Psychological Issues of Breast Cancer

By Jo Arazi

A lot of women experience a range of emotions the moment they receive the news that they have breast cancer. Whatsoever your initial feelings are, you will probably experience several emotions as time goes on.

Some people may be determined not to let the disease rule their life. Others might be nervous about their treatment or unhappy because their life would never be the same again. It is natural to be hopeful sometimes, and it is also okay to be anxious or to feel low on other days.

Everybody deals with a diagnosis of breast cancer differently and you’re no different. There is no list of wrong or right feelings to have and there’s no order to have them in either.

You can help yourself by resting as much as you can, and ensure your diet is healthy. Do the things you enjoy if you’re able to.

With time, your perception of the disease, and how it altered your life and body will begin to change. The concerns you had when you were diagnosed at first will be completely different when you start treatment. It will also change years after your diagnosis.  

Your reaction to breast cancer depends on you, your cultural background and the people around you. Some try to put a brave face for friends and family. They even go as far as acting like all is well to the nurses and doctors looking after them.

It is okay to bare your soul and express how you feel to those who care about you. You can draw support and strength from everyone around you without having to isolate yourself.