Remedies To Help Combat Hyperhidrosis

By Toby T

One of the many basic laws of nature is the principle of give-and-take. In the same vein, our bodies exemplify that principle through the waste products we let out. These wastes range from urine to feces and even sweat.

Sweating is a natural part of the workings of the human body. Our metabolic system helps us shed excess bodily liquid as sweat through the skin. Generally, sweat is a prominent activity during physical exercises or as a response to heat.

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However, just like with every condition, the body can produce sweat in excess. That process is what’s known as hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body sweats at an abnormally excessive level. Unlike other forms of sweating, hyperhidrosis isn’t a result of excessive temperature or physical exercise. There’s no doubt that this condition tends to be embarrassing.

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The great news is that several remedies can help you fight against hyperhidrosis. Let’s dig into some of the most effective measures.

Prescription antiperspirant

You may consider getting an antiperspirant that contains aluminum chloride. This remedy is perhaps the most effective as aluminum chloride molecules work to block the cells that produce sweat.


Acupuncture helps balance your sweat glands and slows down the cells that signal sweat production in the body.

Food choices

Several foods and herbal materials are known to cure hyperhidrosis. Examples are tomato juice, sage tea, valerian root, and of course, water.

Proper Hygiene

One sure way to combat excessive sweating is to maintain healthy hygiene methods. Bathing twice a day and wearing light clothing are common hygienic measures you can readily undertake.