Quieting Your Mind During Stressful Times

By Ish Bautista

Serious times call for serious measures. With the outbreak of the coronavirus spreading rapidly – taking precautions is vital. In times of stress, the body switches gears. The heart beats much faster, minds race at triple speed and your breath quicken. Since the body’s working on hyperdrive, your senses feel limitless. Sometimes you can feel stress from overwhelming situations in work, at home and even during pandemics such as the coronavirus. Take some time to unwind and buckle down to pay attention to your body.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

How do I stay Mindful?

One of the most important ways to calm your mind is to listen to music. 432 Hz is recommended since it’s also known to resonate positive vibrations on the mind and body. It’s known as the superior tuning that can calm your senses. Paying attention to what we listen to and how it affects our moods can dictate how we react to our reality

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Meditating Through Doing Nothing

Sometimes the best thing to do when the mind is racing is to sit absolutely still. This can be difficult at the start but once you manage to create a schedule for yourself then everything will fall into place.

Start by meditating for 5 minutes then increase it to 10. After all, time is just a social construct and you can choose any amount you feel your body is attuned to.

We recommend Pranayama breathing before, that should do the trick!

Swim in Your Art

Quieting your mind by painting, sketching or even making music does wonders for your body. Since your brain is transfixed on using its right side you’ll have much time to freely flow.

When you’re in a rhythm of complete calm, the world can disintegrate and your heart’s pace can normalize.

Take time to tune into yourself and you’ll be surprised by how much your mind can control.