Preventing Heart Disease And Stroke

By Toby Tunwase

Some of the most limiting diseases that can occur to any individual include heart diseases and stroke. They are the diseases that many people fear and hope that they do not ever have to confront. There are active steps that must be taken that significantly reduce the chances of ever coming down with these health problems. Some of these steps include:

Photo by Unsplash/pablomerchanm

Eat Healthily

Ensure that your eating plan heavily features fruits, legumes, nuts, vegetables, plant-based proteins, animal proteins, fish, amongst others. Restrict your intake of processed foods and sweetened carbohydrates.

What you eat could make or mar your health and could be the difference between a healthy life and one spent shuttling hospitals. Use the nutritional information contained in packaged foods to know what to avoid and what to allow.

Be Fit and Physically Active

Photo by Unsplash/Chander R 

Being physically active and getting enough exercise helps to keep high blood pressure under control, manage unhealthy cholesterol levels, and prevent other conditions that cause heart diseases and stroke. It would be best if you aimed to be involved in about 60 minutes of active physical movement daily. You should note that even if you didn’t meet up with the standard timings, five minutes of moving and exercising would still do your heart a lot of good.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is a vital part of having good health. Not sleeping well causes events more than just yawning during the day. People who are sleep deprived have higher chances of heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, and depression.