40+ Puzzling Pics And The Stories Behind Them

By Aileen D

The internet is full of strange pictures. Some are wacky and others just smack of the supernatural. At first glance, they may even appear to be solid pieces of evidence for your campfire scary stories. But your rational mind will assure you that these are nothing more than odd pictures that have made their way ’round the internet. Chances are that some are Photoshopped, though their makers have already succeeded in getting some attention for them before the truth was revealed.

But wait until you hear the stories behind each.

There’s a reason why these pictures are still causing a stir amongst netizens. If you’re interested, keep strolling. We suggest you have someone else nearby. You know, so that you can both come up with a rational explanation for that other presence in the room.

Divine Guidance

Diane Berthelot had just been operated on and was in recovery around the time this picture was taken. She believed the only thing missing was divine intervention. Her family and herself went to the Worstead Church in Norfolk. Seeing that there weren’t any other churchgoers present, she sat by the front pew, closed her eyes, bowed her head, and prayed. In that tranquil moment, her husband, David, took a photo of her.

Image Courtesy of Cambridge Ghost Tours

After the image had been developed, Diane and her husband stood with their mouths agape. No wonder she had felt comforted -like her whole being was shrouded in safety. David says that at the time he had taken this photo, he hadn’t seen anyone behind her, but it’s so clear on the image. How to explain it? Local legend speaks of a White Lady who was a healer in the area.

Dearly Departed

Imagine your life partner appearing in a picture with you. Not typically strange except that in this case, he had died 13 years prior. That’s what happened when a matriarch decided to have her picture taken in a parking area. She had stood in the center of the camera, wide-eyed and hopeful that she would be the sole subject on film.

Image Courtesy of Awaken Haunt

To her surprise, someone else had been standing behind her- with arms wide apart, seemingly floating on air. The woman claims it had been her husband. She was sure of it. What would you have felt if this happened to you? Would you have been comforted that he was nearby, or would you pray that he rest in peace?

Slender Man

Reddit user DilemmaIV posted that he and his group of friends trekked the forest one dewy day. They thought they were all alone on that innocent trip to the local mountain until they saw this picture. There’s a looming figure on the right side, about 10 meters from them. There wouldn’t have been enough time to face Slenderman if he had decided to sprint towards them mid-shot.

Image Courtesy of DilemmaIV / Reddit

So who is Slenderman? Well, he was created out of thin air in 2009 on a forum. There’s a particular way of summoning him, best used at night! Go into the woods, carve an X within a circle on a tree, press your face against it and then close your eyes. Chant Slenderman, Slenderman all the children try to run, Slenderman, Slenderman to him it’s part of the fun; then turn around. Go ahead, try it. Tell us what happens!

Big Foot

There have been sightings of him on the Intercoastal Waterway in Spotsylvania County, Bedford County, and in other parts of Virginia – owing to the densely covered woods in these places. It’s an excellent feeding ground and habitat for Sasquatch! Supposedly, he’s a tall, ripped ape-man with a skunk-like smell. Reports say he can tear apart a deer with his hands, and the closest picture we have of him is the one below!

Image Courtesy of Quora

One man, named Fred Kanney, claims to have seen sasquatches around their property and have communicated with them using an ancient Cherokee dialect. Despite having immense power to flip over a tractor-trailer with their arms, these creatures exercise remarkable restraint, all because they’re camera-shy.

The Haunting of Elisa Lam

You’re thirsty, so you head on to the kitchen, grab a glass, and then fill it with water from the faucet. You raise the edge of the glass to your lips, turn away as something bustling from your window, demands your attention, and then as you slowly raise the glass of water to your parched lips. You taste something odd and recoil at the distinctive aftertaste.

Image courtesy of Last Pod Cast on the Left

A maintenance worker comes to inspect the water tanks. He finds it difficult to open it by himself, so he makes some noise until the latch gives way. Upon opening it, he finds a lifeless body adrift. It turns out that it was Elisa Lam, the woman you see in the recording. If you watch it, you’ll see her repeatedly poking her head out and peering into the hallways, stepping in and out at several angles. It’s unknown if it had been a suicide, accidental death, or foul-play. But the Cecil hotel has been home to several paranormal events, including the murder of the Black Dahlia, the hosting of the Night Stalker, and the Vienna Strangler.

Hook Island Sea Serpent

The picture had been taken in December 1964 by Robert Le Serrec in Hook Island, Queensland, Australia. They call this creature a cryptid, that is, an animal that is commonly disbelieved to exist. This cryptid is at least 20 meters long and had tried to engulf Serrec, who was out fishing.

Image courtesy of Obscurian Quest

To be fair, there had been sufficient provocation. Instead of fleeing for their lives, Serrec and friend approached the mysterious creature and poked it with a stick. So what is it exactly? Is it a squid, a tadpole, or a shark? No one knows for certain. But one thing’s for sure; you wouldn’t want to discover one on your next trip to Australia. No poking!

Parking In Sight

He stands with a buff bravado in front of his pick-up. It’s just that his automobile is parked about 50 feet high between a tree’s branches. So how was he able to park it that high. Did he do a Death Rider trick at high velocity and then slam it into the space between the branches?

Image Courtesy of Cracked

He lives in Beloit, Wisconsin, and from reports, he has always been a tough guy. His name is Mark Madson, and he had intended that to be a treehouse for his son Luke. He thought the most ingenious way was to ram the truck into a tree, wait for it to grow tall enough, and then celebrate its growth with a Coors Light.

Life on Mars

The fourth planet from the sun, Mars’ atmosphere is composed mainly of carbon dioxide and some water vapor. Its surface temperature can reach to about 20 °C and a low of about −153 °C depending on exactly where you are standing. You basically need to be a house plant in these conditions.

Image Courtesy of Space

So when NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity landed on its surface, people were dumbfounded about a bright flash of light appeared on the horizon. Is it possible that there’s a life form on the planet? Well, science had proved that Mars is capable of sustaining simple life forms. It once had a lakebed with mild water and still has some chemical energy source. Could that be someone or something sending us a message?

Vocal Exercises

One of the best ways to practice singing is by doing vocal warm-ups. You have the yawn-sigh technique, jaw loosening exercises, vocal siren exercises, and finally, you have the pull-up exercises. We suggest you leave the last one before singing the song. This picture sums up the method by which it is done.

Image Courtesy of Eternal Lifestyle

Bet you’ll be singing falsetto in no time. It’s just that you can’t sing and perform a pull-up at the same time. You might fall on your shin if you lose tension around your muscle chords. And that guitar might just smash into pieces if you use it to break your fall. So focus on one, then the other.

UFO Sighting

This event was Steven Spielberg’s inspiration for the movie 1941. A giant UFO was seen hovering above Los Angeles. It occurred around the eve of February 24 and lasted until the next morning. The female Air Raid Warden witnessing the sighting claims the object was huge! It was really enormous! It was hovering there in the sky…It looked like a lovely pale orange and about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Image courtesy of Damn Interesting

While it had been mesmerizing for her and others to see, it was a threat much dreaded by the American army. They had been anticipating a potential Japanese Attack and imposed a citywide blackout. When they received a report of the sighting, they unleashed a barrage of gunfire. The next day, they discovered there had been no enemy attack, no bombs dropped, nor planes shot down. Care to disbelieve? It’s called the Battle of Los Angeles.

Only in India

While roaming the streets in India, a tourist encountered this unusual sight on the median strip. He blinked at it innocently and then took his camera out of his pocket and took a shot of it. How in the world were they able to place that tire inside the tree – with the branches outstretched into separate directions?

Image courtesy of Quora

We can assume that occult magic, the use of the spiritual realm, or a good base of science did the trick. But kidding aside, if you want to impress your guests, simply place a tire around a growing tree and then wait for it to branch out. That’ll be a good conversation starter for guests.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

You’re lost at sea. Your maps, drenched by saltwater, had been torn apart. So you hurriedly look at the sky, hoping there are constellations to guide you home. There are none. Within a couple of hours, you see a shaft of light coming and going, so you direct your ship towards it and see a lighthouse. Unfortunately, you would want to avert this one.

Image Courtesy of st augustine lighthouse org

This lighthouse is supposedly haunted by the spirits of three girls. The Pittee patriarch had traveled with his family to Maine to overlook its reconstruction. He had four girls who would visit the site for fun. They would ride the railway cart down to the water as a makeshift rollercoaster. On one unfortunate day, the wooden board that kept the cart from going into the water had not been in place. They fell into the water, trapped by the metal cart, and three of the sisters drowned. You’ll see one of them in the picture- guarding the tower and guiding ships to shore.

If it Fits, I Sits!

No one is ever too old for a push on a swing or a slide down the chute. But there are some limitations for some body types. If you’re too tall, you’d have to bend your knees while using your arms and shoulders to swing through the monkey bars. If you’re a bit chubby, better stay away from the corkscrew climber, or else…

Image Courtesy of Memedroid

You’re going to need an adult. How many minutes do you think it took to get him out of there. He must have inhaled and heaved his way through. This photo doesn’t need much explanation, but what kind of devilry caused this kid to think it was a good idea?

Marty McFly

Just to place you in the right decade, the 1940s were known for ushering in an era of American dominance at the end of the Second World War. The Bombing of Pearl Harbor and the persecution of Anne Frank and other Jewish families that all occurred within the decade. But before countries were thrust into battle, life had been more straightforward. People’s source of entertainment would be one like the reopening of the South Fork Bridge.

Image Courtesy of Pocket Lint

In the picture above, everyone is all-smiles, except for one guy who was wearing shades and sporting a t-shirt in the back row. The design of those shades was uncommon in the 40s, whereas laser printing on shirts only started in the ’70s. Third, it looks like he’s holding a modern-day camera. How’d that happen?

Atta Boys

We’re not quite sure what is happening here. We have heard that in some parts of the world, there’s a celebration for dogs honoring their friendship and loyalty. In the picture below, an army guard salutes a pack gathered in a circle, in the middle of which is a dog standing on his hind legs. It’s an odd sight, but it’s one that would make us rush toward them to give a pat on the head.

Image Courtesy of great Photo

We’re assuming that this picture was taken in India, where they hold the Diwali or the light festival. Its itinerary includes a day devoted to our furry friends, called the Kukur Tihar. Dogs are given floral garlands and are marked with a reddish powder on their foreheads as a sign of sacredness. Now wouldn’t you want to honor your family member the same way?

Mummified Giant

It’s hard to believe that giants once roamed the Earth, but this might be concrete proof that they existed. No, we’re not talking Andre-the-Giant-7’4-size. We’re talking about a man about 12 meters tall! And this race of giants has been discovered in Bir Hooker, Egypt. Gregor Spörri was presented by Nagib, a farmer, with two wooden boxes of valuables. Inside one of them was this humanoid finger!

Image Courtesy of Ancient Origins

Now, what’s so amazing about it? It’s about 38 centimeters and has the same proportional representations as a human finger. If you would inspect the picture above, you’ll see a nail and a part of the bone. It’s not just an enlarged finger, such as in cases where there is an overgrowth of bone and tissue, because its proportions are normal. Is this how they were able to build the pyramids of Giza? With giants?

Give to Chair-ity

A lot of these chairs would do well in a lot of families’ households. It makes for a beautiful sight, but a time bomb should there be an earthquake. Imagine a seismic collapse where just a few would topple over. Let’s hope you’re nowhere near this masterpiece. It’s the creation of Doris Salcedo, a Colombian artist, who had wanted to make a memorial to Istanbuls’ history of migration.

Image Courtesy of Ba-ba Mail

There were 1,550 chairs used to create a topography of war (in general). In each of them is represented masses of people who went missing or were lost during wartime violence. Through it all, we experience a collective experience of abandonment, grief, and longing. Doris claims it had been inspired by her perspective as a Third World artist, from the perspective of the defeated.

Black Knight

The 50s had been a race for countries to explore space. The U.S. and the USSR had been neck to neck to establish dominance. Sure, the U.S. was able to deploy the first team that landed on the moon, but it had been the USSR that launched man-made satellites, such as Sputnik 1, for communication, exploration, and navigation.

Image courtesy of Atlas Obscura

It’s just that once they become non-operational, they become debris, or trash, in space. This is what people assumed was the object seen above. It was taken during the STS-88 mission in 1998. But others claim that that was the source of radio signals heard from extraterritorial objects in space!

I Spy an Elephant

Some people blame elephants for damaging trees. Landscapes in Africa are already bereft of trees, so these land animals who use trees for nutrition or forage are doing more harm than good. Just take a look below, and you’ll see how they’re damaging the ecosystem. Say, how’d he even get there in the first place?

Image courtesy of img flip

But the truth of the matter is that elephants benefit ecosystems by opening up wooded areas to grassland. They also help spread tree seeds by depositing them through dung in farther places, usually 65 kilometers away from the mother tree. So maybe we should let this fellow be. After all, nature knows best!

Madonna with Saint Giovannino

This painting was the work of Domenico Ghirlandaio. He was a Renaissance painter in the 1400s famous for making frescoes of imminent people of his time. His paintings are narrative in essence. Spend a few seconds looking at it, and your brain will come up with several stories for the mysterious object in the sky.

Image Courtesy of Italy Magazine

It’s highly possible that he might have painted an image of the Nativity star, or a cherub’s boat or some other piece of Christian iconography. But what about that man in the background staring far up in the distance, with his hand shielding his eyes? It’s as if he’s looking up at the unidentified flying object. What an extraterrestrial feat!


It’s like Professor X met Jean Grey, plus a little BDSM. Two women sit atop each other and maneuver the streets in an electric wheelchair. It had been raining gently that morning, so someone had the foresight to place an umbrella to keep them from getting wet.

Image Courtesy of Daily Hunt

It’s mildly disturbing, depending on from which viewpoint you perceive it. Would you want to sit on another woman, or would you want to be sat upon? Imagine having to be posed like that for at least 30 minutes. You would have an insane ache all over. Let’s hope they get to where they’re going quickly.

Solway Firth Spaceman

A fireman had taken his daughter out on a picnic one bright summer day. The year had been 1964. Jim Templeton and his family got into a car and traveled to Burgh Marsh. It had a beautiful view overlooking the Solway Firth in Cumbria. There hadn’t been anyone else that day by the length of the wall. So who’s that wearing a white suit on?

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia. Org

The figure was wearing a helmet with a visor and a white suit. Seeking an explanation, Jim took the picture to the police. Was there a spaceman in the area? Even the film company Kodak offered a sum of money for anyone who could prove the photo was fake. So far, no one has claimed that award.

Walking On Water

There’s a simple reason why we can’t walk on water. We are too heavy and dense that we overcome water’s surface tension. We will always sink. The only time you won’t go down in the water is if you can do a superhuman feat such as Scuba Steve. Make sure that there are some witnesses to credit your tale. Otherwise, it will be all for nothing.

Image Courtesy of sharenator

As if walking on water weren’t difficult enough, he had to do it with fins on. He not only had to slide them upwards and forwards through the water, but he had to place the other foot down quickly at a leap’s distance for the next step. Even if he had failed, we’re sure his fall wouldn’t hurt that bad.

Visitors are Disallowed

Fair warning – don’t look at this photo while you’re all alone. Because the most unnerving realization is that you’re almost always never alone, even when your house is secured, and you’re propped up on your pillows, browsing through your phone, looking at a bunch of paranormal pictures. They certainly hadn’t been.

Image Courtesy of Selipan

We’re placing this picture in the ’50s. The Cooper family moved into a new Texan home and thought of marking the special occasion with dinner and a photograph. They were all-smiles until about a few weeks later when the prints were developed. What do you think they felt cautiously peering up at the walls to make sure there hadn’t been a dead weight on their shoulders?

Lion Whisperer

This is one unexplainable photo of a cat. Imagine how many kilos of raw meat had to feed to this feline to keep its fur, muscle mass, and fat content in good condition. And the man even has a rod to discipline him. Guess, lions are only Kings of the Wild, but they won’t fare so well in the suburbs, right?

Image Courtesy of Caption This

One person who has had wild pets is Tippi Hedren. She had moved several of them to the Shambala Preserve, which she founded. She cuddles them, nestles them, and even lays her head on their bodies. In case you’re wondering, a male lion needs at least 7 kilograms of meat per day, while a lioness needs only about 5!

Hessdalen Lights

These lights can be seen over the valley of Hessdalen in Norway. They have been viewed irregularly, appearing first in the 80s till present – varying from 15 – 20 times per week. But these have remained constant: luminescent light balls that float for about two hours. They can appear during the day when they look like blue and white flashes, or in the night when they appear metallic.

Image Courtesy of Frontiers In Org

Residents claim that the lights they see can be attributed to alien sightings. But scientists credit the environment and the plasma state matter of the atmosphere. Whatever the cause of these beautiful wonders, scientists agree that they could find a new way of storing light energy. Isn’t that neat?

Time Travelin’ in the 1920s

Well, if it were a premiere of a Charlie Chaplin film, then who wouldn’t consider time-traveling to the past. It had only been discovered by an Irish filmmaker who had observed the woman using a mobile phone in Chaplin’s 1928 film, The Circus. You can bet, the internet made a circus of this allegation!

Image Courtesy of Geekologie

It’s found in the Extras menu on your DVD. It features the studio, the setting, and the real members of the public in 1928. Odd right? Some people claim that she had only been struggling with her hearing aid. Nonetheless, it makes for an interesting discussion.

Freddy Jackson, the Mechanic

With every man drafted for war, it would have been otherwise shameful to have been left behind bathing in the safety of one’s home. Men took up jobs as pilots, cooks, captains, and mechanics. One of whom was Freddy Jackson. He was a soldier for the British Royal Air Force and helped keep the HMS Daedalus functional. Unfortunately, his service had been short-lived. He walked into a moving airplane propeller and perished.

Image Courtesy of Rio Wang Blogspot

On the day he was laid to rest, his squadron gathered for a group photo. Everyone wore their crisp uniforms and stood honorably until the shutter clicked. When the film had been developed, everyone was astonished to find that Freddy was standing in the background, peering out from behind his teammates. Remember that this had been at his Memoriam, the day he had been buried?

Pyramids on the Moon

There’s been some hype about aliens landing in Egypt, and creating the pyramids. It’s all because footage recorded on NASA cameras shows what appears to be pyramids on the moon. It’s one proof that there is intelligent life on the moon, and that they had been the very beings that had created the Pyramids of Giza.

Image Courtesy of Express UK

In this picture, a pyramid sits in the center of a giant crater. It has a single dark window along one side. However, NASA has been quick to dismiss these conspiracy theories by saying that it’s psychologically induced. The brain tricks the eyes into seeing something we’re familiar with to make sense of an object in an otherwise unfamiliar terrain.

Skunk Ape

Hard evidence proving the existence of the Skunk Ape is scarce. You’d hardly believe it, but the nauseating smell will daresay it’s true. Sightings of this wild beast reach as far back as 1850 in Arkansas. Witnesses report having seen a gigantic stature, hairy and with shoulder-length hair on his head. It had leaped away at 14 feet per stride. So it’s not only the odor but the earth-shaking that will leave you nauseous.

Image Courtesy of All Cryptid Fandom

This Florida Skunk ape is estimated to stand around 6’6 at 450 pounds. This picture would not exist had it not been for a family who awoke to hear a loud banging outside their house- as if someone had been turning over deck chairs. It also smelled like someone or something was rotting. Lo and behold, it had been a lumbering beast.

Pets in a Tub

When you’re one of the most unforgiving predators in the forest, you would want to go chill sometimes. Tigers love to swim. They’re excellent swimmers, agile on land and in water. They frequent pools, streams, or rivers to cool off. If they fancy your neighborhood pool, they may even take a dip in it.

Image Courtesy of Red 1802

Records have shown that they can cross rivers as wide 29 kilometers wide. It’s a hunting advantage given their strong bodies and webbed paws. If they want to dispel some heat, they’ll submerge themselves neck-deep for a while then rinse off in the water.

Odd Thumb Out

In January 2012, someone started a Reddit thread by posting, “Tell me your ‘glitch in the matrix’ stories.” He was basically asking people to upload pictures or stories of paranormal coincidences. The most striking one submitted was by 17-year-old Reddit user thfrbiddn1. He claims he and his friends posed for a rad picture.

Image courtesy of Urban Times

It’s just that, upon having the picture developed, they had all wondered whose thumb that was sticking out in the background. There had only been four of them. It’s easy to say that a fifth kid could have crouched below and stuck his thumb up. Since there’s no way of ascertaining the truth, we’ll leave you to decide which story is more believable.

Prickly Accident

He had been drinking a few glasses of alcohol, but he hadn’t probably remembered how many when he had an accident at a desert golf course. His buddies call the local medics, and they inspected the kind and number of cacti attached to his body. Just seeing this makes us cringe in pain.

Image Courtesy of Glock Talk

Paramedics patiently slipped on gloves and removed the cacti spikes from all over his body. It took them over three hours to make sure that all the spines were carefully removed. The best instruments to use in these circumstances is a bunch of microscopes and tweezers. After they had removed everything, the man was transported to the hospital.

Antiquated Watch

In 2008, a group of archeologists opened a sealed tomb in China, dating back to between the 1360s – 1600s. They had tried removing the soil around the coffin when a piece of rock fell, and they heard a clang. Upon inspection, they found that it had been a golden ring watch about two millimeters thick. Its hand froze at 10:06. At the back of it was written Swiss-made.

Image courtesy of ancient origins

Swiss watches only surfaced in the 1800s, so how could a sealed tomb have held an artifact that was only first created about 400 years after? Archeologists call them OOPArts or out-of-place-artifacts. They’re out of place and out of time when they get found in excavation digs that would have illustrated a different cultural past. So we guess this means, there had been time travelers as early as the 1800s.

Off- Limits

It must have been to a rave- or wherever they had gone. Judging by the poster seen in the background of this photo, there had been a need for a ticket. A man lies on the floor with his back to us, while a horse stands to guard the door. He doesn’t seem the least disturbed that an innocent bystander had found them.

Image Courtesy of Cheezburger

Just what had gone on here? Is the man hurt, or had he brought it on himself? And how had he gotten the horse in there in the first place? Aren’t there security guards to keep animals from coming into the confines of an ATM space, or a ticket corner?

See No Evil

It’s easy to dismiss those circles you’ll see as water that has dried up, but what about that mysterious figure on the left. What are the chances of water forming like that, in the shape of a man appearing to be holding something in his arms, and wearing robe-like attire? Could it only be a soft out-of-focus subject? We doubt it. Take a look for yourself.

Image Courtesy of US Abrozzi

Imagine playing on the field with your friends, and then hanging out until dusk. You’ve been running around that unimportant patch, where the figure appeared, and you feel the hairs rising on the back of your neck. Wipe that smudge off as you like, but you’ll never get rid of the feeling that someone else had been with the four of you that night.

The Falcon Lake Incident

Amateur geologist, Michalak had been inspecting a couple of bushes in Falcon Lake park when two unidentified objects landed in front of him. One hovered while the other touched the ground. The first one remained for about a quarter of an hour and changed color from gray to silver. A hatch door opened, and he heard voices within. He called out to them, and as soon as he did, the door closed quickly.

Image Courtesy of Inverse

Driven by curiosity, he inched closer and reached to touch the object. It whirled quickly and took off. In all that time, he was thrown back by the hot blast of air, which burned his clothes and left burns on his chest. The 1967 report described the wounds as a foot in diameter. When asked to return to the site, he withdrew soil samples, burnt clothing, and steel tape. When subjected to lab tests, it was discovered that they contained high amounts of radioactivity.

Mind on Mars

One of the most intriguing questions to date, is, were there any lifeforms on Mars, and are there any now? The answer to both is based on presumptions. The planet used to have flowing water; otherwise, how would those gullies have existed? And if there was water, it’s highly likely that extraterrestrial lifeforms once inhabited the barren wasteland. So do any exist until now? We don’t know. Our rovers haven’t come across any.

Image Courtesy of Mars NASA

Within twelve days, they saw that there had been a stone placed in the center of a circle of debris. Who or what had put it there without having ruined the formation of the outer ring? Is Mars even habitable for any type of lifeform? Well, some hardcore organisms can thrive in the harshest conditions on Earth, so there may be some that can tolerate the conditions on Mars too!

Hampton Court Palace

There have been several supernatural sightings in the Hampton Court Palace, but the most perturbing one was caught on CCTV footage. In the winter of October 2003, the security staff was puzzled to see the fire door opening on its own. It did so on three consecutive days, but they had seen the specter on the second.

Image courtesy of HRP Org

Another strange occurrence was the Screaming Queen’s mad cries. Catherine Howard was set to be beheaded in 1542 for alleged adultery and treason. She had only been 19 years old. So when the guards closed in on her, she desperately ran to King Henry VIII for mercy. She never reached him at the Chapel. At certain times, you will hear her bloodily screaming out across the hallways.

Babushka Lady

On November 22, 1963, President John Kennedy was set to speak at a luncheon. As was customary in the time, people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the charismatic president during the motorcade. As the car was turning off Main Street at the Dealey Plaza, shots trailed the president’s back, causing him to slump over his wife.

Image courtesy of Oswald in the Doorway

Amongst the crowd was the Babushka lady. Some had been recording the event, in which the Babushka lady appeared. The only video which offered a complete frontal view of the woman had been the Zapruder film. But you wouldn’t have been able to see her face; her camera had covered it. When the president shot, everyone ducked for safety. Oddly, this woman walked even closer to the street, oblivious to the danger surrounding everyone.

Tulip Staircase Ghost

Given that the National Maritime Museum is over 400 years old, it has its share of the occult. In it is a beautifully designed staircase- the first geometric self-supporting spiral stair in Britain. In 1966, Reverend Ralph Hardy had wanted to see this marvel for himself, so he traveled with his wife to Greenwich, England. They had taken a shot of the stairs, and upon development, they noticed what’s seemingly two figures.

Image courtesy of blitzballer / Reddit

One figure chases the other one up the flight of stairs, along with unexplained footsteps heard by some visitors. One Gallery Assistant recalls having seen a woman glide across the balcony and pass through the wall. The scariest apparition was that of a pale woman mopping her own blood after she had been thrown 50 feet from the highest banister. Yikes!

The Phoenix Lights

It had happened on March 13, 1997. One man was repairing his airconditioner around 8 pm when a series of lights blinked out west for a few minutes. Watson and her family also reported the same sighting believing it had been an enormous black aircraft hovering over Camelback mountain and heading south.

Image Courtesy of Eternal Lifestyle

Ten years after, actor Kurt Russell claims to have seen the same V-shaped lights! He reported them to the control tower at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and then maintained on course. He saw it fly north to south over Phoenix following Interstates 17 and 10. It seems that this mystery is well alive. Reckon we’ll see it in another decade?

Battling Dinosaurs in the Fight for Democracy

The Democrats have a donkey, and the Republicans have an elephant. As it turns out, the Confederates had a winged reptile. To be specific, it was a Pterodactyl. It’s not considered to be a dinosaur, although it lived around the same time as the former. But akin to most dinosaurs, these ate meat. They lived in places from China to America. So it shouldn’t be any wonder why they had been seen during the Civil war, right?

Image Courtesy of Ancient Patriarchs

It’s just that some netizens claim that this winged creature was identical to a left-wing in an animated pterosaur in the series Walking with Dinosaurs. The production company Haxan, claims to have staged the fake shot and then discredited editing a picture of a few Confederate soldiers. Too bad, we were willing to imagine the gospel-truth of this picture.