The Super Moves That Demand Your Attention

By Taimoor T

1. Delightful Mc Nuggets

Bartering is a type of art form. This is a perfect case for this skill set. These two young men are trying to agree on the cost of something, and it worked out that the seller knew the most ideal exchange strategy.

Image courtesy: Reddit

In some cases, everything necessary to get what you need is a forced sudden move. So when this person chose to make a counter-offer that included those tasty Chicken McNuggets, the purchaser was only too happy to agree.

2. Netflix Super Move

You are totally in an awkward position if your Netflix password is shared with your ex. The subscription for the Netflix service is quite costly, so it is unlikely that you would want to share the password with just anyone.

Image courtesy: Twitter

But what would you do with your password once you’ve broken up with someone? Do you change the password right away or just let it drag on for a while and see how much your ex-partner would binge at your expense? But hey, the perfect opportunity is right around the corner and this lady decided to tweet about it.

3. Paris Marathon or Balcony Marathon? 

Well, most of us don’t really like working out or are good at making the extra effort to keep ourselves perfectly toned to perfection. I mean who would want to make such a serious commitment right?

Image courtesy: Onenewspage

This gentleman, however, is crazy about keeping himself in shape and a small house isn’t going to impact his commitment to the cause. Knowing that he cannot leave his place during the lockdown, he decided to do his running in and around the house to meet his daily target. Quite impressive if you ask us.

4. Ed Sheeran Would Perform for $35

There are not many individuals who can pull off mimicking a superstar known the world over. Be that as it may, this isn’t the situation for this man, who was being chased by the police. He figured out how to persuade individuals that he was Ed Sheeran.

Image courtesy: 10Daily

After he figured out how to trick three places of worship and in any event, after performing one of Sheeran’s hit melodies, the gig was up. We trust that whenever somebody attempts to book the ginger sensation, they request a form of ID in advance.

5. Twelve out of Ten… Is it? 

This man has shown us the genuine importance of being a fan. He has carried his hedgehog to the Sonic film. From that point forward, he posted a photograph in which he said that his pet truly enjoyed the film!

Image courtesy: Twitter

Do you think there are possibly other hedgehogs out there in the world that might want to meet their venerated image too? In any case, hedgehogs most probably have emotions, and just like us, are huge fans of pop culture.

6. Terrific Jam is Traffic Jam

Have you at any point considered what a jam container containing the jams from three unique and different fruits might look like? Probably not. Somebody discovered such a container in a local shop. What’s more, what do you think was written on it?

Image courtesy: Pinterest

We need to admit though that it is a good thought! This definitely gives us a ton of ideas -especially this writer who needs to finally open his refrigerator and star labeling the many jars he has hidden in there.

7. So, it’s all about priority

We can all agree that one ought to never pass up on the chance to pet a cat, except perhaps in the event of being pursued by the police. This criminal came to a similar conclusion, because, while running from the law, he stopped to play with a few cats.

Image courtesy: Facebook

Truly- that did wind up with him going to prison, however, who would not like to pet a cat? But we should all get our priorities straight, just like he should. How much do you like cats? Enough to spend time in jail?

8. Andy’s Girlfriend

Never let your better half handle your cellphone! On the off chance that you aren’t careful, or if you, in fact, have something to hide- you might just end up like Andy or as we like to say – BUSTED!.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

The guy gets a message from one of his girlfriends only to be informed that she’s speaking with Andy’s girlfriend. Now which one is the main one? We don’t really know. But we can say for sure that after this episode, Andy is down two girlfriends.

9. Read It Again!

Being late is exceptionally upsetting for the person who you’re making wait. On the off chance that you are such an individual, you should attempt the following idea. It is wise to make sure that the person who you’ve left hanging, knows that you might be late…again and again if need be.

Image courtesy: Joyreactor

Now, this fella knew that he was late so rather than forcing himself to text the same excuse again and again, he informed the poor guy that he is going to be five minutes late and if he doesn’t show up in the next five minutes, all he needs to do is to read the message again.

10. When Pokemon gets Real!

Pokemon is surely a trendy craze that has caught the attention of many children in recent years. Be that as it may, there are still a few children out there who are more enthusiastic about those collectible cards than others.

Image courtesy: Fashionball

Take this child for instance, who was being a nuisance to his siblings. Perhaps his pointless interventions had gotten to a point that the siblings decided to tie him up before proceeding to play with their cards. The lesson? Keep duct tape away from your kids!

11. What Goes Around Comes Around

So this particular tweet sums up how cool it can be if you’re the right person at the right time…..or right tweet in this case. In light of the accompanying tweet, this individual picked a science book as the last book that made them cry.

Image courtesy: Twitter

Without a doubt, they figured out how to move that out into the open, yet at what cost? Notably, the writer of that book, Roger Freedman, saw the tweet and rushed to answer it with a clever comment. While professor Freedman might not be known as the coolest man on the planet, his response puts him right up there with the greatest comebacks of all time.

12. Brutal Winter or Brutal Landlord? 

Some people prefer choosing comfort over safety. Take this woman, for example. After her landlord chose to turn the heat down in her condo, she thought of a great solution to the problem. She turned the stove on to heat up the entire condo and utilized a fan to scatter the hot air. On the other hand, who could blame her?

Image courtesy: Diply

All things considered; her bad landlord turned down the temperature off during a severe winter season in Minnesota. This lady knew how to get it done the right way! But remember! Safety comes first!

13. Baffling News! Is it? 

Is it accurate to say that you are perfect at math? Regardless of you being perfect or not, here’s some food for thought. Michael has gotten some exceptionally baffling news from Guinness World Records.  Unfortunately, though his request was denied.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

It turned out he did not know there was somebody better than him who retained multiple decimals from the pi number. What would have been more surprising for the guy is that pi is not 3.11 either! We hope that he does not get excessively disheartened… Poor chap…

14. Pickles at Planet Fitness

It is extremely disappointing when you cannot open your pickle container and the sheer cravings are haunting you for the entire day! But this guy surely came up with a perfect fix! The folks from Planet Fitness are prepared to assist you with such issues.

Image courtesy: Twitter

Pickles will always be available to you once more. And what’s the point of having buff folks walking around your block if you can’t even ask for some assistance with opening really hard to open bottles, containers and jars?

15. Biting furniture to grab attention!

Pets are clever and they certainly improve our lives, which is a well-established fact. This pooch has an exceptionally unique method of saying that he needs attention. On the off chance that he feels that you are not giving enough time to him, he out of nowhere begins to chomp down on a household item.

Image courtesy:

Tak about forceful moves! Imagine if we could also stand out enough to be noticed by our friends and family by doing this also… However, it probably won’t be as cute if we did it. Imagine biting your friend because he’s not giving you attention? Nope….won’t work!

16. Free Toilet Paper

On the off chance that you were going to invite your ex to your home, you should reconsider, with the knowledge that you no longer gel with this person. His ex reached him and admitted to him she might want to meet, so he welcomed her to his place.

Image courtesy: Twitter

The issue is, she went to the restroom and left unexpectedly. It was only, later on, he figured out her reasoning for suddenly wanting to see him when he discovered that he no longer had loo paper. How humiliating to be used only for some free TP.

17. Mum’s Joke

Who said that mothers don’t have a sense of humor? They surely have one, as we discovered from this child’s mix-up. He told his mom that she never makes jokes, however, her answer to him demonstrated quite the opposite was true.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

And this isn’t a joke at all. THIS IS A SERIOUS BURN!!! Serves the kid right for questioning their mother’s sense of humor. We can only assume that her comeback left him completely speechless, and unable to get the final word.

18. Daddy Who? Yu!

Sometimes we would definitely want to avoid certain situations, even though it might be as unavoidable when becoming a parent. Just look at this guy trying to run away from the responsibility he is about to face and acting like an auto-generated text!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Women can’t be tricked, however, and this young lady saw that there was an ‘o’ missing from the word ‘you’. Robots don’t commit errors like these. Poor daddy, how about we assume that he was simply kidding and was truly happy about the news.

19. The Wedding Vows

This lady was unquestionably gambling a great deal by doing this force move. Hanging your filthy clothing out in the open does not generally ensure the outcome you are searching for. This is one example of why you should not be posting things in anger.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Texting things you shouldn’t, especially when you are at fault can not go as planned. This lady slept with another woman’s husband and had the audacity to post something about a wedding and was rightfully called out for her hypocrisy.

20. 1K Upvoters

A few people will perform super moves and endure grave outcomes to receive the rewards somewhere else. This Reddit client was happy to quit any pretense of everything by just posting an arbitrary picture on the web. The arrangement was straightforward.

Image courtesy: Reddit

Who would have thought that such a random post would gain such a huge following as mentioned by the uploader! Surprisingly, it went on to gather almost twice the asking amount and it looks like this person now has to live up to the agreement.

21. 40 Years in a Row

From what we can gather, is that the accompanying teacher took a challenge from one of his partners to wear the exact same shirt and jumper for his yearbook photograph each and every single year. Either that or he has a very limited wardrobe.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

At first, it’s not such a big deal to keep an outfit saved for the big day and turn up wearing the same clothes once a year for the photograph. What is more impressive here is that he spent 40 years at the same institute!

22. Who designed a snare? Dad or kids?

It is not easy to manage kids at home, especially during their early years when siblings play and fight all at the same time and for the parents, it can get very exhausting. But not for this man, he truly outplayed the 4 kids in the picture here.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

If the kids realized that their dad had designed a snare for them, they would paint on his body, not on paper. But this is a very good example for all the parents out there, you should definitely try this out some time to see if it actually works.

23. Goldfinch on Uber

Uber drivers are probably the best thing that has happened to us in a while. They arrive whenever summoned, they’ll take us around anywhere we want to go no questions asked while providing us all the creature comforts within their cars. And well sometimes, they even say yes to some of the most absurd requests that come through.

Image courtesy:

Just look at this lad, he was rather drunk and couldn’t have driven himself to rescue this goldfinch, so, he requested an Uber ride to get it and have it delivered into veterinary care. Now that is what real heroes are like.

24. Wendy’s and Burger King Battling

In the present day and age, it’s regular for various brands to advance themselves using internet-based content. Wendy’s, for instance, energetically utilizes Twitter and how about we be genuine here — they are somewhat celebrated for their super cold comebacks. If somebody or some other brand attempts to affront them, you better accept that they will hit back with pride.

Image courtesy: Twitter

When Justin took a stab at tossing shade at the inexpensive food chain for not having fiery chicken tenders like BK, Wendy’s boldly replied back with this entertaining response. Presently, that is how you acquire our regard! Wendy’s won it again!

25. Mike for Mic Check

What should have been a simple sound check transformed into a genuine joke! We know the “mic check” where the artist says a couple of irregular words to check the quality of the sound, yet this is trolling at its best.

Image courtesy: Twitter

What better approach to check if the mic is working than to check whether all the men named Mike in the crowd would respond if called? Get it? It definitely should always be called a Mike check for now on!

26. How old is your number neighbor?

Even though the ‘number neighbor’ challenge was fleeting, it unquestionably was famous for a hot second. Normally, this Twitter client — Kayla — would’ve ended up finding someone like-minded maybe, or even possibly her better half, but what she actually received was not something anyone would have expected!

Image courtesy: Twitter

What is the most interesting part, you ask? The way that her number neighbor is a 13-year-old child who unmistakably has a superpower with regards to dissing individuals. So next time, do check how old your number neighbor actually is.

27. Tattoos Are Something Important

If you choose to get a tattoo, you should consider it is going to be there forever. Along these lines, when you settle on a design, the best thing you could do is to have your mom offer you guidance to assist you with making the right call.

Image courtesy: Facebook

This kid told his mom that he was about to get himself a tattoo, however, his mother told him that tattoos should be for something far greater than just a whim. Little did she know that the kid decided to have the exact wordings tattooed on his skin.

28. Count your Lost Pens

Who among us hasn’t lost a pen? It has surely happened to us all at some point in our lives. It was unthinkable not to lose one in class or at home. Somebody posted an inquiry for the individuals who didn’t lose their pen before the ink ran out and how they figured out how to do as such.

Image courtesy: Thefashionball

The answer that he got from his question broke the internet! Indeed, it’s time we demonstrated some regard for our pens and try to utilize all of the ink without losing them! I mean, how hard can it be?

29. Editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia should block the editing option because bad things can happen from this. For instance, a man entered the Wikipedia page of the Australian electronic team Peking Duk and decided to include his name as a member of the team.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Just a little edit and that was sufficient to get the security group to let him enter the stars’ lodge and crack open a few cold ones with them. The most interesting part is that the crew posted about him on Facebook and he ended up sending greetings as a response! Brave lad!

30. Dog Park

This mother is perhaps a closet cupid. She sent her daughter a photograph of a person she had seen in the dog park; a place she has been visiting frequently in order to find a suitable partner for her daughter!

Image courtesy: kickvik

We really aren’t sure why this mom feels the need to go to such extreme lengths to find her a guy but whatever the reason might be, we can all safely agree that mommies are hardly ever wrong in choice.

31. No Jake You Didn’t!

Do you know what grinds my gears? It is not being able to truly open up about my feelings to the person I like. But you know what would really, really grind my gears? That’s what happened to Casey!

Image courtesy: rearfront

Well, at least it was a couple of moments of true happiness and sheer joy! Until the reality set in and left poor Casey haunted for days to come, and feeling kind of silly at the same time. Always double-check people, always double-check!

32. Let’s Find Out!

Have you at any point been so dubious about certain things that you start questioning your own safety? This dad informed his child that supper will be ready soon but after the child discovered what was on the menu, he asked if there was a possibility of getting harmed.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

His dad’s reaction was amusing because he would not acknowledge or deny his son’s concerns. The important thing is that the child took a screenshot, so probably it is going to be an open shut case if anything goes wrong!

33. Disguised Netflix Account! Is it?

Broken relationships leave a mess all over the place and well the following image is no different, where someone came up with a way to hide perfectly among the other user IDs, no one would have spotted it at first glance.

Image courtesy: Reddit

What we are amazed about more than anything, is that this person never at any point checked the settings over the most recent two months. So what lesson can we draw from this particular episode? Just that focus is important!

34. When She Can Check Mate!

Retribution is a really frightful thing, and should never be brought into any relationship. It is not even an option that should be thought about, especially if it is based on some childish episode that could have been forgotten easily.

Image courtesy: Superclunk

If your loved one chooses to unplug your computer game while you’re busy playing, we recommend that you forgive them for the sake of your relationship. In contrast to this person, who is declining to move on and let it go.

35. Class Apart

It appears classes throughout the world have various rules about missing teachers. On the off chance that the educator who should lead the class doesn’t appear after a specific timeframe, at that point the class can be dropped.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

For certain schools, it’s 10 minutes, for others, it’s 15. In any case, this class didn’t get the opportunity to consider bailing because the instructor had thought this through. If this isn’t a power move, we don’t have the foggiest idea of what is…

36. The Best Book

Kid #4 just picked The Chipotle Employee Handbook just for the sake of it. Well, why wouldn’t you? While all his friends are flaunting big names it is alright to say that he just wanted to be included in the group!

Image courtesy: Facebook

While the others had given the names of big-time hits like the Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, he chose Chipotle, we can’t help but wonder if he was the master of a power move, or was actually being serious.

37. The dauntlessness!

Have you at any point seen those individuals who will step into a cushion store, and attempt to sleep on one of them when nobody is looking? Well, if you have, then this person seems to be the boss of them all!

Image courtesy:

He reached out to the seller about buying their washer. They had no clue that he was essentially attempting to come over and do his dirty laundry and bail out as soon as he could. The dauntlessness!

38. True Passion for Baking Bread

Sometimes it is hard to say whether a person hates or loves his job! And well, this guy is no exception! Either his love for baking is genuinely his life long passion, or he has simply realized that this isn’t what he was supposed to do!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

The bread seems to have been baked perfectly, but we cannot honestly say that until we see the insides now, can we? Whatever the case might be, we hope this person indeed does love baking and becomes the master of his bread!

39. $150 iPhone

This individual offered to pay $150 for an iPhone; however, the conversation turned out poorly, because the seller was not truly impressed by the tone of the person! Long story short, the potential buyer went on to report the advertisement.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

The seller decided to take it a step ahead and put the buyer’s number in male-to-male escorts listing. Such a flawless trade between these folks and an all-out super move!

40. Bro Zone!

What happens when someone does not return the love you have to offer? It might seem that face to face and a somewhat awkward conversation was called for, but this guy had a different idea!

Image courtesy: Facebook

It was quite evident this was an awkward situation when the young lady disclosed to the guy that she already had a boyfriend. Not accepting defeat, he went one step further and let her know he means business and isn’t staying in the bro-zone for long! Well played, sir, well played!

41. League of the Devil

A passionate enthusiast of Ozzy Osbourne sent him a message revealing to him that his mom opposed his affection for Ozzy’s music due to specific reasons, namely that she was under the feeling that Ozzy had made a deal with the devil.

Image courtesy: take-a-screenshot

To this guy’s surprise, Ozzy did respond to him, but what’s more surprising is the subtle ‘hi’ from Satan in there. I hope the mother never got to read this, or she’ll be fighting demons in her head for the rest of her days.

42. Best Pick Up Line

There are several ways to strike up a conversation with someone you really fancy. However, this person demonstrated that a unique conversation starter could even take care of business! This young lady was so shocked by the smooth move that she wanted to be dazzled.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

We do not know whether this line will work all the time, if ever, but yeah, sure, why not go ahead, try it out on your Tinder profiles! You never know, it might very well do wonders for you too.

43. World Map Prank

The creators of this cartoon chose to make a power move by taking on the whole Russian Federation. After being banned in Russia, this show decided to take revenge and show a map of the world without the vast country!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

In a scene on the show where they show the world map, the creators decided to remove the whole country out of it and displayed a map without Russia. While we do not support political moves on children’s shows, this one is probably one of the most hilarious ones out there.

44. High School Super Move

School is a weird time. You go there to enjoy and play with your friends while the teachers are busy trying their best to teach you useful stuff. But what happens when a teacher gets kind of annoyed with repetitive work?

Image courtesy: Twitter

The girl in the discussion here is an absolute legend; for her art to be perfect, she kept her subject to just one character – Sonic! And even the teacher couldn’t challenge her as she broke no laws set by the school as the principal backed her on it!

46. Employment Certificate

Children do not usually understand things quickly, and when you’re a nanny, it is even harder to explain that you do it for a living to kids. So when encountered by such a question, this lady came up with this idea:

Image courtesy: Twitter

Well, Chili’s didn’t disappoint at all; they quickly responded on social media and backed up her claim, providing her with a certificate and everything, so that the nanny never has to tell the kids that watching them is her real day job.

47. Snapchat Screenshot

Technology has come a long way in the last decade, and now anything and everything can be saved! However, Snapchat does not allow you to take screenshots without informing the poster about it. So what can you do next?

Image courtesy: Pinterest

To answer all of your questions- Stay calm with your screenshots as long as you enter airplane mode and have no internet connection while taking the screenshot! Snapchat wouldn’t be able to communicate anything! Checkmate!

48. Forgive me Father!

Religion plays a vital role in the lives of a lot of people. But would you stop over a conflict with the church that could substantially deprive you of what is rightfully yours? Well, here is a case for some inspiration.

Image courtesy: Twitter

Being a devout servant of the church, despite winning the case, he still decided to go back in there for Thanksgiving to show his gratitude to the Lord and to say his prayers. Well played, sir!

49. Kids Meal in USA to Fulfill your Appetite

Have you at any point not been very hungry and thought of picking a child’s meal at a café? If you feel that it would not be sufficient for you, you should try one of those kid’s deals in the USA.

Image courtesy: Twitter

Just by looking at the size of this meal, which kid is going to finish that? We know Americans can be oversized thanks to the overabundance of junk food, and this right here explains the situation correctly.

50. 193 comments and 15000 Likes!

Whenever you are commenting on a YouTube video, you must be ready to face the music from people who do not agree. But the move this guy made seems to be calculated, and who would’ve thought it would be the top comment here?

Image courtesy: altpress

With over 15,000 likes and 193 comments, it looks like people enjoyed his imagination more than they enjoyed the song! It also seemed to serve an inspiration for one user to do weird things with bread.

51. Coffee Table Super Move

Ladies are mostly in charge of running the household! Want to know why? It is pretty simple. Men are bad at making financial decisions, especially about things that are needed in the home and things that are absolutely useless!

Image courtesy: 9gag

This man did not want to break his streak of making weird decisions, and he proved that even with something as simple as a coffee table! It is safe to say the wife would have gotten a shock and also a lesson for her life, never let the man buy another thing for the house again!

52. Mind Your Own Business

What good is changing your username on Twitter to “a 3D square of snow in downtown” just so you can make a joke via web-based networking media? It appears to be a lot of work to get a few laughs!

Image courtesy: Twitter

All things considered, every other person on your feed will be befuddled as to why you changed your profile picture and username to the previously mentioned solid shape of the day. Is it extremely justified, despite all the trouble?

53. Yoda It Is!

Christmas is probably the most fabulous time of the year, and the whole family gets involved in the festivities, and prayers are an essential part of the entire celebrations. But what happens when mom does not want your Yoda to intervene in it?

Image courtesy: Pinterest

This child put a Yoda figurine in this scene, and his mom didn’t take notice. Finally, after all these years, someone has started worshipping Yoda, what a win for Star Wars fans!

54. Send Me Your Photo

What would you do if you receive a confession on text from a stranger? Turn them away or maybe, hang in there a little and see where the conversation leads. Well, it seems like this person desperately needed some loving!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

To be fair, nobody can say no to Ron Burgundy. But this epic use of the image here must have left the stranger laughing for days. And also wondering what the person on the other side of the text looked like.

55. Cleveland in Milwaukee

A few people have an excessive amount of time to waste and usually are total pranksters as well. The following sign was put up in 1978, and it’s still there to shock and make people think they were on the wrong flight.

Image courtesy: Reddit

The catch here is that the sign is in Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee – not Cleveland! Imagine flying to Cleveland and while landing, seeing this sign! You’ll either have a breakdown, or you’ll be shouting at the airline staff for guiding you to the wrong destination.

56. How I wonder What You Are!

Girls can get mad over literally anything, you might not always find the reason behind it but when you do, you’ll probably tell yourself it wasn’t this bad to even begin with.

Image courtesy: Reddit

Who would’ve guessed after the first reply that she is still mad? Well, at least now he knows she’s very clearly still mad and its probably not a good idea to be around her for some time, especially while she’s behind the driving wheel!