes or the area around it.

But you need to realize that it’s not your battle to fight, call a plumber and chill with a can of beer. Don’t look for quick fixes as they never work! In this case, a tremendous amount of yellow tape did absolutely nothing for the leak, besides making the pipe resemble an anaconda.

The Water Heater From Hell

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Guys, when things run their course, the natural thing to do is STOP using them and discard them.

But some people try to squeeze every last bit of function out of stuff. This water heater was subjected through the same torture. The rusting top has disintegrated and completely given up, but the homeowners will never give up on it. The heater literally seems to be pleading to be replaced now, and we are sure it’s not doing any function it’s supposed to. Let’s hope it eventually got replaced and got to be at peace in its final resting place at last.