Rejecting the Pseudo-Science of Homeopathy

By Jo Arazi

Homeopathy is a health practice with little or no scientific backing coupled with clinical evidence that is not credible. Before we go further, we’ll like to explain what the practice of homeopathy is.

Homeopathy treats diseases with small, mostly nonexistent doses of a substance. When this substance is used in large amounts, it may lead to the condition that is being treated.

It’s often used to treat self-limiting conditions, from allergies to the common cold, muscle strains, insomnia, nausea, and more. Alarmingly, it’s being promoted for severe conditions like cancer and heart disease.

The evidence against the practice of homeopathy is irrefutable. The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia carried out an assessment of homeopathic trials. The results were damning, it showed that it was ineffective as it couldn’t cure any illness out of 68.

A similar assessment was carried out in the United Kingdom, and the results were the same. A recommendation was made that the NHS stop all funding for its use.

Homeopathic practice is not medicine. It doesn’t follow a scientific approach to getting healed. Homeopathy shouldn’t be accepted as part of medicine or naturopathy.

Self-deception by therapists and patients should be noted. It’s true that homeopathic treatments can have therapeutic effects and sometimes ease symptoms. They cannot be attributed to remedies made by super dilution and dilution.

The solution is to embrace science. It’s true that the scientific method cannot explain everything. However, it shows us that homeopathy cannot be explained scientifically and its practice should be stopped.